Would You Say These Are The 20 Best Pop Groups Ever?

Finding a good pop group is harder than you might think. First, you’ve got to look out for the sound. A great group has its own sound, one that you can easily recognize. Secondly, the charisma of each band member is surprisingly important. After all, it’s common for people to fall in love with their favorite artists, and it’s just easier when they make you laugh. Last but not least, a fantastic group has its own unique ‘look’. Be it a tux, a hat, or even differently styled makeup, the ‘aesthetic’ part of a group is one of the first things that catch our attention. Stay tuned to check up on the 20 best pop groups of all time.

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#20. The Bangtan Boys

We just had to include this worldwide famous South Korean group. One of the first things that catch our attention is the fact that there are seven members in this group. In spite of the numerous people on stage, each one of them is essential to bringing the whole thing together in harmony.

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It has been said that their genre is actually pop’s cousin, K-Pop. Additionally, their music videos are hypnotizing. The colors, the complex choreographies, everything works to perfection. It’s no wonder that The Bangtan Boys managed to keep the number 1 spot in Billboard!

#19. The Jonas Brothers

There was a time when a Jonas Brother poster was to be found in every single teenage room in America. The band’s members are actually brothers… talk about family business! After they featured in several Disney Channel episodes, their popularity only grew. Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas had incredibly catchy tunes and that’s a fact.

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Their major hits are even remembered by many young adults of the time and it was truly heartbreaking when the band announced an indefinite hiatus. However, fans’ prayers were answered when the band made a comeback in 2019 with a new hit, Sucker.

#18. The Pussycat Dolls

The world fell in love with this sassy and fun pop group back in the ’90s. Each one of the members in this all-girl group rapidly built up a fan base around them. They talked to a generation of young girls, and above all they were fearless. Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer, stood out at once.

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The effortless and impeccable range in her voice makes The Pussycat Dolls one of our favorite female groups on this list. Over the years, there have been rumors about an epic reunion of our loved group, but it seems we’ll have to stay patient for that. If you can’t help but listen Don’t Cha and Buttons on repeat, then don’t miss the next item on this list!

#17. One Direction

We first met each one of the group’s members when they were only nervous solo singers entering The X-Factor contest. Throughout the competition, they became a pop group, and a very successful one! They brought new sounds, new looks and a blast of charisma that the music industry needed.

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During six years, there wasn’t a single teenager who couldn’t sing along to What Makes You Beautiful. Plus, every group member was irresistibly cute. We can safely say they’ve come a long way since their X-Factor days, earning them a place on this list.

#16. The Kinks

The Kinks aren’t as famous as other well-known bands or groups on this list. They were formed in 1964 and became relatively invisible beside the Beatlemania that was to come. In spite of this, their legacy in the pop and rock genre as a whole has been incredibly important.

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A quick listen to their best album Face to Face is enough to make anyone a fan. In fact, they were diving into experimental sounds that were quite ahead of their time. If you’re the type of person who loves new and exciting sounds, then this is the band for you.

#15. No Doubt

While you might know Gwen Stefani for being a judge on The Voice, she is actually quite the chameleon. She is a producer, director as well as a singer and songwriter. Not only that, but she was also part of the epic 90s group, No Doubt. It’s safe to say that the rising fame of the group and their multiple appearances on MTV have Gwen to thank for.

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Her hypnotic charisma and energy drew people to the band. As the group grew musically, they began to produce exclusively pop songs, thus earning them several music awards. Their ability to deliver great songs such as Don’t Speak is what earns them a place amongst the best pop groups of all time.

#14. New Kids On The Block

In spite of the fact that this boy band reached its peak in the ‘80s, they still continue to uphold a strong fan base and reputation. We can even go as far as saying that they compete with the other groups mentioned in this list for the title and recognition as the best pop boy band to ever exist. The fans’ attention usually went to Joey and Donnie, instigating some jealousy on the other members.

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During live performances, this dynamic duo was an explosion of energy and fans usually rooted strongly for them. This might have been one of the reasons the band disbanded in 1994. Fortunately for some, they made a comeback in 2007.

#13. New Edition

This band was well-known for mixing up the classic pop style with R&B. The result of this risky experiment was a string of musical hits and immortal sounds such as Candy Girl, which can still be heard on the radio to this day. This groovy band was big in the ’80s; ask your parents and they’ll tell you! They entered the music scene and made us move to their rhythms.

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We recommend you look up their live performances, as their energy and charisma are pretty unique and mesmerizing to watch. A fun fact concerning one of the lead singers, Bobby Brown, is that he married Whitney Houston. Imagine the beautiful harmonies and music that must come out of that house!

#12. TLC

You either love or hate them, but no one can deny they’ve got style. If you’re into groups that mix up and play with different musical genres, then TLC is the group for you. These girls put a twist on pop music by introducing elements from Hip-Hop, creating a unique style. Their album Fanmail launched the group to fame during the ’90s.

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Since then, their loyal fans have rooted for the fem trio. Check out their hit No Scrubs for an empowering song. Above all, TLC is all about having fun. They’ve remained relevant for a reason, so put your speakerphones on max and dance to their beats!

#11. Destiny’s Child

We couldn’t expect any less from the pop queen and diva Beyonce. Destiny’s Child is where it all began for Queen Bey. The fem trio began in Houston but rapidly outgrew the state, as the performance and raw talent of the singers made the world look their way. You can get an idea of how big they actually became just by looking at the numbers.

