Can You Believe These 22 Celebs Still Live In Their Hometown?

Did you think, by any chance, that moving out of your hometown was the key to success? Well… don’t! Here is a list of famous celebrities that make huge amounts of money and never left their hometowns! Slide down to see who they are, you’ll definitely be surprised by #11#6, and #4!

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#22. Dave Chappelle

The stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle never thought of leaving his hometown. Even though he grew up in Washington D.C, he spent many summers in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and he happened to go to middle school in this town too! Evidently, Ohio is his place in the world, since he also owns several houses in Xenia, located just a few kilometers away from Yellow Springs.

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Chappelle loves Yellow Springs because of the kindness and friendliness of the people who live there. He once defined them as “the best neighbors ever” and that’s the reason why he keeps going back. As a child, he always visited this sleepy town because his father worked there as a professor at Antioch University. However, as an adult, he chose to buy a farm and settle down in this village to escape from the hectic Hollywood lifestyle.

#21. Zach Galifianakis

The comedy actor Galifianakis grew up in Alleghany County, North Carolina. Nowadays, he owns a large farm in the town of Sparta, which is located in Alleghany County. Basically, he spends half the time taking care of the farm, and the other half working as an actor.

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This actor loves spending time on his farm and he is not shy at all about giving funny tours around it to the media. If you don’t believe me, then look up some of his videos on the Internet! However, he isn’t just a funny guy, he is sensitive too! In an interview for Vanity Fair, he said the following:

My farm is a place that I get to think clearly and pretend to know what I am doing.”

#20. LeBron James

I’m pretty sure you all knew that LeBron James is a famous basketball player who plays for Los Angeles Lakers, right? Well, even though he obviously owns a house in LA, one of his other homes is located in the same town where he grew up in: Akron, Ohio. But that is not all! He also bought a house for his mother Gloria in the same town. He is such a mama’s boy!

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But it’s no ordinary house we’re talking about, but a 30,000-square-foot property! It comprises not only the regular stuff every home has, but also ultra-luxe amenities such as a recording studio, a bowling alley, a casino, and a barbershop. I bet you want to be in LeBron James’ shoes now, don’t you?

#19.Warren Buffett

Even though the American business magnate Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest men on earth, he still lives in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska where he was born and raised. Buffett purchased his home in the year 1958 for the value of about $250,000 in today’s dollars.

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This billionaire magnate is one of the most beloved ones on earth because he has destined millions of dollars for noble causes. For instance, he donated millions to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in 2009 he founded The Giving Pledge together with Bill Gates, a foundation to which many millionaires give away at least half of their fortunes.

#18.Jeff Daniels

The American actor Jeff Daniels married his college sweetheart Kathleen Rosemary Treado, and both of them were born and raised in Chelsea, Michigan. After they got married, they moved back to their hometown and had three children. Daniels is usually seen by his neighbors around town running errands and also running the theatre he founded there!

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The theatre that Daniels founded is called the Purple Rose and he named after Woody Allen’s iconic comedy film The Purple Rose of Cairo, in which he starred in. Daniels believes that his role in this movie changed his life. He is so attached to his hometown that he once said: “If you want me, I’ll be in Michigan“.

#17. Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper lived for a few years in Los Angeles but he described this as a rough experience, and that was the main reason why he moved back to his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. The Grammy winner loves his hometown and invested millions of dollars to charity and local foundations!

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But not only does he support local organizations and foundations, but he is also thinking of running for mayor. The thought came to his mind in 2018 when Rahm Emanuel, the mayor, announced that he wasn’t looking for reelection. He posted on Twitter: “thinkin’ maybe I should [run]“.


Till the age of 12, Usher lived in Tennessee but then his family decided to move to Atlanta, the city that saw him rise to fame. At the age of 14, he earned a recording contract and he never stopped working ever since then. Even though he’s rich enough to buy a mansion anywhere in the world, he still chooses to live in his worshiped Atlanta.

