Woman Decides To Adopt Elderly Dog, Finds Out They Already Met

Today’s story is about a woman named Nicole Grimes who got her heart broken when her parents had to give away her best friend, a dog named Chloe. As time went on, Nicole never forgot about Chloe and she would often remember about how fun it was to go to the park with Chloe. This is why Nicole wanted to adopt a dog when she got her own house and as luck would have it, Nicole and Chloe crossed paths once again.

20. Nicole and Chloe

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This is Nicole Grimes and her best friend, Chloe. The dog was given to Nicole by her grandma when she turned ten years old and this is why Chloe mattered so much to her.

19. Birthday Gift

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The grandma wanted to give Nicole a special gift for her birthday, something that is going to fill Nicole’s life with joy and this is why she decided to get Chloe and to give the puppy as a birthday gift for the young girl.

18. Having Fun

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Nicole remembers to this day how fun it was to go out to the park with Chloe. The two had a blast every day and this is why Chloe holds a special spot in Nicole’s heart. The friendship between a little girl and her puppy is something powerful.

17. Inseparable

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As time went on, Nicole and Chloe became inseparable. The two were spending all their time together and Nicole couldn’t even imagine a world without Chloe to keep her company. Unfortunately, Nicole’s parents didn’t feel the same about Chloe.

16. Agitated Puppy

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Chloe was still a puppy and she would run all around the house every day. While this might not be a problem for most people, Chloe’s father had to take a job in customer retail and he worked from home. Having Chloe barking all day long made his job impossible.

15. Hard Work

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The father explained to Nicole that he can’t work if Chloe keeps making noise in the background. Nicole’s dad wanted to give Chloe away for adoption not because he is mean, but because he needs to put food on the table for the family and the barking dog made his job difficult.

14. Adoption

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Even though Nicole was heartbroken, she understood that Chloe needed to find a new home. The only thing that Nicole wanted was to make sure that the people who are going to adopt Chloe will love her. Isn’t that sweet?

13. Saying Goodbye

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Nicole remembers that saying goodbye to Chloe was one of the most difficult things she ever did. Although, she was wise for her age and understood that having Chloe around the house would mean that her father might lose his job.

12. New Home 

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Nicole’s dad took the adorable dog to the local adoption center and he made sure that a loving couple is going to adopt her. Fortunately, Chloe’s charm helped her find a new family in no time.

11. Time Flies

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A decade passed since Nicole said goodbye to Chloe and she had a family of her own. Nicole always wanted to adopt a dog and now that her own daughter was one year old, she decided to check out the local adoption center.

10. She Looks Just LIke Chloe!

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Nicole entered the adoption center and she saw an older dog that looked just like Chloe. Nicole couldn’t believe this. Could it be her old best friend? Without giving it any second thought, the woman signed the papers and adopted the old doggy.

9. The Truth

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The dog that Nicole adopted was also the right age that Chloe would be right now. However, Nicole wanted to find out the truth and she remembered that Chloe had a chip implanted in order to find her in case she ever gets lost. This is when she came up with a brilliant idea.

8. The Vet

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Nicole booked an appointment with the vet in order to check the information stored on the chip. This is too much of a coincidence and if the old dog is indeed Chloe, then it means that destiny brought them back together.

7. It’s Her!

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The vet checked the information stored on the chip and confirmed that the old dog is Chloe. Nicole was in shock. There has to some kind of higher power that brought them together after all those years.

6. A Miracle

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Nicole believes that crossing paths again with Chloe is a miracle. All that matters to her is that her wish of getting back with Chloe came true. Nicole is never going to let Chloe leave her side ever again!

5. New Friends

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Just like Chloe befriended Nicole when she was young, the adorable doggy is going to do the same with Nicole’s daughter.

4. A Good Life

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Nicole talked to the adoption center staff and they told her that Chloe lived a good life. The reason why the dog made it back to the adoption center is that the couple who owned her was getting too old and they couldn’t take care of her anymore.

3. Cute Dog

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This was the incredible story of how a little girl lost her best friend, but luckily, destiny brought them together once again. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Lost Years

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If there is something that we can be certain about, then it has to be the fact that Nicole is going to love Chloe very much and that they will have lots of fun together, to make up for all the years lost.

1. Happy Ending

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The chance of Nicole finding Chloe once she managed to get a house of her own was really slim, but somehow, Nicole managed to do it! All that matters is that Nicole and Chloe have been brought back together.

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