The Creepiest True Stories That Will Give You Chills

Deadly Exorcism

Not so long ago, in 2016, a 26-year-old man named Kennedy Ife started acting erratically. He became extremely violent and started biting his family members. According to his brother, Kennedy was possessed. He spoke in tongues and had an empty look on his face, so his family restrained him in his bed.

After three days of being bound to his bed, Kennedy started to breathe abnormally and passed away a few moments later, so his family called the police. All 7 family members were accused of manslaughter but were later cleared. To this day, nobody knows if he was really possessed or if his family tortured him.

A Horrible Discovery

The Bretzuis family in Auburn, Pennsylvania, was getting ready to insulate their home in 2015. But when it was time to open up the walls and start working, they made a horrible discovery: all the walls of their house were completely filled with animal remains.

The carcasses were wrapped in newspapers from the 1930s and 40s, and upon inspection by the police, they figured out that it was all part of an old religious Pennsylvania Dutch ritual to keep illness and bad luck away. Unfortunately, the rotting corpses had actually caused illnesses to the family, and the smell never went away, even after cleaning it all up.

Elisa Lam

The mystery of Elisa Lam‘s death has been a mystery since 2013. She never exhibited any strange or suspicious behavior until the night of her passing. She was staying at a hotel by herself and called her family every single day until the calls suddenly stopped, and her family began to worry.

After they reported her missing, security footage of the hotel revealed that she had been wandering around in and out of the elevator, talking to invisible people, crouching in the corner, and more, yet no other person can be seen. A few days later, her body was found inside the water tank of the hotel’s roof.

A Family Tragedy

It was 2014 when a teenager living in Utah came home to find his whole family dead. His parents and three siblings had been killed, and all there was was a to-do list on the table. The list read things such as “find someone to watch after the house” and “feed the pets” as if they were planning on going on vacation, but nothing else was found.

After a few months of investigation, it was discovered that the parents had developed an obsession with a convicted killer, and believed that the apocalypse was imminent. So, they murdered their three kids and then killed themselves. Nobody knows why their teenage son wasn’t killed as well.

The Stalker

In 2007, a family started receiving very strange phone calls that slowly went from weird to extremely terrifying. For an unknown reason, someone with a very scratchy, creepy voice would call them and send them death threats, along with telling them what they were wearing and what they were doing, because he was watching them.

After they finally called the police and an investigation began, an even more terrifying discovery was made: the calls were coming from inside the house. The house was searched, but nothing was found, and the stalker’s identity was never figured out either.

The Watcher

A family from New Jersey had a similar story to tell. As they moved into their new home, they started receiving a series of strange letters signed by someone called The WatcherThe letters got more and more terrifying as time went by, and the family didn’t know what to do.

But when The Watcher referred to the children of the family as “the young blood you’ve brought to me”, the parents became extremely worried about their kids’ safety. The police could not find out the identity of their stalker, and the family ended up moving far away from there.

Isse Sagawa

One of the most disturbing crimes to ever take place in Paris was the case of Isse Sagawa. Sagawa was a student from Japan who had fantasized about eating another human being for years until he finally found the courage to do it. After much consideration, he picked his victim: a Dutch woman named  Renée Hartevelt.

Because he was a very small, weak man, he thought that by eating someone tall and attractive he could absorb her energy and become stronger and taller. He invited her to his house for dinner and cannibalized her after shooting her with a rifle. He was deported to Japan and, somehow, is walking free nowadays.

Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a military strike by the Japanese against America during World War II, which killed over 2,000 people and injured many more. In the aftermath of the attack, it was discovered that a few sailors were trapped inside one of the sunken ships, but people thought they were dead, so they didn’t bother looking for them.

Many months later, when the ship was recovered, a horrible truth was uncovered: the three sailors had actually survived the attack and were trapped inside for 16 whole days, hoping that someone would rescue them until they eventually passed away. Their ghosts are said to haunt the area to this day.

The Lamprey Invasion

Can you believe these horrifying creatures are real? Although they look like they came straight out of a nightmare, lampreys are real jawless fish that feed into the flesh of other creatures and suck their blood. In 2015, residents of Fairbanks, Alaska, had a very strange experience with these animals.

For an unknown reason, residents woke up one morning to find hundreds of lampreys on land, wiggling around with their terrifying mouths open, and it looked like an alien invasion. Nobody knows how they ended up on land, but it is believed that maybe seagulls picked them up from the water and dropped them off there.

Bon Appetit

Imagine you go to your favorite restaurant to have a good time with your family. It sounds good, right? Well, now imagine that, as you’re taking a bite out of your food, you feel something strange in your mouth. You take a closer look into the food, and there you find it: a human finger.

That’s what happened to a man in 2015 at his local Arby’s. After his shock wore off, he alerted the authorities, and an investigation quickly began. It was later found that the finger belonged to an Arby’s employee who chopped off her finger and just walked out of the restaurant without telling anybody what had happened.

