20 Royals In The World – And How They Spend Their Millions

We’ve all found ourselves, at least once in our lifetime, wondering and lusting over which destinations to visit, exuberant things to purchase and bizarre things to do…if we had unlimited money. The following list is all about the wealthiest royals in the world and how they actually choose to spend their fortunes. Learn about where they live, how much they own as well as their lavish choices and be sure not to miss slide #12, #7 and #1 that will surely surprise everyone.

#20. Mohammed VI, Morocco

For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Mohammed VI became King of Morocco back in 1999 after the death of his father. His coronation came together with promises to end corruption, poverty and improve the countries economy. While some of his policies have evoked gratitude amongst certain groups (and hate amongst fundamentalists), for giving rights to women, other aspects of his person remain a topic of controversy. For instance, the matter of his wealth and where he spends it.

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Throughout the years, Mohammed VI extravagant parties and his purchases of the latest car models have been a source of gossip. While many people in his country still lack basic hygiene facilities, the king has no scruple maintaining several palaces fully functioning just for him. With that kind of unlimited budget, imagine the possibilities of excesses the King could enjoy!

#19. Sheikh Sabah IV Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Kuwait

This man doesn’t only have a long name but he also owns a vast amount of money. In 2006 he became the Emir of Kuwait and the proud owner of $350 million. While he only became Emir in the twenty-first century, his family has been ruling the country since the eighteenth century. The whole family is known to have a fair amount of their wealth in shares that amount to $90 billion. Imagine the kind of presents one could receive for their birthday in that family.

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There are controversial views on the way the family and the Emir spend their vast wealth. On the one hand, as most royals and extremely wealthy men, parties and expensive yachts are part of the deal. They just can’t live without constant epic (as well as expensive) parties. But, on the other hand, Sheikh Sabah has been commended and celebrated by some who view his plentiful and frequent economic aids to countries who have suffered natural disasters as a good deed. Let’s not forget, plenty of his resources have also been directed towards public health.

#18. Abdullah II, Jordan

Abdullah II became King in 1999. While anyone might say that’s a long time to be in power, compared to the number of years his family has ruled over Jordan, Abdullah II seems like a newcomer. The Hashemite family has been on the throne since 1921, and as a result of all the years as royalty have left the new King $750 million to do as he wishes.

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While the suit and the royal status may create an appearance of formality, Abdullah II is a massive geek just like the rest of us. He is a hardcore fan of Star Trek, and so in 2012, he decided to become an investor in a theme park based on the movies. But his fanatism doesn’t stop there, he was actually cast as an extra in one of the movies, and later on, threw a party and extended an invitation to the whole cast. If you had the chance, which movie saga tempts you enough (to pay) to be part of the cast?

#17. Aga Khan IV, Nizari Ismailism

While Aga Khan IV isn’t actually a royal who rules over a country, he still classifies in this list. He became the Iman of Nizari Ismailism (within Shia Islam) in 1957 and is the proud owner of $3 billion. His profession doesn’t stop at his religious activities, the Iman is involved in business projects, and on the side he breeds racehorses. How does he even have the time? I can barely do my laundry every week. But the fact is, his activities have allowed him to place $800 million to his very own name.

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With that amount of wealth, what could an Iman possibly spend it on? the answer is racehorses, lots and lots of racehorses. Several sources have confirmed Aga Khan owns at least a hundred of these animals. Aside from his passion for horses, the Iman also owns a whole island in the Bahamas. Imagine the stress that comes with his responsibilities, a jet ride to his private island must help him relax.

#16. Albert II, Monaco

Albert II became the reigning monarch of Monaco in 2005. For those of you who don’t know, Albert is the son of Grace Kelly, well known as an American actress. Aside from his fame, Albert II owns $1 billion and he doesn’t let his fortune sit idly. The royal actively spends his wealth and some of his purchases are quite original.

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The monarch doesn’t only reign over the small country, he’s also the proud owner of 1/4 of it. But here is the best part, like many of us, the prince tends to hoard certain items. Truth be told, he collects stamps, and many sources have confirmed he is up to talk hours about them. And lastly, you will find a collection of antique cars in pristine condition under his care. The next royal on the list, is also a prince and his name is Albert, let’s see what they have in common.

