25 Love Stories Of Celebrities And Their Fans

Take a look at the following love stories between fans (like you!) that married their favorite celebrity. And who guess? Maybe you’ll go to a hairdresser salon, take a flight or go for a drink and by chance or destiny, you might find him or her! Keep on reading these amazing stories. #15, #7 and #1 are our favorites!

#25.  Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is a consolidated actress that has been part of movies like Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde and the acclaimed by the Academy Walk the Line, which she won an Academy Award For Best Actress. Since her career started, she has been in high-profile relationships with famous actors like Jake Gyllenhaal and married once to Ryan Phillipe, most of them costars in the movies she starred.

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Because of this, it was a surprise when she started dating agent Jim Toth, who worked in the same agency that represents Witherspoon. He was a huge fan of her and he insisted on having the opportunity to meet the actress. When it finally happened, they fell in love immediately and never split up since then. Of course, he decided not to represent her but he is still very supportive of her. They married in 2011 and the next year they had their first son.

#24. Ringo Starr

The Beatles fever lasted from the 60s to 70s when the Fab Four decided to split up. We still keep singing and dancing to their tunes and maybe they were the best band of all time. Teenagers and young women went crazy when they were in their shows and more than one should think about the fantasy of being with one of them. Well, Maureen Cox made her wish come true when she married Ringo Starr in 1965.  Who wouldn’t have wanted to be her?

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The hairdresser was like many other women who were total fans of the band and she was a current fixture in the earliest Beatles shows. Starr noticed her in one of their shows and he started dating her. They got married in 1965 in a small celebration in the companion of John Lennon, Cynthia Lennon and George HarrisonBrian Epstein was the godfather of the couple. A few months later, they welcomed their first son Zak Starkey but the lifestyle of a rockstar sometimes is not equivalent of a traditional family and in 1975 the marriage was dissolved.

#23. Steve Harvey

A comedian needs a partner what understands his sense of humor, his jokes and his vision on life. That is the case of comedian Steve Harvey who found love in a comedy club in Memphis. Where else it would be? When he saw Marjorie Bridges, he told her that she was going to be his wife. Maybe another person would laugh off that big proposition but Bridges understood perfectly the humor of his future husband.

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Bridges is a fashion blogger and they have known each other for years, she was a huge fan of the comedian. The relationship moved to another level when they got married in 2007. He said that she is responsible for making him a better man and changing his life. Together they have five grandchildren and are still a consolidated family.

#22. Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong is the frontman of the famous rock band Green Day. They have been on stage since the 80s and they are still rocking in their concerts. It was not by chance that Armstrong found love at the backstage of a concert. Adrienne Nesser went to a concert of the band in her home town, Minneapolis, in 1990. She met who was going to be her future husband when she was buying the first CD of the band. The first kiss between them inspired him to write the song 2,000 Light Years Away.

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Nesser was engaged to another man but she separated from him because the love she felt for the singer was stronger. And it still is since they have been together for more than 25 years! She is a designer and a sociologist. She has been an inspiration to Armstrong, that has written songs like Private Ale, Westbound Sign, When I Come Around and Missing You. The couple has two sons: Joseph Marciano Armstrong and Jakob Danger Armstrong.

#21. Nicolas Cage

Some acting careers start with works that are not at all related to that. It happens all the time! For example, the case of the aspiring actress Alice Kim who was 19 years old when she was a waitress in the restaurant Kabuki in Los Angeles when she met the consolidated actor Nicolas Cage. She asked him for an autograph but the story didn’t end there…

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For the actor, this was his third marriage but they were not afraid of taking that forward step into the relationship when they got married in California in 2004. Also, they didn’t care about their 20-years age gap. They had their first and only son: Kal-El Cage in 2005. Kim had a secondary role in the movie Next in 2007. After a long marriage, the couple decided to break up and divorced in 2016.

#20. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

The fame of one of the most beautiful and successful actress was completely and undoubtedly well-deserved: Julia Roberts was already a Hollywood star when she met his current husband Daniel Moder. Their love story is almost like a fairy tale. The Pretty Woman actress met his future husband when she was part of the film The Mexican, released in 2000. Moder was one of the cameramen and, of course, he knew and admired the actress before she came into the set.

