Woman Tracks Down Biological Parents After 28 Years Apart — But How?

A Touching Reunion

Samantha was 28 years old when she told her parents she wanted to make a second attempt at finding who her birth mother was. However, she received some devastating news: her adoption papers had been lost, finding herself in a dead end. However, she eventually tracked down her original birth certificate, which had her birth mom's name printed on it: Valerie Lopez.

It turned out there were 10,000 Valerie Lopez nation-wide, but after a long research, she narrowed it down to three possibilities. After cross-referencing her findings with Facebook, she discovered that one of those women looked just like her! She sent her a voice message and an e-mail, and guess what? It was her birth mom after all! They exchanged their contact information, met on the phone, and met again in person a few weeks later.