#15. Albert 12th Prince, Thurn Und Taxis

Since Albert was born he’s had almost everything he could possibly want at his reach. He was known as the youngest billionaire and it seems the fun never stops for him. Given that he hasn’t become a King yet, his responsibilities are sparse. His life basically consists of having a good time and spending his $1.4 billion in whatever pleases him. Who doesn’t want a bit of that lifestyle once in a time?

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Prince Albert isn’t only into having a good time. Over the years, he’s embarked on several projects and interests. Renewable energy, artwork, and woodlands are amongst some of the things he owns and helps develop through funding. Above all, however, his passion for car racing is his main focus. He doesn’t only buy the cars but he races them himself. For a completely different type of royal, don’t miss the next slide.

#14. Beatrix, Netherlands

In 1980 Beatrix become Queen of the Netherlands. One would think, judging by her iconic fashion statement in the photo below, that she enjoyed the pleasures that royalty brought. However, in 2013, the Queen abdicated, leaving the throne behind but certainly not her vast wealth. Certain sources confirm she owns at least $200 million, begging the question, where does the money come from? And above all, where does she spend it on?

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Part of her wealth is inherited, another part comes from smart investments in properties as well as stakes in Shell Oil. But the thing we all want to know is, how does Beatrix enjoy her wealth? well, surprisingly enough, her family isn’t big on unnecessary spending. In fact, the crown she is wearing in the photo isn’t made of real jewels but false ones. Along the years, certain attitudes of the Dutch family have built a reputation for them as an austere royal family.

#13. Emir Sheikh Hamid Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Qatar

In 1995 this man became the Emir of Qatar. He was lucky enough that during his time in power, natural gas was exploited to a record high, making Qatar one of the richest countries. While the increases in exports benefit the country and an accelerated process of modernization, his own pocket increased as well.

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With an estimated $2.4 billion, this man could pretty much afford anything. What do you think he spends his fortune on? Surprisingly enough, the Emir is as big on sports as he is on natural gas. He has been known to bid on well-known football teams such as Manchester United. And in 2022, his dream will come true with his very own country hosting the World Cup.

#12. Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan, Nigeria

Fredrich Obateru Akinruntan became King of the Ugbo Kingdom in Nigeria as of 2009. Since Nigeria is rich in natural resources, he was greatly benefited from founding the local Oil company that exports in high quantities. The sum he made with the largest Nigerian oil company sums to a total of $300 million, placing him amongst one of the richest royals in the whole African continent. Let’s take a glimpse at the way he spends his fortune.

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Based on the photo, it might not surprise you to know that this particular royal is passionate about jewelry of all kinds. Wristwatches, rings, crowns, you just name it, the king has them all. His wealth isn’t only directed towards fashion though, his extravagant purchases of custom made cars have caught the attention of several media outlets as well.

#11. Hans-Adam II, Liechtenstein

This Prince makes for a fascinating story. While others on this list inherited obscene amounts of money, Hans-Adam’s family was left in ruin after the Second World War. In spite of the ruinous state of his inheritance, this man made it to this list, after all.

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He has become an incredibly successful businessman that owns the LGT banking group earning him $3.5 billion. Aside from the grand size of his wealth, he also owns enormous amounts of art that are displayed in the Lichtenstein Museum. With popularity amongst the people and an incredible fortune, Hans seems to be doing everything right.

#10. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei

The Sultan is as big on gold as any other royal. He became one of the last absolute monarchs in 1967. His bank account is, in fact, overflowing with his $20 billion fortune.

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While others on the list preferred an austere lifestyle, Hassanal has no problem with enjoying the pleasures money can buy; cars, collection items, palaces, even mosques, and an epic throne are amongst the things he owns.

#9. Henri, Luxembourg

Henri became Duke of Luxemburg in 2000 and he receives a kind of ‘allowance’ basically just for being a royal and doing what royals do. I invite you to take a glimpse at the fabulous lifestyle Henri has.

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The famous phrase “every man’s home is his castle”, becomes a reality in Henri’s life. When he isn’t hanging out at his castle, he has $4 billion to spend as he wishes. He is known for the frequent and lavish vacations he takes. Where would you go if you had the funds?

