Can You Guess Which Celebrities Used To Be Roommates?

As we know, it’s common for people to move in with a friend after moving out from their parents. But not only is this a thing among ordinary people like you and me; you’d be surprised to know that many of your favorite Hollywood stars have done the same! Here’s a list of 20 A-list stars who are lifelong friends and have been roommates in their early days.

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#20. Adam Sandler & Judd Apatow

Years before his first appearance on Saturday Night LiveAdam Sandler lived in a small flat in LA with his friend, Judd Apatow. Back then, little did they know they would become two of the greatest comedy icons in Hollywood, Sandler as an actor and Apatow as a director.

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Not only did these two live together, but they worked together too. Sandler played a minor role in Apatow’s mini-series Undeclared and then again in the comedy film Funny People. After moving to New York, Sandler continued paying his half of the rent, I guess just out of fear of being fired!

#19. Ryan Gosling & Justin Timberlake

Yeah, I know, living with actors and heartthrobs Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake has probably been the unfulfilled dream of millions of girls and boys. These actors’ friendship goes way back in time. Can you guess when they first met?

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Gosling and Timberlake started off as Disney stars at the age of 11. Since Gosling’s mother lived in Canada, he lived with Timberlake’s family for a few years, so they basically grew up in the same house. Little did they know that they would grow up to be an international pop and hip hop star and ann Oscar-nominated actor, respectively.

#18. Al Gore & Tommy Lee Jones

Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones? Say what??? Yeah, that’s right, the former presidential candidate and the Hollywood actor met each other at Harvard University and they shared a dorm. Crazy, right?

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Do you know what’s even crazier? TV actor John Lighgow lived with them for a few months too. The two kept in touch ever since then, and the actor publicly endorsed his candidacy and served as a spokesperson for his campaign in 2000. They also co-wrote a movie together. Wow!

#17. Jonah Hill & Justin Long

Did you know that Jonah Hill and Justin Long lived together? Not only were they roommates, but also co-workers, as they both starred in the comedy TV show The Accepted. Basically, they saw each other all day!

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This is probably the reason why they fought so often. In an interview, Long confessed that what annoyed him the most about Hill was that he would always insist on recycling everything. They would also fight about other trivialities, such as who had left the bathroom door open or who hadn’t cleaned up the kitchen.

#16. Michael Douglas & Danny DeVito

Hollywood legends Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas have been great friends before reaching stardom and they lived together when they first moved to New York City. But unlike Long and Hill, these two got along great, and Douglas described his former roommate as a neat and tidy person.

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Apart from living together, they worked together in what became one of the greatest movies of all time, the Academy-winner One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. While DeVito played the role of Martini, Douglas worked as a producer.

#15. Owen Wilson & Wes Anderson

Having Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson as roommates must be like living in a sitcom every day of your life. While Wilson is one of the goofiest and funniest actors out there, Anderson has directed some of the most hilarious films ever made.

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It turns out they shared a dorm at the University of Texas and they grew fond of each other, so much so that Anderson chose to cast him in his first film, Bottle Rocket. Wilson starred in two other of Anderson’s films: The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore.

#14. Conan O’Brien & Jeff Garlin

Conan O’Brien and Jeff Garlin are two of the greatest comedians of these past decades, and it happens to be that they lived together in Chicago just a few yards Wigley Field.

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O’Brien once told that he would practice his impressions and sketches in front of Garlin and they both gave each other advice as to how to work on their acting skills. Today, you probably know Garlin from his role in the comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm and you’ve probably seen O’Brien in some of the many late-night talk shows he’s hosted.

#13. Jude Law & Ewan McGregor

Before hitting it off in the movie biz, English actor Jude Law and Scottish actor Ewan McGregor lived together back in their college years. Imagine living with these two heartthrobs? I wouldn’t mind at all!

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They also co-founded their own production company, Natural Nylon. The first feature-length film they produced was Xistenz, directed by David Cronenberg, but the most famous one was Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

#12. Kiefer Sutherland & Robert Downey Jr.

Decades before becoming Iron Man, Hollywood icon Robert Downey Jr. lived together with British actor Kiefer Sutherland. They were roommates back in the days in which Downey Jr. dates Sarah Jessica Parker.

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They also starred in a film together, though you’ve probably never heard about it: I’m talking about the 1988 drama film 1969. Even though they both have tight schedules, they still try to catch up every now and then.

