Instead Of Running, Man Drives Through California Fires To Save Hospital Patients

The California fires have burned down everything in their path, but the one thing that they couldn’t destroy was the bravery of a nurse named Allyn Pierce. As everything was turning to ash around him, Allyn Pierce decided to risk it all and drive back to the hospital where he was working at in order to pick up as many patients as he could because he knew that the firemen had their hands full. The most amazing thing about this is how Toyota who is the manufacturer of his car decided to reward Allyn Pierce for his bravery.

20. California Fires

The California fires started this month and they burned down everything in their path. Many people have lost their homes in the flames but that’s not all. The flames have also taken the lives of 47 people and injured hundreds.

19. No Rain

California has always had problems with fire because the temperature is dry and California doesn’t get that much rain. This is why firefighters have such a hard time putting out wildfires.

18. Tragic Accidents

Unfortunately, many die in the fires and if not, they lose everything they have ever worked for such as their homes. This is why firemen always advise California residents to evacuate their homes and leave it all behind instead of trying to cling on to their belongings.

17. Terrific Situation

Allyn Pierce is the protagonist of our story and he found himself in a terrific situation. The man was stuck in the middle of the wildfire and he had nowhere to go. The car was getting hotter and hotter, but Allyn Pierce was not ready to give up just yet.

16. No Way Out

Allyn Pierce realized that there’s no way out of the fire and he recorded a “Goodbye” video for his family and friends. Can you believe this? The man was ready to die…

15. Firefighter Bulldozer

As the man was saying his goodbyes on video, a giant bulldozer from the firefighter department started clearing out the way so that Allyn Pierce can drive to safety. The man couldn’t believe how lucky he is.

14. Lucky Man

At that moment, Allyn Pierce realized that other people didn’t get lucky like him and that they need saving. This is when he decided to put it all on the line in order to save as many people as he could.

13. Drive Back

Even though Allyn Pierce could drive to safety, he put his trusty Toyota car in reverse and made a U-Turn. Allyn Pierce wanted to drive back to the hospital where he worked in order to pick up the patients who can’t walk on their own. Can you believe this?

12. To The Hospital

Allyn Pierce knew that he might be embarking on a suicide mission and his car was starting to get super hot, but he knew that the hospital patients don’t have any way to make it on their own. Isn’t Allyn Pierce amazing?

11. Racing Through The Flames

As Allyn Pierce was racing through the flames, he realized that his Toyota Tundra was more reliable than he ever thought it would be. Nonetheless, check out the next picture to see what Allyn Pierce did when he arrived at the hospital.

10. The Firemen Are Amazed

The firemen were amazed to see that Allyn Pierce drove back into the heart of the fire instead of going to safety. However, they were thankful that he came back because they didn’t have any way to take the patients out.

9. Back In The Fire

The car was getting hotter and hotter, but this didn’t stop Allyn Pierce from rushing back into the fire. The man had a mission and he was ready to risk his life to save the patients.

8. He Risked His Life!

We think it’s safe to say that Allyn Pierce is a brave man. Would you ever risk your life and drive through flames in order to save the lives of strangers?

7. Hot Wheel

Allyn Pierce says that he could barely hold his hands on the wheel because it was getting hot. However, he knew that the lives of the hospital patients depended on him and he made sure to drive back to safety.

6. Back To Safety

It didn’t take long for Allyn Pierce to arrive back to safety and the hospital patients were safe. Everyone who saw what Allyn Pierce did was shocked by his bravery. Check out the next picture to see how the man’s car looks after this incredible adventure.

5. The Toyota Is Scorched

As you can clearly see in the picture featured above, the reliable Toyota Tundra got scorched in the fire. This picture went viral and the people who work at Toyota saw it. You will never believe what Toyota did to repay Allyn Pierce for his brave actions.

4. Toyota Calls

Toyota saw the picture of the scorched car and they called Allyn Pierce and told him that he shouldn’t worry about getting a new car. What do you think this means?

3. Brand-New Car

Toyota wanted to repay the man for his brave actions and they gave him a free Toyota Tundra. Isn’t this amazing?

2. Donations

The new car is not the only thing that Allyn Pierce got as a reward for his actions. People have started a GoFund Me page for him and they raised 25,000 dollars. We think it’s safe to say that Allyn Pierce earned all that money.

1. Life Saver

If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Allyn Pierce is a life saver. Don’t you think so?

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