Top 25 Celebrities Who Are Real-Life Superheroes

We are used to seeing celebrities in the roles of superheroes in many action movies or TV series, but what about in real life? You’d be surprised to know that many actors and actresses have literally saved the day by protecting people from real-life near-death situations. So here’s a list of the 25 bravest A-list stars out there, all of whom have saved other people’s lives off-screen at least once. I bet you’ll be surprised with #22, #13 and #4!

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#25. Hugh Jackman

Perhaps one of the most difficult jobs in the world is that of a lifeguard. We can’t imagine the responsibility and physical effort that this job entails. And do you know what’s even crazier? Talented actor Hugh Jackman saved the day by spontaneously becoming a lifeguard!

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During his family holidays, he was swimming in the waters of Sydney’s Bondi Beach with his son, when suddenly, the weather changed abruptly. The ocean currents got stronger and many people were dragged into the sea, including Jackman’s son! The actor didn’t doubt it for a second and swam towards his son and brought him back to the shore. After that, he helped lifeguards save other people too!

#24. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch played the role of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes once in his life, and the martial arts skills he had to learn to perform this role came in handy in real-life. One day, Cumberbatch and his wife took an Uber in London when they saw a group of four men tackling a Deliveroo driver. The actor decided to do something about it.

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Cumberbatch asked the Uber driver to stop the car and with incredible courage, he decided to pull the men off the Deliveroo driver. Apparently, those men wanted to steal the driver’s bicycle. Fortunately, the driver’s bike wasn’t stolen and everyone left uninjured.

#23. Meryl Streep And Cher

Without a doubt, Meryl Streep and Cher are two of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood. The two icons have been friends since forever, and you know what? They also have a really brave story to share. Back in the ’80s, the friends went out for an ice-cream when they saw something terrible…

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A man was throwing bricks at a parked car at the corner of the street when the two actresses heard a woman screaming. Without thinking it twice, Streep and Cher ran to the man and started to scream at him. The man got scared and ran away, and the lady was unharmed. Those are two real-life wonder women if you ask me!

#22. Ryan Gosling

We know that many people in the world are in love with Ryan Gosling, not only for his good looks but also for his good heart. The Notebook actor is a great animal fan, but not only in words! It happens to be that he’s proved his passion for animals through real-life actions.

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When he was going to Palms Springs to celebrate his wife Eva Mendes’ birthday, he saw a puppy lost in the middle of the road. Gosling couldn’t resist the sight of an adorable puppy staring at him, and besides, he knew the pooch would possibly be run over by a car at any moment. Therefore, he fetched the puppy and returned him to his family.

#21. Kate Winslet

We all know that actress Kate Winslet can perform whatever role she wants to. from a rich lady in Titanic to an independent and problematic woman in The Revolutionary Road. But what you probably didn’t know is that Winslet is a real-life superhero, too. Let’s see what happened when she was on a holiday in a villa owned by mogul Sir Richard Branson.

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Winslet was awake at 4.30 by a pandemonium when the building was struck by a lightning. The first thing the actress did was to wake up her children and take them out of the building. However, the actress also went back to the building and helped Branson’s mom out of the building, which was quite a challenge, given the number of people running in every direction and the slippery steps.

#20. Zoe Saldaña

Car crashes are among the most common accidents in the U.S. and in the world. There are millions every year and governments always launch prevention campaigns to tackle this issue. The actress from Guardians Of The Galaxy and Avatar, Zoe Saldaña, witnessed a car crash and did this.

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When she was driving her car on a national route, she witnessed a terrible car crash. With the help of another driver, she called the paramedics and tried to comfort one of the women who was in shock. She only left once professional help had arrived. What a great gesture!

#19. Harrison Ford

We all remember American actor Harrison Ford and his most memorable roles as Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Rick Deckard. Can you think of any actor who has played more fictional superheroes than him? Surprisingly, he has been a real-life superhero too. Let’s take a look at the story about Ford and a young Boy Scout in Yellowstone National Park.

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A 13-year-old boy was undergoing his final test in his Boy Scout school in Yellowstone. Obviously, he had to apply all the skills he had learned to survive in the park. The test consisted of escaping from a storm and spending a night in a safe place. The next morning, Ford was flying his helicopter when he spotted the boy stranded and screaming for help, and took him back to a safe place.

