Unpredictable Nature Captured In Amazing Photographs

Blue Ice

This phenomenon is called blue ice, and it happens when a glacier gets so much snow that it becomes part of it.

However, the photo captured it in such a way that makes us think a wave froze into place instantaneously!

The Waves at the Lighthouse

Jean Guichard took this photo at the perfect moment when a huge wave hit the lighthouse in the middle of the Brittany Coast, France.

And yes, there really is a man standing at the entrance. He’s pretty chill…

Canadian Spotted Lake

In British Columbia, Canada, there’s a spotted lake that looks so strange! The lake is called… Spotted Lake, and it is a saline endorheic alkali lake that can be found northwest of Osoyoos.

The salts and minerals from the lake creates those spots that look like holes into the water!

Volcanoes and the Lightning

If seeing a volcano erupt isn’t hardcore enough, then you should know that they can also emit lighting, and it was caught on camera a few times.

The first record of such an event was back in 79AD, when Pliny the Younger wrote about a “transient blaze of lightning” coming from the core of Mount Vesuvius.

The Great White Shark Is a Baby

Compared to the huge jaws seen in this photo, the tiny fish is the Great White Shark! The monumental jaws behind it belong to an ancient shark called Megalodon.

It was discovered by paleontologists who said that the Megalodon was the biggest predator in our Earth’s history!

The Cotton Clouds

These beautiful clouds look as if they’re made of cotton or marshmallows! Their scientific name is Mammatus Clouds and they only appear when cold air drops in pockets and at the same time, the hot air rises.

Although beautiful, they show up before an extreme storm or a tornado!

Tornado in 1989

Back in 1989, Marilee Thomas took this photo of her young daughter Audra who was posing for a photo as the F-1 tornado was destroying part of her background!

Thankfully, it all happened in the middle of nowhere and only a barn was destroyed during that event.

The Epic Tower

Let’s face it! You’ve never seen such an epic tower. Perhaps you’ve seen it in fantasy films or in video games, but this tower was 100% real.

Actually, it’s nothing more than a cell tower, filled with ice and snow. And of course, this brave man is performing some maintenance work.

That’s One Photo

We didn’t align two photos on top of each other - this is one single photo! The sky at the bottom of the image is actually the water that separates the land from the mountain.

This amazing photo was taken in Canada, at the Banff National Park in Alberta. Talking about water, there’s an interesting lake in Africa!

It’s on Earth

You may think this image was taken by NASA’s Rover on Mars, but it’s actually the photo of a lake in Africa. It’s called Natron, and it looks like this because the water evaporates during the day because og the extreme heat.

At the bottom, the microorganisms keep living in the remaining water and together with the salts, they give the lake this special red color.

The Terrifying Tree

No, this tree didn’t show up from hell! It was hit by lightning and a photographer took the photo using a long exposure to capture the whole moment.

Lightning is life-threatening, but the image shows its beauty!

The Endurance Ship Fighting Against Nature

Sir Ernest Shackleton took the Endurance ship to explore the Antarctic and got stuck in ice in 1914. Although worthy of its name, the ship didn’t really endure after being stuck in the ice for the winter.

The crew waited for the ice to thaw but it pressed too much against the ship, cracking the hull and forcing the crew to abandon it.

Don’t Stay Around Water!

We all know better than being close to water when there’s a storm outside. This photo shows what happens when a lightning strikes the sea?

The photographer must have been so scared and stunned to see this moment! They’ll probably never forget that day…

A Rare Phenomenon

Scientists explain that only 5% of the Earth’s population was able to see such a rare phenomenon.

It’s called ‘ball of lightning,’ and it was caught on camera a few times. Before being photographed, the phenomenon was considered a myth!

The 1898 Tornado

This photo was taken in May, 1898! Imagine taking a photo at those times - it needed a lot of preparation! The photographer took his time and it’s so impressive.

Today, you’d only need a few seconds to catch such a moment on camera or take a video of it…

Perfect Snowflakes

Mother Nature creates such perfect and fragile masterpieces! A well-equipped photographer was able to take this close-up of a snowflake.

It’s a magical image worth to be turned into a wallpaper or a painting! Talking about paintings, here’s another one created by nature!

An Extinct Animal Might Still Roam the Wild

Since 1982 the rare thylacine known as Tasmanian Tigers have been declared extinct.

These creatures were the largest carnivorous marsupials on Earth and according to a few sightings, they may still roam the wild…

Albino Bats

While we’re on the strange-looking animals, let’s talk a little about the Carribean White Tent-making bats. Not only they’re white and fluffy, they also make their own little homes out of leaves.

That’s why they’re called Tent-making bats - their homes look like tents! You can only find these bats in Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.

The Painting in the Sky

This is not a painting, it’s the way the sky looked above Moscow. Those beautiful clouds and the sunset look like they’re from a renaissance painting.

It is truly a breathtaking sight, such as the next one…

Improvising a New Coat

Who said only humans change their coats with the new trends? This hermit crab seems to have gone a bit too far on the goth look and chose a skull as his ‘shell.’

Imagine seeing a skull walking on the seashore!

The 5,000 lb. Manta Ray

This sight takes us to those pirate stories with monstrous sea creatures. This manta ray was found on a boat's anchor!

It was 20 feet wide and 5,000 lb! Let’s head over to another unique creature…

The Black Spotted Jaguar

Everyone knows how jaguars look and you may think this image has been photoshoped.

However, some jaguars have a dominant melanistic allele that make their fur dark!

Photographing Vesuvius During WWII

In March 1944, a soldier took this photograph from one of the B-25 bombers that flew over the Vesuvius right when the volcano erupted!

Wow! That's a perfect timing.

Venezuela’s Catatumbo River

This rare atmospheric phenomenon happened in Venezuela, and whenever it does, it only appears at the mouth of the Catatumbo River!

This is one of my favorites on this list!

Mother Nature Fighting Back

In Russia, Mother Nature fights back. Unfortunately, this cyclist learned it on his own skin, while probably setting a new speed record…

So that’s how you train for a marathon!