We’ve Found Out Why People Fall Out Of Love With Their Significant Other — And It’s Heartbreaking

Love stories… we all have some to share, right? Unfortunately, love doesn’t always end well, and the stories to tell are rather sad. Recently, some users were asked about their saddest moments and they all had one thing in common: all of them fell out of love with their significant others at some point. Grab a couple of handkerchieves and be ready to shed a tear or two while going through our emotional slideshow…

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#30. Done

Sometimes, no matter how much you work on your relationship, it is just not meant to be.

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“My ex-husband was emotionally abusive and I had caught him several times having inappropriate conversations online with both men and women, in which he referred to me as his roommate. Come to find out he had been doing it our entire 3-year relationship. That morning I woke up and was just done,” said Megandbethea

#29. The Wrong Person

Other times, you end up realizing that the person you’re with is a complete waste of time.

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“Where do I start? He called my niece fat (she’s 5) and he basically told me he wouldn’t be with me unless I used my engineering degree. Ultimately, he just loved the idea of what I COULD be, not actually who I WANT to be,” said Kelly48

#28. Once A Cheater…

Is it really love if you find out that your significant other has a secret social network account that was created simply for cheating purposes?

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“When I found his Ashley Madison account,” said Kevin39f

#27. A Bad Person

It might hurt, but sometimes you need to go through a painful situation just to realize that the person you’re with is not worth your time or your tears!

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“After my friend commited suicide, my ex told me he did it for attention. Then I realized how shitty of a person he was,Reaganskinner18 told us.

#26. Public Humiliation

No one should ever be humiliated by the person they love, right?

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“It was when he accused me of having alcohol problems in public. I felt sad because he was projecting onto me. He is an alcoholic who had been through rehab for his problems. I realized the man I had once loved was buried in his own mire of self-pitying filth, so I let him go,” Willowg told us.

#25. Lack Of Personality

Sure, it’s nice to have a partner who agrees with you, but it’s also nice to have a partner with a personality of their own!

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“I realized she agreed with everything I said. I thought about it and realized she ALWAYS agreed with everything I said. So, I changed it up and started saying the exact opposite of what I thought, and she agreed with that, too! We broke up a few days later because I realized I need someone who has their own opinions and isn’t afraid to challenge me when they disagree,” Baumannsaraha told us.

#24. No Respect For Your Job

Years of hard work just to have someone telling you your job isn’t that important? Thank you, next!

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“He was talking about how hard his day was and when I tried to jump in he said, ‘Yeah, but you just draw pictures on the computer.’ I’m a graphic designer,” said Jessphil.

#23. I Love You No More

Sure those three words are hard to say, yet once in love, they come out of our mouths very easily, right? The problem begins when you realize that you don’t love your partner anymore, and the love is gone.

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“When saying, “I love you,” felt like an obligation. There was no feeling behind it anymore,” said Julialaurane.

#22. Trouble With The In-Laws

No matter how much you love your partner, getting along with their family is almost always a must. Well, we might be exaggerating a bit, but no one can deny that if you don’t get along with your in-laws, things could get a bit awkward sometimes.

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“His father was aggressively rude, and blatantly tried to make me uncomfortable. For example, he made multiple comments about my cup size, and asked how much my family was worth. It was clear that his family wasn’t interested in adding me to the next holiday photo. It became hard for me to see a future with him after that experience,” Sammy147 told us.

#21. Intimate Tears

You know that when don’t feel like you know the person sleeping right next to you feels painful and lovely, it’s time to let go.

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“I would fall asleep next to him and just feel incredibly alone. Sharing a bed should be intimate and comforting, but it just made me feel depressed and isolated,” Elizabeth73 told us.

#20. Bye Baby Bye

Any young couple who wishes to start a family would be eager to discover that they are indeed expecting a baby. But things could get really ugly if you realize that that dream is becoming one of your nightmares.

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“We had a pregnancy scare and I realized I truly did not want to be connected for life to my boyfriend. It took a while to end after that, but that was my first real inkling that I didn’t love him,” said Moxiemae.

#19. When The Love Is Gone

Anytime a relationship becomes a burden it’s a clear sign that it is time to keep the best memories to yourself and let the relationship go.

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“I realized I wasn’t in love when I would feel drained after spending time with her. I didn’t even want to admit it to myself, because I felt so ashamed. That was my first and only relationship, but at least it was a lesson as to what being with someone SHOULDN’T feel like,” said Erikazeaman

#18. Prisoner Of Your (Lack Of) Love

No one has the right to make you feel like you’re being held hostage of your partner, so when that happens it’s a clear sign that you need to get away from that relationship!

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“I realized when I couldn’t go where I wanted or hang out with my friends without him that he was a toxic drain on my life. I felt like a prisoner,” said Jessrd6.

