The Best Images Ever Published By National Geographic

Mr. Sheep

Your Majesty, Mr. Sheep is ready to have a photo session in the Faroe Islands. This place is located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

As royal as this photo may be, photographer Sebastian Scheichl captured the Faroe sheep when it was looking directly at the camera. The landscape is nothing but breathtaking.

Dream Big

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti poses for the camera. With a whopping 199 days, she holds the record for the second-longest uninterrupted spaceflight by a woman.

Until June 2017, she also held the record for the longest single space flight by a woman, and she became the first Italian woman to be sent to outer space.

Cutest Cheetah On Earth

Stop scrolling and take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of this photo. This three-year-old cheetah is stealing our hearts with that look on his eyes and that tiny heart-shaped nose.

This photo is part of the 2005 Photo Ark project to inspire people to collaborate on saving species on the edge of extinction. The look on this cheetah’s eyes tells me that this photo ranks on top of the cutest photos in the project.

No Service

It’s funny how we automatically raise our cellphones up in the air when we have no signal. These people are gathered on the shores of Djibouti City, trying to find some sort of connection.

Writer Paul Salopek with photographer John Stanmeyer started a 21,000-mile journey to investigate 60,000 years of human migration. The people in the photo are migrant Somalis. It was an impressive and long journey, especially to do it on foot.

A Little Bird Told Me

It must have been a really good joke that the bird was telling the giraffe that it spit out all the water it was drinking. That joke must have been funny, mate.

Photographing the wildlife is always fun. You can’t predict how an animal would behave, and you certainly can’t predict a bird next to a giraffe that is drinking water.

Acrobat To Survive

Egrets are known for being great predators which swallow a prey whole. These animals eat what they can hunt, like this egret who’s trying to catch a frog.

This bullfrog is fighting with nails and teeth to win the battle, but it earned extra help. Can you spot the third animal leg coming out of the water? This extra help saves the frog from death.

Nature Is Calling

What are the odds of encountering a place as magnificent as this one? Photographer Nicholas Parker has not only a good eye but also great skills.

This photo was taken at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park. This fresh icy paradise is just breathtaking.

Nap Time

This jaw-dropping picture features two crabeater seals resting on top of a chunk of ice in the Arctic Circle. It almost looks like a CGI-animated image.

Crabeater seals lay on floating ice to give birth, nap, or hide from leopard seals or killer whales. In this case, these two are in for a nap.

Hunting Sharks

This amazing photo captured 700 gray reef sharks hunting as a pack at night in French Polynesia. They don't seem so scary in the picture, do they?

Despite their small size, gray reef sharks have pretty sharp teeth, so you better watch out if you spot one while scuba-diving. But the next pictures on our list just get better.

Palmer Society Graduates

In this picture, members of the Palmer Society, a campus women's organization, are celebrating their graduation from Whittier College in California.

The fact that these types of institutions exist is truly encouraging, as it's crucial to start fighting against gender inequality in the educational field.

Greenhouse Effect

How is it possible for China to feed 1.4 billion growing appetites? Well, the answer is... rice! That's right; rice happens to be one of the main pillars of Chinese cuisine.

Here we can see hundreds of greenhouses that grow high-value crops, side by side with suburban housing. Those flooded croplands look like metal tubes if you think about it!

On The Edge

Animal photographers take themselves to the limit to capture the best photo of a species. In this case, photographer Paul Nicklen found a 12-foot-long leopard seal in the Antarctica sea in 2006. A fast and fierce animal.

Imagine being under the sea with your camera in your hands when suddenly a fierce predator appears on your face. Fortunately, the photographer was safe and sound, as this female leopard seal was just curious.

It’s Breakfast Time

More than half of the world’s living organisms are insects, so you can imagine that there exists a variety of species that we don’t even know exist, but they do. This southern yellow-billed hornbill is caught eating its breakfast.

Apparently, Africa’s grasshoppers come big in size. You may have never seen a grasshopper so huge like this one. Now you have.

Wedding in Cartagena

This picture shows a crowd of people gathering in the street to watch a bride as she enters a church in Cartagena, Colombia. Honestly, I can't think of a more picturesque place to tie the knot.

