Man Adopts Weird-Looking Puppy, Then Realizes It’s Not A Regular Dog At All

There is probably nothing in this world more pure and fulfilling than bringing home happiness to your children. As a parent, that must be your daily purpose, right?  It is also the case of a regular parent from Wisconsin who thought that bringing home a bundle of joy (and fur!) was going to lighten up the day for his kids.

But who would have thought that that very bundle was not really what they had expected it to be?

20. It Started With A Tiny Pup


For Hailey Hanestad and her family living with a wide variety of wild animals wasn’t something unusual. They live on a farm in  Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and caring for animals is just something they do every day. But one day a tiny creature came into the picture, and it wasn’t a dog!

19. Everything In Place

Of course, that meant riding horses, running free along the farm, taking photos with deer and feeding all the animals that one can encounter there. Nothing was unusual, until one day the father brought something rather strange in their home.

18. Living The Life

Eau Claire, Wisconsin has many places in which ranches can be found. Hailey’s parents are also owners of one, so you can imagine that they love nature, animals and everything that comes with it. So it wasn’t much of a surprise that when the head of the family found a little pup, he decided to take it home!

17. The Day Everything Changed

One day Hailey’s father came home with what he then believed to be a puppy. Hailey fell so in love with the little guy that she would spend all day caring, feeding and playing with him. Little did they know at that time the pup wasn’t exactly what they thought it was. 

16. Welcome To The Family

Since they are always surrounded by animals, Hailey’s parents are part of the few who believe and focus on saving animals. Why take the puppy to a shelter when they had enough room on the farm? So they set an example for Hailey by adopting the small pup. You won’t believe what happened as the ‘puppy’ started growing…

15. Say Hello To Wiley

And so the happy family welcomed the new little soul to their home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Since Hailey was so attached to the puppy they named it Wiley. He was adorable! For the five-year-old girl, it was also easier to pronounce her best friend’s name. After a few months, they realized something was wrong…

14. Time Reveals Things

Everyone embraced Wiley and acted around him as if he was a normal dog. He had been taken to walks, fed with dog food and played with the family members. But as Wiley got older he started to look a bit different than other dogs. One day, it struck them!

13. Funny Looking Fur

Wiley started to grow a different kind of fur and the teeth were also quite different than what the family had seen until then. But Wiley also behaved like a normal dog and ate cooked meals. Raw meat has been a no-no for him since the beginning!

12. Questionable Breed?

After a few years, the parents started to worry. Even Hailey noticed that the small pup wasn’t resembling a dog anymore. Was it a crossbreed? A rather strange breed they haven’t heard about? 

11. The Revelation

After researching and looking at lots of images of different types of dogs, the family realized that Wiley was a wild animal, more precisely a coyote with domestic behavior! They were in shock! Suddenly all kinds of questions started popping into their minds. Was it safe to keep it around their daughter? Let’s find out…

10. A Normal Stray Dog

We have to give it to them. When they are puppies is very easy to find the resemblance between a coyote and other types of dogs. So who could blame them for not knowing? Do you think they abandoned him after finding out the truth? Their reaction will amaze you…

9. No Other Choice

At first, Hailey’s family didn’t know what to do about the coyote. They considered many options but Wiley was already domesticated and behaved almost like a normal dog so they decided to keep it! Isn’t that amazing? But there are a few things you need to know about this… dog.

8. What Are The Odds?

The family thinks that they even have it easier with Wiley. He doesn’t eat raw food at all, he doesn’t get angry nor scared when it’s bathing time and when in the company of other dogs Wiley is very social. The conclusion?

7. Best Friend Material

Let’s be honest here. No one would expect a wild animal to be seen in such posture, but Wiley is different from his fellow coyotes and stray dogs. He likes spending time with his owners and he doesn’t do much trouble! If you’re wondering if the relationship between the little girl and Wiley changed, then we’re glad to let you know that it didn’t!

These two are the best of friends and after seeing the following photos your heart will melt completely!

6. Coyote Gone Pet?

Some people criticized the family for choosing to have a wild animal as a pet. But Wiley never represented a danger to the ones he considers family. Moreover, Hailey and Wiley are now best friends! The next photo is adorable…

5. What Is It Like?

Some also wonder what is it like to have a coyote as a pet. Well, for starters, Wiley is extremely loyal, loving, caring and playful. He loves fried eggs and venison and wouldn’t turn down playing fetch. He even has his own ‘apartment’, check it out in the next photo.

4. His Own Apartment

Wiley also has his own place. And that doesn’t mean a small cage. His family made him a whole natural habitat- looking space. Who wouldn’t want a family like Wiley’s? 

3. Allowed Inside

Even though the family seized the fact that it was important for Wiley to have its own outdoor place, they just couldn’t stay away from him. So they frequently let him plop down on the couch. And he’s so happy about it!

2. The Only Exception

Although for some this might seem like a strange looking image, this very picture is normal for the family. Researchers do not really approve of the family’s choice but they say that Wiley is an exception. 

1. Cuteness Overload

What matters the most is that Wiley is happy with his human parents and little sister, and we’re sure he wouldn’t give up on them for anything in the world!

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