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Both of them were engaged to other persons, so nothing was going to be easy for them. Moder divorced from his first wife and Roberts separated from his long-time partner Benjamin Bratt. During those years, the tabloids published awful things about the recent couple but their love was stronger than any bad rumor. Finally, in 2002 the couple got married and since then, they are one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood. The like keeping a low-profile and they have three children: Phinnaeus, Hazel y Henry.

#19. Jerry Seinfeld

Jessica Sklar met her current husband, the famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, when she was working out in a gym in 1998. Since then, the couple never separated. Their love story started when Jessica had returned from her honeymoon with her first husband. As we were saying, any love story is easy especially when it comes to Hollywood. She did not hesitate and decided to take the risk: she divorced from her first husband and soon after, started a relationship with Seinfeld. 

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She has not the same level of fame as her husband, whom she was really a fan, but she has been on the tabloids over the years. She is a public relations professional, author of cooking books and founded the charitable organization Baby Buggy. The couple has been together since 1999 and they have three children: Sascha Seinfeld, Julian Kal Seinfeld and Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld. 

#18. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

The explosive model and singer Amber Rose had had already a mediatic relationship with the rapper-singer Kanye West when she met Wiz Khalifa in 2011. She said she was a huge fan of the rapper when they worked together in Rose‘s debut single Fame in 2012. They fell in love immediately and in 2013 they got married. A few months later, they welcomed their first son.

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Unfortunately, the marriage couldn’t last for long… The couple decided to separate in 2014. But they still continued sharing the passion for hip hop music and with the help of the rapper-singer, she released other singles and helped him in the release of his album O.N.I.F.C.

#17. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s role as Sue Storm in the action film Fantastic Four, earned her a place in the spotlight for quite a long time. However, soon she’d realize that international fame and fans all over the world were not the only things the film was going to give her… She met her current husband Cash Warren because he was the production assistant of the film. It was an instant crush! But little did she know that the production assistant admired her since she was part of the series Dark Angel. 

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They got married in 2008 and since then, they have been one of the most solid couples in Hollywood. They keep a low-profile in order to raise their three daughters: Honor, Haven and Hayes. Warren is still working as a film producer while Alba is growing in her acting career and she has also been running The Honest Company.

#16. Fergie and Josh Duhamel

One of the hottest couples in Hollywood was Fergie and Josh Duhamel. Unlike many of the other couples of this list, they are both are really popular. And actually, Duhamel was a long-time fan of the band Black Eyed Peasand felt a special admiration for the singer. That’s why the actor didn’t miss the opportunity to make her fall in love with him when they met on the set of his series in Las Vegas.

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In an interview with Good Morning America, he said that he approached her and said: “You are hot” but instead of feeling ashamed because of that declaration, she answered: “I know. I read it in a magazine”. Apparently, Duhamel gave an interview for a magazine before he met her and said that. And it seems that the singer went along with it. They began dating in 2004 and after 4 years of relationship, they got married in 2009 in Malibu. In 2013 she gave birth their only son: Axl Jack Duhamel. Sadly, the couple announced that they decided to separate in 2017.

#15. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

The famous singer was well-known around the world because of her songs like All I Want For Christmas Is You, Hero and Without You. She also dated the famous Mexican singer Luis Miguel in a low-profile relationship and the producer of some of her albums, Tony Mottola. On the other hand, Nick Cannon was starting his singing career at the same time Carey was on the top.

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They got married 2008 in his house in the Bahamas. In their third wedding anniversary in 2011, she gave birth to their fraternal twins: Monroe and Moroccan Scott. The couple stayed together until 2014 when they decided to separate. Finally, their divorce was finished in 2016.

#14. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Although some couples ended their relationships, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the love and admiration they once felt for each other is gone. This is the case of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. The actress earned international fame before she met Martin for two reasons: she had won an Academy Award For Best Actress in the film Shakespeare In Love and also because she dated the famous actor Brad Pitt. Together, they were one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood.

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It was a big surprise when the actress and the singer announced that they were in a relationship. They first met in the backstage of a concert of Coldplay in 1998 and they immediately fell in love with each other. She said that he was a big support after her father’s death. They got married in 2003 and had two children: Apple, who was born in 2004, and Moses, born in 2006. The couple decided to separate in 2014 and finally got the divorce in 2016. Since then, they have been really good friends and in interviews, they still show all the love they have for each other.

