Sep 7, 2022

Little Boy Says A Bear Saved Him After He Got Lost In The Woods

Every little child enjoys playing in the yard with their friends. It makes them have fun and play out in nature. However, what happened to Casey Hathaway is the nightmare of every parent, and no one could believe that they would see Casey again. But, when all hope was lost the sweetest miracle happened! Photo:

Sep 10, 2021

Iraq Veteran Reunites With His Retired K-9, And The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless

A dog and a human is the best image we get when we imagine two friends. We all know that this is the strongest relationship we’ll see between a human and an animal. The fact that dogs are very loyal to their humans and would even sacrifice themselves to protect them is what made them earn the title of “man’s best friend.”

Sep 9, 2021

Fisherman Notices Odd ‘Log’ In the Lake, But Then It Begins Moving Toward His Boat

People usually like to go fishing to relax and get away from busy city life. It's a great way to do something other than our regular schedules, and Brad Meck, a Pennsylvanian fisherman, was in for a great Sunday at the Raystown Lake in Bedford County. But his day wouldn't be so relaxing, and his catch will turn out to be less scaly and more furry!

Mar 2, 2021

Luke Bryan Puts It All On The Line To Save 18 Years Old Dog In Need Of A Home

Sometimes we tend to forget that celebrities are just like every other regular person, but what you didn’t know about the popular country singer Luke Bryan is that he uses his fortune to help animals in need. His kindness began with his niece’s love for animals, and with a very sad turn of events. Unfortunately, the family lost her, but Bryan decided to pay his respects by saving animals. How did Bryan end up meeting the 18-year-old pup and where does the dog live now? Photo:

Mar 2, 2021

Girl Testifying In Court Gets Crucial Help From Therapy Dog

The comfort that an animal can provide you may help you overcome fears and feel secure enough to speak up. Especially when it comes to children that have to testify. That’s why service animals are allowed in the courtrooms. So children can seek comfort and become more confident in front of the judges. That’s our case today.

Mar 2, 2021

Scuba Diver Rings Underwater Bell And Waits For His Best Friend To Come

A sacred shrine of the Shinto religion can be found under the waters of the Tateyama Bay in Japan. That spot is not just a spiritual site, but also the place where a man became best friends with a fish. How did it all begin?

Mar 2, 2021

Dog Decides To Adopt A Special And Adorable Possum

Dogs have very powerful maternal instincts that will sometimes make them want to take care of other animals who are looking for a mother, even though those animals might be of a different breed. With that said, today we are going to present everyone a beagle who adopted an opossum! Photo:

Mar 2, 2021

Siberian Tiger Suddenly Lunges At Dog, But They're Just Friends

Animals can be unpredictable, and because we do not always understand their language, we’re less likely to predict their next move. But among species, some signs are universal. Just like in this case, when a Siberian tiger lunged at a German shepherd, people were expecting something horrible to happen. The entire moment was caught on camera. You can't miss this story! Photo: Huffington Post

Mar 2, 2021

Retired Officer Hears Noises In A Dumpster And Decides To Investigate

What would you do if you heard a noise coming from a dumpster? Would you check out what’s making the ruckus or just walk away? Considering we are all curious by nature, it’s obvious we would at least peek into the dumpster and see what’s happening. This is precisely what a retired officer from West Virginia did one day. Butler

Mar 2, 2021

Dog Is Adopted And Can't Stop "Thanking" His New Owner On The Ride Home

People who are thinking about getting a dog or a cat should always consider adoption instead of buying the pet. Here's the story of a woman who adopted a small doggy, and the furry little creature thanked her for choosing him during the ride home! She definitely didn’t expect to see him approach her in the car and that’s what made her share this heartwarming moment with the rest of the world. Prepare some tissues because this story is a tear-jerker… Photo:

