Retired Officer Hears Noises In A Dumpster And Decides To Investigate

What would you do if you heard a noise coming from a dumpster? Would you check out what’s making the ruckus or just walk away? Considering we are all curious by nature, it’s obvious we would at least peek into the dumpster and see what’s happening. This is precisely what a retired officer from West Virginia did one day.

Once a cop, always a cop! James Butler had to investigate and see what was wrong. He had no idea that from the trash a very rare creature will appear!

20. The Great Outdoors Butler

Retired West Virginia Officer James Butler is an aviation enthusiast who loves the outdoors and apparently has a knack for photographing animals. He usually posts his impressive photos on Facebook, and one day he just had to share an incredible experience!

19. Not a Regular Day

Butler thought it would be a regular relaxing day, but as he was taking a stroll through Coonskin Park, he heard some noises in a dumpster close to him. He got curious and went to investigate. The retired cop was stunned…

18. Strange Cries

The strange cries from the dumpster made him wonder what was inside. Was it something trapped inside? He had to get closer and see what was causing all that ruckus. It was not the first time when he encountered wildlife!

17. Wild Animals Butler

You never know what you can find in a big dumpster, and Butler has seen his fair share of wild animals around the park. He even caught on his camera this deer and many other wild animals. But he never saw something like this…

16. A Brave Man Butler

The ex-officer was hesitant at first, knowing that whatever was making that sound was not happy about being trapped in the dumpster. Would it lash out at him? A brave man, Butler approached them, and his discovery made him rummage through his pockets for the camera!

15. The Best Encounter Butler

Yes, the Coonskin Park was now living up to its name, as Butler saw raccoons. There was not one, but five raccoons and they were all angry because they could not get out of the dumpster! Among them, one raccoon looked different…

14. A Difficult Situation Butler

The coons were quite in a pickle, explained James later in an interview: “The dumpster had apparently been emptied, and the garbage level was low, and the raccoons couldn’t reach the top to get back out.”

He took out the camera to photograph them, when the fifth one rose from the garbage, revealing its weird feature!

13. Not a Cat… Butler

It wasn’t a ginger cat, and he first thought as it moved among the other raccoons. But it didn’t look like a raccoon either! Then, James realized that this weird creature is an albino raccoon. He started snapping more photos and decides to help these guys…

12. A Remarkable Raccoon

This remarkable wonder of nature, although found in the least appealing place for a picture, immediately became a sensation! The retired cop has never seen such a specimen, and the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife stated that it really is an incredibly rare raccoon.

But the story doesn’t end here! James picks up a plank to help the coons get out…

11. Think Fast

On his Facebook page, he explained how he rescued the trash mongers from the dumpster: “The rescue was a simple matter of putting a board in the dumpster so they could climb out.” He thought of how photographing coons close to a dumpster was not a quite a nice setting, but then said another thing…

10. Industrious Little Coons

“The incident reminded me that in this day and age, for industrious and opportunistic raccoons, a dumpster is often their natural setting,” added Butler on Facebook. Finally free, the coons scurried away and took in the fresh air on a tree stump.

Meanwhile, park officials were not happy about James discovery. Why was that?

9. Social Media Went Crazy

Butler called the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife, where he found out that this adorable albino raccoon is very rare. Only one in 750,000 raccoons get this albino gene, which makes this guy from the Park very rare. But officials were not pleased that James posted online where the albino raccoon was…

8. A Thrilling Discovery

While Butler thought that he made a thrilling discovery, park officials talked to him and told him that they were aware of this specimen and didn’t share the news with the public because this would put him in danger. Kanawha Park Police Department chief Rodney Jones explained Butler the situation.

7. A Wild Animal

First of all, Rodney Jones explained that their job is to tell people not to approach wild animals or feed them. Moreover, he added that “now that the albino’s getting publicity, I figure people will start looking to see if they can find it around the park.” And that’s terrible news…

6. Too Famous!

This albino is now too famous, which means that he would be sought after many people, and being a wild animal, it could react badly. Officer Jones feared more people would come to photograph him or even try to capture him to turn him into a pet!

5. Look From Afar

Jones explained that people should look at wild animals from afar, as they can be dangerous or carry diseases. Fortunately, James only took those few photos, helped the furry family get out of the dumpster, and that was it…

4. A Fascinating World

James Butler is fascinated with wild animals and you can see it in these next photos. He always has his camera around when he is out with his friends, be it for flying a plane or for capturing the beautiful wildlife in the Park.

3. A Memorable Day Butler

For James, seeing an albino raccoon was a memorable day and he was happy to have added this to his many memories of wild animal encounters. Not just that, but he also helped them out…

2. Saving the Raccoons Butler

We are happy that he took his time and performed the dangerous task of helping out the coons from the dumpster! Hopefully, others that spot this white raccoon will also be like James who let them go back through the trees.

1. A Strange Creature Butler

Seeing an albino raccoon is quite a rare and shocking experience. Have you ever seen one? Well, no matter their color, we think they are adorable wild critters. Remember to admire them from afar, no matter how cuddly they look!

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