Take A Look At The 27 Best Adult Cartoons Of All Time

If any of you thought that cartoons were just for kids, you were wrong! From The Simpsons to Happy Tree Friends, adult cartoons have been around for many generations and they have earned their spot in the animated world. Now, if any adult asked us which cartoon to watch, it would be impossible to choose only one, so here’s a list of the 27 best adult cartoons of all time that everyone should watch at least once. Most of them are famous for their black and witty humor, so pick your favorite and be ready to laugh your head off! Let’s see if you’ve seen – or if you remember – #17, #9 and #2!

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#27. King Of The Hill

King of the Hill was created by the comedian legend Mike Judge. Originally, he wanted to create something similar to Beavis and Butthead, but it’s safe to say that the show he wrote was even better. It lasted for an incredible 13 seasons from 1997 to 2010.

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The series goes around the story of a propane salesman named Hank Hill, his family, and their bizarre neighbors, all of whom live in the fictional city of Arlean, Texas. At the same time, the show focuses on the obstacles that Hank faces in the upbringing of his son, especially considering his outdated and conservative way of thinking.

#26. The Venture Bros

The Venture Bros is the longest-running TV series on Adult Swim and has a very particular sense of humor. Aired since 2003, the animated show narrates the bizarre and heroic adventures of the Venture clan. At the head of this family is Dr. Rusty Venture, a genius boy who became a scientist.

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Not only does Dr. Rusty lead his clan, but he also has to deal with his incompetent arch-nemesis, a strung bodyguard and his two enthusiastic sons. Perhaps, the reason why this show is so successful is that it reminds us of some of the most famous comic books and pop culture figures.

#25. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Another great animated series was, without a doubt, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The show features 139 episodes which were televised from 2000 to 2015. The show never disappoints its audience, and even its opening theme is great! Remember that catchy tune, where the homies say “ho” and the girlies scream?

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The series is basically about the misadventures of a meatball, a milkshake, a box of french fries and their retired neighbor in the suburbs of New Jersey. Of course, they were not the only characters as every season brings about new ones, like a loudmouthed neighbor called Carl Brutananadilewski.

#24. Brickleberry

Does Brickleberry ring a bell? Comedy Central star Daniel Tosh is not only the producer of the show but also the one who gave his voice for the lead cartoon. The story may seem simple and basic, but it’s actually great and crude and has all it takes for an appealing adult cartoon. The story is set in Brickleberry National Park, where a group of never-do-well forest rangers works at.

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This group of rangers must deal with a big problem: the shutdown of the park. They team up with a group of new rangers and together they’ll try to save the park. The show lasted three seasons from 2012 to 2015, featuring a total of 36 episodes. We highly recommend you to watch it!

#23. Futurama

Matt Groening is one of the greatest talents ever and everything he does is a guaranteed success. He has left his mark in the world of animation and TV in general, not only thanks to The Simpsons, but also thanks to the futuristic animated series Futurama.

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The series goes around the story of Philip J. Fry, who by accident travels in time to the year 2999. In this future world, he meets an alcoholic robot and his new group of friends. Groening’s fans will never forget the day in which the characters from The Simpsons met those of Futurama in a remembered crossover.

#22. Disenchantment

Continuing with Matt Groening’s artworks, the latest Netflix series he co-created is Disenchantment. This fantasy sitcom still has a unique sense of humor, while dealing with feminist topics too. It’s a must-see and this year a new season was released.

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The series is basically an anti-fairytale that follows the steps of Princess Tiabeanie, a.k.a Bean, who is forced to get married to Prince Merkimer. But everything changes in her life when she meets a demon named Luci and an elf named Elfo, and together they embark on a series of crazy and bizarre adventures.

#21. Archer

At first sight, Archer appears to be just another story of a spy that chases criminals with some comedic ingredients. But if you give it a chance, you’ll notice that the characters are hilarious and their personalities are unique. Besides that, the bizarre situations between drones and secret agents will make you laugh.

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The animated series goes around the life of Archer as a secret agent and a perennial bachelor. Eventually, we see how he catches criminals but most of the time he’s dealing with his personal life, sharing time with his group of friends and family.

#20. Beavis And Butt-Head

If you were a teenager during the 90s, perhaps you felt that Beavis and Butt-Head, the characters from the MTV series with the same name, represented you. When we were teenagers, everything was either “cool” or “sucked”, like this pair of friends used to say all the time.

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The show was created by Mike Judge and was released in 1993, while the movie was made in 1996. For the ones who remember this couple, they represented the new digital age, in a time when technology was rapidly advancing but, at the same, old stuff like heavy metal music was still a hit. In 2011, a reboot was released, but it didn’t have the same vibes as the original 90s show.

