Check Out These 21 Amazing Brooklyn 99 Facts You Never Knew

Since its first episode aired in 2013, Brooklyn 99 has become one of the funniest, best-known shows out there. Assembling a cast of quirky and diverse characters, the ex-Fox comedy series created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur has gained notoriety for its original and witty take on situational comedy.
With the series’ seventh season premiere scheduled for February 6, we thought it would be interesting to pay homage to a comedy that has brought us so much laughter. So here are 25 cool Brooklyn 99 facts you probably didn’t know, but totally should!

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#21. Gina’s Laughter

Actress Chelsea Peretti, who plays the sarcastic and witty Gina, would always burst into laughter while filming. This happened so often that the writers decided to add her ongoing inability to stay serious as a character trait, rather than suppressing it.

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According to fellow actor Andy Samberg, who plays the childish and eccentric —yet talented— Jake Peralta, Peretti simply stopped trying to act serious, and eventually, she and the writers decided it was best to leave it that way, so her characteristic laughter became part of her character.

#20. Breaking Character

When Chelsea Peretti unexpectedly left the show in season 6, someone had to fill in her shoes as the one that broke character the most. Melissa Fumero, a.k.a detective Amy Santiago, was the one to do so after her co-star’s departure from the show.

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Although Santiago is very competitive and somewhat annoying in her quest to gain Captain Holt’s approval, it has nothing to do with Fumero herself, whose light-hearted sense of humor often leaves her laughing on set to the point of tears.

#19. Getting Rid Of The Bleeping

Some television networks don’t like cursing and we can understand why, since most are known as ‘family-friendly’ networks. This is why they always broadcast shows with little or no cursing and bleep any curse words, and such was the case of Brooklyn 99 when it was broadcasted by Fox.

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In 2018, NBC bought the show because it adjusted well to their young adult audiences, and thanks to this, Brooklyn 99 was finally allowed to bleep out curse words. Creator Dan Goor admitted that the characters cursed a lot, which was why they had always had to bleep and pixelate much of the scenes.

#18. The Halloween Heist

For NYC’s 99th precinct, Halloween starts with a bet between Holt and Peralta over the Halloween heist competition. Over the course of the years, this event became a tradition, and Halloween episodes soon became one of the most anticipated for the show’s fans.

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What’s funniest about these bizarre episodes is that none of the actors and actresses know who is going to win until they start filming. This adds to the funny reactions when the winner is finally announced and declared ‘The Ultimate Detective/Genius’ or ‘The Ultimate Human/Genius’.

#17. Match Made In The Audition Room

Apart from excelling at their jobs in the 99th precinct, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago are one of TV’s most beloved couples. Some even compare these two lovebirds to Jim and Pam, the legendary couple from The Office. They started as rivals, making bets and hating each other, but later became friends and finally lovers.

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The competitive yet loving relationship between the two detectives was, according to Dan Goor, something everyone knew was bound to happen even when casting the show. The chemistry between Samberg and Fumero was undeniable, and the 37-year-old actress was the only one who could skillfully improvise with him.

#16. Cold Opens

A cold open is a narrative resource that involves jumping into a story before the opening credits, and Brooklyn 99’s cold opens are usually hilarious. Sometimes, a cold open is shot and then not used, and such is the example of the second episode of the series which showed Jake and Amy chasing a criminal into a library, and then arguing. Because the writers were still figuring out the character, they decided not to use it.

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Goor’s favorite cold open is the one from the third season when Terry Crews, who plays Sergeant Terry Jeffords, has a tarantula crawling on his head. Melissa Fumer’s favorite is the one where Boyle thinks everyone is commenting on the oldest person they ever slept with. Finally, Terry’s favorite is when Peralta comes back from Florida with frosted tips.

#15. Butt McGee

Filming a sitcom involves actors spending a lot of time together, either filming scenes or simply being on set, so it’s no surprise when cast members end up trusting in each other and building a friendship. Sometimes, their bond is so strong they even come up with nicknames for each other!

