Here Are 20 Comedies That Will Make You Laugh Your Head Off

A good comedy is like a breath of fresh air: we all need it once in a while. However, they’re more difficult to find than we would like. In this carefully selected list, we present some of our favorite comedies ever. From mockumentaries to pregnancy scares or even high school dilemmas, you’ll find a diverse range of movies here. Take a moment to consider slide #5, #2, and #1. They were especially well-received by the public!

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#20. Superbad

When this movie came out in 2007, people were shocked. This comedy perfectly captured the thoughts and twisted logic of typical American teenage boys. The ridiculous situations that these boys face over and over again are a testament to youth.

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If you’re looking for a comedy to watch with your friends on a Friday night, then look no further! Watch Superbad and fall in love with strange and quirky characters like McLovin. Seriously, you won’t regret watching this. For another public’s favorite, go to the next slide.

#19. 40 Year Old Virgin

In this movie, Steve Carell, one of Hollywood’s favorite comedians, takes on a role that the public will remember for a long time to come. Steve plays a virgin who is 40 years old. As he grows older, he begins to feel the pressure and decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands.

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In spite of being a loner who’d rather be in the company of comic books and figurines, we still root for the character. Without Carell, this film wouldn’t have had the success it did. He makes the character relatable and gives us some pretty memorable scenes along the way.

#18. Zoolander

From the moment Zoolander hit the theatres back in 2001, it became a Friday night classic. We can’t help but love Ben Stiller in this family-friendly comedy. His great acting skills and humor make the iconic character Derek Zoolander come to life, making us laugh our heads off in the process.

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The movie follows the misadventures of two superficial models whose ultimate aim is to take down a supervillain. Besides, Bill Ferrell’s hilarious rendition of Mugatu makes the plot even funnier. The obstacles and people the characters face are extremely absurd and the movie makes fun of everything and everyone. This is definitely a safe pick!

#17. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Throughout the years, Wes Anderson has built a great reputation for himself as a director. In The Grand Budapest Hotel, we get another side to the director, and we love it. From the very opening scene, the bright colors dazzle and entice whoever’s watching.

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Aside from the beautifully set scenes, the movie is a great comedy. The plot is rather complex since it occurs during both World Wars, so Past and Future come together in this bizarre narrative. Plus, there are plenty of well-known actors that deliver great performances, including Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and Willem Dafoe. So don’t miss this film!

#16. Anchorman

Anchorman is everything that is wrong in the news world. In spite of that, we could rewatch this classic film anytime. Will Ferrell plays a chauvinistic man who gets on everybody’s nerve. His growing success is only matched by his increasing ego.

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For a long time, he seems to be able to get away with it, until a vengeful woman decides enough is enough. The rivalry between both turns ridiculous, including some unexpected romantic twists. For a very different kind of comedy, don’t miss the next slide.

#15. Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids is one of the few movies on the list that involves some of the best female comedians of the decade. Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, and Kristin Wiig are only some of the great actresses that star in this rib-tickling film. The director, Paul Feig, did a great job harnessing their incredible talent.

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Far from being the pristine and well-behaved bridesmaids typically depicted in the movies, this group of friends is wild. They fight, they bicker, they are revengeful and loving all at once. They deliver some memorable one-liners which everybody should hear at least once.

#14. School Of Rock

A whole generation of kids was inspired by the School Of Rock. The movie’s success was unparalleled and inspired the creation of a Broadway show as well as literal schools that teach rock. The plot focuses on a group of very talented young kids who used to be very disciplined until an unconventional teacher shows up.

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As the substitute teacher gets to spend more and more time with them, the kids begin to realize they’ve got a passion for music. The film is funny, it has great songs, and what is more, Jack Black’s performance is top-notch. We’ve all dreamt of having a teacher like that one ever since.

#13. Mean Girls

Mean Girls is the type of movie that never goes out of style… kind of like a great pair of jeans. Every character in this film adds flavor and humor to the plot. In fact, each main and secondary character delivered at least one hilariously great line throughout the film.

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While Regina is the type of girl everybody wanted to be like in high school, Mean Girls shows us that nothing is as pretty as it looks. Questionable and unethical behavior is the norm in this movie, and the girls’ sarcastic humor will surely make you laugh. Don’t miss the next slide for a comedy you won’t forget!

#12. Wet Hot American Summer

Some movies are so bad they actually become classics, and this is movie is one of the clearest examples. Wet Hot American Summer became a parody of itself and has even earned a cult following of its own. It had little success when it first hit the theatres, but since then, it’s become a crowd favorite. You kind of fall in love with the group of kids!

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The title pretty much says it all. A bunch of kids in camp, bad acting, cringe-worthy lines, and you’ve got yourself this film. The fact is, sometimes a bad movie is just as entertaining as a good one! We recommend you watch it with friends.