#19. Samurai Jack

If we had to name our favorite childhood cartoons, I’m sure Samurai Jack would come to our minds in an instant. It represented a new generation of cartoons, not only because of its story but also for its graphics. If you still keep your childhood toys, perhaps you’ll find some of the show’s merchandising.

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The animated series tells us the story of a Samurai that travels in time to save the world, fighting with dark forces and monsters who want to destroy the world. After season 4, we had to wait more than 13 years to see the final season, which was released in 2017.

#18. Bojack Horseman

Have you ever wondered what becomes of the lives of famous stars from the past? Well, Bojack Horseman sheds light on what it’s like to rise to stardom and reach the peak of your career, only then to fall to anonymity. While Bojack was once a huge star during the 80s and 90s, his life is now a total mess, both workwise and relationship-wise.

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Bojack lives in a world where talking animals and humans live together without a problem; in fact, most creatures are half-animal and half-human. Besides that, Bojack Horseman is the anti-hero of a comedic yet at the same time tragic story, and we’re sure you’ll empathize with his hardships. Its high levels of black humor and satire are what makes the show so great, too.

#17. Robot Chicken

Making a stop-motion series and a comedy at the same time must be no piece of cake, but the actor Seth Green managed to achieve this with Robot Chicken. With nine seasons, the stop-motion series became a perfect plan for late-night viewing.

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In every episode, we see non-stop references to pop culture, classic films, and iconic comic books. Also, the producers invited many celebrities who gave their voices to different characters, making every episode special. In addition, the episodes only last 11 to 12 minutes, so it’s impossible not to binge-watch the show.

#16. American Dad

Like other TV series about families and their struggles, Seth MacFarlane created his own adult carton comedy in 2005. In the same line as Family Guy, this series shows us the most hilarious and bizarre events that a regular American family faces in their daily lives.

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The series goes around Stan Smith, a conservative C.I.A. agent who has to cope with his personal problems but also with his family: his lovely wife, his genius son, his extravagant daughter and an alien named Roger! Every episode is unique and they never grow old.

#15. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law

Can you imagine the life of a third-rate superhero that has his second chance in life as a lawyer? This bizarre situation and more happens in Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law. The series lasted from 2000 to 2007, although it made a brief comeback in 2018 under the name Harvey Birdman, Attorney General.

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In every episode, Birdman has to deal with legal problems between famous cartoon characters and his maniac boss, Phil Ken Sebben, voiced by the iconic actor Stephen Colbert. It’s definitely a hidden gem in the world of adult cartoons!

#14. Daria

Set in the Beavis and Butt-head era, here’s another famous adult cartoon that defined a generation. Of course, we’re talking about the smart and ironic Daria. The series was released in 1997 and lasted until 2001. In 2002, the TV movie Is it College Yet? was released.

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The series goes around the teenage life of Daria, her friends, and her family. Daria and her friend consider themselves as proud outsiders. The world that the series shows is full of idiot adolescents and undiscerning adults. Who hasn’t felt miscomprehended the way Daria does at least once in their lives?

#13. Big Mouth

There’s nothing scarier than teenage puberty and the Nextflix series Big Mouth explores the horrors and joys of this phase of life. Co-created by Nick Kroll, who also gives his voice to the principal character, the series is a must-see.

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The series goes around the life of a group of boys and girls and their passage to puberty but with an ironic and funny touch. Apart from the group of friends, there are two hormone monsters called Maurice and Connie. Every episode is unique!

#12. Happy Tree Friends

Why did the adventures of these adorable and cuddly animals always end in their horrible and violent deaths? It’s hard to tell which was the secret ingredient behind this show’s fame, but the truth is it had an unexpected success on the Internet when it first released in 1998.

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The series has a big and loyal group of fans who never stop re-watching the seasons. Maybe it’s the fact that the animals are just adorable, or maybe it’s the fact that their terrible instincts are sort of hilarious, but the mix of both these ingredients makes this series unique around the world. You’ll never get bored with any of its episodes.

#11. Bob’s Burgers

Sometimes, those series who deal with the regular problems of normal families are the ones who reach the greatest success, even if it’s a cartoon family we’re talking about. Such is the case of Bob’s Burgers, which follows the steps of Bob Belcher, his wife, and their 3 children. The family tries to make their dream come true: to have their own burger joint.

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In the middle of this, Bob has to deal with his family’s problems, his relationship with his father, and his feud with his neighbor Jimmy Pesto who owns a competing restaurant, located literally in front of his shop. We can say that Sunday Funday of Fox would be incomplete without the Belcher family.

#10. South Park

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the series was released in 1997 and after 22 seasons, it continues rocking! Set in the fictional city of South Park, Colorado, the story goes around a group of 4 rebels and outsiders who are best friends.

