All-Time 40 Celebs Looking Scary Good In Halloween Costumes

We’ve lined up 40 of the best Halloween looks of our favorite celebs! Can you recognize them all? Be sure to check out our Top #10, you won’t regret it!

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#40. Jemima Khan – A Victim Of “It”

Many people love clowns…they make us laugh with their funny clothes and shoes, their big smiles and goofy manners. But many people also hate them and are terrified of them.

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

I don’t think it was a coincidence that after IT came out in 1990, many children (and adults) started fearing clowns. Here, the brave Jemima chose to defy the scary clown and though her look is flawless, we can’t say this story ended well for her…

#39. Gigi Hadid – Sandy From “Grease”

Even though Gigi wasn’t born when Grease came out in 1978, she is rocking the Sandy look…Sandy, just as Gigi was a cute innocent girl at first.

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

Take notes, this is an easily achievable look for a few bucks!


I think it’s safe to say that we all might have mistakenly thought that Taylor had little to no sense of humor…well, folks, we’ve all been fooled! Just look at her in that hilarious costume!

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

On the other hand, actress Idina Menzel surprised everyone when she appeared looking stunning and also…singing like Elsa because she is the one giving her her own voice!


Not many women are confident enough to pull off a Kimmy Kardashian butt pose, but actress Kelly Ripa really did nail it! She tried to imitate Kimmy’s classic magazine pose and she did it to perfection.

Photo: Courtesy of ABC News

But this is not all! Kelly’s husband, Michael Strahan, dressed up as Kardashian’s husband, singer Kayne West. But do you know what the best part is? They pulled off this couple costume live on TV for a Halloween special!

#36. Pink And Her Family – The E.T. Cast

Can you think of any female singer as charismatic as Pink? She has always surprised her fans with her wit, but this time she proved that humor runs through her family’s veins!

Photo: Courtesy of PopSugar

On Halloween night of 2015, she dressed up as Gertie, the little girl from the 90s sci-fi movie E.T. Pink’s husband dressed up as the film’s main character, Elliot, while her daughter wore a fabulous E.T. costume! Could there be a better family costume idea?


Not only is Chrissy Teigen a famous supermodel and social media star, but she’s a true Halloween Queen too! Or should we say, Halloween King?

Photo: Courtesy of HuffPost

In 2015, she had the hilarious idea of dressing up as the famous TV chef Guy Fieri, sporting a pair of reflective glasses and an exotic flame button-down shirt. She really did manage to capture the guy’s essence!


We all agree with the fact that Ellen DeGeneres is the funniest person ever to be born, right? You never quite know what to expect from her, but what we love the most is when she mocks people. Now, who did she mock on Halloween 2015?

Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

On that occasion, Ellen dressed up as Karla Kardashian, Kim’s lost sister. I don’t know what’s best, her fake plastic boobs, her ridiculously giant glasses, or her Ugly Betty-like wig.


I don’t know about you, but I always thought that Fergie and Josh Duhamel were always one of the most underrated American celebrity couples. Fergie is as humorous as she is talented, and this picture proves it.

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

While Duhamel dressed up as the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Fergie chose to go as Karl’s cat, Choupette. Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

#32. Heidi Klum – The Werewolf From Thriller

Model Heidi Klum is one of the greatest Halloween stars ever since she’s already surprised the world with countless iconic costumes. In 2016, she dressed up as six versions of herself, but what path did she take on Halloween 2017?

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Klum has always been the queen of the bizarre, but this time she took it too far! She dressed up as the Werewolf from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, and she nailed it! Don’t worry, she then posted a video on Instagram explaining in detail how she achieved such astounding transformation, so hey! You’ve got yourself your next Halloween costume!

 #31. Iggy Azalea – Cruella De Vil

Also running up for best Halloween costume is rapper Iggy Azalea, who unveiled a show-stopping Cruella De Vil outfit.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Not only did she choose the perfect clothes, but look at the villainous look on her face! It even scares me! But as if this weren’t enough, she even took a dalmatian dog with her. OK, Iggy, you win!

#30. Brooke Shields – Uncle Fester

Actress Brooke Shields played Morticia Addams on Broadway for many years, but can you guess which costume she chose for Halloween? You won’t believe it!

Photo: Courtesy of Bukis

In 2019, she showed up at an event in The Village dressed as creepy and bald-headed Uncle Fester. Her Fester impression was so fantastic that it even scares me a bit!


I love it when stars go for bizarre, unconventional costumes, just like Nick Jonas did for Halloween night in 2015. Can you remember what his costume was?

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

I bet most of his fans were expecting a sexier look, but instead, he went for this Hamburglar outfit, the villain from the McDonald’s commercials. He still looks handsome though!


Grace Gealey and Trai Byers are two of the greatest actors out there, and what better idea than to dress up as one of the most iconic film couples ever?

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

These two lovebirds dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde, two famous fugitives whose life reached the big screen in 1967. This is as scary-good as it gets!

