Woman Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime When She Gets Jumped By A Pack Of Wolves

If you are the type of person who enjoys camping in the woods, then you will know that a pack of fierce wolves is the last thing you would like to see during your stay. However, this is not the case for Anita who loves nothing more than to spend her time caring for a pack of wolves and having fun with them. As crazy as this might sound, the wolves see Anita as one of their own. Their reaction when she calls for them? – Priceless!

21. Big Bad Wolves


If there’s something that we all know about wolves, then it must be the fact that we should stay away from them at all times. Especially when they’re wild! Wolves have a bad reputation for not liking to meet people and there are many attack reports to prove that.

20. Stay Away!


With that said, it should come as no surprise that everyone who travels around places filled with wolves is advised to stay away from them, but not Anita! Keep reading because this woman’s story is going to blow you away.

19. Baby Wolf


As we made it clear until now, wolves are not too friendly with humans. However, what do you think would happen if a pack of wolves grew up around humans? Well, this is exactly what these next pictures are going to show you.

18. Little Wolf


The story you are going to see today is about a woman known only as Anita who cared for a pack of wolves since they were little cubs. Little did she know, the wolves were starting to consider her as one of their own as she was taking care of them.

17. Anita Comes Back


Anita used to visit the wolves every day, but she was forced to take a break for a couple of months because of some personal issues. However, the woman started missing the beasts and she wanted to see what they were up to. You will not believe how they welcomed her!

16. Not Afraid


Anita arrived at the natural park where the pack of wolves was living and she sat down on the snow. Instead of being scared of the wild howls that were coming from the forest, she was calmer than ever. What’s coming next will make your jaw drop!

15. Pack Of Wolves


At first, it seemed like one wolf felt her presence and rushed to the place the woman was sitting. But seconds later, a whole pack of them started running toward Anita. They were so many! Then, the most amazing thing happens…

14. Welcome Home


A couple of minutes after Anita sat down, one of the wolves rushed to her face! However, the wolf was not looking for food and he simply wanted to get some kisses from Anita. Don’t believe me? Well, then make sure to stick around for the next pictures and see for yourself.

13. Happy Wolf


The wolf was super happy to have Anita back and he was waggling his tail in excitement. Can you believe this? One of nature’s fiercest predators transforms into a puppy when he sees Anita. And that’s not all; soon after, the whole pack decides to join…

12. The Others


It didn’t take long for the other wolves to smell Anita and they rushed towards her. The person who was filming this encounter was scared and the camera was shaking, but what happened next made him feel better – we’re dying over here!

11. Group Hug


Out of nowhere, the pack of wolves jumped on Anita! The woman didn’t have enough strength to keep them off and she fell. However, Anita could be heard laughing during all of this. What happens next is even more amazing!

10. Pack Of Wolves


What would you do if a pack of wolves came rushing at you in the middle of the forest? Now, this would be a nightmare for most people, but not for Anita and here’s why…

9. Anita Cares For Them


The reason why Anita is not afraid of the wolves is that she helped raise them since they were little cubs. The woman fed them, bathe them and this is why they love her so much. There’s an explanation to why she was accepted as a pack member…

8. Mother Figure


Anita likes to think that she is a mother figure to the wolves and that this is why they love having her around so much. Nonetheless, there aren’t that many people who can say they got jumped by a pack of wolves and lived to tell the story and this makes Anita really special.

What the woman has to say about this will send shivers down your spine…

7. Taking A Break


On the other hand, Anita did say that she had no idea what to expect when she came back to visit the wolves after not seeing them for a couple of months because of personal issues. Truth be told, everyone would be afraid to encounter a group of wolves in the wild and no one can blame Anita for having her doubts.

6. Scary Situation


Can you imagine how scary it would be to see a pack of wolves running towards you? Let’s hope that we never get to experience something like this because Anita seems to be the only one who can calm these beasts down.

5. Stuff Of Nightmares


Getting jumped by a pack of wolves is the stuff of nightmare for most people, but Anita is not most people. The woman loves nothing more than to spend her time in the forest running around with the wolves and these pictures prove that to us.

4. Filming The Adventure


Good thing Anita decided to bring a cameraman with her because no one would believe what happened on this day. Talking about the cameraman, the video of Anita reuniting with the wolves has been uploaded on YouTube and it went viral in no time.

3. Viral Video


Seeing how Anita was welcomed back into the forest by the wolves, it should come as no surprise that the YouTube video went viral. However, I bet that you can’t guess how many views it got. Come on, give it a try!

2. 11 Million Views


The video of Anita and the pack of wolves got nearly 11 million views on YouTube. Isn’t this impressive?

1. Incredible Story


There aren’t’ that many people who can say that they spend their time running around the forest with a pack of wolves and this shows us just how rare and incredible Anita’s story really is.

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