These Are The Funniest Pictures Taken On Vacation

Manage Your Expectations

It’s very hard to imagine something more romantic than a marriage proposal while on a secret getaway to Paris. The mysticism of the city, the summer breeze blowing, and the powerful scenery of the night all contribute to a wonderful experience… Except when someone makes a mistake.

This young couple was enjoying a quick trip to Paris when, while on a night walk, the guy kneeled down to tie his shoes. Nothing wrong here. However, the girl saw this as the first step of a marriage proposal. Yikes. I wouldn’t like to be part of the awkward conversation that came after this confusion.


People generally go fishing to relax and have a good time. And occasionally, they catch something worth a photo of. This was the case for this weathered fisherman and his wife. They were having fun until something unexpected happened.

The man caught a huge yellowtail, and his wife asked him to pose for a picture. But while the moment was being captured on film by her, a seal came out of nowhere and took the fish right out of the fisherman’s hands. I guess that’s one way to get your dinner.

Not A Big Bird Fan

This next picture is utter chaos, and we are living for it. The scene depicts what seems to be a woman trying to take a picture with a llama. Still, she also has a big bird of prey on her shoulder in a, let’s say, uncomfortable position.

One wonders what could possibly be going on. Was the bird supposed to be there for the photo, but it just went crazy? Has the bird landed on her shoulder in a surprising twist? Or did the bird think it finally encountered worthy prey? I guess we’ll never know… But we sure laughed about it.

Mind The Crack

Confidence is an important thing to have while wearing new clothes. Everything looks better with a little bit of self-esteem juice. However, other people might have a different opinion on whether or not you should have that confidence.

This is the case of this older guy who decided to wear a speedo to the beach. I’m sorry to say that he might have misjudged the size he needed. And now, he is forever living rent-free in this family holiday picture… And in my mind… And probably your mind too. Sorry about that.

Hold That Pose

You may have heard about freezing temperatures and strong winds, but what happens when you mix that up with a hot water spring and a long-haired girl in a bikini? Well, this picture happens. And no, there is no photoshop here.

The moment was captured right after this girl emerged from the water in a spectacular display of hair whipping. She came out of the water and threw her hair back. The thing is, the hair never came back down. The mix of strong wind and low temperature froze her hair in place, transforming it into a somewhat beautiful sculpture.

The Evil Twin

Being an only child doesn’t always save you from having an evil twin that will try to ruin your life or your photos. This is definitely the case for the girl in the following picture, who is also proficient at making silly faces.

At first glance, one could even say that there are two women in the picture, but on closer inspection, you can see that the said “twins” are actually siamese since they share the same neck. This effect could have probably been the result of the camera’s panoramic function and sudden movement.

Such A Ballsy Move!

Animals and holidays are always a recipe for funny pictures, but when you add certain body parts to the mix, the hilarity meter shoots up to the sky. In this photo, a clueless tourist gets surprised by a monkey climbing to his head.

What the guy might not have noticed are the monkey’s privates resting nicely on his forehead. This photo was taken in an animal sanctuary in India, where all the animals that inhabit the area are free to roam the place as they please. Well, this monkey definitely took that to the next level.

You’ll Float Too

Sometimes, when you check your pictures from a trip, you realize the photos you took capture funny or interesting moments. However, there are times when your camera picks up some images that can make your skin crawl.

In this image, a couple out on a romantic getaway was posing for a photo near the Brandenburg Gate in Germany when a random dude photobombed their picture to spice things up. Ahh, yes, nothing like a creepy clown on your shoulder to remember a romantic trip.

I’m Staying Here Forever

The childhood fear of everything and everyone stroke again for this 8-year-old girl when the Tigger look-alike stopped by her table while having a nice lunch at Disneyland. She was scared out of her mind about the Disney character and would not stop crying.

The ironic part of the story is that her dad was adamant about her being a big fan of the Winnie The Pooh films and shows. I guess she never thought she would meet a 6-foot-12 version of the animated character, though. I mean, this Tigger looks huge.

A Sight To Behold

Don’t you hate when people take photos of you when you don’t want them to? Well, this might be what’s happening in this picture. He was so offended by the mere thought that he just turned around and never looked back.

Or… Maybe he wasn’t aware that a picture was being taken and was just admiring the scenery. Well, now it’s our turn to admire something else, I guess. If anything, the family can laugh at the picture now, so I consider that a win.

The Silence Of The Mickeys

People dressed as Disney characters can be amusing for some people, but they can also be terrifying for others. And it is very possible that you will lean on the latter after seeing the following picture.