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The misadventures of this group and the whole town are hilarious, but at the same time, the show is famous for its sharp critique of modern society, all from the point of view of young schoolers. Without a doubt, South Park is a series that you must see at least once in your life, and let’s not forget that its characters include many famous stars!

#9. Clone High

Perhaps, you know Phil Lord and Christopher from the films The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street. But before they became famous after these movies, they created a rare series called Clone High. Let’s see what it was about!

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It only lasted a season but we still remember it to this day! The story goes around the greatest minds of the world which can return to life thanks to the power of cloning. Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Joan of Arc and Gandhi team up together and embark on crazy adventures in a high school. Beat that!

#8. F Is For Family

If your parents were born in the 70s, they will probably fall for F Is For Family. This Netflix series will take you back to the 70s, to a time in which life was much simpler, at least according to the lead character Frank Murphy. Created by the comedian Bill Burr, it’s almost his autobiography.

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Irish-American Frank loves two things in the world: family and TV, though he doesn’t know which one he loves the most. The series has a special animation that will take you back to an era where kids used to play in the streets and people drank a lot of beer.

#7. The Boondocks

Created by Aaron McGruder, this popular comic strip had its own screen version in 2005. If you have read the comic strip, then you know that the plotline is quite tragic. The story follows the life of Huey and Riley, two kids who were sent to live in the suburbs with their irritable grandfather.

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To make things even more complicated, the black family lives in an all-white neighborhood. Every episode is a social critique of racial injustice in modern times. Also, the show handles a pretty explicit language, so it’s not too suitable for kids. It’s definitely a must-see for every adult!

#6. The Cleveland Show

If you’re a fan of the Family Guy universe, then I’m sure you’re familiar with Cleveland Brown, Stan’s neighbor and former deli owner. Well, Stan and his family have their own cartoon show, The Cleveland Show. It only lasted four seasons from 2009 to 2013 because it didn’t have the same audience as its predecessor.

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1We can’t blame Cleveland or his family, perhaps the series would have had more audience if people wouldn’t love Family Guy so much. Created by Richard Appel and Seth MacFarlane, some episodes are hilarious and enjoyable to see.

#5. The Ren & Stimpy Show

If you were born during the 90s, you probably were a fan of The Ren & Stimpy Show, created by John Kricfalusi, Bob Camp and Jim Gomez. The main characters are Ren, a lunatic Chihuahua, and Stimpson J. Cat, his loyal and goofy friend.

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The misadventures of the couple and the hilarious situations they go through will definitely make you cry of laughing. Definitely, the show left a mark on a whole generation. Also, the animation of the series was something unusual for that time, and let’s not forget that it was the pioneer of cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants.

#4. Rick & Morty

We can’t think of any other series that will make you feel uncomfortable and amused at the same time as Rick and Morty. With millions of fans around the world, this cartoon is actually one of the most successful series on Netflix. Impressive, right?

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The story of the crazy and alcoholic genius Rick and his not-so-bright grandson Morty as they travel around different universes is something that you can’t miss. But Morty’s apathetic sister and goofy parents will also make you laugh!

#3. The Simpsons

With 32 seasons under their arms, The Simpsons is one of the best and longest animated series of all time. This yellow family has been around ever since 1989 and their adventures never grow old. Nowadays, we can’t imagine our lives without them.

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Some critics say that the best seasons were from the first to the tenth. We don’t know if that’s true, but we have to say that to this day, the episodes are hilarious. Apart from Bart, Lisa, Marge, Maggie and Homer, the show would be nothing without the entire city of Springfield.

#2. Space Ghost Coast To Coast

Former superhero Space Ghost was the pioneer of this famous late-night talk show, which was aired for the first time in 1993. Space Ghost Coast to Coast was a cartoon talkie that featured Tad Ghostal (Space Ghost’s real name) as the host. In the company of his villain Zorak, they interviewed many real-life celebrities, from Denzel Washington to Hulk, via video-phone.

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Perhaps when we were children, we didn’t understand the sense of humor of this show, but now that we’re adults, we can easily appreciate the show’s quality. Of course, nothing beats a late-night talk show with real humans, but hey, Space Ghost was the best!

#1. Family Guy

Created by comedian Seth MacFarlane, we can’ think of a funnier show and with a more ironic sense of humor than Family Guy. Aired since 1999, this is yet another series about a dysfunctional family and their daily misadventures.

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In the opening credits, Peter Griffin’s Wife, Lois, asks “Where are those good old fashioned values on which we used to rely?” Well, this was the same question that many teenagers and adults were asking themselves towards the turn of the century, and maybe this is why the series was such a whopping success.

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