These 21 Surreal Makeup Illusions Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you need a new Halloween costume, are feeling extra bored and want to find a new hobby, or you simply want to test your skills as a face painter, you need to check out these incredible makeup illusions that are going viral on the Internet. There is no doubt that the artists that created them are super talented, and some of these take a few seconds to truly see what’s actually going on. So before you get too excited and think you can easily recreate these, take a look at them below!

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

#21. A Smudging Face

OK, this picture just blows my mind away. Created by makeup artist Farahbeauty, it seems as if she dragged the “smudge” tool from Photoshop on this woman’s face. Besides, did you notice how she managed to match her eye color?

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

It’s actually kind of freaky, cause if you look closely at her cheekbones, it almost seems as if her face were disfigured. Kind of like a face come straight out of one of Dali’s paintings.

#20. Mouth Eyes

If you’re prone to nightmares, then I suggest you skip this one, as the optical illusion that this artist achieved is truly spine-chilling! I’m definitely sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

Obviously, the woman has her eyes closed, although it seems as if she had no eyes at all. It also seems as if her head were filled with some sort of black mass, an impression achieved by the contrast between the shades of black and those of light pink.

#19. Melted Ice Cream Cone

This artist, whose Instagram name is katieelizabethbutt, came up with an idea I’m sure nobody ever had before: painting her head and making it look like a melted ice cream cone. Yikes!

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

Will you take a look at the effort she put into this? There are even shades of purple and orange drops dripping on her shoulder and fingers. If you wanna try it yourself (are you brave enough?), you should know she added a tutorial on her Instagram account. Try it if you dare!

#18. How Many Eyes?

While normal people just have two eyes, some have a few more, apparently. Check out this crazy creation where the artist somehow manages to create both eyebrows as well as eyes that look way too similar to her actual ones. She didn’t just make one extra pair…

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

The amazing artist, who goes by the Instagram name cakefacerj, said it took her under two hours to complete the whole look. That’s pretty amazing because, if you ask me, that would take me at least two days! She also claimed that walking around with this was hilarious.

#17. A Huge Mouth

This one completely baffles us. How in the world do you achieve that look? It’s as if her nose was completely removed to then develop a huge mouth that extends beyond the bridge of her nose. The teeth that she gave herself makes it look like she became some sort of monster.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

Diana Alamoudi, the artist behind this incredible look, is from Norway and Russia and she does a splendid job at creating optical illusions through the use of makeup. We all love how she makes us confused as to how she creates this marvelous art pieces. I mean, is her actual mouth closed?

#16. Masked

Maybe I’m biased because I love red hair, but this look created by Morgaine Made is just stunning. The artist made this corseted face by making it seem as if her real face were just an individual fragment that is held on to the rest of her body with some string.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

The artist achieved this look by using a variety of makeup brands including Colour Pop Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie Cosmetics, and Too Faced. The way she positions her hand, as well as her facial expression, makes this look even more realistic.

#15. Shattered

Most of the optical illusions involving makeup don’t maintain much of the original face as part of their artwork. However, in this case, Instagram artist Visdommm from Thessaloniki, Greece, decided to use her features to emulate those of a porcelain doll.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

She creates a beautiful effect of a broken porcelain doll and with the blue hues, she elevates the whole look by giving it a creepy vibe. The black crack she painted on her face makes it very credible and along with the piece of skin-colored fragment lying on the table, this artist has us 100% convinced.

#14. A Floating Head

Ever wondered what it would be like to be headless? Or in this case, just having a head that is not attached to your body? This amazing artist Arianna Loporto Mua has achieved that effect by simply using makeup and a black background.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

What is even crazier to me is that when you look really up close and focus on the “hole” where her neck is supposed to be, you cannot even distinguish where her real body part is. That lighter skin-colored line that outlines the hole is simply perfectly executed.

#13. Half Skull

While some people like to have their whole face looking like a skull, this artist decided to only focus on the bottom portion and it’s very clear that in its attempt, the result was spectacular. If it weren’t because we know it’s physically impossible, we’d never be able to tell that the black part isn’t actually a black void.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

The effect of having the black being so close to the actual border of the face just makes this look so much more realistic. The man who did this goes by the name Facudiblasi, an Argentine artist from the province of Mendoza that does amazing optical illusions.

#12. Laced

Probably one of our favorite ones, this optical illusion makes it seem like the face is just part of a long strip of fabric. Arguably, the hardest part to achieve this look is getting it to look like there is actually a piece of ribbon on the backside.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

This artist, Area 00124, was definitely very successful at nailing down the shading; both in the darker parts that are supposed to be part of the black background, as well as the skin-colored parts which convince us that the skin is actually part of a long ribbon.