Mar 2, 2021

Mom Changes Her Opinion About Police Officers After This Happens

A lot of negativity has been surrounding police officers in recent decades, but we all tend to forget that they are just doing their jobs. No matter the field you work in, there are people who take good or wrong decisions. And this story shows how one gesture can lift someone’s hope and change their perspective about cops. 20. A Life Lesson Fob

Mar 2, 2021

Harry Potter Fan Teaches Her Dog To Respond To Wizard Spells

L.A.-based actress Anna Brisbin taught her lovely pooch to react to the famous wizard spellings from Harry Potter. How did she do it? Let's find out! Photo: MSN

Mar 2, 2021

Bet You Can't Look Away From These 20 Irresistibly Cute Baby Animals

Wondering what’s the cutest thing in the world? Prepare to melt as you see the most adorable babies of the animal kingdom. There is a saying that all babies are cute, but once you see the animals, you will definitely squeal with joy! They are cute, furry, even scaly, and it’s impossible to look at them and now say “aaaaw” at each and every photo. Now, let’s fall in love with these twenty animal babies that are way too sweet!

Mar 2, 2021

Tourists Try To Throw Food At Zoo Gorilla, The Beast Responds Using Sign Language

The massive size of gorillas makes it easy to forget just how smart they are. Gorillas are really clever and this why they always are the main attraction of all zoos. They interact with the visitors and this is a once in a lifetime experience. Nonetheless, today we are going to share with you an amazing story about a gorilla from the Miami Zoo who started using sign language in order to talk to the visitors. Photo:

Mar 2, 2021

Goodwill Employee Finds $46,000 Hidden In Donated Fryer And Tracks The Owner

What would you do if one normal day you find a huge amount of money that you knew it wasn’t yours? Would you try to find the rightful owner of the money, or would you keep it? For Jessee Diaz, the answer was obvious right away! stories.thebl

Mar 2, 2021

Woman Does A Double Take After Glancing At This Man, She Then Gets Closer And Won’t Stop Screaming

Most of the important things in life cannot be planned in advance, and it's what makes them special. One woman was about to experience an enormous surprise one day when all she had planned was to do her job, as requested. She was going with a colleague to clean something outside the Phoenix Central Station, but she had no idea she was in for a huge surprise. Photo: s

Mar 2, 2021

Stray Dog Adopted By Gas Station Saves Employee

You don’t need a cape to be a hero. We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, that they are loyal and would do anything to protect their humans. But one unsuspecting pup had no idea that he would become a hero during a robbery! In this case, our superhero was a stray dog who was snoozing close to a robbery. He woke up and ran to save the day! Let’s check adorable gas station pooch, Randy.

Mar 2, 2021

A Family of Bears Decide to have a Pool Party in Someone's Backyard

A family was planning a day of cooling off in the hot summer heat. However, when they peeked outside they found a surprise of a lifetime. After filming and uploading this strange event they went viral and it is worth finding out what exactly was lurking in their backyard! 20. Escaping the Heat Photo:

Mar 2, 2021

Woman Decides To Adopt Elderly Dog, Finds Out They Already Met

Today’s story is about a woman named Nicole Grimes who got her heart broken when her parents had to give away her best friend, a dog named Chloe. As time went on, Nicole never forgot about Chloe and she would often remember about how fun it was to go to the park with Chloe. This is why Nicole wanted to adopt a dog when she got her own house and as luck would have it, Nicole and Chloe crossed paths once again. 20. Nicole and Chloe This is Nicole Grimes and her best friend, Chloe. The dog was given to Nicole by her grandma when she turned ten years old and this is why Chloe mattered so much to her.

Mar 2, 2021

Reality TV Star Gets Surprised By A Woman Telling Him About A Strange Purchase

Who doesn’t like a bargain? Well, we like it, and we also love treasure hunting stories. But this one is very different from what we have seen before. It happened to the seasoned professional Dan Dotson, the famous auctioneer on Storage Wars. An anonymous buyer got in touch with him, asking for advice on a strange purchase. Little did Dan know that the finders hit the mother lode!