Have You Seen These Halloween Specials? Here We Have The 25 Best Ones!

Soon we are gonna be celebrating the scariest night of the year and having lots of fun. Of course, we are talking about Halloween! The night of the tricks and treats is being celebrated around the world, full of macabre pumpkins, spiderwebs and flying witches. Even our favorites TV series have one special episode dedicated to this night! Some of them are scary, some of them are hilarious, but what is most important is that they are aired during this special one night. Here is a list of the best Halloween TV episodes. Do you remember all of them? We love #18, #8 and #5!

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#25. Chuck

The action and comedy TV series goes around the life of Chuck Bartowski, a normal guy who dedicates his life to the computers, who one day he receives an encoded e-mail from an old friend who works for the CIA and Chuck’s life changes forever. The Halloween episode gave this series the perfect complement to the drama and action.

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In Chuck Versus The Aisle Of Terror Chuck, Sara and Morgan have to stop a crazy scientist who wants to release a nightmare-inducing toxin. Not only that, but also we learn some bad information about Chuck’s mother and we can see what’s going on inside the minds of Jeff and Lester. An episode that cannot be missed!

#24. How I Met Your Mother

Nowadays, HIMYM is considered a classic sitcom for old as well as new generations. The series aired from 2005 to 2014 and it tells us the story of Ted Mosby and his group of friends in Manhattan and how Ted met the mother of his children. How can we forget the Halloween episode called Slutty Pumpkin?

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In a classic Halloween night, Ted and Barney decide to go to the same party they go to every year to look for Ted’s old crush, a girl dressed as a Slutty Pumpkin to whom he couldn’t give his number. At the same time, Robin introduces her new boyfriend and Marshall and Lily shared a pirate-and-parrot couple’s costume.

#23. Dexter

A Halloween episode had to be included in the crime and mystery series that goes around Dexter Morgan, who works as a forensic specializing in crime scenes in the Miami Metro Police Department and has a parallel life as a serial killer of murderers who escaped from the police.

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In Let’s Give The Boy A Hand we see a dark episode where the mysterious Ice Truck Killer decided to do a trick to Dexter when he decides to leave body parts of his last victim in sites that are related to Dexter’s childhood, making him confront his dark personal past. A perfect combination!

#22. Louie

This comedy and drama TV series released in 2010 was written, directed and starred by Louis C.K in a fictionalized version of himself. The story goes around a comedian and divorced father raising his two daughters. How can Halloween and this story match? Let’s see!

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This father decides to take his daughters to trick or treating, in the hopes that the girls have a special moment in their lives. In Halloween/Ellie unluckily they meet really bad people and Louie has to fend off himself and his children. Not only fun scary things happen in Halloween!

#21. Happy Endings

Nothing from the hilarious TV series Happy Endings could surprise us. Every character is special and every episode is full of fun and laughs. Of course, the series deserved its own Halloween episode. Did you get to see Spooky Endings? Let’s remember this amazing episode!

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Imagine a custom party where Alex is dressed as Marilyn Monroe and Dave as Austin Powers. But we can’t forget Penny and Max in a mother and baby two-in-one costume and the fact they are looking after the same guy! Of course, this episode was a complete success!

#20. The Vampire Diaries

Not many years ago, vampires and wolfs were a trend and every teenager wanted to be bitten by a sexy vampire or to be rescued by a muscled teen wolf. We can’t blame the Twilight franchise because TV series also used this theme for their stories, like The Vampire Diaries. What was going on in the Halloween episode Haunted?

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In this supernatural TV series, Elena Gilbert is in the middle of a love triangle with two brothers that are also vampires! In Virginia Town a lot of supernatural things happen, like Vicki’s recent transition to a vampire and the kind vamp Stefan trying to teach her that vampires and humans can leave peacefully. An episode with a lot of love, intense thoughts and friendship!

#19. Black-ish

The comedy TV series gave us the point of view of a middle-class African-American family and how they have to handle living in a world with racism and having a good time at the same. That why it was not a surprise that the Halloween episode was mixed with social and political issues.

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Just like in The Purge, the neighborhood participates in a mischief night during Halloween and the Johnsons have to defend themselves from the tricks some of their racist neighbors want to play with them. At the same time, Drew will teach a lesson to Junior about who is the man of the house.