#11. Nailed

This artist was able to create an effect where it seems like she’s wearing some sort of mask. Her real face is supposed to be below it but if you’re like me and optical illusions just drive you crazy, the idea that the mask is her actual face just blows me away.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

The artist Eli Matt 22 did an astounding job at making the edges of the mask. This is what ultimately makes the look so realistic, along with what she did around her chin area. The shadows that she created as well as the highlights further add more depth to the look.

#10. Louis Vuitton 2.0

Are you familiar with Louis Vuitton? The rather expensive French fashion house and luxury retailer that is easily recognized by its extremely famous pattern? While most people have seen the gold symbols on a brown background, the company came with a version of colored symbols on a white background.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

The latter was the inspiration of our artist, Kaneshiashana, who did an amazing job at making it look like her face started to peel off to reveal the white multicolor monogram design of the French fashion company. Instead of opting for a single colored background to blend the hair, she chose to wrap her hair with a head wrap.

#9. Peeling Off

It’s one thing to paint your face so that it looks like you are part of a Pop Art comic book, characterized by the famous dots on people’s faces. But this artist decided to take it even further by making it look like the comic book part was either being painted on or being peeled off.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

This amazing design was created by Instagram artist cakefacerj. At this point, it’s quite clear that she’s very very talented when it comes to realistic face painting optical illusions. She decided to call this one “comic strip”, which seems to match the look just about perfectly.

#8. Sea Splashed

If you thought that the only way that a human being could be part of the ocean was by being a mermaid or a merman, think again. This artist has definitely challenged that idea by creating this amazing face painting depicting the ocean on her face.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

If you are familiar with surrealist artists, then you might recognize this as an inspiration from Salvador Dali’s painting The Birth Of God. Fun fact, the artist that created this face painting was actually trying to make a rock in her chest but then scratched the idea because she disliked how it looked.

#7. Ursula?

I don’t know about you guys, but the first time I saw this design I was convinced that it was for the casting of Little Mermaid and that this was an extremely evil Ursula. Upon further analysis, I thought that maybe this was a depiction of Medusa…

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

And yep! I was correct. The artist, Real Alter Face, was recreating a look for Medusa. The most impressive part, in my opinion? Even though practically everything about this is impressive, the double eyes are what strikes me the most. It is just insane how she achieved the same amount of depth in her drawn eyes as in her real eyes.

#6. Multiplied

I thought that making it look like there was a mask was hard enough. I mean, it cannot get any harder than that. Well, leave it to artist Valltanata from Instagram to challenge this and make it look like there are SEVERAL faces below her actual one!

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

We absolutely love how she made sure that it looked like it was parts of her own face rather than other faces. You can see how the blush and highlighter used for every layer have the same style and don’t miss out on the perfectly lined eyebrow and eyeliner.

#5. Hidden Dragon

What do you call a person that is part bat? Batman. What do you call a person that is part spider? Spiderman. And a person that is part ocean? Aquaman. Well, then what do we call a person that is a hidden dragon? Dragonman.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

While we are not sure whether this is a dragon or some type of reptile, the eye of the animal looks insane. Yes, worry not, the actual person’s eye is not open for that detail. This is Lily Pearce Makeup’s design performed on somebody else.

#4. Cracked Sculpture

Another one of our favorites in this list, this is the amazing creation of Instagram artist Zoe Artists Harvest. In case you couldn’t tell, this is a statue that is in the process of crumbling. The amount of detail that she put in this is insane, just look at her fingers and tell me you weren’t fooled for a few seconds!

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

Zoe, who is an artist from the UK, said in her post that she only used three colors, white, grey and black. This makes it even more impressive given the amount of depth and detail that she was able to obtain. It’s crazy to think it was all done with a very limited palette.

#3. Laced 2.0

Similar to one of the artists we saw previously, this one is also about a face that looks as if it was part of a long strip of lace. If you’ve paid close attention, we’ve already seen this artist in one of the previous images! This is yet another design by cakefacerj.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

In her case, she was trying to go for a look that would positively represent self-growth. In total, this took her around five hours. Personally, I would say that the most incredible part is where she paints part of her shoulder white so that it blends with the background!

#2. Shapeshifter

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there where you dream of being a shapeshifter and can change into another animal at night or at any given time of day. This artist created this amazing painting of a gazelle and we can all agree it’s simply stunning.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

This is Arty Face Art’s design. The Dutch artist that lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, grew an interest back in 2018 to start drawing animals on her face that would look as realistic as possible. The gazelle design happens to be one of her favorite ones thus far.

#1. Galactic

This is a beautiful creation is celebrating Pride Month and it uses the color purple mainly to show depth. You can see this in the purple contouring, particularly in the nose area where it somehow makes it look like it is something else than a human nose.

Photo: Courtesy of Off Beat

This design is by Instagram artist Rachel Duffy Artistry who says that we are all part of this universe and its colorful glory. What you see on her chest reflects the idea that we are all filled with stardust and love and thus should be proud of all the different souls in the world.

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