Here Are The World's Weirdest Foods We Dare You To Try

Bird Nest Soup - China

One would think that a birds' nest isn't something you can actually eat, but think again! Some people in China use Swifts' nests to make this soup, which is commonly known as the "Caviar of the East". But what is the soup really made of?

You were probably guessing that this birds' nest soup was made out of twigs and leaves, but it is mainly made up of saliva. As gross as it sounds, the birds' saliva gives the soup its gelatinous texture. It's also one of the most refined products in the market, so both courage and money are needed!

Maggot Cheese - Italy

Italy is mostly famous for its pizza and pasta, but they have pretty good cheese too! One of the most famous yet grossest cheeses comes from the island of Sardinia, but think twice before trying it! But what's so yucky about it?

Its particular taste comes from the fact that the larvae of cheese flies is introduced into it. When fermentation takes place, the larvae digest the dairy fats and give off a weird liquid. The cheese must be eaten while the larvae are still alive, because it can be toxic once they're already dead.

Puffer Fish - Japan

Puffer fish is more dangerous than it is gross. This happens to be one of Japan's finest delicacies, despite the fact that its skin contains a deadly toxin that is 1,250 times more lethal than cyanide.

Because of this, only expert chefs are allowed to cook it. I'm not saying you shouldn't try it, but if you do, please do it at a licensed restaurant, or else your whole body may end up paralyzed and you won't live to tell the tale.