The Hand

After his grandparents passed away, Mike Lopez went to their house to start cleaning up. As he was going through the attic, he found a very peculiar box that was covered in dust. He thought it could contain some cool, old stuff, but he never anticipated what he was going to find.

Mike found an actual human hand inside the box, along with some old coins and pictures of his grandparents. He called the police and they promptly took the box away, leaving him alone with his shock. Nobody was able to identify who the hand belonged to or why it was there.

The Bear Brook Murders

The Bear Brook murders shook the small community located in New Hampshire in 1985. A man found the bodies of a young woman and a small child inside a 55-gallon drum, but they were never identified nor was a murderer found, so the case went cold. Flash forward to the year 2000, and another awful discovery took place.

In the same spot where the two bodies had been found, two other bodies were discovered inside a drum once again. Unfortunately, the two children found inside were not identified either, but the police believe that all victims are related. How can four people vanish and never be identified? Didn’t anyone look for them after they went missing?

Marcel Petiot

Marcel Petiot was a sinister man who became a serial killer during World War II. When France was occupied by the Nazis, many Jewish refugees were desperate to flee Europe and would take virtually any chance to escape. Petiot took full advantage of their situation, by luring many Jewish people into his home.

Petiot led them into his home under the pretext that he would help them escape. Knowing that he was a doctor, people believed him when he told them he would give them a vaccine so they could safely enter a different country, but it was actually poison. He murdered around 30 people this way.

The Screaming Casket

Not so long ago in Honduras, tragedy struck the family of 16-year-old Neysi Perez, who collapsed from a panic attack and started foaming at the mouth one day. Her very religious parents, instead of calling a doctor, called a priest because they believed she was possessed. After the priest couldn’t do anything, she was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

A day after she was buried, her husband visited her grave but heard muffled screams and banging sounds. He alerted Neysi’s family, and everyone rushed to the cemetery to break her out of her grave. Sadly, they were too late, and the girl actually passed away this time. Doctors believe she had been cataplexic before, a state which makes people seem dead.

Unwanted Residents

This next story has actually happened multiple times all over the world. If you ever thought about getting a big house, think again, because all that extra space might be taken up by some unwanted residents. Such a thing happened to a man in Tokyo, Japan, whose food started to go missing from his kitchen.

After his fridge continued to appear empty out of nowhere every morning, the man decided to install a surveillance camera in his kitchen. Then, he discovered that a homeless woman had been living in his attic and sneaking into the rest of his house during the night to watch TV and eat his food.

The Hinterkaifeck Murders

The Hinterkaifeck murders involve the most famous and chilling unsolved crime in all of Germany. In 1922, a family living at a farm was brutally murdered by an unidentified individual. Police believe that the murderer broke into their home and lured them in the barn one by one, while the rest waited in panic.

After he disposed of the entire family, the killer actually remained in the home and even fed the farm animals. This made the neighbors think that the family was alive and well inside the house because they could see smoke coming from the chimney and the animals behaving normally. By the time the murders were discovered, the killer had disappeared forever.

The Overtoun Bridge

The Overtoun Bridge, which is located near Dumbarton in Scotland, is a true mystery that no one has been able to explain yet. Some say that there is paranormal activity in the area, but there is no evidence of that. The truth about this bridge is a really disturbing one, and it involves the death of many dogs.

According to residents, there have been over fifty different reports of dogs just running and jumping off the bridge, and consequently finding their deaths at the bottom. Nobody knows why all these dogs do it, and why other animals don’t. Just make sure you don’t bring your dog anywhere near that area!

The Pig Farm

One of the most brutal serial killers in Canada was Robert Pickton, a pig farmer. The killer would lure people into his pig farm, where nobody could hear them scream, and would murder them. Then, he would dismember the bodies and feed them to the pigs. But his twisted ways didn’t end there.

Pickton even minced some of the body parts and mixed them with the animal meat he sold to the public. After murdering an estimated 50 people, he was arrested. He was only convicted for six murders, however, but is still serving life in prison as we speak. He stated that if he could, he would kill one more person.

The Unicorn Killer

No, this man did not murder unicorns, because unfortunately, they aren’t real. This man, Ira Einhorn, is known as the Unicorn Killer because his last name, Einhorn, means unicorn. He became a murderer in 1977 when his girlfriend, who had broken up with him, came to his place to gather her stuff.

Einhorn murdered her and kept her body in a trunk for 18 months until it was discovered. The body was only found because neighbors were complaining about a foul smell coming from the trunk, but Einhorn was quicker than the police and ran off to Europe and stayed there for 20 years. Luckily, he was found and is now serving life in prison without parole.

The Chimney

A young man named Joshua Vernon Maddux mysteriously disappeared out of nowhere one day after he went for a hike. As soon as his family realized that he hadn’t returned home, the search for the 18-year-old began. Many people from the community, along with investigators, tried to find him but had no luck, and he was missing for seven years.

Earlier this year, his body was found inside the chimney of an abandoned cabin that was shockingly located just two blocks away from his own home. Although nobody knows what happened, it is believed that he put himself there by trying to get inside the cabin, but got stuck and eventually suffocated to death.

