20 Celeb Nannies Who Babysat Other Celebrities

Let’s say you had a babysitting gig back in the day, would you ever imagine that baby’d become a Hollywood Star? Well, anything is possible in Hollywood. Don’t miss our favorites #16, #5 and #3 !

#20. William H. Macy Babysat Joan Cusack

William H. Macy and Joan Cusack, current co-stars on Shameless, go all the way back to childhood days. Actually, Cusack is not the only celebrity Macy babysat (Check #18). When he started acting in Chicago some people helped him by “throwing work” his way because they knew he needed it.

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As he mentioned to LA Times:

“I’ve known Joan for a long, long time. I actually babysat Joan Cusack. I started acting in Chicago, and I knew her dad and I knew the Pivens, who lived across the street.”

#19. Michele Bachmann Babysat Gretchen Carlson

The former Congresswoman babysat the former TV hostess before she began her career in politics. Bachmann accepted to work with the Carlsons during her “Cher period”,  when she had long red hair, as a way to help her family “make ends meet”.

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It was not long before the politician was hosted on Carlson’s show. Being so close, they even showed a picture of the two of them in a pool when they were young. However, not all was fun since Bachmann herself said she was “a very good babysitter”.

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#18. William H. Macy Babysat Jeremy Piven

William H. Macy babysat Golden Globe winner Jeremy Piven around the same time he babysat Joan Cusak. Even though Macy was working on a play with fellow actors Byrne Piven and Dick Cusack, William had to ask for extra work and money.

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Macy shared his view on Joan and Jeremy’s first years of life: it was clear that Cusack and Piven had the acting bug at an early age. They were active members of the Piven Theatre Workshop, he added.

#17. Christopher Hitchens Babysat Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde could be considered a truly lucky girl: she’s married to a prince and since she was born, she has been surrounded with A-listers such as Barack Obama, British actress and family friend, Julie Christie and Christopher Hitchens.

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Hitchens said sharply “with Olivia you could tell it was going to be the movies or stage or TV or nothing,”  and added she “wasn’t going to be overlooked or ignored.”

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#16. Tamera Mowry-Housley And Tia Mowry Babysat Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

It has come to light that every 90’s kid dream came true for the Olsen twins: Tia and Tamera Mowry used to babysit the Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley.

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As Tia explained on The Meredith Vieira Show,

My brother [Tahj Mowry, 28], he played Teddy… So, we would always go and visit the set, and my sister and I — a lot of people don’t know this — we would actually babysit the Olsen twins.

#15. Michael Bolton Babysat Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday that at the age of 7 her babysitter was Michael Bolton. At the time, teenage Bolton and his girlfriend were friends with Paula’s older sister and she asked them to babysit.

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Paula remembers Michael not being an attentive babysitter and recalls him spending most of his time jamming with the musicians who lived in the building where she lived in L.A.

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#14. Bonus: Katie Lowes Babysat Connie Briton’s Son

Connie holds the actress in high regard, as said to Page Six:

“I wanted her to be my nanny so badly and my assistant, too. She’s just such a phenomenal human and I remember having those conversations. She was helping me with my son, who was then just a baby, and then she said, ‘I got cast in this show called Scandal.’

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Lowes is best known for her role as Quinn Perkins, formerly Lindsay Dwyer, in the ABC political drama series Scandal created by Shonda Rhimes. Katie and her husband, Adam Shapiro are founders and directors of the Los Angeles-based IAMA Theater Company.

#13. Bethenny Frankel Babysat Nicky And Paris Hilton

Real Housewife of New York, Bethenny Frankel, used to drive Paris and Nicky to school back when she was Kathy Hilton’s assistant. Frankel landed the job thanks to her dear friend Kyle Richards, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Fun fact: Kathy Hilton met Bethenny right after they found out about her dating Kathy’s ex-boyfriend.

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#12. Billie Holiday Babysat Billy Crystal

Strange Fruit singer would visit Crystal’s house and even babysit their son, Billy. Jack Crystal and Milt Gabler, founders of Commodore Records, had strong ties with the jazz world and were working together with Holiday at the time.

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In Billy Crystal’s HBO Special “700 Sundays”, he recalled his first time at the cinema in 1953: Holiday took young Crystal to watch Shane, starring Jack Palance. Little did Crystal know that he would later become his friend and co-star on City Slickers.

#11. Chloe Sevigny Babysat Topher Grace

“She was a cool babysitter,” the That ’70s Show star said about Chloe Sevigny, who used to babysit Topher Grace as a kid in Darien, Connecticut.