Cartagena is one of Colombia's most ancient cities, as it's most famous for its stunning Old Town brimmed with colonial buildings. Who wouldn't want to get married there?

Spectral Predator

This picture shows a spectral bat targeting a mouse at a laboratory, as these bats have never been seen taking prey in the wild.

Spectral bats are the largest species of bats in America, and when they spread their wings, they are nearly 3 feet wide over four feet long! Yikes.

The Family's Pride And Joy

Nanmanian Camara is the first woman in her family to graduate from college and celebrates with her Guinean aunt and mother.

Nanmanian and her family are one of the 2 million African people who have moved to the U.S. to have a better life. Without a doubt, her achievements serve as an inspiration to many.


A puma pursues a female after an all-day courtship at the top of a hill near the Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile. What do you find most striking, the felines or the view?

If you're a nature lover, you should bear in mind that this park offers one of the most striking views and some of the most incredible trekking routes in the world. What are you waiting for?

Ipanema Beach

This photo may take you to the past or the future. Having made both interpretations, it looks like an ancient war scene and an apocalyptic situation at the same time.

This real-life situation took place in Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, when the sea was not so friendly that it made bathers afraid of jumping into the water. The undertow was dangerous that day.

Some Gorilla Love

A mountain gorilla hugs his caretaker Matthieu Shamavu, who works at the Senkwekwe Center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is the only place in the world for mountain gorillas to rehabilitate.

His name is Matabishi, an orphaned juvenile mountain gorilla that is taken good care of, as his species is endangered. Since humans killed them and destroyed their homes, only around a thousand mountain gorillas are left.

A Stroll On The Beach

A group of king penguins makes their way down the beach in Volunteer Point, located in East Falkland Island. How cute are they?

The Falkland Islands are home to 220 bird species, five of which are penguins. In fact, the King penguin colony at Volunteer Point is the most accessible one in the world, as most King penguin populations are located in the Antarctic.

Underwater Paradise

This picture was taken in the South Atlantic Ocean’s depths, just a few miles off the coast of the Falklands. Isn't it crazy how colorful life under the ocean is?

The creature depicted in the photo is actually a sun star that is clinging to a tree. Scientists have discovered that the ridges that form the islands force nutrients up from the depths of the ocean, which in turn creates a rich marine world that attracts plants, fish, and mammals of all sorts.

Second Chance

If you ever want to see an elephant, then Kenya is the place to go. In this picture, a young elephant is being fed by his rescuer at a retreat in Nairobi, Kenya's capital, after her mother was killed.

Sadly, poaching is a major problem all throughout the African continent, and each year, nearly 20,000 elephants are killed. Luckily, many refugees that help look after rescued elephants to reintroduce them to their natural habitat.

Moon Jellies

While this may seem like an X-ray or even computer-made, it's actually a real-life picture. The reason why it's so dark is that it was taken near the depths of the ocean.

These marvelous jellyfishes have translucent bells, and they change color depending on what they eat. I would love to have that superpower!

Ancient History

Procession Panel, a 23-foot-long, 1,000-year-old petroglyph, is illuminated by the starlit sky in Utah's Bears Ears Monument. According to astronomers, this is one of the most privileged sites for star-gazing in the country.

Believe it or not, there are over 100,000 archaeological sites — such as the Taos Pueblo adobe village — as well as natural landmarks — like the Indian Creek Canyon and the Sixshooter Peaks.

Walruses Ready To Attack

Who said that wildlife is easy to photograph? Probably no one. While it’s true that taking pictures of animals is hard and risky, photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva proved that it’s not impossible. In 2019, she traveled to the Russian Arctic to capture more than just frozen water.

Arbugaeva was studying walruses when she found herself in a difficult situation. The photographer was trapped in the cabin for three days as she was surrounded by approximately a hundred thousand walruses. Interesting creatures, aren’t they?

Flint Water Crisis

These children, who happen to be siblings, should be playing in the snow and having fun together. Instead, they have to go to the Flint Fire Station every day to pick up bottled water because the whole area where they live is contaminated.

