Take A Look At The 20 Most Over-The-Top Celebrity Gifts Ever

Do you know what the hardest part of having a multi-millionaire friend is? When it comes to birthday gifts, it’s practically impossible to come up with something they don’t already have! After all, if they already have yachts, mansions, and luxury cars, what else could they possibly want? Well, here’s a list of 20 ridiculously lavish gifts that celebrities have received on their birthday. I know, they’re all insane, but let’s be honest: wouldn’t you be spending such ridiculous sums of money if you had a few million to spare?

Photo: Courtesy of bizjournals.com

#21. Billy Bob Thornton’s Vial Of Blood

OK, what you’re about to read may come as a shock, but in the year 2000, actress Angelina Jolie gave her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton the most unsettling gift you can think of: a vial of her blood. Why would anyone do that?

Photo: Courtesy of Insider

If you take a look at the picture, it doesn’t look as bad as it sounds. It wasn’t an ordinary laboratory vial, but a small, round, crystal vial strung onto a necklace. Apparently, Jolie and Thornton were filming far away from each other for several months, so she gave him the vial necklace as a way of keeping them connected. I’m not sure if it’s romantic or gross!

#20. Jennifer Aniston’s Bicycle

Even though the legendary sitcom Friends ended in 2004, lead actresses Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox have been BFF ever since. And in 2008, for her 38th birthday, Cox bought Aniston one of the most hilarious gifts you can think of.

Photo: Courtesy of Just Jared

It happens to be that Aniston had told her friend that she wanted to take cycling lessons, so Cox stepped up and bought her a $12,000 Chanel bicycle. But this is no ordinary bike, as it comes with a quilted leather seat and a fancy saddlebag with Chanel’s logo printed on it.

#19. Sofia Richie’s Car

American model Sofia Richie turned 21 in August this year, and can you guess what her boyfriend bought her? It seems that Scott Disick really wanted her girlfriend to be cruising in style as he got her a brand new Aston Martin DB11. Don’t have any idea about cars? Then just look at the picture below!

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

Just so you have an idea, this luxury car – most famous for its customized orange leather interiors – is worth nearly $250,000. But since one car is not enough, her family bought her a $91.000 Range Rover. And I’m still counting pennies for my first bike!

#18. Offset’s Rolls Royce

It seems that buying celebrities luxury cars is a thing, cause on his 26th birthday, Cardi B bought the hip-hop artist Offset this 320,000-dollar Rolls Royce. Apparently, Cardi B had suggested a no-gift policy for Christmas and Valentine’s, cause she was secretly saving up for this bad boy.

Photo: Courtesy of Celebrity Cars Blog

The following year, Offset returned the favor and bought his girlfriend Cardi B a Lamborghini truck worth $200,000. Find this ridiculous? Wait until you hear this: Cardi didn’t even know how to drive! Sure, a few hundred bucks for driving lessons probably weren’t a big deal for these two.

#17. Ryan Reynold’s Tooth

Remember the time when Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlet Johansson? These two were once one of the world’s most beloved celebrity couples, and one of the quirkiest ones too! You’ll never believe what Johansson gifted Reynolds for his 31st birthday.

Photo: Courtesy of SheKnows

In 2007, Johansson had one of her wisdom teeth removed, and dipped one of them in gold (literally) and had it strung onto a necklace. One can’t help but wonder, who would ever wanna wear that? Funnily enough, there aren’t any pictures of Reynolds with the necklace on.

#16. Kylie Jenner’s Rolls-Royce

And we’re back to luxury cars! When cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner turned 21, her boyfriend Travis Scott bought her a vintage white Rolls-Royce. But by that time, Jenner already owned nearly a dozen luxury vehicles, so I wonder if she really cared.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram / KylieJenner

Travis isn’t much of a saver, cause just a few months before, he had bought her a $1.4 million Ferrari to celebrate the birth of their first daughter, and a customized Rolls-Royce Wraith for Christmas. I can’t help but wonder: does she even drive them?