The Garden Gnomes

We mean no offense if you keep some in your yard, but the truth is that garden gnomes are very creepy items to have – especially if you never put them there in the first place. This was the case of a homeowner in Southern California, who woke up one morning to find a couple of gnomes on her lawn.

She didn’t think much of it and moved on with her day. However, the very next day, another gnome was placed there. The same thing happened the next day, and the next, and the next. Quickly, the woman became terrified, even though it was probably a prank. Over 50 gnomes ended up in her lawn, and the culprit was never found.

Where Is Bobby?

A family’s biggest nightmare is to have one of their children disappear, and the Dunbar family had to go through this horrific situation in 1912. Their son, Bobby, was only 4 years old when he suddenly vanished during a group outing, and a desperate search began. After some time, however, he was found.

It was until 2004 – 92 years later- that it was discovered that the child that was found wasn’t the real Bobby, but just another missing kid who ended up with the Dunbars. The child was probably too traumatized to say anything, and he lived all his life as Bobby. The real Bobby was never, ever found.

The Bonfire

A teacher from St. Petersburg, Florida, named Danielle Harkins seemed like a normal woman, but over time, she started developing a strange obsession with dark magic. Nobody thought much of it until she started to bring her obsession to work, thus involving her students.

She made her students participate in different rituals, but the worst was when she took them to the St. Petersburg Pier and made them sit around a bonfire. There, she made them cut themselves to “release the demons within”. Not only that, but she also set one of the boy’s hands on fire.

Hang In There

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to get away with a crime, don’t you think? After all, having skeletons or creepy and bloody stuff outside your house is part of the celebration. In Frederica, Delaware, nobody thought it was weird that there was a body hanging outside a house, and they even thought it looked pretty good for a simple decoration.

Dozens of people drove past this house and admired the impressive decoration, not knowing it was an actual dead body. This went on for a while until a neighbor decided to take a closer look. Then, he realized that the body hanging was the homeowner, and he called the police. Apparently, the woman had killed herself.

The Silent Twins

A pair of twin sisters was nicknamed “The Silent Twins” because they would never speak to anyone, and would only communicate with each other. However, when they did, it would be in their own made-up language. The two had an intense and bizarre bond and were completely isolated from the outside world.

The twins went from just behaving strangely to committing several crimes and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. There, one of the twins, Jennifer, told the other, June, that one of them had to die and one had to survive because otherwise, they would both die. As a consequence, June committed suicide.

The Black Doodler

One of the creepiest serial killers in history is definitely The Black Doodler. During the 1970s, he would walk the streets of San Francisco looking for potential victims, mostly in gay bars. He would sit, look around, and pick a victim. This killer earned his nickname because, once he chose his victim, he would draw a sketch of them.

After finishing his sketch, he would then strike up a conversation and try to get the victim alone. After that, he would stab them to death. He killed about 14 people but was never caught, and his killing spree suddenly ended in 1975. Who knows, he might still be out there.

The Granny Killer

After all the serial killers we have talked about, we can all agree that the next one is particularly evil. John Wayne Glover, aka, The Granny Killer, was a man who one day decided to go on a granny killing spree. He would target very elderly women who were completely defenseless and follow them home.

Then, he would get them from behind and strike them in the back of their heads with a hammer. He was so calculating, that he would try to kill them with one blow, so as not to get too much blood everywhere. Luckily, he was caught and sentenced, but he committed suicide in 2005.

The Greyhound Killing

A young man named Tim McClean was going on a road trip through Canada and decided to take a greyhound bus heading for Winnipeg. In the middle of the trip, he noticed that his seat partner, a man named Will Baker, was acting very strange. All of a sudden, Baker started violently stabbing Tim.

Mania ensued inside the bus, and passengers started screaming and trying to get out. Even though Tim was already dead, Baker kept stabbing him, and later beheaded him. He was in a tense standoff with police for hours after locking himself inside the bus with Tim’s body and even ate his flesh. Finally, after a couple of hours, the police managed to catch him.

The School Bus Kidnapping

It was 1976 when a school bus with 26 children was driving down the road in Chowchilla, California. At one point during the trip, the bus driver had to pull over because a broken-down van was blocking the way. Just as the bus stopped, a group of armed masked men threatened all of them and took them to a quarry.

The 26 abducted kids, along with the driver, were buried in a box truck and left for dead. Luckily, after 16 hours, they were all able to dig themselves out and call the police. The masked men, who had no apparent motive to do what they did, were found and sentenced to life in prison.

Alexander The Great

What history books didn’t tell you is that Alexander The Great was most likely buried alive. The Macedonian hero, after a 24-hour drinking binge, suddenly fell ill, and passed away – or so people thought. As his people were mourning, they noticed that his body wasn’t decomposing, and thought it was because he was a God.

The scientific explanation is that he wasn’t dead but paralyzed. Because death at that time was tested by breathing and not by pulse, his weak breath was probably not detected, and he was, as a result, buried alive. It is believed that he was paralyzed and buried alive for six days until he actually died.