In this nightmare fuel image, you can see the one and only Mickey Mouse literally swallowing the head of a young kid in what seems to be a holiday destination. Although it is probably a camera trick, the scene is disturbing. The girl in the front of the picture seems quite happy, though.

She Just Had Enough

The worst thing that can happen when you are not in the mood is someone trying to take a photo of you. And this girl definitely knows how to handle that situation. It doesn’t matter if she is five years old or if her whole family is present.

The funny fact about this picture is that the photographer realized what was happening and took the photo anyway without warning any of the family members. That’s why these guys are all happy and smiling while their daughter is flipping the camera. What a legend.

Heavy Sleeper Or Just Not Caring?

The following picture is quite strange. On the one hand, you can feel this sense of peace from it, but on the other hand, the anxiety kicks in as well when you realize that the tide is rising. But the actual question is, why is this lady sitting in the middle of the water?

The truth behind this photo is that the lady did fall asleep on her chair and was apparently so tired that she didn’t feel the water reaching her chest. That is definitely an impressive skill, lady. However, the family member that waited this long to wake her up just to take a photo deserves jail time. The audacity!

Protect The Hair!

Some people pay a lot of attention to how they look every day, and their hair is probably one of their main concerns. These guys' worst nightmare is getting their hair wet and ruining their hairdo. Well, this lady seems to be in that group.

The fact that she went to the extreme to tie a bag around her head to protect her hair from getting wet shows her commitment to her looks. Who knows? Maybe she is protecting us from a great evil that would come from the mix of water and her hair, like the gremlins. So, don’t feed her after midnight, folks.

Daddy Dearest

When you are a kid, everything looks and feels amazing. The mere thought of going on holiday to a new place with your family fills you with excitement, and you are always trying to show it as best as you can. And, sometimes, you overdo it a bit.

This is the case of this little kid who is twisting something he shouldn’t. We can clearly see why this is not a good idea imprinted on his father’s face. The pure look of pain and confusion is enough to make us laugh, but the kid’s joyful face takes this photo to the next level.

Hello There

Photobombers are always surprising, and you can’t really tell they happened until you check the photo. In the analog days, you had to wait to develop the photo to see the intruders in all their glory. Nowadays, it is easy to see your photos on the site and see if anything weird was captured.

Luckily, this photobomb is one of the cutest ones out there. This awesome picture was taken by a dad visiting a water park on holiday. While trying to capture his family playing with the dolphins, one of the curious creatures jumped out of the water at the right moment. Can you only imagine the surprise after developing the photo?

Are We There Yet?

Ahh yes. Summer holidays with the family. Both a blessing and a curse. Especially if you have a road trip with the whole family. It can be tolerable or horrible depending on how old you are and how close you are to your brothers and parents. Let’s not kid ourselves; it’s never perfect or great.

And this is the image that pretty much sums up the family vacay in all its glory. An exhausted mother, the optimistic sibling looking directly at the camera, a passed-out mouth-breathing sibling, and the attention-seeking middle child. And if that wasn’t enough, the caption that says “Vacation from hell” drives the point home.

Nerdy Summer Vibes

Suppose you are a kid of the nineties or really dig comedies from the early two thousand. In that case, your mind will immediately land on the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” (2004) when you take a look at this picture. The image of the nerd hero who melted hearts with his misadventures seems to have been present in the eighties.

The family in the picture is apparently going on holiday to South Dakota, which, yes, is a weird place to go on holidays, but dad makes the rules. And although this is not a trip to Disneyland, the little girl on the right seems to be having a really good time, so not all is lost.

Head First Into The Water

Rafting is a high-octane, adrenaline-rushing activity, and it has been practiced by tourists worldwide. Wherever there is a river with a few rapids, you can bet there are many people on a raft trying to navigate through its waters.

Some people don’t want to admit that they fall off the boat when things get a little too extreme. However, this lady cannot get away with lying about the fall since it was captured on camera. Luckily, nothing really happened to her, well, except for her ego.

Strongs Winds Ahead

Don’t you hate when the wind ruins your good hair day or a perfect photo? Well, that tends to happen at the beach a lot, so one tries to take precautions to avoid unfortunate accidents –if the wind is not about to blow your face off.

In this picture, the girl on the left seems to be holding on to dear life in order not to be swept away by the inclement winds… Although her family doesn’t appear to have the same problem. Is she too skinny to withstand the wind? Is she horrified by something she saw? Or is she just having a laugh at the family’s expense? I guess we’ll never know.


We all remember the tale of the wolf disguising himself as a sheep… But this just takes it to a whole new level. I mean, the whole picture looks fine, if not wholesome. The family smiles for the picture with their cute costumes, the beautiful dogs and the amazing view.