#18. The Office

There is no series more successful and funnier than The Office, starring Steve Carell. Every episode is unique and today it’s considered one of the most beloved series on TV. We couldn’t expect less for a special episode of Halloween. Let’s see what this episode was about.

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It all started when Jan ordered Michael to give the sack to an employee working for Dunder Mifflin. The expectations and anxiety of Angela, Oscar and Kevin and the Halloween party make this episode one of the funniest of the series. Nothing could go wrong…or rather…everything could go wrong?

#17. Modern Family

Some series have many episodes during Halloween and each of them with a different plot, like in the case of Modern Family. Every Halloween episode of this series is unique and it was hard to choose one of them but the first one will be always special.

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Everyone in the family is not very happy about the upcoming scary night except Clair. She is the only one who wants to put the Halloween spirit to the annual Pritchett-Dunphy Haunted House. At the same time, Manny and Jay laugh at Gloria’s English pronunciation. In addition, Cameron reminds his painful holiday memories.

#16. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Ever since the first season, the police officers of the Police Department of New York have given us a special Halloween episode, where Captain Holt and the detective Jake Peralta make a bet to each other. Each episode is full of wit and extravagance. Let’s see which one we chose for this list!

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In season 4, another Halloween night comes to the police department and Peralta and Holt make the same bet. But this time, a third person shows us her intelligence: Holt’s personal assistant Gina Linetti! What was most incredible about this episode is that you couldn’t imagine who was going to win!

#15. South Park

There is no craziest series than South Park. We all remember the gang and all the times that Kenny died episode after episode. We couldn’t expect less in Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery in season 3. Imagine ghost pirates, Antonio Banderas and Korn in the same episode!

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Everything seems different but for South Park nothing is impossible. The rock band decided to help to solve the mystery of the pirate ghosts that are scaring the city. Just like the old Scooby-Doo group but with South Park twist and these little boys. An episode that you can’t miss!

#14. New Girl

Since its release, the TV series starring actress and singer Zoey Deschanel has taught us a lot about every character and we’ve learned to love them all with their special personalities. We all remember Schmidt and his past, in which he was a fat, unpopular young boy.

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In the Halloween episode, we learn an unknown story: Schmidt, since he was a little boy, has been carrying on a correspondence with “Michael Keaton,” when he was having a bad moment… But in real life, his mother, and later Nick, are the ones who are answering Schmidt’s letters. The episode will make you laugh out loud and you’ll see how Nick will try to be Keaton again.

#13. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David plays a fictionalized version of Larry David in this series written, produced and starred by himself. The plots and the subplots are unique and every episode is something you can’t miss. Let’s see what happened the night of Halloween for Larry David and Cheryl Hines…

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On Halloween night, Larry decides not to give candies to two young teenagers without a costume. Was he right? Well, the couple decides to play him a “trick”… They cover the house in toilet paper! In addition, the subplot of the episode between a Jewish and his friend’s wife is excellent.

#12. Freaks And Geeks

Although the TV series only lasted one season from 1999 to 2000 with only 12 episodes on air, we all remember the life of the gifted high schooler Lindsay Weir, her little brother Sam and their gang of freaks and geeks. Perhaps, we all wanted to join them!

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The Halloween special shows us a Lindsay in the midst of her transition: from a nerd and loved girl in high school to a geek and odd person. Nothing in this episode goes right for her, her friends or her parents.

#11. Frasier

There are no classier and funnier episodes in sitcoms than the ones where characters are miscommunicated… Someone tells something to another but another person hears another thing and in the final 5 minutes they resolve everything. A classic but efficient plot!

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Everything takes place at Nile’s costume party for the Library Association, when Roz tells Frasier that she thinks she is pregnant. But everything goes crazy when Niles hears that and thinks that Frasier and Daphne spent the night together once… Everything is confusion!

#10. Goosebumps

If you were born during the 90s, you must have seen the horror fiction series for kids (and not so kids) Goosebumps. We all remember spending nights on the sofa watching episodes of Goosebumps and being completely terrified… Together with Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, this is definitely a classic for a generation!

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One of the scariest episodes is The Haunted Mask Part 1 and Part 2. The episode tells us the story of Carly Beth, a girl who suffers from bullying so on a Halloween night, she decides to make a prank to everyone who was mean to her by buying the scariest mask from an old store… Try to see the episode nowadays if you can!

