These Brilliant Hacks Will Only Make Your Life Easier

No More Wrinkles

If you consider ironing clothes a waste of time, you should try this hack. By throwing ice cubes in the dryer with the wrinkled clothes, you won’t have to iron again.

You can also try using a wet washcloth. The ice melts, and the liquid becomes steam, making wrinkles disappear. Bear in mind that it only works for lighter fabrics. But these are the ones that get the most wrinkled.

Lost Tiny Items Hack

There’s nothing more irritating than losing a tiny object like a pill or an earring. You heard how it hit the floor, yet you can’t see it. There’s a fast and straightforward way to quickly find these items.

Grab the end of your vacuum cleaner and secure it with a piece of nylon. From now on, let the vacuum cleaner do all the work! No more back pains while spending time on the floor.

Wash Legos

To all those obsessed with cleaning, have you ever thought about the kid’s legos? Children play with them on the floor and may place them in their mouths. You should disinfect them.

The task isn’t daunting at all. Simply grab a washing bag and put all legos inside. Put the bag in the dishwasher. The legos will be as clean as a whistle in a couple of minutes without bothering much about it.

Spaghetti Lighter

You can do more than you think with your pasta. Believe it or not, a single uncooked spaghetti can help you more than you thought. This hack will prevent you from getting your fingers burnt out.

If you have a candle in a vase with the wick far to reach, please, don’t burn your fingers in an attempt to lighten it. Instead, grab a single uncooked spaghetti and light it up. Now you can have your home smelling good without getting hurt.

Pool Noodle

Pool noodles serve more than one purpose. Yes, they keep kids entertained in the pool, but there’s more to it. There’s another hack that will make your life easier.

It’s hard to fill up a bucket if you have a small sink. If it doesn’t fit, just use a pool noodle. Insert one end in the faucet and the other inside the bucket. Water will run down to it. Get a pool noodle before it’s too late.

Magnetize Your Drill

This hack will make your drill work easier. You can keep all screws close to you while working on a project without having them scattered around or even lost. You’ll only need a small magnet.

Some drills already have a magnetic piece incorporated in the back. If you have a drill that doesn’t have one, just glue a piece of magnet in the back. With this practical hack, you can have your screws with you always.

Paint The Keys

Most people carry around ten to fifteen keys, which is unpractical. And when they need one, they spend a lot of time trying to identify which one is the correct one. This hack will save people time.

Don’t waste more time! Identify your keys by painting both sides with nail polish. Borrow shiny colors from your friend, mom, or sister, and get down to it. It not only lasts but also makes your life easier.

Sticky Stickers

Removing stickers has never been so easy. You’ll probably give up in seconds if you try to peel it off with your bare hands. Grab a putty knife and a hair dryer to see the fastest results.

The heat of the hair dryer softens the adhesive. It’ll get the job done without leaving the surface sticky. Your plastered furniture can be renewed as if nothing happened in just a few minutes.

Ceramic Mug Hack

A ceramic mug is not only meant for drinking hot tea or coffee. If you pay close attention to the bottom of it, you will find a flat, unshiny ring surface that works perfectly as a sharpening stone.

Each time you need to sharpen a knife, pocket blade, or even scissors, a ceramic mug can help you. However, bear in mind that it works for quick sharpening. There’s no better sharpening than a sharpening stone.

Fog-Free Mirror

There’s a simple hack to prevent mirrors from getting foggy in the bathroom. Those who love hot showers face the same issue: they can’t see their reflections in the mirror after a hot bath.

With this car wax hack, your mirror will stay unfoggy forever! No more waiting for a clear picture. Just apply a small amount of car wax, and the fogginess will become a thing of the past.

Dried Sharpies

There’s a quick way to bring a Sharpie that’s drying out back to life. Grab the marker and take the back nib out. Carefully place some drops of isopropyl rubbing alcohol inside.

Wait a few minutes until the felt absorbs the liquid. Now your marker will work perfectly. With this hack, you can reuse your dead permanent marker instead of just disposing of it.


This hack will help you have the most beautiful garden, especially if you care about gardening. When given love, time, and care, plants can grow more than we think. When we first buy a plant, we picture a landscaping design on our heads, but it becomes different one plants grow.

The trick is to put all plants in double pots. These pots have to be buried at ground level. With this hack, you’ll be able to rearrange plants without much effort. This hack is great for cold winters when you need to take plants indoors.

Laundry Hack

Use the lid of the washer as a notepad to write down those items that you are putting in the washing machine but shouldn’t go into the dryer. You’ll need a dry-erase marker to easily remove it with a dry paper towel.

With this hack, you can easily delegate the laundry to one of your family members. Whoever comes after to switch the load to the dryer will use your notes to check which items shouldn’t go to drying.

Sweep Like A Pro

There’s nothing more annoying when you sweep the floor with a broom and a dustpan than having that never-ending line of dust. The line won’t disappear no matter how perfectly you sweep the floor. It will always be there.

The dust line will be gone forever if you tape the front of the dustpan to the ground. The tape will eliminate that exasperating gap between the floor and the pan. Use this hack when sweeping sharp items, like glass.


There’s nothing a zip tie can’t do. Zip ties come in handy whenever we need to watch something on the phone, but our hands are busy. These little but mighty cables are a must-have in your home essentials.

Grab two zip ties and tighten them on the sides of the phone. The zip ties head must be face down and close to the edge of the device. And that’s all! Just don’t forget to buy zip ties in case you need them.

