The Top-Earning Stunt Doubles In Hollywood

Amy Schumer & Meredith Richardson

There wasn’t a lot of stunt work involved in the making of _I Feel Pretty_, starring Amy Schumer. However, for those very few scenes where a stunt was needed, Meredith Richardson was hired.

Schumer and Richardson became really good friends on set. While Schumer’s career as a comedian has evolved a lot since the movie, Richardson has also found a lot of success in her field. She has appeared in blockbusters such as _Avengers: Endgame_ and _Jurassic World._

Olivia Munn & Julia Rekaikyna

Olivia Munn played Psylocke in _X-Men: Apocalypse_. Fans were very excited to see Munn take over the role, but she didn’t do it all on her own. While she did many of her own stunts, she also had the help of Julia Rekaikyna.

Rekaikyna made $130,000 working in the popular superhero movie. She has also worked as a stunt double and actress in many other movies.

Lucy Lawless & Zoe Bell

You may remember Lucy Lawless as the legendary Xena in _Xena: Warrior Princess_. While she brought life to the character, she couldn’t perform any risky stunts, so Zoe Bell did that instead.

After the show was over, Bell went on to work in many movies, such as _Kill Bill_ and as a double for Cate Blanchett in _Thor: Ragnarok_. She has been in the business for over 30 years.

Kate Winslet & Sarah Franzl

Who could forget Kate Winslet’s iconic performance as Rose in _Titanic_? After all, it was the highest-grossing movie of all time for about a decade. Although we see Winslet in most of her scenes, she had Sarah Franzl’s assistance for many underwater scenes.

The already-experienced stuntwoman made about $90,000 for her contribution to the film. She has also worked in _The Dark Knight_, _Fast & Furious 6_, and _Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows_.

Ryan Reynolds & Jonny James

Jonny James was Ryan Reynolds’ stunt double in _The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard_. His salary for working in this $22 million movie was $80,000.

Although they don’t look very similar, you can’t even notice it isn’t Reynolds doing the stunts thanks to the magic of cinema. James has also worked in _Game of Thrones_ and _Solo: A Star Wars Story_.

Chris Hemsworth & Bobby Holland Hanton

These two could definitely pass as brothers, couldn’t they? Surprisingly, they’re not related. Chris Hemsworth and his _Thor_ stuntman Bobby Holland Hantonare seen here enjoying a sandwich in between takes.

Holland Hanton was hired as a double for Hemsworth in all the Marvel movies he appeared in, which meant that he had to keep up with Hemsworth’s workout schedule and maintain a similar build as his. It wasn’t easy, but he was paid $65,000 per movie to do so.

Lily Rabe & Kimberly Shannon Murphy

_American Horror Story_ is still one of the most popular television shows, even after almost ten seasons. During her time on the show, actress Lily Rabe had Kimberly Shannon Murphy as her stunt double.

American Horror Story is not known for having many action sequences, but several scenes were pretty risky to film. For example, Murphy had to fall back backwards from the top of a building for a scene. She made $80,000 per episode.

Elijah Wood & Kiran Shah

Elijah Wood is a pretty short guy, but not short enough to really look like a hobbit. While _The Lord of the Rings_ trilogy relied on special effects to make the hobbits look small, they also used stunt doubles for several scenes.

Kiran Shah was Wood’s stunt double for all the LOTR movies and earned an estimated $300,000 for his work. Shah also works as an actor and has appeared in over 30 movies, such as Braveheart and Titanic.

Johnny Depp & Tony Angelotti

The _Pirates of the Caribbean_ movies are legendary. We’ve seen Captain Jack Sparrow get into all sorts of crazy adventures over the years, but it wasn’t always Johnny Depp doing those stunts.

His stunt double was Tony Angelotti, who made $55,000 for his work in the movies. Depp and Angelotti, who are actually really good friends, often shared wine in between takes.

Ben Affleck & Rich Centrone

You might wonder how Rich Centrone became Ben Affleck’s stuntman since he doesn’t look like him, but the answer is simple: it was for _Batman V Superman_, where Affleck’s face is covered by his mask.

For such a big-budget film that included a myriad of complex, dangerous stunts, Centrone took $145,000 home, which is an impressive salary. He also became good friends with Affleck and will likely double for him again in the future.

Keanu Reeves & Chad Stahelski

Keanu Reeves is quite possibly the most popular action hero these days. His success began with the epic _Matrix_ trilogy, which turned him into a superstar. Chad Stahelski was his stunt double at the time.