#11. Holly Hunter & Frances McDormand

The Academy Award-winning actresses Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand first met through their boyfriends of the time, but they kept in touch after breaking up. They became close friends and even moved in together.

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A few years later, while living in LA, Hunter set McDormand up with the famous director Joel Cohen, and guess what? They ended up getting married and having a kid together!

#10. Ben Affleck & Matt Damon

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are one of Hollywood’s most famous bromances, as the two have been friends since their childhood days and they’ve even lived together in their early 20s.

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To be precise, the actors lived together while writing the screenplay for Good Will Hunting, movie which they also starred in. They had lots of fun living together… maybe too much fun.

We rented a house on a beach in Venice and 800 people came and stayed with us and got drunk. Then we ran out of money and had to get an apartment“, Affleck confessed.

#9. Connie Britton & Lauren Graham

Before becoming famous TV moms, Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham and Nashville actress Connie Britton met in an acting class. A round of applause for that teacher, please!

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They hit it off real quick, and several months later they decided to move in together, sharing a flat in LA. Even though this happened a couple of decades ago, the two girls still keep in touch.

#8. John Cusack & Jeremy Piven

While actor and screenwriter John Cusack was born and raised in Chicago, actor Jeremy Piven was born in New York but grew up mostly in Evanston, a town a few miles from Chicago. The two met in Evanston when they were just teenagers.

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The two have also co-starred in several films, including Serendipity and Runaway Jury. Also, when Piven opened up a theater workshop, Cusack took some classes there. Sadly, they’ve lost touch over the years.

#7. Dustin Hoffman & Robert Duvall

Before they became the Academy Award-winning legends they are today, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Duvall shared a small flat in New York City. However, Duvall was not the first actor Hoffman lived with.

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A year before, Hoffman lived for a few months with Gene Hackman. They met each other while working at the Pasadena Playhouse and hit it off. They both moved to New York, and Duffman stayed at Hackman’s apartment until he found a place of his own.

#6. Raven Symone & Lindsay Lohan

I don’t know why, but I just can’t picture Lindsay Lohan and Raven Symone living together! They were roommates for 14 months, but they had such a busy schedule that they barely saw each other’s faces.

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Raven confessed that they once got in an argument because Lohan would keep leaving her clothes scattered on the floor. However, they still get along, and Raven stuck up for her friend when Jennifer Lawrence made fun of her on Twitter.

#5. Lea Michele & Diana Agron

TV actresses Diana Agron and Lea Michele co-starred in the comedy-musical show Glee, but while their characters had a troubled relationship, they’re great friends in real life.

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In fact, they moved in together after the pilot was filmed. Before that, Agron lived with 3 friends, but her house was too far from work and she was busy all day. That’s when Michele stepped up and offered to host her. “If it’s okay with them and if it’s okay with you, move in“, she said.

#4. Robin Williams & Christopher Reeve

Comedy legend Robin Williams and Superman actor Christopher Reeve’s friendship goes way back. They met in the early 70s at the Julliard School in NYC, where they shared a dorm.

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In 1995, Reeves was left quadriplegic after a horseback-riding accident, but this setback only made their friendship stronger. Williams became a member of the Christopher Reeves Paralysis Foundation and he paid for the hospital bills which Reeve’s insurance refused to cover.

#3. Tom Cruise & Rob Lowe

Did you know that the Parks & Recreation star Rob Low shared a hotel room with Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise? I know what you’re thinking… how did that ever happen?

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When they were only teenagers, both were cast in the crime-drama film The Outsiders, and they lived in a hotel during the shooting of the film. In an interview, Lowe described his former roommate as “open, friendly, and funny“.

#2. Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed

American actresses Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed co-starred in the fantasy-romance film Twilight, and guess what? They became great friends ever since they met on the set of New Moon!

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However, Reed once said in an interview that even though they were roommates, they weren’t really that close. They did get along well, though, and they would usually have group dinners with the rest of the cast.

#1. Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick

Chace Crawford or Ed Westwick, who’s cuter? Hard to answer! These two actors and heartthrobs met on the set of Gossip Girls, and they ended up living together during the shooting of the show’s first season. But why?

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While Gossip Girl proved to be one of the greatest and highest-grossing teen dramas of this century, initially many people had their doubts whether the show would hit it off, even the actors themselves! Since they feared that the show would be canceled, they moved in together to share costs and save some money.

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