But the “polar bear” in the middle makes the whole thing a bit creepy if you ask me. And yes, this is not a monument or a recreation of a polar bear. It is an adult man dressed up as a polar bear, or at least attempting to. Let’s just hope that the costume wasn’t too expensive.

Not Really In The Mood

Who doesn’t know at least one family member that is deemed the “black cloud”? It can be a sibling, a cousin or even a parent. We all have different experiences, but there is always this one person who hates everything the family does.

So when it’s time to take some photos, that relative will always frown upon it. Sometimes, quite literally. Like this girl on her family vacation to Washington, D.C. She doesn’t seem to be having any of it… But maybe she just doesn’t trust politicians anymore, or she’s bored out of her mind and wants to have ice cream instead of being there.

Watering The Fishes

When you have to go, you have to go. And that is a fact. So, even if you are in the middle of your holiday when nature calls, you have to pick up. Things get complicated when the place where you are is a golf course in the middle of nowhere.

The man behind this senior golfer understood the call of nature, and he did not wait for a second to pick up the phone. The problem arises from the picture being taken at that exact time. However, it makes for a funny background image to a pretty cool golf pose moment.

Exhaustion And Relaxation

A lot of us want to go on holiday to be able to forget our responsibilities and relax. But when you have kids, that is not always a possibility. Especially if you go to Disneyland, where the long queues, tons of people, and exposure to the sun take a toll on anyone.

This family is the living image of someone that has been waiting in lines for hours under the sun, and the tiredness is quite visible. You can even see the mother and one of the daughters with their mouths half open and looking into the camera very zombie-like. Ahh, the good old “too tired to even try” face.

Always Stay Classy

It is said that fashion isn’t comfortable or convenient, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to keep taking chances. Due to this, some people will go to great lengths to stay fashionable, which is very true for the girl in the next picture.

Wearing sandals or flip-flops to the beach is the practical thing to do, but wearing high heels is the trendsetter kind of mentality you should have if you don’t want to be labeled as basic. However, it’s not even remotely funny how much sand she will have to get out of her shoes when she gets home.

Not Quite The Right Fit

Going to the beach can be a relaxing experience… Sometimes a little too relaxing. Getting rid of responsibilities and being able to just seize and enjoy the day might lead to a certain carelessness about the small details.

In this case, the detail is not what we call “small,” but it gets the point across. This guy’s pants are literally under his bum, and it’s hard to tell if they are too big and they fell down, or he just forgot to pull them up when he got changed. Either way, we will get a full show out of that.

Pink Flamingos And Falling Girls

We all love inner tubes and pool toys while relaxing in the water. They can help you stay afloat without much effort and provide safe and easy fun for children. And the fact that they can have many shapes and colors makes them even more appealing.

That’s it until you try to get out of one. This might prove to be a far more challenging task than one expects. And for this girl, the task ended up being too difficult, and she fell face first into the neck of the flamingo-shaped pool toy. Hope she wasn’t too embarrassed by the way her friend must have laughed at her.

Jaws But The Warning Sign Was Always There

In horror movies, there is always the moment when a character makes a dumb decision, and at that point, you stand up from our seats and begin screaming at the screen. Although, when the movie ends, you realize there was never any danger, and no one actually got hurt.

However, when dumb decisions are made in real life, that’s a different story. In this picture, a group of people on holiday are seemingly bathing in a shark-infested area without a care in the world. The sign is very clear about the risks, but apparently, the people’s desire to splash around is stronger than their survival instinct.

Baby Stares Into The Abyss

While a lot of things might happen when on holiday with the family, the most important element to keep in mind is the safety of the children. Let’s face it, kids really like to run into the sweet arms of danger, and there is nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. So you need to always look out for them.

That seems to be thrown overboard in this picture since there is a baby who looks like he’s about to fall into the sea! And the parents are just standing there, oblivious to what will happen. Sure, he might be safely secured to the dad’s back, but the image still raises some red flags.

Potty’s Great Adventure

When nature calls, you have to answer, and that is even truer when you are a kid. There were no excuses and no waiting for the next town. If a kid wants to go to the bathroom, he will find a way to do it, no matter the place or the time. So if parents don’t want an accident, they better think of a way to ensure their child has a place to do their business.

And these parents know what’s what. They went to the trouble of carrying a portable potty around for emergencies. And they are sure glad they did. What I’m not so sure about is the fact they took an actual photo of his kid while using it… I wonder if they plan to use it as leverage in the future.