When the Flint water crisis started in 2014, it changed the residents’ lives forever. This photo was taken two years after the crisis emerged. This crisis affected the whole population of Flint, Michigan, whose victims include around 12,000 children.

Maternal Instincts

A female saker falcon guards her chicks in the nest, overlooking the stunning Mongolian plains. It definitely looks like a terrific site for camping.

Unfortunately, saker falcons are among the long list of endangered species, mainly as a result of illegal trade and habitat loss. Therefore, it's crucial for Mongolia's falcon colonies to be protected by the state.

Hammerhead Shark

Photographing animals that can eat you alive is a hard task. You have to be prepared to avoid a tragic death, just like Juan Quinteros is.

The photo of a hammerhead shark doesn’t look like it is in a sandstorm but in space. The photographer’s work is flawless.

In The Middle Of Nowhere

Imagine being pregnant, specifically in labor, in the middle of an Afghanistan mountain with no transport. Noor Nisa was on her way to the hospital when her car broke down. It was a four-hour drive, and they were in the middle of nowhere.

Lucky her, they came across photographer Lynsey Addario, who gave Noor and her family a ride to the hospital. Before departing, she didn’t miss taking a picture of such a situation.

Window To The World

This monkey was caught sitting still and looking up to the sky with his crystal light blue eyes wide open. This photo proves what beauty truly means in the animal world.

Such a captivating look wasn’t computer-made or photoshopped. It is a real monkey captured by photographer Maxime Israel Collier, to whom we thank for such a beautiful photo.

Thailand Wildlife

The astonishing country of Thailand is well-known for its elephant population. Some regions of this place have elephant sanctuaries where you can stand close to one. Thanks to Jacintha Verdegaal, we get to see one from a very short distance.

In 2019, four elephants were rescued and moved to Thailand to be taken care of. Why are people so obsessed with killing these beautiful innocent creatures? Thank God sanctuaries exist.

Gabon’s Animal Life

This photo may look like it was edited on the computer and added some special effects, but it’s not. Photographer Nick Nichols captured a forest elephant walking by the shores of Gabon in 2000.

Nick’s work on wildlife was presented to the government of Gabon, which, after taking a look at the photos, decided to open 13 new national parks to ensure the survival of these wild animals in 2002.

Icy January

The sun is shining so bright that it barely lets us appreciate the icy ground where these families are skating. Through their shadows, we see the ice on which they’re sliding. This photo was taken in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC.

Instead of playing Where’s Wally? We should play Where’s the tiny Penguin? If you pay close attention, you’d spot a girl in pink standing next to a penguin, which allows her to stand on her feet and learn to skate on ice.

Save Pangolins

Believe it or not, this little pangolin and many others are victims of animal trafficking. The survival of the species is at stake, but they’re not alone since thoughtful caregivers at the Tikki Hywood Trust keep them safe.

Even though the trust does everything in its power to save pangolins from extinction, the truth is that we lost over a million pangolins in a decade due to the illegal Asian market. The trust is here to stay and fight for pangolins' lives.

Sea Nomads

No, this isn’t Morgan Freeman, nor Aquaman. This is a sea nomad from Bajau, Asia. This amazing caption represents the lives of sea nomads, who spend little time on land and have extraordinary skills to hold their breaths underwater.

The Bajau man is deep diving to hunt his meal. Bajau people can hold their breaths for ten minutes, an interesting fact that has led scientists to investigate the cause of this. Studies indicate that their spleens are so developed that they can absorb more oxygen to spend more time underwater.

Deer Princess

Deers are beautiful and quiet animals, but they are always on alert. The photographer was able not only to capture it but to crown it.

The sun coming down just over the deer is the most perfect picture ever taken. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Your Royal Highness, Princess Deer.

It’s Hard To Tell

Pictures that are hard to figure out are the best ones. This photo was taken by Tasneem Alsultan, a photographer who enjoys taking pictures that are hard to tell exactly what they are.

Take your pic… at first glance. What did you see? Options may be wasps of hair, octopuses with tiny tentacles, and shards of wood, but they are wildebeests in Tanzania. This photo is nothing but a work of art.