#13. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway became a successful actress since her first appearance in the Disney movie The Princess Diaries. Her transition to a more adult role in Brokeback Mountain didn’t go unnoticed either and we still remember her memorable role in Les Mirsérables, which gave her an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

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She found love far away from the flashes and film sets, through a mutual friend. The actress met her current husband, the producer Adam Shulman who was a long-time fan of her. They became inseparable and got married in 2012. After the explosion of Les Misérables, Hathaway decided to retire from acting for a time. She wanted to preserve her intimacy. In 2016, the couple had their first child and continue together.

#12. Christian Bale

Imagine you have the chance to meet your favorite actor since you were 13 years old… what would you do? Apparently, Sibi Blažić knew the answer when she met her idol since the film The Empire Of The Sun, the actor Christian Bale. She started a job as the personal assistant of Winona Ryder, who was not only a personal friend of Bale, but also his costar in the film Little Women, where the future couple first met. He said he wasn’t planning to get married but the chemistry between them was stronger than any rational decision.

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The couple got married in 2000 and since then, they have stayed together and formed a strong family. In 2005 she gave birth their daughter Emmaline and in 2014, their son Joseph. After such long years of marriage, they seem like one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. The actor said recently that she had helped him in his career bringing the support that he needed in some films where he had to do a lot of physical and emotional efforts.

#11. Patrick Dempsey

No Hollywood story can compare to the one of Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink. During the 90s, she was working in a famous hairdresser salon. She had already met a bunch of celebrities but nothing compared to her favorite actor of all time: Patrick Dempsey. She thought it was a prank when she saw the name of the actor in the list of persons that were going that day to the salon. So, when she saw him there, she couldn’t believe it.

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At the beginning of their relationship, it was impossible for them to go out freely in public, so they had to wait a little bit to make their first official appearance. They married in 1999 and had three children: a daughter called Tallulah Fyfe and the twins Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick. They stayed together for almost 20 years, up to 2015, when Fink decided to divorce. After the breakup, the couple fixed their problems. You don’t want to miss the last 10 couples! See #7, #5 and #1!

#10. Ruben Studdard

The American’s Idol singer was in the middle of his album presentation when he saw her future wife, Zuri McCant, waiting in the line for an autograph. Just like a fairy tale, he was completely astonished by her. The pair started dating in 2006 and they got married in 2008. Unfortunately, the honeymoon romance didn’t last for so long for this couple…

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Studdard ended the marriage in 2011, saying that were irreconcilable differences between them. He never explained the reason why he decided to end with his marriage and finally in 2012, the marriage was dissolved. Since then, the actor has kept a low-profile in his relationships.

#9. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

You might not believe this, but Gisele Bündchen experienced the same dramas we experience in our search for love. The international model, who has been working for designers like Valentino, Zara and Yves Saint Laurent had her fair share of bad experiences before she met her current husband. She dated the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio for almost 4 years, but finally, the couple decided to separate, apparently because he didn’t want to get married to the model.

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The Brazilian model met the Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady when their mutual friend arranged a blind date to them. She was a huge fan of the player before they met and since 2009 they are married.  In 2009 the couple welcomed their first child, a boy called Benjamin and in 2012 was born their second child, a girl called Vivian Lake.  They seem stronger than ever, and as a true fan of the team (and her husband, obviously), she never misses a game.

#8. Conan O’Brien

The famous TV host of the show Late Night with Conan O’Brien made not only the audience fall in love with him but also his current wife, Liza Powel. They met on the sets of the program when she joined as a copywriter in the team in 2000. He said it was love at first sight.

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Like many TV artists, her love story was filmed. As O’Brien said once: “there’s footage of me falling in love with my wife” and she said she was a huge fan of the TV presenter. The couple got married in 2002 and the still keep a low profile. They have two children: Beckett O’Brien and Neve O’Brien. See the next love stories of Hollywood, you will fall in love with them!

#7. Tobey Maguire

Like many of the stories of this list, we’ve seen that fans would go the extra mile just to have the chance to meet their favorite actor or actress. This is the case of the jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer when she asked for permission to a friend to work on the set of the Acadamy nominated movie Seabiscuit (2003), where her favorite actor was working: the adorable Spider-man star Tobey Maguire. They instantly fell in love with each other.

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Three years later, after they first met, they became engaged in April 2006 and seven months later, they welcomed their first child:  Ruby Sweetheart Maguire. In 2007 they got married in Hawaii. Their second child was born in November 2009, a boy called Otis Tobias Maguire. They seemed one of the strongest couples in Hollywood but sadly, they divorced in 2017 and since then, they are making a great effort to make things easier for their family.