Let’s All Make A Weird Face… Wait

At first glance, the following picture seems pretty normal. All the family is together, and everyone is smiling politely for the camera. They even seemed to be all dressed up and ready for the big moment.

That is until you focus on the kid in the uppermost corner. I’m going to take a guess that he is not the most obedient of the whole group of kids in the photo. And I’m also presuming that the mom right under him was not very happy with the result of the photo. Hell hath no fury… As a pissed mom. Rest in peace, kid.

All Aboard The Enterprise

If you haven’t caught the reference in the title, I’m so sorry that your life is so dull. No, but really, where can I get a whole family that is a fan of Star Trek? That seems like a statistical improbability. However, this picture is more of a mash-up of Star Trek and Revenge of the Nerds.

I just hope they were all having fun, and no one was being forced to be there against their will (I’m looking at you, confused blonde girl). The rest of the family does seem to be having a good time, though. Let’s just hope they hid the photo somewhere safe, for the kids’ sake.

Dr. Doolittle Who?

Kids and animals are typically a match made in heaven. They love to play, do silly things, and eat like there is no tomorrow. But getting them to pose still for a picture might prove to be a worthy challenge for any parent.

Which makes this picture so much more awesome! Somehow, this kid managed to lie down, get a monkey (who is suspiciously wearing a pair of shorts) to lie and pose on him and get a parrot to perk on his knee in an almost perfect position. If he is not the next Dr. Doolittle, I would be surprised.

Steamy Tortoises

Finding animals in the wild doing the old horizontal tango is quite difficult as it is, but taking a picture or a video of it is on another level. Well, the photographer that took the following picture is definitely on that level, but more so because the context is a little weirder than expected.

The photo shows two tortoises going at it while a family poses in the back. The two tortoises are trying to keep the species alive while being stared at, the family with their heads cropped out, or the mischievous smile the lady is giving. I don’t know what it is that makes this one of the most hilarious images I’ve seen…

Red Fried Tomatoes

Mothers and fathers all over the world while at the beach preach the sacred words: Put on your sunscreen! And that is the best advice you can get when spending several days at the beach. However, not all kids listen to their parents, and the result is both painful and very, very red.

This couple seems to have forgotten the sacred words and went to the beach without any sunscreen. Well, big mistake. Because now they look like two big human-shaped tomatoes. Let’s hope they learned their lesson and now apply copious amounts of cream at the beach.

Bad Luck Brian Is Back

A day of bad luck can happen to anyone. We hate to see it, but the more we refuse to accept that it is happening, the worse it gets. From tripping on the street to bonking our head with a low branch, on those days, bad luck is waiting for us to stop paying attention for it to strike.

In this case, bad luck was waiting to have this man trapped without the chance of escape. Because he is not only buried deep up to his neck in the sand, but he also has received a “gift” from the seagulls. At least getting pooped on by a bird is considered good luck, right? Right?

A Dormant Cargo

Sleeping whenever and wherever surely is a talent in itself, but some people take it to a whole new level. There are very funny stories about people sleeping upside down like vampires, with water up to their necks or even standing on a bus.

However, this guy deserves a spot on a top 10 list of weirdest places to fall asleep. Not only this seems extremely uncomfortable but also a little bit dangerous. Well, at least he seems to be alright, and hey, he even has a pair of sleepers waiting for the end of the nap.

A New Trend?

Let’s bring back the topic of sunburns and why you should apply sunscreen multiple times on the same day. And never forget to apply it on your feet, a seemingly forgotten spot that causes very painful results if attention is not paid.

As you can tell, this person did forget to apply the sunscreen on the designated place and paid the ultimate price: a croc-like pattern on their feet. I bet he only wore sneakers for the next week. So, the lesson is double here, apply sunscreen and don’t wear crocs.

Girls’ Night Out

Who doesn’t like a good night out with friends? Dining at a fancy restaurant, maybe going for a few drinks and later dancing all night at the club. Sounds pretty fun, right? And what if I told you there could be half-naked guys in the mix? I bet that sounds at least interesting…

Well, this grandma sure thinks it is since she stopped and posed for a picture with them. While she wasn’t part of a girlfriend’s group (she was staying at a hotel with her family), she definitely had the spirit for it. And it seems she is having a great time.

Questionable Holiday Destinations

Let’s face it, we all went on holiday somewhere less than desirable. Either because we were trying to pick somewhere different or more culturally enriching or because our parents said so. And the result was as dreadful as we thought it would be.

These two girls seem to have landed in one of those places. And you can tell that both by the background, which is literally just mud, and the expression on the girls’ faces. While one is as serious as a queen’s guard, the other is giving us a “I’m half smiling but in a sarcastic way” kind of face.

