These Are The Cheapest States Where You Can Buy A House

West Virginia

This highly populated state is a perfect place to buy a house and start a family. The largest cities (Huntington and Charleston) provide a lot of jobs, as the tourism industry —and the abundance of natural resources— make it easy to start a business.

The average cost of a house in this state is approximately $130.000. And since this is an average price, you can definitely find much cheaper houses if you look carefully. The average rent is also cheap at a value of $912.


Home to 3 million residents, this southern area is one of the most populated out of all the U.S.A. It has two primary industries that are thriving at the moment, which are agriculture and manufacturing. So the job availability is high.

The median value for a house in this state is around $160.000, and the good thing about the structures is that most of them are made of stone, which is a safer and more durable material than the typical wood that is used in house-building. The average rent is about $989.


It has a huge metropolitan area in Little Rock, its capital city, so finding a place to live surrounded by people is no problem. The main drive for Arkansas’ economy is agriculture, manufacturing and tourism, so it’s easy to find a job.

While the median house price is higher than in the other options given below, this state offers a much cheaper rent compared to Mississippi, sitting at $926. The purchase price for houses, however, averages $172.000.


Besides being the title of a well-known play, this state is one of the most populated in the country. It has an average population of 4 million and a diverse economy. The main industries in the area are agriculture, manufacturing and natural resource management.

The average price of an Oklahoma home revolves around $173,000, and the average rent sits at a comfortable $1,015. The cheapest cities to buy a house are Muskogee, Lawton, Shawnee and Enid.


Iowa is home to more than 3.1 million people, and its industry is one of the most productive in the country. With a diverse agricultural, biotechnology and natural resources management baseline, the prospects of finding a job here are more than optimistic.

The average house price in this state stands at $184,000. There are different zones with different price ranges, so looking city by city is recommended. If you want to rent, you can estimate a $1,021 budget just for that.


With an extension of 105,000km2, this state is one of the largest in the United States. It also houses a whopping total of 4.5 million people. Its capital is Frankfort, but you may be more familiar with the city of Louisville. The economy is based on agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare and natural resources management.

The median home value for the area is $190,000, but if you look in the cities of Hopkinsville, Covington and Bowling Green, you can find lower prices. The average rent is about $1,025, just a bit more expensive than in Iowa.


If you like (or are indifferent to) country music, this might be the place for you. It has just over 5 million people, and the production sector is in high demand. Industries like agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare and finance are always looking to fill new positions.

The average house in Alabama costs about $197,000, with a steep price change throughout the years. Renting is a cheaper alternative to buying a house, and you can get a decent place for a median price of $1,060, approximately.


Home of the famous Kansas State University, this state might tempt you if you are planning to or already have kids. The prospect of them going to a good university is always nice, and not paying for accommodation might be even better.

Kansas has a population of 3 million people. The economy is not very diverse, but the education system makes up for it. The average price for a house here is $200,000, and renting a place sits at a comfortable $1050.


This midwest state has one of the largest populations (the seventh, actually) of all the United States, housing more than 12 million people. Manufacturing and financial services are the primary sources of income for the people who live here, and it has a large metro area known as Cincinnati.

Purchasing a home in Ohio is a little bit more costly than in the previous states since the average house price revolves around $202,000 in most cities. However, the rent is much cheaper than the last states mentioned, only $1,024.


The state of Louisiana offers a lot of beauty and rich culture. If music is one of your passions, then this is the place for you. Even the economy relies largely on it, having tourism and business sectors as the primary income for the area's residents.

The state's best asset is its cheap rent prices, sitting at an accessible $988. Buying a house, however, is a bit more expensive. The median home value stays at $208,000, as long as you stay in the outskirts. If you want to live in the music capital of New Orleans, you’ll have to raise your budget.


Sadly, this is not the birthplace of iconic movie protagonist Indiana Jones, but it’s a great place to move into. It has a large booming population of approximately 6.8 million residents and many job openings for the agricultural, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

The average house price in this state revolves around $213,000, but the cost of living index is low, making this an easy pick for big families. The rent prices are quite reasonable since you can rent a house for $1,052 approximately.


Thinking about getting a job in the aerospace industry? Or maybe you would like to work in transportation or financial services? Then look no further than Missouri. Held as one of the up-and-coming more transport-oriented states, Missouri will ensure that commutes are not going to be long or complicated.

It also has a lot of forests and trees, so if you’re of the outdoorsy type, then you’ll feel right at home. And buying a house in this state is not too expensive, costing a median value of $221,000. Renting is also possible for a sum of $1,086 a month, which is aided by the state's overall very low cost of living index.


Are you more of a techie? Then, Michigan can offer plenty of opportunities for you. Its industry is focused on manufacturing, defense and information technology, so finding a job in IT is pretty easy in Michigan.

The average rental price is relatively high, averaging $1,140, but it is compensated with a low cost of living index. Buying a house here is not quite as expensive as the rent might suggest because you can find houses for $228,000. And you can find even lower prices in the cities of Detroit and Saginaw.


