Man Steals Package From NASA Engineer – Big Mistake!

Is there something worse than having your Amazon package stolen right from your porch? Well, this is exactly what happened to a man named Mark Rober. The man managed to get footage from the security camera of the thief stealing his package, but the police couldn’t do anything about it. Hearing this, Mark Rober decided to take matters into his own hands and teach this thief a valuable life lesson, not to mess with engineers! Rober

Before we get into Mark Rober’s story, we need to give you a little bit of context. Mark Rober is a smart guy and he works for NASA. This should tell you that he is more than capable of creating a device that will keep thieves away from his house…

19. Amazon Package Goes Missing

Our story starts when Mark notices that a thief stole his package. The package was valuable and Mark wanted to somehow get his money back or at least the damaged goods and he did what anyone else would do, he called the police.

18. Calling For Help

Mark told the police everything what happened and even handed them security footage of the thief stealing the Amazon package. Unfortunately, the police were not able to help Mark.

17. A Different Solution Rober

After Mark realized that he is not going to get any help from the police, he knew that he had to take matters into his own hands. He couldn’t let the package thief keep stealing from him and he needed to come up with a solution.

16. Mars Rover Rober

A fun fact about Mark is that he developed technology that was used by NASA on the Rover which was sent to Mars. This is impressive, right? Well, Mark decided to use his smarts in order to punish the thief.

15. Punish The Thief Rober

Mark wanted to create a device that would punish the thief and teach him that stealing packages from people is not a good idea. You won’t believe what Mark comes up with…

14. Ingenious Device Rober

It didn’t take long for Mark to come up with an idea of what he needs to build and he started working. Check out the next picture to see what Mark builds as a trap for the thief.

13. GPS Signal Rober

Mark wanted to create a fake Amazon package so that he could trick the thief into picking it up. However, Mark also wanted to capture the thief’s reaction and he mounted four GPS tracked smartphones hidden inside the package.

12. Time For Something Special Rober

With the four smartphones mounted inside the package, Mark was ready to install something special inside the fake package. Something so special that the thief would never steal again!

11. Pink Glitter Rober

What better way to punish the thief other than to throw glitter all over him, his house or his car? This is exactly what Mark did. The man bought a large can of fine glitter and he created a device that starts spinning very fast when the dummy box is taken off. Ingenious, right?

10. Fart Spray Rober

Now that the glitter was installed, Mark also wanted to add something special for the thief. Mark purchased a “Fart Spray” that would be activated every thirty seconds after the box was opened. The thief is in for the surprise of a lifetime!

9. Hidden Message Rober

Mark was so proud of what he created that he included a bunch of hidden messages all over it. These messages pay tribute to the inspiration behind this fake Amazon package. Keep reading to find out what these messages are.

8. Home Alone Rober

As you can clearly see written on the box, the package is sent by Kevin McCallister (Home Alone Kid) to Harry and Marv (the bad guys). Mark loves the Home Alone movies and this was his way to pay tribute to them.

7. GPS Signal Goes Off Rober

The GPS signal from the four smartphones went off a couple of hours after Mark set the package outside his house and left for work. Here is where things start to get interesting.

6. Parking Lot Rober

The GPS tracker was showing to Mark that the fake Amazon package was stored in a parking lot that is close to his home. Without giving it too much thought, Mark started driving towards the parking lot.

5. The Footage Rober

The box was thrown away in the parking lot and Mark picked it up in order to get the footage. This is the thief when he first tries to open the box. You won’t believe what happens next!

4. Glitter All Over Rober

The thief and his car were covered in glitter all over in a matter of seconds. Not just that, but the car was smelling like farts and he threw the box out the window. Isn’t this hilarious?

3. Valuable Lesson Rober

Mark was amused by the video. He says that he hopes the thief learned a valuable lesson that day and that he is never going to steal anymore package. Do you think the thief knows better now?

2. Evil Genius Rober

We have to admit that Mark’s idea to create a fake Amazon package that throws glitter everywhere and starts spraying fart smells when it’s opened sounds like something that an Evil Genius from a movie would do.

1. Safe Packages Rober

If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Mark is never going to have to worry about his packages being stolen from his front porch.

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