#18. Ken Jeong

Believe it or not, the comedian and actor Ken Jeong is actually a licensed physician. Of course, we remembered him from movies like the Hangover trilogy or the comedy Community. Apparently, his two professions once met during a comedy-set.

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Jeong was doing his job, which is making people laugh when a woman from the audience started having a convulsion. The actor didn’t doubt it for a second and decided to stop his show and resorted to his medical knowledge and assist the woman. Thanks to him, the woman recovered and was then sent to a hospital.

#17. Vin Diesel

If we think about speed and luxury cars, I’m sure the Fast & Furious franchise will immediately come to our minds. Apart from Paul Walker and his tragic death, many other actors of the franchise have either suffered or witnessed car accidents and have acted heroically, and such is the case of Vin Diesel!

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Many years ago, Diesel was driving his motorcycle in Hollywood when he saw how a car lost control and started to flip over repeatedly. Like his character in the franchise, he decided to stop his motorcycle and help the two kids and the man who were inside the crashed car. Just two minutes after he did this, the car exploded and was covered in flames.

#16. Tom Hanks

Did you know that American actor Tom Hanks has the nickname of “America’s Dad”? Perhaps you didn’t know this, but the actor has been part of the film industry since the early ’80s and one day, he saved the life of an extra onset.

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On the film set of Saving Private Ryan, he met an extra who had to shoot an action scene in a deep pool full of water. What Hanks didn’t know is that the actor lied in his résumé to get the role and he didn’t know how to swim! When both of them dived into the pool, the extra started drowning and Hanks had to rescue him. Producers decided to remove the almost fatal scene from the film.

#15. Heidi Klum

There’s no doubt that Heidi Klum is one of the most famous and talented TV hosts and supermodels in the world, but guess what? She has also proved to be a hero outside runaways when she was on vacation with her children and their two nannies in Hawaii.

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Everyone was having a great time on the beach when Heidi’s son Henry and the two nannies were caught in the ocean by a riptide. Immediately, Heidi entered the sea and rescued Henry first and then the two nannies. She’s much more than a supermodel, that’s for sure!

#14. Patrick Dempsey

Remember how Patrick Dempsey‘s character in Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Derek Shepherd, would always say “It’s a beautiful day to save lives“? Well, it turns out that Dempsey has saved lives not only in fiction but in real-life too!

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One day, Dempsey was driving his car when he witnessed how a vehicle flipped in the air three times before finally crashing. Like Dr. Derek, he decided to save the life of the 17-year old boy who was stuck in the car. The actor called the paramedics and the boy’s mom. A true fictional and real-life lifesaver!

#13. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is famous for comedy films like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days or cult films like Dazed And ConfusedOne day, he was at the premiere of Thirteen Conversations About One Thing at the Toronto International Film Festival, when the actor experienced something unexpected.

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During the presentation, a woman from the audience started having a seizure. Everyone froze and lay in shock, but the actor started to administer mouth-to-mouth to the woman, and thanks to this he brought her back to life. According to the police, if he hadn’t helped her, she wouldn’t have made it.

#12. Andy Roddick

The talented and famous London tennis player Andy Roddick is one of the most talented American tennis players ever and has won many tournaments. One day, during one of his many Grand Slam tournaments, he suffered an accident that changed his and seven other people’s lives.

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Roddick was in a hotel in Rome when the building caught fire. While he managed to leave his room quickly, he decided to help 7 other people who were trapped on a balcony above him. The tennis player helped every one of them jump from their balcony to his and finally saved his life and theirs.

#11. John Malkovich

Talented actor John Malkovich became a real-life hero by sheer luck. One day, just when he was leaving the hotel he was staying at in Toronto, the actor witnessed how a man tripped and fell, hitting his head against a sharp scaffolding.

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One minute later, the man’s neck was full of blood but Malkovich knew exactly what to do: he applied pressure to the injury and waited for the paramedics to come, while at the same time trying to calm the man’s wife down. In the end, the ambulance arrived in no time and everything turned out for the best.

#10. Sean Penn

The American actor Sean Penn is well-known because of his talent as an actor but also for his solidarity, considering his involvement with numerous social causes. Just to give you a few examples, he traveled to Iraq once the war started and has launched and funded projects in Africa to tackle down famine.

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When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Penn immediately traveled there to help the families who were left injured and homeless. The actor got on a boat and helped families abandon their homes. That day, he saved more than 40 people!