#15. Kanye West’s Basketball Pick Up Game

Any basketball fans out there? Well, you’ll be hating Kanye West when you find out what Kim Kardashian gave him for his birthday! Kim made her husband’s dreams come true when she rented the Staples Center and organized a celebrity pick-up game, including some of the greatest basketball superstars out there.

Photo: Courtesy of popsugar.com

The game included a few NBA legends like John Wall and Russell Westbrook, as well as A-list celebrities like Justin Bieber, Pusha T, and Tyga. But not only that: Kim also hired real NBA referees and Laker cheerleaders. Why didn’t they air this on ESPN?

#14. Jay-Z’s Bugatti

If you ever plan on buying a ridiculous birthday gift, then you should definitely take notes from Beyoncé. Believe it or not, she ordered her husband Jay-Z‘s 41st birthday gift one year in advance, and can you guess what it was?

Photo: Courtesy of Luxury and Lifestyles

She bought him one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world, a white Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. These bad boys cost nearly $2 million and they can reach a maximum speed of 253 mph. Oh, and did I mention he already has 8 other luxury cars?

#13. Tony Romo’s Speedboat

What is it with famous people that they’re so into speedboats and yachts? Well, in 2009, Jessica Simpson bought her ex-boyfriend Tony Romo a luxury speedboat for his 29th birthday. Check it out! Not bad.

Photo: Courtesy of alux.com

This ludicrous gift cost Simpson over $100,000. Most fans saw this as a sign that their relationship would last, but the world was shocked when they announced their breakup only one month later. Now that was a silly way of throwing money in the trash, right?

#12. Kylie Jenner’s Diamond Lip Necklace

If you ever plan on spending millions on a birthday gift, then Travis Scott is the one you wanna ask for advice. One year after buying Kylie Jenner that Rolls-Royce, he gave her a diamond lip necklace which she proudly shared with her Instagram fans.

Photo: Courtesy of Life & Style

According to E! News, this custom-made, diamond-encrusted Eliantte necklace cost him over $375,000. It features a rather large-sized pink micropave diamond as well as pear-shaped diamond dangles. That’s as posh as it gets!

#11. Victoria Beckham’s Vineyard

OK, England may be ruled by the monarchy, but if you ask me, Victoria Beckham is the true queen! According to Telegraph UK, back in 2008, the LA Galaxy player David Beckham spent literally millions on one the most ridiculous birthday gifts ever.

Photo: Courtesy of eonline.com

David bought his wife a vineyard at Napa Valley, California, right in the middle of the mountains. To celebrate, they invited some of their celebrity friends, such as Tom Cruise, Kate Beckinsale, and Katie Holmes, and went on a tour through their brand new winery.

#10. Channing Tatum’s Horse

Remember the days where Hollywood stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were still together? These Step Up stars were legit relationship goals until their breakup in 2018, and we’ll never forget the time when Dewan bought his boyfriend the following birthday gift.

Photo: Courtesy of today.com

In 2016, for his 36th birthday, Dewan bought him a beautiful caramel horse named Cajun. To celebrate, the couple went on a camping trip and enjoyed a sunset ride worthy of a Hollywood rom-com. This was the actor’s second horse, as he had already adopted one back in 2015.

#9. Kristen Stewart’s Pen

Did you know that Robert Pattinson bought a $40,000 pen for Kristen Stewart’s 13th birthday? The exact price he paid is still subject to debate, but I think we all agree this is one of the most ridiculous gifts on this list. Why would anyone spend so much on a pen?

Photo: Courtesy of Just Jared Jr.

However, this was no ordinary pen, but a limited-edition Bentley Crewe 18-carat white-gold pen. It also came with a two-tone 18-carat gold nib and a barrel. I didn’t even know they made pens like that!

#8. Russel Brand’s Trip To Space

In 2010, pop singer Katy Perry bought his boyfriend Russel Brand one of the most bizarre celebrity gifts ever: a trip to space. For his 35th birthday, she actually gave him a $200,000 ticket for Virgin Galactic’s space tour.

