Sep 9, 2021

Her Ex Called Her 'Fat', So She Lost 145 Pounds

Sometimes, it takes a bad situation for people to decide to change their lives. That's exactly what happened to Hayley Westoby, who started her fitness journey after her ex-boyfriend called her 'fat'. Let's take a look at her incredible story. Photo: Little Things

Sep 9, 2021

Little Girl Convinces Judge To Dismiss Case For A Cute Reason

The job of a judge isn't to just uphold the law, but to be fair to everyone based on their circumstances. When judge Frank Caprio heard what a little girl had to say about her mom's parking tickets, he decided to let her off the hook.

Sep 9, 2021

23-Year-Old Ukrainian Man Pretends To Be A Teen

A small community in Pennsylvania was shocked when it was revealed that a key member of the community, Asher Potts, was not who he said he was. The 17-year-old was actually 23-year-old Arthur Samarin, a Ukrainian immigrant who managed to fool everyone around him.

Sep 7, 2021

They Met When They Were Kids, Then They Fell In Love As Adults

Around 25 years ago, two little kids named Matt and Laura met in preschool and became instant friends. After many years without seeing each other, fate brought them back together and their lives changed forever when they fell in love once more...

Sep 7, 2021

Bodies Found In Barrels Identified 40 Years Later In A Shocking Twist

Allenstown, New Hampshire had never seen such a horrific crime before two bodies were found dumped inside a steel drum in the 1980s. These murders, famously known as the Bear Brook murders, remained unsolved until a new shocking development took place 40 years later. Photo: NHPR

Sep 6, 2021

Meet Thomas Beatie, The World's First Pregnant Man

A couple of decades ago, many people thought this would never be possible. But, thanks to the incredible advancements of modern medicine and the growing understanding of people who suffer from gender dysphoria (in which the assigned sex and gender do not match the person’s gender identity, and the person is transgender), have allowed people to be able to transition into the gender they identify with. Today, we’ll learn the story of Thomas Beatie and his journey to becoming the first pregnant man in the world. Photo: Scribol

Sep 6, 2021

How Did This Boy Become A Serial Killer?

With an IQ of 142, Andrew Cunanan was set to take over the world by storm. But what turned this bright little boy into one of the most famous serial killers of all time? Click on the next page to see his story. Photo: Courtesy of CBS

Aug 24, 2021

Red Flags To Avoid When You Start Dating Someone New

Getting into a new relationship is a great experience because people go through the honeymoon phase. This means that everything will be great at the beginning and that the new couple will love spending time with each other. However, things are not always what they seem and therefore, today we are going to present some red flags that relationship experts advise people to take into account whenever they want to start a new relationship. iStock

Aug 24, 2021

Mother Battling Cancer Wins $1.5 Million Lottery Jackpot But Her Luck Didn’t End There

Anyone who has battled cancer or has had a family member fight through it knows just how stressful and painstaking the entire ordeal is. Going through rounds of chemotherapy and radiation is hard on your body, but even worse is just how expensive the treatments are. That’s why, when this mother battling cancer hit the lottery jackpot, it was so much more than an average miracle. You’ll shed a tear when you hear this woman’s heartbreaking battle, and you’ll be in shock at how her luck didn’t end at winning the lottery. Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

Aug 9, 2021

Young Man Leaves Old Life Behind To Travel With Unexpected Buddy

Wanderlust. While we all have experienced that thrilling desire to travel and explore new places and new ways of living, not all of us act upon that desire. That was not the case for Rich East, a young man who, as his life in Australia was getting more and more dull and unfulfilling, decided to hit the road with an unlikely companion: his best friend Willow, who so happens to be a cat! Photo: Courtesy of

Jul 19, 2021

Funny Things That Only Neighbors Do

Most people prefer living in a neighborhood rather than the countryside. While it’s true that a neighborhood has many comforts, the countryside offers something unique: nobody knows what you’re up to because your next-door neighbor lives miles away from you. However, having neighbors can be very fun. You never know what you can expect from their crazy occurrences. Check out these pictures of funny neighbors who have taken things to the next level. Photo: Pinterest

Jul 6, 2021

The Most Hilarious Photos From Russia

Each country has its own traditions. It’s easy to say that there are millions of cultures around the world, each one with particular aspects that make them unique. Indeed, the powerful country of Russia is unique in every sense of the world, as Russians have their own way of doing things. Let’s have a look at these hilarious pics to discover a little bit more about Russians and their lifestyle... Photo: Arhivach