#9. Katniss Everdeen

Remember the time when Jennifer Lawrence took on the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games? Well, it appears to be that her fictional character gave her the strength and courage to save the day and become a superwoman in real life.

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Lawrence was doing her normal gym routine at the park when she saw a woman pass out. The actress tried to wake the woman up but couldn’t, so she decided to call the paramedics. When the doctors came, she stayed with the woman until she recovered.

#8. Cuba Gooding Jr.

Sometimes, people must face difficult situations in the least expected moments, and if you don’t believe me, ask actor Cuba Gooding Jr.! One night, he was driving his car with his family through Hollywood, looking for a nice place to have dinner. But suddenly, Gooding Jr. heard the sound of four gunshots and suddenly saw a young boy fall into the street.

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The actor didn’t think twice and got out of the car to help the kid. Gooding Jr. saw a restaurant across the street and went to ask for some towels to make pressure on the kid’s head. After that, he called the ambulance, who took the kid to the hospital, saving his life.

#7. Tom Holland

Can you imagine being rescued by Spider-Man himself? Well, this is what happened to a young girl who was saved by the actor Tom Holland. The Spider-man: Far From Home star was presenting the film in New York City, when a group of aggressive autograph hunters went crazy, wreaking havoc.

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When Holland left the theatre, the group of fans went crazy and accidentally pushed a young girl to the floor, who hit her head against the ground. Holland saw everything and pleaded the crazy fans to calm down. Nobody even heard the actor’s screams, so he took matters into his own hands, running into the middle of the crowd and helping the girl back to her feet.

#6. Brad Pitt

American actor Brad Pitt is famous because of the roles he has played in many iconic movies. Perhaps, one of the most memorable films he has been part of is World War Z in which he saved the Earth from a zombie attack.

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One of the scenes of the film required the help of 700 extras. In the middle of this scene, a woman fell down and couldn’t stand up because of the crowd. Brad Pitt not only saved the world but the lady too! Thanks to him, the woman was able to finish the scene.

#5. Mar Harmon

We all remember actor Mar Harmon from the series NCIS, where he played a naval special agent who saved many lives during the show’s 16 seasons. But it turns out that before he became Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, Harmon was already a real-life superhero.

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Many years before, when he was at home in California, a car crashed in front of his house. Immediately, he helped the two boys that were trapped in the flaming car. 17 years after the accident, Harmon and the two boys reunited and they thanked him once more for saving their lives.

#4. Danny De Vito

Did you know that one of the longest Hollywood friendships is the one between Danny De Vito and Michael Douglas? As a matter of fact, they were roommates in the ’60s! Together they starred in Romancing The Stone, which was shot in the middle of Mexico’s jungle. According to the actors, the place was full of snakes.

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Douglas had always been a fan of snakes, and he started playing with one once the camera had stopped rolling. De Vito warned him to stop, and that’s when the snake bit Douglas’s hand. His friend grabbed his arm and sucked the poison out of his body. Luckily, Douglas survived the attack and both actors are still friends to this day.

#3. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is one of the most beloved actors both among fans and the Academy, not only because of his talent but also his solidarity. One day, Foxx was chilling in his home when he heard the sound of a car crash. Without knowing exactly what had happened, he called 9-1-1.

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When he left his house, he saw what had really happened: a truck had crashed and was sinking in a ditch with the driver inside! With the help of another neighbor, they broke the vehicle’s window and cut the seatbelt that was holding the man in half. After a few minutes, the car went up in flames.

#2. Prince Harry

It’s known that Prince Harry is a fan of polo matches and he often plays the sport. During a match, he proved he was not only a talented player but also a caring man when he saved American businessman Bash Kazi from a catastrophe. Let’s see what happened!

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Kazi fell off the horse and he hit his head so hard that he was left unconscious. Before anyone noticed, Prince Harry came to the rescue and gave Kazi first-aid, which he had learned from the time he was in the British Army. A complete hero!

#1. Tom Hardy

We can’t imagine a more suitable situation for the actor from Mad Max and The Dark Knight Rises than the one we’re about to tell. One day, Tom Hardy was walking through his neighborhood when he saw two teens stealing a motorcycle. Without hesitating, Hardy started to follow the boys.

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Just like in the scenes from his movies, Hardy followed the boys for almost 5 blocks through gardens and backyards until he caught them and called the police. I bet those boys never imagined that Hardy was actually a real-life action superhero!

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