#8. King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia

Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud became King of Saudi Arabia in 2015. As many royals in the Middle East, the king was highly benefited from the exploit of natural resources. This earned him nearly $17 billion.

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His whole family is extremely wealthy as well, and have a notorious reputation for spending without scruple. Everyone in the House of Saud enjoys the luxury of private helicopters, jets, and plenty of other extravagant things as well as numerous working staff and bodyguards.

#7. Mswati III

Mswati III became the King of Swaziland in 1986, with an estimate of $100 million to do as he pleased. He currently rules as an absolute king and is well known for having 15 wives. While many sources claim that he was relatively popular within the country at first, in recent years his rule has been met with criticism and social unrest. With all the possibilities his money offers, can you guess what the Monarch spend it on?

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Like other royals on the list, palaces and cars are certainly top on the list of things he spends his fortune on. However, Mswati III took it too far for his 40th birthday. As a gift to himself, he withdrew $30 million and destined that money towards a sports stadium in honor of himself. Who else would do this if they had the funds?

#6. Princess Madeleine, Sweden

Whoever dreamt of the fairytale wedding needs to check out this love story. Princess Madeleine fell deeply in love with an American and in no time, wedding bells were ringing.

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Of course, the wedding was the talk of the year, and Madeleine wasn’t about to do the thing quietly. She spent $100,000 only on her fabulous dress and just look at her. She looks like she had the wedding of her dreams. After that, the couple moved into a 3.6 million home in Palm Beach, enjoying together the sun.

#5. Maha Vajiralongkorn, Thailand

Maha Vajiralongkorn became King in 2016. When he came to power, he also inherited $30 billion. You read correctly. His vast wealth is quite controversial since he has no intentions of hiding it or toning down his expenses.

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One of the most flashy things he owns is a diamond that is incredibly beautiful and huge. However, his people don’t find those kinds of purchases even close to funny and have grown quite dreary of certain attitudes of the Monarch.

#4. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, Oman

You might be surprised to find out that this man has actually been a royal longer than any other leader in any of the Arabic countries. The story behind his rise to power is quite dramatic. Back in 1970, he overthrew his own father in a coup. Like many other countries in the middle east, Oman has multiple natural resources that the Sultan has taken advantage of, to gain $700 million worth of wealth.

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Like many other royals that have benefited economically from their position, he is a controversial figure amongst his people. This is greatly due to the fact that his main efforts while in power have been towards modernizing the country, increasing the quality of life of many. In addition, the religious groups in the country have appreciated the fact that numerous mosques and places of worship have been restored. If you’re ready to be surprised, don’t miss the next royal.

#3. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Dubai

While this man isn’t strictly a King or Prince, he is part of the royal family of Dubai. Along with that title, he also has others related to powerful positions within several companies including those related to oil. His fortune sums a shocking $31.7 billion.

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Over the past 25 years, he has been fostering the growth of both Dubai and the airline company Emirates, which is one of the world’s largest and most important hubs nowadays. While his spendings are indeed great and frequent, what has really gotten attention in the news is his personal life.

#2. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, United Arab Emirates

This man has two impressive titles, on the one hand, he is the President of the United Arab Emirates, and on the other, he is Emir of Abu Dhabi. With that impressive CV, it is no wonder he owns an impressive $15 billion as well as numerous buildings named after him as well.

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It is almost unimaginable to think about that kind of fortune; opportunities are endless. One of his most extravagant buys includes a yacht that is so big and lavish it cost $400 million. Basically pennies in the Sheikh’s wallet.

#1. Queen Elizabeth II, Britain

Who isn’t familiar with this face? Queen Elizabeth II is well known in most of the world for being the ruler that has remained in power for the longest. She became queen in 1952 after the death of her father, and since then, she has been featured as the center of attention in local media and pop culture. Check out the latest Netflix hit, The Crown, to catch a glimpse of Elizabeth’s biography.

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This well-known queen has $450 million at her disposal to do as she pleases, but in spite of that, she’s built a reputation for maintaining an austere taste. The Queen is careful not to exceed the palace’s bills and her favorite nail polish is surprisingly inexpensive. Elizabeth is a great reminder that while royals may seem extravagant figures, most of them share with us several earthly interests and a similar routine… except for the fact she lives in Buckingham Palace.

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