Mind-Blowing Safari Pictures That'll Leave You Breathless

When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, some people actually prefer cooling off in a white sandy beach or relaxing in a 5-star luxury hotel. However, some others are all about the adventure. If you belong to the latter, I've got the perfect plan for you: a wild and exciting safari trip! Are you ready?

By Hernán Tamargo

Published 02-10-2022

Top Hilarious Fishing Pics That Will Make You Laugh

If any of you have never gone fishing before, you should know that this sport can be way more fun than it sounds. Some hilariously bizarre situations have been captured on camera while people were learning or practicing how to fish. Let’s take a look at the funniest fishing pics you’ve ever seen...

By Hernán Tamargo

Published 06-06-2022

Stray Dog Found In Liquor Store Finds A Home

Stray animals unfortunately have to fend for themselves and get whatever food they can to survive. A little Chihuahua was found in a very unlikely place: a liquor store. After a difficult journey, he found a home.

By Angie Ray

Published 09-10-2021

Bride Loses 120 Pounds Before Wedding To Surprise Groom

Losing weight is never easy, and shedding over 120 pounds requires a lot of dedication and effort. That’s what Bridie Ritchie did before her wedding day to surprise her groom. But the question is: how did she do it?

By Angie Ray

Published 11-24-2021