Home of the original cowboy and the Wild Wide West, Nebraska can be breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely barren at times. However, if thousands of kilometers of grasslands don’t bother you, then this is the place for you. Its major industries are agriculture, transportation and information technology.

If you are curious about the prices of the average house in Nebraska, then you are in luck! The median home value sits at $233,000, and the rentals are around $1,103. Not the cheapest, but definitely affordable for the average family.


Madison is the capital of this state, and Milwaukee is the largest metropolitan area. These are two very populated cities. The major industries are agriculture, manufacturing and consumer goods, which make it an excellent place to find easy and low-requirement jobs.

The median home value is around $254,000, making it way more expensive than the last few entries on this list. The rent is also high at $1,133. So if you are looking to buy a house in Wisconsin, make sure you have the means to do so.


This is the sixth largest state in the US, with a population of 12.8 million people. Its capital, Springfield, is well-known among The Simpsons fans. It also has a very diverse economy, composed of agriculture, manufacturing, finance and investment and the service sectors.

Purchasing a home in this state is not cheap, but the job opportunities are plenty and varied. A common house is averaging $256,000, and renting is sitting at $1,240. The cost of living index is a bit high as well, but job availability makes up for it.


No, it’s not the famous literary location of the lord of the vampires but a state in the US, and a pretty populated one, with more than 13 million residents that live there. The economy is not as diverse as in other states, having only two major industries: agriculture and finance.

The average house price revolves around $257,000 but has a variance of price change of almost 50% in the period of five years. The rent is slightly lower than in the previous state averaging $1,154. The cheapest cities to buy a house are Harrisburg and Scranton.

North Dakota

If you are not into big cities with huge populations, then North Dakota is for you. This state has an impressive number of 780,000 residents in all its territory, which makes it one of the smallest states. Its major industries are agriculture, petroleum, food processing and technology.

In order to buy a house in North Dakota, you should be aware that there aren’t any big cities, and the majority of residences are rural. Having this in mind, you can access a moderately big house in this state for $269,000. And you can rent for $1,190.

South Carolina

Having a few more residents than North Dakota, 5 million, South Carolina is still not a large state by any means. However, its economy is always at the top of the game when it comes to agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare, especially around the capital city, Columbia.

The median home value is $274,000, and rent sits at $1,115. These prices aren’t the best you can find, but the beautiful scenery of the state can definitely make it worth your while. The best cities to buy a house are Sumter, Florence and Columbia.

New Mexico

Another state which hangs out on the lower count regarding population (just over 2.1 million people) is New Mexico. And yes, it is right beside the country of Mexico, so if you like tamales, then make plans to go there sometime. And if you are looking for a job, the extractive industries are always hiring.

However, if you are considering buying a house, be sure to like deserts and possible alien sightings (Just joking… Or maybe not?). That said, the average house price in New Mexico is $282,000, while the average rent is $1,134.

South Dakota

This state also has a small population —only 890,000 residents, making it the fourth smallest in the US. Their economy comprises agriculture and service sectors, such as retail, finance and healthcare. Its capital is Pierre, but its largest metropolitan area is Sioux Falls.

An interesting fact about South Dakota is that it houses the largest sculpture in the US and in the world, Mount Rushmore. If you want to buy a house in this patriotic state, you can do so for approximately $282,000, or you can rent instead for the cheap amount of $979, one of the lowest on this list.


If country music makes you dance until your feet fall off, then Tennessee might have everything you need. Its capital, Nashville, is known to house all the major country recording labels. The economy of this state is driven by the country music industry, automotive manufacturing, textiles and energy.

The average house price in the state is $283,000, and the rent is about $1,121, but the cost of living is very low, so it makes up for the high prices. However, if you plan to buy a house in the long term, be aware that the 5-year price change is larger than 72%.


The most southern state of the whole country, Texas shares its limits with Mexico, so the desert biome is the most prevalent here. It also is one of the highest populated states in the US, housing 29.2 million residents. Its major industries are agriculture, mining and energy.

It also has costly prices when it comes to buying a house, with a whopping average of $295,000. However, you can find lower prices in the cities of Port Arthur, Wichita Falls and Brownsville. The rent is also high, sitting at $1,289.


This beautiful state is home to two essential elements of north-American culture: Martin Luther King Jr. and Coca-Cola. It also has a solid peanut and peach industry, alongside mining, logistics and defense sectors. Its capital is Atlanta, which is also its largest metropolitan area.

The median home value in Georgia is $301,000, being Albany, Macron, Columbus and Augusta the cheapest places to buy a house. The rent averages $1,179, and the cost of living is medium to low.

North Carolina

And last but not least, North Carolina is a state known for having the Appalachian Mountains in its landscape, so if you are a fan of mountain-climbing, this is the best place to be at. There is also a growing economy in various sectors, like agriculture, textiles, manufacturing and high technology.

Buying a house, however, is not such an affordable option in this state since the average price for a house revolves around $302,000, with a 5-year price change of 68%, which makes a long-term commitment very difficult. The average rent is not that expensive, though, at $1,140.