Photo: Courtesy of telemundo.com

However, the company still hasn’t launched its first lift with commercial passengers, so Brand is still waiting for his special day. Once the venture starts operating, he will have to go through three days of training before being sent to Earth’s atmosphere, where he’ll spend 5 minutes floating weightlessly in space before heading back to Earth’s surface.

#7. Chris Pratt’s Pigs

Chris Pratt may be famous as a superhero actor, but deep down he’s nothing but a farm boy! On his 40th birthday, his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger bought him two cute pigs, Faith and Tim, named after the famous country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Photo: Courtesy of Pressfrom.info

It seems that Pratt is really into unconventional pets, as he also owns a few goats, sheep, and several other pigs. They all live in the actors Washington State ranch, which he visits at least once a year. Who would’ve known!?

#6. Kristen Bell’s Sloth

Animal lovers, are you ready? In 2012, Dax Shepard earned himself a place in the Husband’s Hall of Fame after giving her wife Kristen Bell one of the most hilarious birthday gifts ever: the chance to spend 24 hours with a sloth.

Photo: Courtesy of Mix93.1

Sloths had been Bell’s favorite animal ever since she was a child and she started crying as soon as she saw the furry little creature. The actress shared this moment in The Ellen Show, in what became one of the most viral moments of 2012.

#5. Jennifer Lopez’s Toilet Seat

Are you ready for the weirdest gift on this list? Let’s be honest, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck‘s relationship was always a bit over the top, but this time, Affleck took things way too far. Can you guess what he bought J-Lo for her birthday?

Photo: Courtesy of MovieHaku

The actor gave her a toilet seat that allegedly cost him $105,000. But this was no ordinary toilet seat, as it was encrusted with jewels and adorned with sapphires, pearls, and rubies designed by Affleck himself. I know what you’re thinking: why would anyone cover a toilet seat in pearls? Well, in his defense, the precious stones were inside the seat, not on top.

#4. Kim Kardashian’s Burger Kings

After Kim Kardashian organized that celebrity basketball pick up game for Kayne West‘s birthday, he really felt he had to come up with an even greater surprise for her special day. Thus, West gave her the most bizarre birthday gift ever: ten Burger King branches.

Photo: Courtesy of NME.com

I’m not sure what I feel about this, but Kardashian can’t complain, as she’ll be making thousands with the Burger Kings she now owns in Italy, France, and the UK. It seems that Kayne really loves these sort of capitalist gifts, as in 2017, he gave her $100,000 worth of Disney shares for Christmas.

#3. Blue Ivy’s Swarovski Crystal Bathtub

Is there any doubt that Blue Ivy is the luckiest girl in the world? Who wouldn’t wanna have Beyoncé and Jay-Z as parents! When she was just a child, former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland bought Beyoncé’s daughter the most lavish gift you can think of.

Photo: Courtesy of Viendoraglass.com

Blue Ivy was just a baby when Rowland bought her this $5,200 bathtub brimmed with crystals made by Lori Gardener. According to Lori, the tub can be used for bathing your pets or cooling beverages, so here’s something she’ll never stop using!

#2. Beyoncé’s Island

What birthday gift could you possibly make to a woman who bought you a brand new Bugatti Veyron? Hell yeah, an island! Jay-Z has certainly made some incredibly luxurious gifts to her wife Beyoncé (including a $350,000 yacht and $30,000 worth of champagne), but this one here tops the charts.

Photo: Courtesy of bizjournals.com

Just a few years ago, Jay-Z spent $4-million on this private island located in The Bahamas. The following year, Beyoncé returned the favor by giving him a $40-million plane. One can’t help but wonder, what comes after a 40-million plane?

#1. Brad Pitt’s Waterfall

You know what I miss the most about Brangelina? The otherworldly birthday gifts that they always gave each other! In 2012, Angelina Jolie bought his former husband Brad Pitt this beautiful dream house which comes with its own forest and waterfall!

Photo: Courtesy of The Sun

Located in California, this house was inspired by one of the greatest architectural wonders ever, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. You’d be surprised to know that Pitt is a true architecture nerd, so this was actually a brilliant idea!

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