Two Worlds In One

The chaos that low-income families live in is depicted next to the Arab Emirates plane, a sign of wealthiness since not everybody can afford a ticket from that company. Two worlds collide in one photo: the wealthy are up, and the poor are down.

The little boy looks up in the sky and contemplates his dream of having the possibility to board one of those planes. But his dream is later crushed by his lack of opportunity.

The Beauty Of Nature

This incredible shot was taken in Seealpsee, Switzerland, by talented photographer Andri Laukas. He captured three seasons in one single photo: winter, autumn and spring co-existing at the same time.

It takes talent and skills to take a shot like this photo. Thanks to Andri Laukas, we get to appreciate the beauty of Switzerland.

Heavenly Beach

One of the best gifts that nature has given us is heavenly beaches. The view is comforting to the eye and so majestic that it causes a great impression whether you see it in person or in a photograph.

The day after the worst winter storm that Hawaii has ever experienced, the beach was filled with large parts of coral. This photo was taken in one of Hawaii’s islands, Moloka’i.

Whale Shark

Aquatic animals are astonishing creatures. This photo of a whale shark is nothing but beautiful. Most people wrongfully associate them with danger when in fact, they are more like a whale and not so much like a shark.

This whale shark carefully approached the boat and allowed the photographer to take the best shot. This animal is peaceful, as they wouldn’t attack divers or humans at all. Don’t let their size and power judge them.

Thunderstorm Challenge

If a thunderstorm challenge was a real thing, photographer Francisco J. Perez would have won the prize. Just take a look at this image. What are the odds that you catch three lighting striking at the same time?

It takes a lot of practice and skills to catch lightning striking at the Grand Canyon. Given that it was the middle of this summer, a muddy thunderstorm isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

It’s Sushi Time!

This huge black bear enjoys its prey for lunch. These animals are omnivores that aim at salmon because they are rich in protein.

Black bears may be placed in the high society scale of animals, as they enjoy a luxurious meal that we all humans wish for.

Inside A Canyon

Photographing nature is an art. You have to be skilled enough to spot the outstanding features that convert into a great photo. These skills are part of photographer Devon Fox.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be walking into these Arizona canyons? This picture is the answer. Interesting shapes can come out of the internal layers of a canyon.

Vertical Forest

Large crowded cities are calling out for help because they need clean air to breathe, which can only be obtained by planting trees. Architects found a smart solution to this problem: vertical forests.

This pair of towers are known as Bosco Vertical. Located in Milan, Italy, these state-of-the-art buildings have been designed by architects who believe nature is what matters most for our future generations to come.

Life-Giving Waters

This photograph is nothing but art made by photographer David Doubilet. In 2004, he captured the beautiful emerald waters of the Okavango River in Botswana. The whole region is graced with seasonal floods after long periods of drought.

Doubilet’s work on capturing the best of Botswana’s plant and animal life, the National Geographic Society to start a project on protecting these life-giving waters.

Family Portrait

A giraffe family enjoys sunset time in the wild. We can just appreciate their shapes and a sky with matching colors with these animals.

It’s the circle of life, isn’t it? Well, it could’ve been a picture taken from The Lion King, but it is the result of a talented photographer who took a flawless and stunning picture for all of us to see.

Under The Sea

Myliobatidaes are a family of stingrays. They are easily identifiable for their dot pattern. This man was caught snorkeling next to a Myliobatidae.

It’s hard to believe that they are underwater, but it’s true. This photo is not only mind-blowing but also the perfect shot ever taken underwater.


Irene Sonia poses for the camera in front of a milaya, a type of bed sheet, which is one of the very few things her mother managed to bring when they fled South Sudan and entered Uganda.

Over the last decade, hundreds of thousands of people have fled Sudan and settled in refugee camps as a result of the ongoing civil war, and this picture is living proof of this.

Peaceful And Chaotic

The combination of quiet, still zebras looking for crocodiles with chaotic, desperate wildebeests running on the back makes us think that this photo wasn’t taken at the same time but rather a result of two different moments.

In the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, photographer Ketan Khambhatta captured the serenity of zebras and rushing wildebeest at the same time. A one-time moment that we can see thanks to a talented photographer.