#9. Supernatural

If we had to say something about a series that goes around brothers that hunt demons, ghosts and monsters, it would be that possibly every episode could be a good pick for Halloween’s eve. But when the producers decided to do a special episode for that night, they really did something unique.

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On It’s The Great Pumpkin, San Winchester we see the two brothers looking for an old witch that is sacrificing people to recover an ancestral power that will destroy the whole town. It’s a race against this witch but also we see typical activities of Halloween night like the traditional trick or treat.

#8. American Horror Story

When American Horror Story: Murder House was released in 2011, every night it delivered an episode full of scary moments and spooky characters. The plot goes around a family that moved into a haunted house full of former occupants. The most interesting subplot is the love story between Violet and Tate. Let’s see what Halloween Part 2 was about!

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The married couple, Ben and Vivien, are tormented by Hayden’s ghost with creepy mirror messages, a classic in Halloween’s eve. But the story between Tate and Violet takes an unexpected twist when a group of teenagers claims that they know Tate from high school and the truth about him is revealing.

#7. Community

There is not another series that uses more pop culture references and tropes than Community. In the especial episode for Halloween, everything goes bananas on this episode, including zombies and ABBA. Let’s see what happened to the group of friends!

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Everything started when Dean Pelton orders by mistake food in bad conditions and everyone gets the virus that makes them act like a zombie. In addition, all the crazy events happen at a Halloween party. Also, all the classics of Halloween happens in this episode: from a scary black cat and racing for surviving.

#6. Dead Like Me

The series goes around George Lass, an eighteen-year-old young lady that dies early and becomes a grim reaper. She is also the protagonist and the narrator of this series. Her works consist of removing the souls of people before they die and help them during the transition to the “afterlife”.

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In the last episode of the series, which coincides with Halloween’s eve, we see George and her group of grim reapers trying to catch a serial killer. Also, grim reapers have to wear a mask that protects them from death on that especial night. So, George has the opportunity to see her mother and sister, who haven’t been dealing well with George’s death.

#5. Fringe

Unlike other TV series about a group of detectives following paranormal events, ghosts or monsters, the Fringe Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a bigger problem: they have to deal with a parallel universe that is mostly a copy but darker version from the actual world.

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In One Night In October, the detectives from “Over Here” need the help of the detectives from “Over there” to help them with a series of murders where the victims are frozen inside out. An excellent episode that shows us the two faces of the same person and makes us wonder what is real and what is not.

#4. Roseanne

The series that goes around the life of the Conner family is considered today one of the best TV series of all time. We can’t expect less from Roseanne, the principal character, and her intentions to celebrate Halloween with her family…

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In Boo! Roseanne will try to do her best to scare Dan. But at the same time, Dan is waiting for a call about an important business deal. The episode is full of sarcasm, classic scary tricks and family’s struggles. A classic Halloween episode!

#3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The series became a classic for a generation that grew up watching Buffy Summers, a Vampire Slayer, that was chosen to battle against demons, monsters, and vampires. Besides that, Buffy wants to live a normal life with her friends but she can’t escape from her destiny.

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In Fear Itself, Buffy and her friends go to a frat house to a Halloween party where a group of guys decided to copy a pentagram from a spellbook. Of course, everything becomes alive and Buffy and her friends have to battle against demons and a monster that feeds with Buffy’s fear.

#2. The Simpsons

If we think in The Simpsons and all the Treehouse Of Horror special episodes, we can’t choose which is the best one. All of them are magnificent episodes that give a refresh to normal episodes dedicated to the life of Homer and his family. Let’s see which episode was chosen!

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Definitely Treehouse Of Horror V is one of the best of all episodes. We have an excellent The Shinning‘s parody (a lot of people came to know the story because of that episode) and also we have Nightmare Cafeteriawhich became a classic of The Simpsons. We all remembered the creepy end of this episode!

#1. Charlie Brown

We couldn’t choose another series for the number one than Charlie and the special Halloween episode: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Also, this episode is considered a classic and has a lot of parodies (including one from The Simpsons).

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The plot goes around Linus and his loyal faith in the Great Pumpkin, that’s why he is waiting to see it in Halloween’s night. Also, Snoopy is defeated by the Red Baron and Charlie Brown is not having any candies for Halloween.

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