Top Hilarious Fishing Pics That Will Make You Laugh

Car Fishing

Don’t try to find any logic behind this picture. This sweaty man is somehow trying to fish his car out of the water. I wonder if he thinks he’ll make it.

Actually, what the man’s doing makes sense. Clearly, there’s no chance he’ll manage to save the car from sinking, so he may well have a laugh while it sinks.

Who’s That?

Kudos to this guy for his awesome catch. However, his little buddy doesn’t seem to be too amused.

The furry little pooch seems quite disturbed by the idea of having a new member in the family. Don’t worry, little fellow – he’s your dinner, not your new brother!

This Is My Territory

This man was enjoying some quiet alone time while fishing on the banks of the famous Big Thompson River when suddenly, an unexpected visitor showed up.

This enormous elk came out of nowhere as if trying to mark its territory. The man definitely didn’t see it coming: he was so shocked that he nearly lost his balance.

Relationship Problems

Either the man accidentally lost his balance, or the couple is going through a rough patch, and the woman tossed her boyfriend straight into the ocean.

Judging by the look on the woman’s face, it was nothing but a mishap. Let’s hope he didn’t bang his legs against the boat while falling into the sea.

Enormous Catch

It’s hard to tell what’s going on in this picture. I wonder whether the human is catching the fish or if it’s the other way around.

When the man realized he was about to catch such a rare fish, he didn’t think twice and dived straight into the pond to secure it with his own bare hands.

Stranded In The Arctic

This man chose to go ice fishing on a freezing winter day even though everyone warned him against it. The problem is, if you get too close to the shore, this can happen.

I bet he’ll catch some pretty amazing fish, but who knows how he’ll ever make it back to the shore without freezing to death along the way.

Fishing With A View

This stunning blonde girl probably wanted to enjoy some quiet alone time while sunbathing on the shores of the pond, but destiny had other plans.

Coincidentally, all the fishermen in town agreed to go fishing at the same spot. I wonder whether their eyes were fixed on the fishing rod or someplace else…

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

You don’t have to be a mastermind to get the irony behind this picture. I hope everyone got out alive because it’s impossible not to laugh.

The people who bought this ship probably named it “No Worries” to bring good luck. Little did they know the ship would sink in the middle of a fishing trip.

His First Catch

This dad insisted that his son go fishing with him, but to make things easier, he gave him a fishing net instead of a regular pole. I bet he never imagined his plan would backfire.

It’s hard to tell whether it was an accident or if he was simply trying to be funny. One way or another, I guess this is the last time father and son go fishing together.

Slipping Away

There’s a reason why humans invented the fishing rod, and it’s that catching fish with your bare hands is a nearly impossible feat.

This amateur fisherman tried to defy the laws of physics by clutching this fish with his hands, but the terrified creature made his way back to the water.

Fishing Like Tarzan

Instead of using fishing rods or nets, this guy prefers going back to the old ways. This trusty stick is all he needs to get the job done.

Actually, this is how many tribes in the Southwest Pacific islands continue fishing to this day. If you can’t even fish with a rod, then good luck trying it this way.

Worst Dinner Ever

Since open water fishing is only for the pros, first-timers should keep it simple and practice on solid ground, maybe by the banks of a narrow river.

This boy, however, decided to take his first steps by fishing on an even smaller surface of water: his own toilet! I doubt he’ll find anything yummy in there.

Epic Fishing Fail

When his friends told him to bring some beers with him, I doubt they meant to literally fill up the boat with hundreds of cans.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that not a single fish was caught that day. In fact, I doubt the boat even left the front lawn.

Moment Of Pride

While fishing is a pretty male-dominated sport, this girl wanted to prove she was just as capable of catching her own meal. And what a catch!

It’s perfectly clear that the girl is beaming with pride after having caught her first fish. And she should be.

Chilling On Ice

According to the pros, if you want to go fishing, you need to make sure the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. These guys, however, seem to have found the perfect balance.

The fact that they’re literally chilling on top of a block of ice suggests it's wintertime, but on the other hand, it seems to be a warm and sunny day.