Cool Your Drinks Real Quick

Too many guests and no space in the freezer? There’s a way to help fasten the cooling process of beverages. Just wrap a soaked wet towel around the warm can before putting it in the freezer.

It’s all about science. Just like our bodies produce a cooling effect after sweating by pulling the heat away, the same happens with cans and bottles.

Key Ring

Adding new keys to a keyring doesn’t have to be painful or hurt our nails. An effective tool can help us with the task so that we don’t have to make much more effort.

A staple puller will solve the problem. Use it to clamp the keyring down. These will spread apart so you can easily insert a new key. No more hurt fingers and nail pressure.

Gum Removal

Removing gum from the carpet has never been so easy. The only thing you have to do is freeze it. You may have a gum accident in the future, so you’d better save this hack!

To remove the gum, cover the gum with a resealable plastic bag full of ice cubes and leave it there for thirty minutes. The gum will freeze and easily break apart for you to remove it without any trouble. Easy peasy!

Gardening Tips

Too much watering can damage plants and even cause root rot, a common disease that affects plant roots. Learn how to keep your plants healthy by using old sponges.

Once you place the old sponges at the bottom of the pot, they’ll absorb the water and play as a water reserve. Plants will be hydrated, and water won’t flush or settle.

No More Wallets

Carrying around a wallet every time you go to the park or the beach can be uncomfortable. You have to carry as zero items as possible for outdoor activities. The solution has been found: limp balms.

With this hack, the next time you go to the beach, you won’t have to worry about those unattended items you leave behind! When you run out of limp balm or stick of sunscreen, don’t throw it away. Instead, clean all of it and use it to keep the cash inside.

Highlighter Marks

At school, teachers taught us to write with pencils so we could later easily erase. What we didn’t know is that you can also erase highlighter marks. It all comes down to one simple ingredient: lemon.

Cut a lemon in half and put a few drops in a cotton swab. Use it to erase the highlighted text. It will make the color go away! Every student must learn about this life-saver hack.

Effective Shoe Cleaning

Old toothbrushes can always be reused. They can help you clean your white sneakers to make them look brand new. You’ll also need non-gel white toothpaste. It’s essential to get non-colored toothpaste. Otherwise, the sneakers will end up stained.

Put white toothpaste on the toothbrush and start brushing out the dirt. Once the sneaker is fully toothpaste covered, leave it to rest for ten minutes. Clean the surface and repeat if necessary.

Dog Feeder

Most dogs get desperate at dinner time. They eat their food so fast that they may later vomit it, which does no good to our little pups. If you have a dog that behaves this way, you should try this slow feeder hack.

If you don’t want to waste money on a slow feeder bowl, you can easily create one. Grab a PVC pipe, cap the ends, and drill holes into it. Your dog will play with the tube to make the food go out and eat slowly. From now on, dinner time becomes playtime.

Permanent Marker Eraser

It’s often the case that people mistakenly use a permanent marker to write on a whiteboard. If it ever happens to you, just don’t panic. You’ll need to get a dry-erase marker and the whiteboard eraser or dry cloth.

Use the dry-erase marker to draw on the writings you made with the permanent marker. Then use the eraser or the cloth to wipe all of it. Your dry-erase board will look as if it was brand new.

Paint Stains

You don’t have to change the carpet whenever it gets a paint stain. Yes, paint stains are hard to remove, but forget about getting a new carpet! To easily remove them, get denatured alcohol.

Pour the denatured alcohol on a rag and scrub the stain. To avoid transferring the rag color to the carpet and ensure the best result, choose a rag that matches the color of the carpet.

DIY Ice Pack

Stop wasting money on costly ice packs to keep your lunch cool. You can make your own inexpensive and reusable ice packs by using old sponges and a zip bag. Place the sponge in a water bowl and let it soak up as much water as possible.

Put the sponge in a zip bag and keep it in the freezer. The ice will melt, and the sponge will absorb the water. With this hack, you can save money and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

No More Wobbly Furniture

If you have wobbly and uneven tables or chairs, you don’t need to buy costly furniture-feet or even spend large sums of money. Your unsteady table problem will be quickly solved by investing only a cent.

Check your pockets for some change, grab a penny, and attach it to the shaky furniture with hot glue. In some cases, more than one coin will be needed. It’s the quickest and cheapest way out.

Functional Drip Waterer

Sick and tired of watering your plants? Try this drip waterer hack! You don’t need to spend money on expensive items. The best part is that you can do it yourself.

Get any hose and drill tiny holes every two inches. You’ll need to cap the end, and that’s it! Turn on the spigot and see what happens. Depending on your garden, you’ll need to test and adjust the hose.

The More Resealable Bags, The Better

Resealable plastic bags are a must in every home, as their usage is practically unlimited. Here’s a hack to double your resealable plastic bags. You can turn your meal plastic bag into a snack bag in seconds.

Grab a knife, heat the cutting edge, and cut the bag in half while the blade is still hot. The heated knife will automatically sear the ends of the bags. One bag becomes two in a matter of seconds.

Comfy Rug

Want a comfortable rug without spending too much money? This hack is not only practical but inexpensive too. Instead of buying luxurious rugs which are impossible to afford, just place a layer of carpet padding under the rug.

This second layer adds comfort and, at the same time, it’s cheaper. You’ll get a thicker rug and enjoy being barefoot at home.