#11. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is one of the best feel-good movies ever made. A superficial girl gets dumped by her boyfriend for being shallow, only to prove everybody, even the audience wrong. Empowering, stylish, and above all funny, this movie is a top pick.

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Elle is into fashion, into great manicures, and into justice. When she comes across a controversial legal case, she takes on the challenge. Throughout the movie, we get to watch her go through plenty of fabulous makeovers. Don’t miss this great movie!

#10. The Trip

If you love road trips then this is the film for you. Rob Brydon and Steeve Coogan, both very talented actors, play a distorted version of themselves. They never had their big break, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Both friends embark on a revitalizing trip. On the way, they eat good food and drink fine wine.

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What really calls our attention, however, is the fantastic script. During their long car rides, both men entertain themselves with mimicking games, funny jokes, parodies and much more. Don’t miss this underrated film, it might surprise you!

#9. Knocked Up

Leave it to Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl to star in a comedy about everything we most fear. A bad one night stand doesn’t end when the night is over… at least not for these two! Katherine ends up pregnant and in distress. Because of this, she needs to keep in touch with Seth.

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Seth is your typical immature and kind of lazy kid. Along the way, he must face adversity. But will he grow to be the man he’s expected to be? Both actors have incredible on-stage chemistry, and that’s a fact. Don’t miss the next touching comedy!

#8. Juno

Juno is a beautiful coming-of-age movie everybody should watch at least once. The film touches very sensible themes, such as teen pregnancy, supportive parents, teen insecurities and more. It is done in a sensible and humorous way. We recommend everybody to watch this film at least once in their lifetime.

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Ever since this movie came out in 2007, we’ve been hooked with Ellen Page. Her sarcastic comments and heartfelt performance in Juno struck a chord with many. Every single character is incredibly human. In fact, the film was so good it even won an Oscar, and Ellen Page received her first nomination!

#7. Wedding Crashers

Weddings are super fun, so who wouldn’t want to be invited to one? Owen and Vince take matters into their own hands… That is, decide to Crash Weddings and have a blast. The thing that truly motivates both characters in the movie is finding true love (or good sex).

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This movie certainly has its fair share of good actors. Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams are a breath of fresh air. Their hilarious characters mock everything. They are so faulty that in the end, we love them anyway.

#6. Step Brothers

Will Ferrell is the kind of actor you either love or hate, but one way or the other, it’s undeniable that he has starred in many of the public’s favorite comedies. What can we say? He knows how to pick his roles. In this hilarious comedy, both adults are forced to live together because their parents get married.

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Have you ever thought you didn’t get along with your sibling? After watching Step Brothers, your opinion might change. Their silly fights, intense discussions, and their tendency to plot against their parents are incredibly funny.

#5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Just when you were getting tired of typical breakup plots, this movie is here to mend all wrongs. While not all relationships can be saved, this underrated comedy makes us laugh uncontrollably. FYI, this movie was produced by the same people that were involved in Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin, so If you liked that type of comedy, then this is a must-watch.

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When faced with his girlfriend’s sudden breakup, the main character decides he’d rather get over her in Hawaii. His bad luck only increases to find his ex in the same hotel. Enjoy this comedy and laugh away any sorrows.

#4. Old School

In this turn on classic college movies, three older friends decide to set up a frat party. The events that lead up to that decision, as well as the consequences of going back to a college lifestyle, are incredibly funny. Their behavior is that much comical because of their age.

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The well-known actors try to cope with life by going back in time as well as they can. In the process, they learn some life lessons and to kind of accept themselves. Watch the movie with some friends and a big bowl of popcorn, it will certainly make you smile!

#3. Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a monument to the difficulties and also the positive things of being in high school. The characters are incredibly real and relatable, which only makes everything ten times funnier. Her aspiring dreams, her platonic crushes, as well as the fights with her friends, touches a place deep inside us.

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Lady Bird hit the theatres in 2017. The movie was so well received because it implied a new kind of comedy, as not only is it funny, but also deep and touching. A true depiction of teenage years. Without the stereotypes or the exaggerated and forced plots, this movie deals with something that we can all relate to.

#2. Borat

Borat is an all-time favorite. The underlying message on America’s modern culture and ridiculous laws are present throughout the movie. In fact, Borat leaves nothing untouched or unspoken about. The genius behind this film is that it makes fun of absolutely everything.

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Because of this same reason, many find Borat uncomfortable to watch. If you’re a critical thinker and a fan of dark humor, then this is the movie for you. The jokes seem as current as ever, and people still roar with laughter every time they see it.

#1. Best In Show

There was a time when mockumentaries were the thing, and Best In Show is only the best there is. This incredibly written movie intends to make fun of a Dog pageant show in Philly. The movie is truly an endless series of rib-tickling jokes.

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The well-known actors give life to the odd characters in a masterful way. From Dog show addicts to obsessive trainers, this movie offers a great piece of comedy. Get the family together and watch this impeccable satire.

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