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This is exactly what happened between the cast and Joe Lo Truglio, the actor who plays the critical yet immensely optimistic Charles Boyle. The cast jokingly calls him “Butt McGee” since he usually starts improvising hilarious monologues at the end of any scene. That tactic is called a button, so that’s where the nickname came from.

#14. Mysterious Rosa

Detective Rosa Diaz is one of the most ‘badass’ characters on the show. She’s scary, strong, and has anger issues, and that’s what makes her such a fun character. But at the same time, nobody seems to really know anything about her because she’s also extremely private and secretive, and she definitely takes pride in being feared and mysterious.

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On the other hand, in the Writer’s Room, her mysterious past is a source of debate. Screenwriters often discuss whether or not to reveal more about her because, as Goor stated, it’s fun to play with the mystery that has been created around the fantasy and reality of Rosa’s life.

#13. All For The Hustle

Believe it or not, sometimes acting can be a hazardous job. There are usually doctors on set when the most dangerous scenes are shot just in case anything goes wrong, but occasionally, accidents happen when filming scenes that weren’t supposed to be dangerous —and Terry Crews knows this for a fact.

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For the Cinco de Mayo heist in season six, Crews had to be painted gold. However, he never imagined he would end up being allergic to the golden clothes he had to wear. According to Crews, it was painful and he felt a burning sensation when he sweated, but in the end, the joke was totally worth it.

#12. The #MeToo Episode

The #MeToo movement started in 2017 with accusations against Harvey Weinstein and since then, hundreds of women have spoken about the abuse they’ve suffered in the workplace, especially in Hollywood. More recently, shows have started to include storylines that tackle these issues, and Brooklyn 99 is no exception.

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In the eighth episode of season six, He Said, She Said, Amy and Jake investigate a difficult case involving assault. In an early draft, the episode was supposed to have a happier, more conclusive ending but the cast insisted it shouldn’t be that way. Finally, the episode eventually ended on a more complex and realistic note.

#11. Heavy Cheddar

Cheddar is the adorable chubby pet owned by Holt and his husband, Kevin Cozner (played by Marc Evan Jackson). The lovable Welsh Corgi has appeared on numerous occasions throughout the seasons and even won the classic Halloween special in season five.

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Stewart is the real name of the dog who played him and who has sadly passed away at age thirteen. As adorable as Cheddar —or Stewart— may seem, he was in fact surprisingly heavy. Actor Terry Crews was shocked to find out the dog’s weight when he had to carry him on episode sixteen of the first season.

#10. Instant Buds

It mostly takes time to develop a bond between castmates. Even though co-stars spend a lot of time together both on and offset, it really takes time before they really get to know each other. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that some actors are shy and reserved and could even be considered introverts. This, however, didn’t happen to the cast of Brooklyn 99.

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The actors clicked straight away as the pilot was being filmed. This was a strange yet incredibly fortunate occurrence, as this special chemistry proved to be great for the show. According to Crews, he knew something unique was going on since everyone acted as they had known each other for years instead of a few days.

#9. The Greatest Bromance

Jake and Charles’ friendship has got to be one of the most famous and beloved bromances in sitcom history. The two complement one another and make the audiences laugh their heads off with their off-the-wall antics and their habit of giving each other high-fives for whichever reason they can find.

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The two have shared their fair share of moments together onscreen, some hysterically funny and others were a bit more tender. Lo Truglio’s favorite is when Boyle and Jake believe to be having their last ride together and burst into tears. Lo Truglio has said his fondness for that moment comes from Peralta and Boyle allowing themselves to be vulnerable and emphasizes the importance of showing affection in male friendships.

#8. Vow Renewal

Having a show that’s been around for almost seven years can sometimes be complicated when it comes to writing new episodes, because although Brooklyn 99 is a sitcom, the characters evolve as well as their relationships. Storylines often demand some sort of continuity, so it’s hard to include every idea that comes out in the Writer’s Room.