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Usher has lived in many different mansions, all in Atlanta. In fact, he has bought and sold three properties within a year and a half and has always lost money on his real state transactions. His new home has not been revealed yet but we can imagine that it is located somewhere in Atlanta too!

#15. John Cusack

The Cusack brothers, John and Joan, were born and raised in the outskirts of Chicago, but unlike his brother, John never wanted to leave. When he became famous, he decided that he wanted to stay where he was and bought an apartment in the city! Most actors eventually settle down in Hollywood, but this wasn’t his case!

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Even though he did live for a few years in Malibú, he always considered the Midwest as his home, and that’s why he bought a huge house in his hometown Chicago. In fact, he moved a few years ago from a two-bedroom penthouse to a condo located just a few blocks away, both properties located on the Gold Coast!

#14. Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears was raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, together with her sister Britney. After she got pregnant, she moved to Mississipi with her former husband but when their marriage ended she decided to move back to her beloved hometown!

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A few years ago, Jamie purchased an estate and named it “Serenity”, where she lives with her mother Lynee, her spouse James Watson and her two children. Even though her older sister Britney chose to settle down in LA, she regularly stops by to visit!

#13. Hugh Jackman

The singer, producer and actor Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney, Australia and along with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, he bought a $6-million luxury penthouse there! Even though his new house is a lot more luxurious than the one he grew up in, he remains humble and in touch with his roots!

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The $5.9-million penthouse is located in front of the ocean and is highly equipped, as it includes a sauna, a gym, and countless amenities. Their new penthouse also features glorious views of the beach, oak floors, a unique kitchen, and an enormous balcony.

#12. Eminem

The famous rapper Eminem has always expressed his love for his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, and that’s common knowledge. But what not everybody knows is that he still lives there to this day. He was the owner of two estates located on the outskirts of the city for more than a decade, but he has recently sold one of them.

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Eminem‘s current estate is located at Rochester Hills, one of the wealthiest suburbs in Detroit. It is 15,129 square feet and comprises a mansion with six bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a tennis court, a lake and launch dock, a pool, a five-car garage, and 21 rooms. The value of his home is set in over $4 million. If I had a house that big, I wouldn’t leave my hometown either!

#11. Robert De Niro

The Italian-American actor Robert De Niro was raised in downtown New York City and has purchased an 11,000-square-foot West Village penthouse. Before buying the penthouse, he used to live near Central Park West.

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What might surprise you is that DeNiro’s penthouse is now on the market. It was described as one of the most outstanding penthouses in New York City and it comprises beautiful views of Manhattan from all its windows. It also features many other amenities, including a luxury jacuzzi and a beautiful terrace. How cool would it be to live in DeNiro’s home, right?

#10. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon was born in New Orleans but grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. She loves her hometown so much that when she had to invest her money in real estate she decided to do it in Nashville. Along with her husband Jim Toth, she purchased three homes in that area.

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Although Witherspoon and Toth own three houses in Nashville, they split their time between there and their 10,000-square-foot mansion in the Pacific Palisades of Los Angeles. However, Reese is currently spending most of her time in LA due to the projects she is producing.

#9. Anne Hathaway

The actress Anne Hathaway was born and raised in Brooklyn and has no intention of leaving New York. Along with her husband, Adam Shulman, she purchased a home in the Upper West Side and before that, they lived in a giant penthouse in Manhattan.

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The couple’s current home is quite smaller than their previous loft, but it’s still amazing! It is 1,200-square-feet large and features two bedrooms with skylights, a high-ceiling kitchen and a beautiful terrace where Anne can easily sunbathe in private. If you want to see it, you can find many pictures on the web!

#8. Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi was raised in Brooklyn and he likes his hometown so much that he chose to settle down in NYC. With the money he earned throughout his acting career, he bought a beautiful home in Park Slope, one of NYC’s finest neighborhoods. He lives there with his wife Jo Andres and his children.

