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Everyone Thinks These Are The 25 Best Teen Movies Ever


Do you agree with me when I say that there’s something so deliciously enjoyable about the teen rom-coms of the ’80s,’ 90s? I mean, adolescence is an awkward but lovely stage that movies have addressed many times in very different ways. The representation of reality in films is always strong, emotionally dramatic, and with the same frequency as a real-life experience. In fact, many of these teen films discuss important everyday issues such as bullying, suicide, the intensity of your first real crush, and the need to fit in.

It turns out that going through this stage of early adulthood isn’t nearly as easy as teen movies have us believe… but we can’t help wanting to watch them over and over again. So this time I bring you some of the classics… as if you had forgotten! Make sure you don’t miss #15, #4 and #1!

Photo: Courtesy of CNBC