Wild Deer Gets In Trouble, Brave Man Comes To The Rescue

People should learn that every time they go out in the woods that they need to recycle everything. Make sure to never leave any thrash behind because the wild animals might mistake it for food and eat it. Even worse, some animals get trapped in the garbage and they don’t have any way to get out. This is exactly what happened to a deer who get her head stuck in a pretzel jar. The poor deer has been running around with the jar stuck on her head for nearly one week!

20. Close To The Woods


Living close to the woods is awesome. You get to breathe fresh air and you have a beautiful view every time that you look out the window. However, wild animals such as deer can always sneak in your backyard.

19. Deer Family


While being visited by a deer family in your backyard might be nice, the animals can end up getting hurt. There are many stories in which the deer get stuck in fences, but this is not the worst thing that can happen to them…

18. Bad Food


In most cases where deer come to visit people in their backyards, the deer end up eating the flowers and they get sick. Unfortunately, things get even worse because some of them stick their heads in jars and then they can’t get it out! Don’t believe me? Well, then make sure to check out the next picture and see for yourself.

17. Stuck In A Jar


This deer was running around people’s backyards until it got its head stuck in a jar. This is a serious problem because the deer can’t take the jar off and it can’t eat or drink as long as its head is stuck there.

16. Strong Island Animal Rescue League


Fortunately, the folks at the Strong Island Animal Rescue League saw the picture of the deer and they decided to help. Check out the next picture to see what Frankie Floridia who is in charge of the animal rescue foundation did to find the deer.

15. Social Media Post


Frankie Floridia took the picture from #17 and posted it to Facebook. The man asked people to call him if they see the deer running around their backyards because he wants to help it.

14. The Deer Has Been Spotted


It didn’t take long for the deer to stumble into someone’s backyard again. Although. who can blame the poor animal? The jar makes it hard to see.

13. Unable To Eat


Frankie Floridia knew that a couple of days have passed since the deer had its head stuck in a jar and this meant that the deer might die of starvation or dehydration. He needed to find the deer before it wasn’t too late.

12. The Phone Rings


As Frankie Floridia was worrying about the deer, the phone starts ringing. The person on the other end of the line told Frankie Floridia that he found the deer and that Frankie and his team can come to help.

11. Starving Deer


The deer was starving and it was scared of everyone! However, Frankie Floridia was determined to help and started talking to the deer in hopes of calming the animal so that he could get close and take the jar off its head. Do you think this worked?

10. The Deer Angry


This should come as no surprise, but the deer was scared and it wouldn’t let anyone get close to it. The angry deer started running away and it kicked Frankie Floridia straight in the face!

9. Kick To The Face


Frankie Floridia came to help the deer, but the animal didn’t know what was going on and it hit him in the face. Luckily, Frankie Floridia was able to get a hold of the deer and place it down.

8. Down You Go


The deer was now down and Frankie Floridia had a couple of seconds to take off the jar before the deer ran away again. Do you think he made it in time?

7. Struggling


Frankie Floridia was hurt because he got hit, but he was not giving up. He grabbed the jar and pulled as hard as he could. The jar was off and the deer started running faster than ever.

6. No “Thank You”


The man managed to take off the jar and free the deer. Even though he didn’t get a thank you in return, he was happy about what happened. This is when someone called him. The deer got stuck in the fence!

5. Stuck In The Fence

outube.com KAMR Local 4 News

As the scared deer was trying to run away, it got stuck in the fence. Can you believe the bad luck that this deer is having?

4. It Needs Help

outube.com KAMR Local 4 News

The deer was in need of help once again and luckily, Frankie Floridia was there to offer it. The man managed to get the deer out in a couple of seconds and the animal ran towards the woods.

3. Frankie Floridia


Even though Frankie Floridia got hurt while trying to save the deer, he says that it’s all worth it. He helped save a life and this is the only thing that matters to him.

2. Recycling


Let’s hope that this story serves as a great example of why we should all recycle. Not just that, but at least to put the lid back on jars so that animals don’t get their heads stuck inside them.

1. Lucky Deer


The deer in our story got lucky and it was saved by Frankie Floridia and his team. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all deer that get their heads stuck inside jars.

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