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The people who live on Seventh Avenue are lucky to have him as a neighbor, as Buscemi likes leaving different objects on his stoop for people to take. The objects that he leaves include boxes of hats, old coffee mugs, and cassette tapes, among others. A man named Larkfield keeps a record of these items by taking photos and uploading them to his Tumblr account!

#7. John Turturro

The American actor John Turturro was raised in Queens, New York and just like Steve Buscemi, he purchased a house in Park Slope and has been living there with his wife and two children since 1988. He leads an ordinary life, and you may well run across Turturro reading the New York Times on the B train. Wouldn’t it be cool to meet him?

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Turturro and his family have lived in this neighborhood for more than 20 years and according to the actor, the area has radically changed during that period. While the neighborhood is much safer than what it used to be, the downside is that rent prices are rocketing. “The rents are astronomical, But me and others are trying to help, do what we can to keep local shops and bookstores open”, he said in an interview.

#6. Rafael Nadal

The famous tennis player Rafael Nadal was born in Manacor, a small town located in Mallorca Island and he still lives there in a flat with his family. What’s more, he lives in the same building as his grandparents and uncles. Isn’t that sweet?

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In his hometown, he opened the Rafa Nadal Academy which covers 24,000sqm and comprises 18 hard courts, 7 clay courts, 1 indoor court, a 25m pool, a gym, a school, and even room to accommodate 140 children. He is so fond of Manacor that he once told an interviewer:

It is my home. I am happy here and I can’t imagine living anywhere else“.

#5. Justin Timberlake

The singer-actor Justin Timberlake was raised in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, but even though he spent most of his adult life living in Los Angeles, he recently decided to move back to his hometown. He purchased a home that he called “Millville” in honor of Millington, the suburb where he grew up.

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Timberlake purchased his 126 acres of land for $4 million and lives there with his wife Jessica Biel and his son Silas. Millville is not only his family home but also where he has established the creative headquarters for his clothing line and artist development company.

#4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Most famous actors move to LA once they become famous, but in the case of the legendary actor Leonardo DiCaprio, LA happens to be his hometown. He was raised there by his parents George DiCaprio and Irmelin. Nowadays he has improved his living situation and purchased several properties.

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In fact, he owns six properties and believe it or not, he has even bought an island for himself. Yeah, a whole island! All in all, he owns houses in Malibú, California, and NYC. But hey, let’s not judge him, he also invests a great deal of money for social causes.

#3. Pitbull

Armando Christian Pérez, most commonly known as Pitbull, was born and raised in Miami, Florida and he still lives in his hometown! Whenever he is not touring, he stays in his mansion in Pinecrest. Unfortunately, it is said that it has gone into decay during the last few years, especially since 2015.

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In fact, the poor state of his home has raised controversy among the neighbors. When people walk by his property, they don’t see the glamorous house of an artist but instead, a broken fence and an unkempt yard. It is said that Pitbull does no longer reside there but lives in another mansion somewhere nearby.

#2. 2 Chainz

The American rapper and songwriter 2 Chainz was born and raised in College Park, California. 2 Chainz loves his hometown so much that in the year 2015 he even thought of the possibility of running for mayor. Although his idea never came to fruition, many people were hoping he would run.

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The rapper also purchased a home in Hollywood Hills that was built in 1986 and he has recently renovated it. The home features an amazing recording studio, but the amazing fact is that he bought it from rock star Steve Vai for $2.45 million. Many iconic musicians recorded some of their songs in this house, such as Ozzy Osbourne, Eddie Van Halen, the Yardbirds and Slash.

#1. Mary Steenburgen

The famous actress Mary Steenburgen is a native of Newport, though she was raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Nowadays, she lives in her hometown with her husband Ted Danson, who is also a famous actor and producer. Together with chef Matthew Bell, the celebrity couple owns a restaurant called South on Maine.

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Danson and Steenburgen love Little Rock and they can’t picture themselves living anywhere else. As Mary once said in an interview for the Arkansas Time:

The friends I am the closest to are the friends who have come at some point with me to Arkansas”.

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