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For example, the writers and creators have talked about making an episode where Holt and Cozner renew their wedding vows but never seem to find the right time or even properly get around it. According to writer Luke Del Trici, they’ve been talking about the episode for nearly four years and Marc Evan Jackson reminds them whenever he can. Someday, Cozner, someday…

#7. Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction… Or Is It?

Occasionally, in the marvelous world of showbusiness, creators are determined to include a particular actor or actress in their show. They become so obsessed with the idea that they even write characters that are specifically made for their chosen star, and such was the case of Sergeant Terry Jeffords.

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Jeffords’s character was custom-made for actor Terry Crews, so it’s no surprise they share a name. Crew’s own personality traits have been incorporated into the ‘gentle giant’ that is Jeffords, and although the character is very closely based in the real-life actor, Crews stated that he never wears suspenders in his everyday life.

#6. No Kisses

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago began their relationship at the beginning of season three and married in the season five finale, sweetly titled Jake and Amy. Even though the two started as foes, they eventually fell in love, and they demonstrate their love by giving each other presents and having fun together.

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Despite their loving relationship, rewatching season six will reveal that the couple never kisses onscreen. It makes sense since the two work together and doing so would be uncomfortable, but according to one of the show’s creators, Dan Goor, the absence of kisses between Jake and Amy was simply a mistake.

#5. Jimmy Jab Games

The Jimmy Jab Games appeared in an episode of the same name in season two and scored one of the highest ratings of the show. The episode involved the 99th precinct’s team having to complete a wide variety of dangerous and unwise challenges, such as eating expired Chinese food.

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James Lo Truglio recently revealed that the Jimmy Jab Games will return for season seven. As mentioned, the games last popped out in season two and had Amy Santiago as the winner so we’re very eager to find out who’ll be the winner and the loser of this eccentric episode.

#4. Honey Mustard

We’ve mentioned before that sometimes good ideas come out in the Writer’s Room but the scriptwriters can’t find the right moment to incorporate them into the series, mainly because of limited time. It’s a shame since some funny jokes end up being left behind in order to give priority to other aspects of the story.

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One idea has been going around from season one, but still hasn’t found its spot in the series and it’s that of Jake’s love for honey mustard. It sounds strange, but we’re sure that whenever the writers have the chance of adding this idea to the show, we’ll be in a for a laugh. Hopefully, they’ll find a place for it in the upcoming season!

#3. A Long-Lasting Friendship

Just like their sitcom counterparts, Chelsea Peretti and Andy Samberg go way back. They went to elementary school together in Oakland, California in the late ’80s and have remained friends ever since. This means they’ve known each other for more than thirty years!

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Peretti uploaded a picture to social media of the two in a car on their way to their sixth-grade graduation and she even confessed having had a non-reciprocated crush on Samberg while growing up. Nevertheless, they stayed friends and eventually co-starred in Brooklyn 99.

#2. Auditioning For The Same Role

It’s hard to imagine Amy Santiago being played by any other than Melissa Fumero, but the truth is that Stephanie Beatriz, the Argentine-born actress that plays Rosa Diaz, actually auditioned to be Andy Samberg’s partner. She failed to get it and the part eventually went to Fumero.

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Beatriz was later invited to audition again for the role of a character named Meghan. The actress was hesitant, since she was worried that the network wouldn’t cast two Latinas but fortunately, she got the part, which was then re-named Rosa, and as the old saying goes, the rest is history.

#1. Just For Her

As we’ve mentioned before, some parts are written specifically for a determined actor or actress. Some aren’t even planned in the original script and are later created and added to the show. Not only did this happen with Terry Crews, but also with Chelsea Peretti.

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Originally, there was no Gina. But after Dan Goor and Mike Schur worked with her on Parks and Recreation, where she was a screenwriter and even made a cameo, the two men decided to write a role particularly for her and the result was the hilarious Gina. According to Goor, the part was written with Peretti in mind, but she took the character to new levels.

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