Let’s Leave It To The Pros

Everyone knows that seagulls are talented fishers – it’s pretty much their thing! Apparently, this bird felt like showing off his talent.

Even though the hat has clearly been photoshopped, the rest of the picture is real. Now that’s a funny coincidence.

Urban Fishing

If you thought fishing in a toilet was strange, then take a look at this guy’s idea. It’s just as gross as it is shrewd.

You don’t need a lake or an ocean in order to go fishing. Next time, you can simply head to the sewer of the nearest street corner, and voilá.

Hungry Hippo

While some people go fishing just for fun, some others really enjoy being able to catch their own dinner.

This woman successfully managed to catch a few fish of her own, but evidently, she couldn’t wait to get back home before having a taste.

Dry Season

People usually go fishing in lakes, rivers, or ponds, though we’ve already seen that some others choose sewers or toilets instead. This guy, however, took things to the next level of bizarreness.

With a beer in one hand and a fishing rod in the other, he sat down on the roadside, but god knows what he was expecting to catch. I guess no one told him how fishing really works.

Lobster Woman

Lobsters are typically considered to be an upscale meal, and they’re usually served in fancy restaurants. Catching lobsters is only for the brave, as they can seriously harm you.

However, nothing is impossible for this woman, who not only caught a handful of lobsters on her own but also dared to put one inside her mouth. You’d be surprised to know that she’s actually a well-known female fisherman.

Home Fishing

These men felt like going fishing, but at the same time, they were too lazy to even look for the car keys. Therefore, they came up with a clever plan.

There’s no sense in heading towards the nearest river when you can simply go fishing in your living room! Their pet goldfish were hardly amused.


While fishing is more of an individual sport, working as a team can always help achieve better results. Or so they say.

This guy was tired of not catching any fish, so he asked his friend to grab him by the ankles and submerge him deep into the water. I wonder if his tactic actually worked.

Fish Flops

If you think about it, fish flops are the perfect choice for the summer. They can come in handy if you’re going to the beach or the pool, but they’re also ideal for fishing.

They’re also a fun way of freaking people out. In case you haven’t noticed: no, they’re not real fish. Hey – thumbs up for the marketing team.

Not Without A Fight

Most fishermen throw in the towel as soon as they’ve reeled in their fish. However, this is a big no-no when it comes to really large fish.

This guy thought he had caught this humongous beast for good, but the fish had other plans. As it wobbled himself free, the animal smacked the man in the head with his back fin.

Mixed Signals

Imagine you’re looking for the perfect spot to go fishing and you come across a bridge with a sign reading “Fishing Bridge”. It obviously sounds like a safe choice.

However, if you take a closer look at the picture, you’ll notice a second sign just a few inches away reading “closed to fishing”. Come on folks, renaming the bridge wouldn’t hurt.

Full House

Some couples enjoy going on fishing trips with their whole family, but let’s be honest: it’s not something you want to do with a toddler.

However, for this couple, fishing comes first. And if your babysitter ditches you at the last moment, you can simply bring your baby and his crib along.

Age Won’t Stop Me

If you thought you needed to be fit in order to go fishing, you were wrong. In fact, outdoor activities such as fishing can help keep you going through old age.

Crazily enough, even though this old man can’t move without a walker, his fishing days are far from over.

My Territory

This young man was peacefully enjoying his weekly fishing trip when suddenly he came upon an unexpected visitor.

I don’t know what’s more epic: the fact that he escaped death by a few inches or that someone was quick enough to capture a decent shot of the whole situation.

Long-Lost Brothers

There are nearly 34,000 different fish species in the world, but here’s a fun fact that almost nobody knows: one of the unique characteristics of each species of fish is their teeth.

While some species lack teeth, others have many, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Not only does the fish in the picture have human-like incisors, but he also has the exact same smile as his long-lost human twin!

Can You Leave Me Alone?

Fish are rather expressionless creatures, but this fellow seems to prove the world otherwise. One thing’s for sure: the fish is not amused.

He seems to be saying, “Leave me alone please, I was in the middle of my breakfast”. I feel you, buddy.