Homemade Remedies Gone Wild

Grandma would be both proud and horrified by the following picture. The girl in it seems to have fresh slices of tomato on her legs while she rests in her bikini at the beach. This is both confusing and hilarious at the same time.

An old saying dictates that the best cure for sunburn is placing fresh slices of tomato on the burnt skin and letting it act for a few minutes. But the cure wouldn’t work if you are still sunbathing. However, this “cure” has been debunked lately, as the acid from the tomato makes everything worse.

Child Feeding Or Feeding The Child?

Ahh, yes, the act of feeding animals on a farm or at the zoo when you are a child… I bet you have a memory of that sort deep in your subconscious that is starting to materialize right at this moment. Those memories are always nice to relive, but only if they are nice and not traumatizing at all.

In the case of this small child, the memory might be indeed traumatizing. At least that’s what the two horrified expressions on both the kid’s and the dad’s faces indicate. I wonder what the thought process was in the father’s mind in order to get his son’s hand inside the camel’s mouth.

Asking The Locals For Directions

When you are on holiday and go to a place you don’t really know, it is always good to ask people who live there for directions. They know more about the area and are aware of the best roads and paths to a certain destination. That is if you are asking the right… Being.

This hilarious image looks right out of a cartoon like Yogi The Bear. A family stops on the road to ask for directions from a bear and his little cub! The picture is both funny, endearing and a little bit scary at the same time. Let’s hope the family can talk bear and follow the directions precisely.

It Didn’t Happen If There Is No Photo

Have you ever had any injuries while on holiday? It really dampens the mood, and almost all the fun has to be halted to stop, at least for a little while. However, some families don’t let an accident ruin their spirit and laugh it off.

This family seems to be one of those, even going to the extreme of taking a photo of all of them and the injured member. I mean, one thing is to be optimistic and never to lose your happiness, but this is downright ridiculous. I wonder who was taking the pic, the other parademic?

Meanwhile In Canada

Canada is a beautiful country to go on vacation. There are tons of activities to do in the snow. You can explore ice caves and enjoy the hospitality of its lovely people. And there are also many animals to see: Deers, wolves and smiling polar bears. Yes, you read right, smiling polar bears.

In this nightmare-inducing picture, you can see a happy family exploring a cave while holding pickaxes, probably posing as excavators from earlier decades. Although, behind them, there is a towering person dressed up as the most uncanny polar bear you have ever seen. Nice job, Canada.

Family Uniform

Vacay with the family is always a fun time. In fact, sometimes it gets so much fun that you start having crazy thoughts and ideas, like having breakfast outside, strategizing with your cousins to steal sandwiches from the hotel buffet or even coming up with a family uniform.

In this picture, they chose the latter, and it definitely made them look like a group. The only problem is that they can’t behave as a group efficiently, because looking in one direction seemed challenging for them… And they failed. Let’s hope they are better at organizing than taking pictures.

The Paris Experience

Have you ever been to Paris? If you have, you surely know about the enormous Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the amazing croissants. However, one detail everyone avoids telling is the incredibly foul smell the Sena River can sometimes give off.

And in this picture, this kid probably feels the smell because he isn’t having such a good time. The fact that the parents are just smiling and posing for the picture while their son or daughter is blowing chunks right there is hilarious and a little worrisome. Is the kid okay?

Whatever, I Tried

Taking pictures with your partner has to be one of the easiest things in the world. You don’t really care how you look or what you are doing, as long as the other person is there with you. However, things can get complicated when there is a bit of a distance between the two.

In this image, the man seems ready for the photo, doing a natural pose and a quasi smile. On the other end, his wife is everything but ready for the photo, as she is falling in the water with the most uncomfortable expression ever. Hope she didn’t step on anything!

Maybe Holidays Aren’t A Great Idea

In the next picture, a family struggles to keep it together while on holiday with the kids. Being away from home and enduring hours of walks and tours isn’t easy, but it can be extra difficult if you have kids.

Here, all hell broke loose. One kid is crying on the ground having a meltdown, the other is biting her mom’s leg also on the ground, and the parents seem to have just had it. Let’s just hope the dad’s scornful look didn’t turn into a spanking. Ouch…


Have you ever been to a spa on holiday? It’s a relaxing activity that just demands a little time of your day in order to achieve peak relaxation. Although it’s expensive, there aren’t many other things that you can do to match the spa effects.

Well, this dude sure knows how to match the results with low prices. At the moment, he seems to be enjoying a mud bath while sunbathing. Just don’t think about where the mud could have gotten into.