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They sold over 60 million records and received 14 Grammy nominations. Can you believe it? One of the public’s favorite music video will forever be Say My Name. The song is catchy, it’s powerful and the playful use of colors in the music video makes it legendary.

#10. Ace Of Base

Similarly to the Jonas Brothers, this pop group was created by three siblings. The Berggren family is Swedish but managed to export their sound across the ocean, right into the homes of the average American. Their unique sound was met with applause and awe and their very first album was highly praised in the United States.

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Nine times platinum, The Sign is an album you must listen to. The thoughtfulness behind every single song on that album is topped off with the sheer talent of the group, so don’t miss the opportunity to check out this Swedish band! For more exciting legendary pop bands, slide next!


While some say you can either support the Backstreet Boys or *NYSINC, we believe there’s room for both on this list and in our hearts. Justin Timberlake was the leader of the group and caught our attention right away. His voice didn’t sound like anything we’d ever heard before, and the music videos the group made were simply mind-boggling.

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Can you believe they sold a whopping one million copies of their album in one day? If you haven’t already, we invite you to blast No Strings Attached on your speakers, and dance your troubles away.

#8. Eurythmics

What can one say about Annie Lennox? Her style and edge-cutting performances are a phenomenon few can match on-stage. She was empowered, unapologetic and kind of weird. All of these factors come together in her performance of the ultimate Eurythmics hit, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).

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The darkness in the lyrics and the experimental sounds of synth-pop make this song truly legendary. It’s kind of a big deal when a pop group from the ’80s is still as current and vanguard now than twenty or something years ago. Play this at any party and it will surely be met with enthusiasm by any crowd.

#7. Backstreet Boys

Who can resist the smooth melodies of the Backstreet Boys? This boy band was huge in the 90s. Seriously, I can’t stress that enough. The crowds went nuts every time these guys went on-stage. Let’s just say more than one idealist teen fell for AJ McLean. Fortunately for the world, they’ve left us a legacy of great hits.

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The group was constantly producing albums when they were together. Just pump up the volume when their greatest hits come on and you’ll be dancing in no time. There is no denying that one of life’s greatest pleasures is singing Everybody in unison with your friends. Am I wrong?

#6. Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode has earned its place in history as one of the best pop groups of all time. Their undisputed talent is directly translated to the sheer amount of records they have sold since the ’80s. Seriously, they’ve sold around 100 million records and counting!

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The band was born in England but rapidly the news spread that something new and exciting was brewing within Depeche Mode. Their curious and novel exploration of pop and electronic sound resonated within the public, and since then we’ve been hooked.

#5. Blondie

While some bands come and go from our lives, Blondie has remained stubbornly as one of our favorites. Their albums convey a feeling difficult to describe: they represent the change of an era, a transition, the revelry we often link to the end of the ’70s. Blondie is as experimental as any and their music was incredibly daring for their time.

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From ballad-like songs to empowering anthems, you will find a vast variety of sounds in their repertoire. Whatever your mood, Blondie will be able to deliver some great sounds and lyrics. Their success is so big, they’ve actually sold 40 million records around the globe.

#4. Coldplay

Coldplay is one of those bands with exceptional talent. The lyrics in their songs are incredibly poetic and meaningful. On top of that, they add complex melodies and some catchy tunes that have resulted in some of the best albums in the pop industry.

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The lead singer’s charisma has been especially effective in creating a roaring fan base that roots for the band no matter what. The loyalty the public shows for Coldplay isn’t ill-deposited, though. Over and over again, this band delivers fresh new sounds. Check out the next slide if you’re a hardcore Coldplay fan!

#3. Maroon 5

When Move Like Jagger first came into our lives, we just knew Maroon 5 had done it again. This pop-rock group has gifted us with plenty of hits that are essential to any good playlist out there. Over the years, we’ve been able to glimpse different facets of the band. Somehow though, they always manage to deliver great No.1 songs on the billboard.

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Adam Levine is the secret recipe for Maroon 5. His cool style and high-pitched voice increase by tenfold his appeal to the public. Additionally, since his participation on The Voice as a judge, fans have fallen in love with his witty sense of humor and swag.

#2. The Spice Girls

Any worthwhile list like this one would be seriously incomplete without our beloved Spice Girls. Their trademark style makes them unmistakable. In fact, when Wannabe comes on the radio, there is no mistaking what’s up. The truth of the matter is this fem group has managed to stay on top. In fact, they uphold the title for the best-selling album created by a female group.

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Their music videos are as legendary as they are, and the colors and the roaring 90s style have made them an icon of their time. They represent an era we all want to be part of. The fact that even millennials sing along to their hits is testimony to the fact that The Spice Girls are one of the best pop groups around!

#1. ABBA

For those of you who are too young to remember the fantastic and original ABBA, the popular musical Mamma Mia brought all the glory of this band to this decade. The movie’s success immortalized the songs of this ’70s group for eternity. In fact, we can’t get enough of these catchy tunes!

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Their ten-year success expanded way beyond the borders of their hometown in Sweden. Their sales go up to astounding numbers such as 500 million. The world will forever be grateful for everything that ABBA’s given us, and let’s face it: no wedding or themed party would ever be complete without any of this band’s greatest hits.

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