Interestingly enough, the two reunited again for the _John Wick_ franchise, which Reeves stars. However, Stahelski is no longer a stunt double for Reeves as he is actually the director of the franchise.

Michael J. Fox, Charlie Croughwell & Team

_Back to the Future_ turned Michael J. Fox into a superstar. However, did you know that it also made Fox’s stunt double, Charlie Croughwell, rich? He made $40,000 thanks to the movies.

Fox also had two extra stunt doubles, who also earned a lot of money. Croughwell went on to work on countless movies afterward, and now has over 30 years of experience in the business. Not only that, but he still works as Fox’s double.

Amber Rose Revah & Aja Frary

English actress Amber Rose Revah is known for her role as Dinah Madaniin Netflix’s _The Punisher_, where she is seen in several action sequences. Of course, she didn’t shoot those scenes alone.

Her stunt double is Aja Frary, who earned a whopping $75,000 per episode for her amazing stunt work. She has also appeared in a number of high-budget movies such as _Spider-Man: Far from Home_, _Joker_, and _Jumanji: The Next Level_.

Bruce Willis & Stuart Wilson

Bruce Willis has a ton of experience working as an action star, but that doesn’t make him a stuntman. He needs someone to do most of his fight scenes for him, and that’s when Stuart Wilson comes in.

Wilson, who bears a strong resemblance to Willis, has appeared in several of the actor’s movies, such as _Live Free or Die Hard_ , Precious Cargo, and _Looper_. He has also won a SAG Award for his stunt work.

Megan Fox & Aja Frary

Megan Fox is a very talented actress and is known for her good looks, but she does not do any work that requires physical risk. She has a double, Aja Frary, for even the smallest action sequences.

For example, Frary worked with her in 2014’s _Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles_ for the very few scenes that required stunts. She was paid $75,000 for her work.

Andrew Garfield & William Spencer

Before Tom Holland became Spiderman, there was Andrew Garfield. He played the character in two movies, _The Amazing Spiderman_ and _The Amazing Spiderman 2_, and his stunt double for both movies was William Spencer.

The stunt double, who looks a lot like Garfield, earned $75,000 for his work. Before he started doing stunt work, Spencer was a skater, and he has quite the following on Instagram, where he regularly posts his skating videos.

Michael B. Jordan & Aaron Toney

Michael B. Jordan was one of the breakout stars from _Black Panther_. He caught people’s eyes not only for his acting abilities, but also for his incredible shape. Stunt double Aaron Toney was there for the scenes Jordan could not do on his own.

Although he mostly worked as Jordan’s double, Toney also served as a double for late Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther himself. He has appeared in other Marvel movies as well, such as _Captain America: Civil War_.

Jean Claude Van Damme & Todd Senofonte

Many of you may think these two are related just by looking at the picture, but they are not. This is a photo of Jean Claude Van Damme and his stunt double, Todd Senofonte.

Senofonte worked with Van Damme in _Sudden Death_, for which he received a $60,000 paycheck. He has also appeared in many other action movies, such as Double Team and The Quest.

Michael Rooker & David R. Grant

We’ve seen a few Marvel actors on this list already, and it doesn’t come as a surprise since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most popular action franchise at the moment. For _Guardians of the Galaxy_, actor Michael Rooker had David R. Grant as his stunt double.

Thanks to his excellent work as a stuntman, Grant earned $60,000 and was also hired to work in several other Marvel movies, such as _Captain America, Thor: The Dark World_, and _Avengers: Age of Ultron_.

Margot Robbie & Ingrid Kleinig

For her role as Harley Quinn in _Suicide Squad_ and _Birds of Prey_, actress Margot Robbie had Ingrid Kleinig as her stunt double. The two have the same body type and height, so it worked perfectly. She also had other stunt doubles, but Kleinig did most of the work.

The experienced stuntwoman has appeared in many other films. For example, she was Evangeline Lilly’s stunt double in _The Hobbit_ trilogy.

Tom Cruise & Casey O’Neill

One of the many things Tom Cruise is famous for is for doing most of his stunts —emphasis on _most_. Although Cruise is not afraid to do crazy stuff for a movie, he has his limits, and that’s when Casey O’Neill comes in.

