Harry Potter Fan Teaches Her Dog To Respond To Wizard Spells

The Harry Potter books have one of the best written magical universes and this is why so many have fallen in love with Harry Potter, Ron Wesley, and Hermione Granger. However, one Harry Potter fan decided to take things to the next level and she taught her dog to respond to wizard spells. Let’s check out her story.

20. Meet Anna


This is Anna Brisbing and she is a YouTube/Voice Actor. Anna makes a living out of bringing animated characters to life with her voice and she wouldn’t have it any other way because she loves her job.

19. Mythical Worlds


Anna is a big fan of the Harry Potter books and she always dreamed about the magical world of Harry Potter ever since she was a little girl. In fact, one of her biggest inspirations is none other than JRR Rowling.

18. The Harry Potter Universe


There aren’t that many people who can create a magical universe as JRR Rowling does and this is why her books are so special. Now that we presented which books are Anna’s favorites, you will understand why she named her dog the way she named him…

17. Remus Lupin


This little fella is Remus Lupin and she is Anna’s dog. In fact, Remus is much more than just a dog to Anna, he is her son! Can you figure out why his name is Remus Lupin?

16. The Big Werewolf


Despite his small size, Anna decided to name her dog Remus Lupin after the werewolf from the Harry Potter series. Although, this is not the only thing that Anna did with Remus Lupin.

15. Clever Little Guy


What we didn’t mention about Remus Lupin is that he is not just the cutest dog you will see today, he is also the smartest! Remus Lupin is a clever little guy and this made it possible for Anna to teach him some special commands.

14. Cute Dog


Anna has spent a couple of months with a wand in her hand trying to teach Remus some special tricks. These tricks are a bit difficult to learn for most dogs, but not for Remus!

13. Fun Joke


Anna always wanted to become a wizard, like in the Harry Potter Books, and she taught Remus to respond to spell commands, just like Anna read in the books.

12. Dressing Up


First things first, Anna made sure to dress Lupin in proper Wizard clothes before showing off his special skills. As we can clearly see in the picture above, Remus looks quite sharp in a wizard robe.

11. Wingardum Leviosa

youtube.com/Brizzy Voices

The first command that Anna gives to Remus is “Wingardum Leviosa” and as soon as she starts moving her wand, Remus stands up on two feet! Isn’t that hilarious?

10. Avada Kedavara

youtube.com/Brizzy Voices

It didn’t take long for Anna to get to one of the most famous spells from the Harry Potter books and while she said “Avada Kedavara”, Lupin fell on his back and acted dead. Anna is definitely ready if she ever gets from a visit from the one who shall not be named.

9. Revelio!

youtube.com/Brizzy Voices

The funniest spell that Remus learned is “Revelio”. Every time that Anna say “Revelio” and she waves her wand, the dog jumps out and makes himself seen. This is not the most difficult spell that Remus learned.

8. Achio Ball

youtube.com/Brizzy Voices

Another funny, but a useful spell that Anna has taught Remus is “Achio Ball”. The clever dog knows that whenever Anna says “Achio Ball”, he needs to fetch the tennis ball.

7. Engorgio

youtube.com/Brizzy Voices

“Engorgio” has to be Remus’s favorite spell! “Engorgio” means that Remus gets to eat all the doggy treats that he wants. All these spells have tired Remus and he needs to take a nap.

6. Taking A Nap


Even though Remus loves it when Anna uses the “Engorgio” spell, there is something that he loves a little bit more and that is to take long naps in the middle of the day!

5. Yummy Wand


From the looks of it, Remus is not that afraid of the wand. Anna should make sure to hide it somewhere safe because if Remus manages to get his paws on it, the wand might end up all chewed up.

4. Strong Bond


The story of Anna teaching Remus all those spells shows us that the connection between a dog and his owner is an unbreakable one, just like a spell! Don’t you think so?

3. Fun Adventures


While Anna and Remus might have lots of fun inside the house by casting spells from Harry Potter’s spell book, they have the most fun when they go out the house adventuring and this picture serves as proof of that.

2. Dreams


Anna has always dreamed of visiting the magical wizard school that Harry Potter attended when he was little and while this might not be possible, she can always live that dream when she gives commands such as “Leviosa” to Remus.

1. Great Person


Anna is a great person and there is no doubt about that. Also, we can be sure that Anna and Remus are going to have lots of fun together and that Anna is going to teach him even more spells.

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