#6. Kelsey Grammer

Not like many people, it seems that the famous actor Kelsey Grammer, the well-known Dr. Frasier Crane, is not afraid of taking the risk of falling in love and get married. We always say it’s never too late for love and the romance between the actor and the flight attendant proves us right! Before Grammer met his current wife in a flight in 2011, he had already been married four times! Keep on reading to know more about their love story…

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The actor met Kayte Walsh just after he had filed the divorce papers. As they say, you never know where are you going to find love! The couple got married in 2011 and since then, they’ve had three children together and against all the expectations, they are still together and they seem stronger than ever. She said several times she always had admired the actor.

#5. Adam Sandler

Sometimes we have to thanks our friends for a gift, for a job and sometimes for introducing to us the love of our life! This the case of Jacqueline Titone when she had the chance to meet her current husband, the famous comedian actor Adam Sandler. Both of them shared a friendship with actor Rob Schneider, who finally introduced them to each other. She was a huge fan of Sandler and loved all his work and sense of humor, so she couldn’t miss her opportunity!

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They started dating and the immediately fell in love. Later on, she took her first steps in her acting career, as Sandler offered a small role in the movie Big DaddyAfter a few years, they decided to get married in 2003 and since then, we can see them taking care of their two children and also sharing the big screen since she has been part of some of his movies. They are an adorable couple! Don’t miss the next one, it’s like a Cinderella story!

#4. Matt Damon

The Argentinian Luciana Barrosa was working as a waitress in a restaurant in Miami in 2003 when she met her current husband, the beloved actor Matt Damon. The Martian star was hypnotized by the Latin beauty of Barrosa and since then, they couldn’t separate from each other. She was already a big fan of the actor, so she came to his table and asked him for an autograph… Of course, this was not the only thing she was going to get from him!

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The couple got married in 2005 and they are still together in a consolidated family. She had already a daughter from a previous relationship, Alexia Barroso, and together with the actor, they are parents of three beautiful children: Isabella Damon, Gia Zavala Damon and Stella Damon. They keep a low-profile to protect their privacy and their children’s.

#3. John Travolta and Kelly Preston

We’ll surely never forget Travolta’s moves in the film Grease, with the actress Olivia Newton-John. But, apparently, Kelly Preston couldn’t forget him either. She even confessed in a couple of interviews that when she saw that movie, she knew Travolta was going to be the man of her life. At that time, Preston was only 19 years old and since then, she was a huge fan of him. They first met in 1978 in the set of the movie The Experts.

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The couple got married in 1991 and since then, they have been together and being a support for each other. Things haven’t been exactly easy for them with lots of conflicts with the tabloids commenting about Travolta’s deepest secrets. However, through thick and thin, they’ve stood by each other’s side.

#2. Elvis Presley

As many singers when they start their careers, Elvis Presley was not exactly famous and he gave a few concerts. However, his very first fan was Priscilla Presley. Against her parents’ wishes, she started seeing the singer and after seven years of dating, the couple got married in 1967 when she was older enough to do so. In 1968, together they had their only daughter: Lisa Marie Presley. But as he was ascending in his career, their relationship was going under…

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Jailhouse Rock‘s author was entering into the fame world, with his hits and also the movies he starred. But fame, the rock world, the circle of friends and many rumors made Priscilla make the decision to divorce from him. In 1973 the couple got divorced, after six years of marriage. We know that sometimes is not easy to share the lifestyle of your partner, that was the case of her. See our #1 Celebrity that married his fan!

#1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Like many young girls in the earlies 80s, Katie Holmes was in love with the Top Gun star: Tom Cruise. She was only 8 years old by that time and Cruise was a consolidated actor from Hollywood. Holmes eventually started her acting career: her most well-known part was her role as Joey in the 90s teenage series Dawson’s Creek. In 2005, her breakup with her fiance Chris Klein left her broken-hearted but little did she know that a new prince charming was just around the corner…

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She met Cruise in 2005 and after a few dates, they started a relationship after his big love demonstration for Holmes in The Oprah Show. The couple got married in 2006 in a big and fancy wedding. In the same year, they welcomed their only daughter:  Suri Cruise. The marriage didn’t last long and the couple decided to divorce in the middle of rumors of marital strain because of the Cruise’s devotion to Scientology. She filed for divorce in 2012.

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