Cruise and O’Neill have worked in so many movies together that they’ve become good friends. Despite this, Cruise isn’t happy to have a stunt double, but it is ultimately the studio’s decision not to put the superstar in danger.

Sofia Vergara & Tammie Baird

Sofia Vergara is known for her impressive looks, charisma, and work as a comedy actress. Obviously, that does not include performing dangerous stunts.

So when it came time to film _Hot Pursuit_, a film that included several action sequences, despite being a comedy, she had Tammie Baird as her double. She has done stunt work for numerous movies, such as _Mr. & Mrs. Smith_, _Iron Man_, and more.

Taylor Lautner & Gabriel Nunez

Taylor Lautner rose to fame thanks to his role as Jacob in _The Twilight Saga_. After that, he went on to appear in a few action movies. As a martial artist, he is very used to doing fight scenes.

But just like Tom Cruise, Lautner is not allowed to do all his stunts, so Gabriel Nunez does them for him. Nunez made $65,000 by working with Lautner in _Tracers_.

Harrison Ford & Vic Armstrong

Harrison Ford has consistently been one of the top men in Hollywood for decades. Not only was he Han Solo in _Star Wars_, but he also brought the legendary Indiana Jones to life. Both franchises are so popular that movies are still being made to this day.

Vic Armstrong was Ford’s stuntman for the _Indiana Jones_ movies from the very beginning, and only stopped after the third movie. He was also the stunt arranger and coordinator in the films alongside his wife, Wendy Leech.

Shailene Woodley & Alicia Vela-Bailey

Shailene Woodley was the star of the _Divergent_ movies, which had a huge budget and grossed 290 million dollars at the box office. Alicia Vela-Bailey, an experienced stuntwoman, worked with her.

Vela-Bailey already had an impressive résumé before _Divergent_. She was Zoe Saldana’s double in _Avatar_ and Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s in _Transformers 3_.

Hugh Jackman & Richard Bradshaw

Speaking of the X-Men, let’s talk about the amazing Hugh Jackman. The actor has played the part of Wolverine for decades now and is in incredible shape, still doing many of his own stunts.

For the action sequences that the actor cannot perform, there is Richard Bradshaw, who just happens to be Jackman’s brother-in-law. He has done stunt work since the 1980s and has appeared in movies such as _Titanic_ and most _X-Men_ films.

Chandler Riggs & Emily Brobst

This is one of the rare occasions where an actor’s stunt double is of a different gender. During his time playing Carl in _The Walking Dead_, Chandler Riggs had Emily Brobst as his stunt double.

Although Riggs was just a child, Brobst was 29 years old when she started working in the show. This is because studios can’t have children doing stunts for obvious reasons. Luckily, they found a petite woman that could fool the audience into thinking she was Riggs.

Mark Wahlberg & Dan Mast

Mark Wahlberg has worked many different jobs: actor, model, musician, restaurant owner, etc., but has always been best known for one thing: being in shape. However, even the toughest guys in Hollywood need stunt doubles.

Dan Mast served as Wahlberg’s stunt double in _Transformers: Age of Extinction_ and earned $125,000 doing so. Although he hasn’t had a long career as of yet, he’s recognized as one of the best stuntmen in the film industry.

Chris Pratt & Tony McFarr

Of course, we have to keep talking about the fantastic stunt doubles that worked in the MCU. This time we’re talking about Chris Pratt’s stunt double for _Guardians of the Galaxy_, Tony McFarr.

Pratt is in incredible shape and can do many of his own stunts, but whenever there’s something he can’t do, McFarr steps in. For his work in the movie, he made $80,000 and got to work side by side with Pratt again in _Jurassic World_.

Dwayne Johnson & Tanoai Reed

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the most recognizable people in Hollywood thanks not only to his charisma but also his physique, so finding a stunt double who looks like him can be pretty tricky. Luckily, his cousin Tanoai Reed happens to be just as athletic as he is.

Johnson and Reed have been working together since 2002’s _The Scorpion King_. Reed has also found work outside of his cousin’s movies and gets paid an estimated $100,000 per movie.

Scarlett Johansson & Helen Steinway Bailey

You’ve probably seen Scarlett Johansson play the Black Widow in several Marvel movies, and show some impressive moves. However, most of the action sequences you’ve seen were actually done by Helen Steinway Bailey.

Johansson is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, so it is not surprising that her stunt double is also paid pretty well. Bailey earned $125,000 for her stunt work in _Avengers: Age of Ultron_.