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He also admitted, “I had such a crush on her.”

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#10. Wayne Gretzky Babysat Robin Thicke

Some historical moments are marked by the randomness of the context where news is given, and Gretzky’s story is no different.  Wayne’s trade from the Edmonton Oilers to the LA Kings in 1988 was one of the momentous events in NHL history.

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At the time the deal went down, Gretzky was in L.A. —housesitting for the Thicke’s and babysitting Robin. The reason for this was that Alan was in Europe as he told Luke Fox of Sportsnet.

#9. Alice Cooper Babysat Keanu Reeves

Working with Reeves’s mother, a costume designer, Cooper was occasionally asked to look after the future actor and his friend.

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Imagine having the rock star as a babysitter. Evan Williams, Keanu’s childhood friend recalls: “I remember once, Keanu and I trying to take on Alice Cooper. He tied us up like a human knot.”, he said to people.com.

#8. Zac Posen Babysat Lena Dunham

Not only did Girls creator grow up with artistic parents, but she was also treated to free makeovers, courtesy of her bohemian babysitter Zac Posen.

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“You were the best babysitter,” Dunham tweeted at the now-renowned fashion designer to the A-listers. “You did my hair ‘like a newscaster’ and made me a frayed leather skirt.”

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#7. Bonus: Mindy Kaling Interned At Conan O’Brien’s Show

It is said that Conan’s interns go on to do great things, maybe because he knows the deal back from when he interned as a writer for Saturday Night Live. And such happened to star in NBC’s hit series The Office,  Mindy Kaling.

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While on his show, Kaling said she would stalk Conan in between assignments as a script-writing intern. “I couldn’t believe how starstruck I was. It was my dream to be a guest on Conan. But I was also the worst intern that’s ever worked on the program.”

#6. Laura Dern Babysat Angelina Jolie

What you are about to read may seem like a soap opera, but it is not. Laura sat for Angelina Jolie while her father was away filming. So far, nothing looks suspicious, but…

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Years later, Angelina married Laura’s longtime boyfriend Billy Bob Thornton. Dern and Jolie haven’t spoken ever since.

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#5. Bonus: Kim Kardashian West Styled Serena Williams’ Closet

The reality star and tennis champ’s longtime friendship started as a business when Williams hired Kardashian West to clean out her closet. Serving as a closet stylist was Kim’s main gig, she even worked for Paris Hilton and Cindy Crawford, among others.

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It’s not easy to remember life pre-Kardashian invasion. However, when showing Hilton’s closet on The Simple Life, Kim acknowledged:

“Filming was so much fun. You know I really want to do a show that shows my life. That would be really fun for me because it’s so natural”

#4. Keifer Sutherland Babysat Gwyneth Paltrow

24 actor recalled in a 2009 interview, “I was working in a theater with her mother in the Williamstown Theatre Festival, and I believe on a couple of occasions I was asked to look after her for an hour or two.”

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After chuckling, he continued: “I think it was very funny because it’s unbelievable how fast someone goes from 13 to 18. When Gwyneth started to work, I thought, ‘Well, that must be another girl because I always remember her as being 11 or 12 years old.’ “

#3. Cher Babysat Anthony Kiedis

When Kiedis was in eighth grade, Cher, who was friends with his father, offered to babysit. According to his autobiography, he and Cher enjoyed a pleasant evening, then Kiedis went to bed, and Cher got ready to do the same.

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, he admitted on the Late Show with James Corden.

#2. Liza Minnelli Babysat Ron Howard

When Liza was a teenager she had to babysit to support her acting career. One of the children she babysat was actor and producer Ron Howard with whom she had an endearing friendship.

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The fact that Liza accepted her role as Lucille on Arrested Development only happened because Howard called her and asked her to join, she told today.com.

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#1. Andy Warhol Babysat Jade Jagger

When Mick and Bianca Jagger ask you to babysit, not even the one and only Warhol could say no. This is how Jade Jagger ended up being babysat by Factory Studio artists and designers, such as Andy Warhol, Ross Bleckner and Francesco Clemente.

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Once, as a baby, she urinated on a piece of his artwork. Do you think he was mad? She explained: “I spent a lot of time during the day at Andy’s. I had my first glass of champagne with him. No wonder I peed on his photo base paper once! But he didn’t freak out, he liked the effect and later asked me to do it again.”

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