#27. Heidi Klum – Princess Fiona

Ring a bell? Of course it does, cause we’ve already seen one of Klum’s costumes in slide #32! Well, we can’t get enough of her wit, because one year after her Werewolf costume, she pulled off this fantastic Princess Fiona outfit!

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

She could’ve just gone for a Princess Fiona plastic mask and wig, but no! She went through hours and hours of body paint and hair arrangments, and the final result was just outstanding. But this is not all! Check out yet another of her Halloween costumes in #1!

#26. Harry Styles – Elton John

Harry Styles is one of the most talented singers out there, and can you guess which costume he sported on the last Halloween?

Photo: Courtesy of Metro

He chose to dress like the one person who possibly is the greatest gay rock legend of the 20th century, Elton John. Look at those beautiful pink glasses covered in sparkles and at such a dashing grey outfit!

#25. Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford, and George Clooney – Retro Pilots And A Flight Attendant

Attention, passengers: these are your favorite stars speaking! In 2018, ultra-famous actor George Clooney and businessman Rande Gerber, fully embraced their inner pilots and got behind the controls of a flight to Las Vegas.

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

Meanwhile, the supermodel Cindy Crawford (Gerber’s wife) joined them as a serving flight attendant. Their vintage looks are simply flawless. Slide for another spooky look!

#24. Alexa Chung – Marie Antoinette

Whether you love her or hate her, one can’t deny the impact Marie Antoinette had in French history. And even though she wasn’t scary, fashion designer Alexa Chung went for a very spooky look!

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

I think it’s fair to say that she managed to pull off a look that is both scary and chic at the same time…needless to say, very few people can achieve this successfully.


We are #1 fans of the Padalecki family and we are just as crazy about another famous family in this chart (check #3!). Couple costumes are awesome but families dressing up together are something else!

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

On this occasion, the family decided to dress up as the cast of the iconic movie


Journalist Jemima Khal is all about the humor, as she gave people a big laugh after dressing up as Melania Trump on Halloween. Let’s be honest, though, that Donald Trump mask is deeply unsettling!

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

But guess what? A couple of months later, Jemina announced she would be selling her costume on eBay and donate the money to charity, so what are you waiting for? You’ve got all it takes to become next year’s Halloween queen!


Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and choreographer Casper Smart are both so gorgeous that they actually managed to dress up as skeletons and still come out as sexy.

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

The couple wore this outfit for Heidi Klum’s Annual Halloween Party, and they surely kept the rod high for other celebrities. But talking about sexy, take a look at our next costume!


Let’s be honest, folks, Kylie Jenner can pull off any costume she wants and she’ll always look good no matter what. But this warrior princess costume is just too much!

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

It seems that beauty runs through the family since her Halloween costume left the world speechless. We love you, Kylie!


For some reason, men dressing up as women is way more common than women dressing up as men. But little did this matter for supermodel and reality TV star Tyra Banks!

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

She could’ve chosen thousands of different sexy outfits for Halloween night, but instead, she decided to dress up as the 60-year-old male magnate Richard Branson. Let me say that the resemblance is truly uncanny!

#18. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner – Gomez and Morticia Addams

The newlyweds made quite an impression when they showed up as one of the most iconic and romantic couples of all time: Gomez and Morticia, from The Addams Family.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Sophie, 23, rocked a pitch-black Gothic gown and a long black wig styled by Ryan Randall. Joe, 30, sported a black pinstriped suit with a white shirt and a classic black tie.


OMG! Don’t they make a perfect couple? Singer Ciara and Russel are another Hollywood celeb couple that goes under the radar, but they always look adorable and so much in love.

Photo: Courtesy of ExtraTV

It’s undeniable they spent a good amount of hours to achieve this look. Kudos for the effort, guys! This is an excellent shot, too. You do look amazing!


I can’t stop smiling at these pics. Blue Ivy looks so adorable and yet so badass! She really is the king of pop!

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

Beyoncé pulled off this look impeccably, even though Janet and Michael were really close in age. Can we please start looking for a tribute album, featuring Queen B and Blue Ivy?


Although we might have expected something sexier or revealing ’cause that’s what Rihanna has us used to, the singer and her team dressed up as Ninja Turtles in 2014. The singer went for Raphael’s look.

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

They look incredible and I’m sure they could kick some ass! We bet you won’t recognize the next one! Slide to see.


Unlike Marge Simpson, who usually keeps a low profile, the American model Emily Ratajkowski has a more provocative personality. This is why she decided to shorten the iconic below-the-knee lime frock.

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

The model painted her skin bright yellow and hid her hair in a towering blue beehive hairdo and her characteristic red beads to attend Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party at Lavo in New York.


For you, young Millenials and Genz’ers out there, Martin was an American sitcom that aired for almost 7 years on Fox! It was very popular and one of the highest-rated shows of the network during that time.

