A Family of Bears Decide to have a Pool Party in Someone’s Backyard

A family was planning a day of cooling off in the hot summer heat. However, when they peeked outside they found a surprise of a lifetime. After filming and uploading this strange event they went viral and it is worth finding out what exactly was lurking in their backyard!

20. Escaping the Heat

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During the summer it isn’t uncommon for someone to seek a way to beat the heat. One of these ways is by swimming in a pool. Many people have swimming pools in their backyards to help enjoy the summer months in warmer parts of the world.

19.The Basso Family

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The Basso Family live in a big house with a big backyard. They live in New Jersey and have a lot of property so it isn’t that uncommon when they run into strange things lurking in their backyard.

18.Rockaway Township, New Jersey

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The Basso Family live in the town of Rockaway Township located in the state of New Jersey. The small town sees a lot of wildlife near and around it due to the town being located near dense forests. With it also being located more north the area commonly sees animals like bears.

17. Quite A Surprise

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Speaking of bears! One summer day the Basso family wanted to take a dip in their pool but when they went to take a look outside they saw something that shocked them. There was a large family of bears enjoying their time in the pool.

16. Pool Party

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Likely due to the heat the bears wanted to seek a nice watering hole to cool off on this summer afternoon. However, instead of finding a watering hole they found someone’s pool!

15. A Whole Family

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There were six bears in total. There were one parent bear and five cubs that were all enjoying the cool water on the hot summer day. When they were spotted they were all inside the swimming pool relaxing.

14. Enjoying The Cool Water

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As mentioned before, the family of bears likely sought the pool out for a place to cool off. However, they were able to enjoy much more than the pool itself. Not only did they get to cool off but the cubs also got to play with each other.v

13. Taking Advantage of the Whole Backyard


After a while, the cubs decide they’d had enough swimming and decide to start playing with other things in the backyard. In one part a cub can even be seen sliding down a plastic play slide.

12. A Small Scare

Photo: YouTube

During one part of the video, the parent bear takes a wire in its mouth that is hooked up to the pool filter. The person filming reacts by saying ” Oh, you don’t want to do that!” Luckily the bear left the wire alone and went on enjoying the water.

11. May Need A New Pool

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As the Basso family looks on at the large group of bears in their backyard they can’t help but think the damage that is being done to their pool. The mother worries that there will be puncture holes in the pool causing it to leak.

10. Going to Enjoy Another Pool

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After some time the bears decide to get out of the pool and roam around the rest of the yard. After even more time passes the parent bear gets out of the pool and wanders off with the cubs in tow. They seem to have left behind the Basso’s backyard fence in search of another pool to play in.

9. Having A Fun Family Day

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This seemed to be a nice getaway for the family of bears. It isn’t likely that they get to spend a lot of time relaxing especially in the mother’s case. Luckily they were able to take a relaxing half hour to enjoy the cool water of a pool.

8. Replacing the Damages

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Overall, it doesn’t seem like the bears did too much damage to the Basso’s property. There was a scare of having to replace the pool but it doesn’t seem like the bears made to much of an impact on the pool’s integrity.

7. Friendly Bears

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This group of bears seemed to be a friendly group of bears. They seemed to have just wanted to enjoy some time in the pool. However, not every bear you run across will be friendly. Even in this case, it was a good idea that the Bassos stayed inside and waited until the bears left.

6. Bears in the Wild

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Bears in the wild are much more likely to be mean and ferocious. While it seems okay when bears invade a human’s property a bear won’t be so nice if a human happens to stumble across its watering hole.

5. Cooling Off

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It is a good thing these bears had a chance to cool off on a hot summer day. Considering they are located in New Jersey it is likely that they aren’t accustomed to the heat.

4. Much Concern

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As the bears overstayed their welcome the Basso family kids were starting to get impatient. They had wished the bears to relocated and find another pool to go swim in. All they wanted to do was go swimming.

3. Not the Last Time They Saw Bears

Photo: YouTube

Luckily or unluckily this isn’t the last time the Basso family would see this family of bears. The bears have also been featured in another video on the Basso family channel. There is also a video of just the parent bear sniffing around their backyard.

2. Pet Bears

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While it isn’t common there are people who decide to keep bears as pets. Domesticating a bear isn’t easy and they may seem like friendly creatures from afar but they can be scary and ferocious. It is best to always keep your distance even from baby cubs.

1. Updates on the Basso Family

Photo: YouTube

Since the Basso’s viral hit they have since filmed and uploaded more bear videos. There is a video of a similar bear sniffing around their yard. There is also a video of the same bear eating bird feed out of the Basso’s bird feeders.

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