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

In the original TV series, Martin Lawrence played Martin Payne and Tisha Campell played the role of his girlfriend, Gina. And who can be better than Kevin Hart and his gorgeous wife to pull off this look?


Speaking of ideal people to portray a character, when you think of Popeye you think of big strong muscles…and a bald head. So who could be better than The Rock to pay homage to such an iconic character?

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

On the other hand, we’re sure that if we put Popeye on one corner and The Roc on the other, we would witness one epic fight! That is, of course, if Popeye eats his spinach first…

#11. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend – Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Ok, this is my all-time favorite couple and we’re safe to say that they are Hollywood Halloween royaltyYear after year they surprise us with killer costumes and 2018 was not the exception.

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

They joined their friends in a royalty-themed costume party looking like nobody else but Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Designer Sergio Hudson was in charge of creating Chrissy’s dress, based on one of the Queen’s favorites. You won’t stop laughing at the next one!

#10. Joe Jonas – Derek Zoolander

We told you! This has got to be one of the funniest costumes on this list. Joe Jonas managed to look identical to Ben Stiller’s iconic character, Derek Zoolander, the model of the 2001 film Zoolander.

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

Not only he dressed like him and got his hair modeled to look spot-on for the costume, but he’s also giving us the stunning Magnum, Zoolander’s trademark model look. Kudos for the idea, Joe!

#9. LeBron James – Pennywise

In 2017, the 6-foot-8, 250-pound Cleveland Cavaliers star showed up as the famous clown Pennywise the dancing clown from the sensational movie It, based upon Stephen King’s novel.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

No doubt, he nailed it. He looks scary as hell and rumor has it (well, Instagram actually) that he lived up to his character as he danced creepily during the party. Watch that video and you’re going to have nightmares for days! Slide to see our next choice!

#8.  Winnie Harlow as RuPaul

The year was 1994 and MAC Cosmetics set out on a mission to fight HIV and AIDS. They launched their first issue of the Viva Glam lipstick campaign with none but the legendary star RuPaul as its face.

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

25 years later, the supermodel Winnie Harlow recreated the iconic look and looked absolutely sensational as she entered Heidi Klum’s 19th Annual Halloween Party in New York.

#7. Lupita Nyong’o – Dion from Clueless

She is literally the polaroid of perfection. She has everything and she’ll give it to you in a second.

This is what comes to my mind when I look at this picture as actress Lupita Nyong’o dressed up as an iconic character of one of my favorite TV shows from my childhood, Clueless

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Rocking a black and white plaid skirt and matching blazer, she celebrated 2018 Halloween at Heidi Klum’s New York Halloween party and stole many hearts that night.

#6. Kylie Jenner – Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty”

In 2016, Kylie hosted a “dead dinner” and served the most epic throwback by recreating Xtina’s 2000s look in Dirrty.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

The A-C-C-U-R-A-C-Y is simply amazing! Both the costume and makeup are on point. She even wore contacts and fake piercings! It’s clear that Kylies Jenner does not mess around with Halloween.

#5. Rita Ora – Post Malone

As we mentioned earlier, a woman dressing up as a dude is way more uncommon than the opposite, granted. BUT! We can’t stop remarking how good these women actually look! The resemblance, in this case, is just amazing!

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Rita Ora nailed this look by sporting a beard and the unique trademark facial tattoos. The singer swaggered the red carpet grasping a bottle of beer and a fake cigarette at the SSE Arena. Everyone said she won Halloween that night and we totally agree!

#4. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

She definitely took her support for Hillary Clinton to the next level! And yes, you’ve read it right! While most people assumed that it was her beau (and now fiancé) Orlando Bloom who was holding hands with her as her most obvious partner Bill Clinton…

Photo: Courtesy of Billboard

It was actually her agent, Michael Kives. But where’s Orlando? If you pay close attention to who’s behind them, you’ll recognize those eyes. YES! Orlando Bloom was Donald Trump! Slide for one of our favorites!


Finally, we’re here! Remember when we said we were fans of the Padalecki family… well, we weren’t lying but this is another family we are just in love with! They are so adorable!

Photo: Courtesy of Ritely

NPH and his partner formed a beautiful family together and you can always rely on them bringing something interesting to the table when it comes to Halloween. We promise you won’t stop laughing at the next one!

#2. Bruce Willis and Stephen Eads – The Grady twins from The Shining

Yikes! Just the memory of the little twins gives me the chills. The Shining is a classic horror film and we highly recommend you watched it ASAP if you already haven’t!

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

However, Bruce Willis and his assistant, Stephen J. Eads seem to be having a great time and just by the smile on their faces you can tell they are fully aware of how incredible their outfits look. Slide to see who made it to the top!


Oh, honey bunny! Heidi Klum is the queen of costumes and she totally nailed this Jessica Rabbit look.

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

She looks like she jumped out of the TV screen and went straight to the party! Clearly, she’s got all it takes to be the Halloween queen forever. What will she pull off next year, one may wonder?

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