#17. Not Addicted To Love

If your partner suffers from addiction it is most likely that the relationship is going to fail. Things could get solved if the addict seeks help. However, when they don’t want to do anything about it, it is best to walk away.

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“It was a year into our relationship when he told me he gambled away his one-month paycheck. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but it happened again five more times. I just got exhausted with the excuses and I realized that he was a gambling addict. The worse part, he didn’t want professional help,” Angela98 told us.

#16. Cut The Bad Energy

Sometimes you need to cut the bad energy out of your relationship, even when that means letting your boyfriend or girlfriend go!

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“I got a pixie cut and he told me he wasn’t sexually attracted to me anymore. My feelings for him vanished that day. Been happily single for almost two years now,” said Samrug.

#15. All Play And No Love

When you feel you’re just another object in the room and your partner just wants to focus their attention on something else, it’s about time you realized the relationship is doomed.


“I feel bad about it because he had high-functioning autism, but the amount of time he’d spend on his phone or Nintendo when we were hanging out. It would be difficult to converse with him sometimes because he’d be so wrapped up in video games. The lowest point was when I was feeling down about something, he gave me a hug and I realized he was still playing his Nintendo while he had his arms around me,” said Cigarettemouse.

#14. Family

Your partner’s idea of family can tell you a lot about how your life together is going to be. Sometimes you realize it too late.

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“I fell out of love with him after we finished our family and I saw him as a father. Three beautiful sons in four years, and he couldn’t be bothered to play with them or do things with us as a family. I could never get over the fact that he obviously did not love our children as they deserved to be loved,” said Erina448.

#13. Some Things Are No Joke

Having a sense of humor is important because everyone needs to get a good laugh every now and then. It’s too bad that sometimes you will end up meeting people who will take it the wrong way. When things get out of hand, love can never last.

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“When we were shopping with his mum and sister, and the three of us were playfully mocking him. He just lost it; he screamed at me and then took his sharp thumbnail and ran it down my badly sunburnt arm, making it bleed,” Fransact told us.

#12. Hard Work

Relationships take time and, sometimes, a lot of effort. However, when love is there, it seems like there’s nothing you wouldn’t go through just to be with that person. Sadly, that’s not always the case and there may be times when it’s time to close the chapter and let the other person go.

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“When I started making excuses not to see him, I realized I was happier spending time by myself. Having him over started to feel like an obligation. I did love him, but I was no longer in love with him,” said Mmcdo8.

#11. All Games, No Fun

Having a partner whose interests include playing videogames and pretending to steal on those games is nothing to worry about. The plot thickens when thefts start occurring in real life.

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“We were together for two years, lived together, and had a cat together. We worked at the same restaurant and he ended up getting fired and had no motivation to find another job. He began stealing money from me, playing Fortnite all day, while I cleaned up the apartment and did his laundry,” Shelbye7 told us.

#10. Time For A Break

Sometimes couples consider taking a break from the relationship to get their priorities in order. But what happens when you realize that the only break you need is a breakup?

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“I knew I didn’t love him anymore when I found out he’d cheated on me, and I didn’t even feel sad about it. I was relieved that I finally had an excuse to break up with him,” Rachelbc said.

#9. Fact Or Fiction?

When you’re in love you tend to idealize your partner a little bit, and that’s OK, as long as you know that no one is perfect and it’s possible to have a few flaws. Love gets complicated when you realize that your partner is not actually in love with you, but with the idea of you…

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“When I realized that he didn’t really listen to me. He had some made-up idealized version of me built up in his head that he put up on a pedestal, and it just wasn’t who I truly was,” said KellyH89

#8. Bad Memories

All of us tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to remembering dates or anniversaries. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to forget a date or two… unless your bad memory is the only thing you bring to the relationship.

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“Probably when she couldn’t remember my birthday one year into the relationship. She did not know anything about me, beyond my Netflix password and what I’m like in bed,” Lesbecks told us.

#7. Nothing Left

One thing is working to make the relationship last because both of you want to. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for some people and they discover that there’s nothing left to do.

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“When I realized that I was putting in 10 times the amount of effort that they were. But what really broke it was hearing them say they didn’t love me,” said Chloect.

#6. Sometimes It’s Better To Let Go

Sometimes we’re afraid to let go of toxic relationships because we fear that we might be making a bad decision and that if we come back to ask for another go, we’ll be dismissed with that infamous “this ship has sailed”. Well, sometimes it’s better to sail away because something much better might be waiting just around the corner…

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“My ex-boyfriend and I met while working on a cruise ship and we kept a long-distance relationship for 9 months. Weeks before we were supposed to work on a new ship together he told me he had to go on a different ship. I was able to switch to his ship, but when I arrived he had already switched to another ship. At that moment, I just realized he didn’t want to fight for our relationship. I gave up and got drunk with my now-fiancé,” said SophieCutie

#5. Lack Of Communication

When you’re in a relationship, you wish to be heard by your partner, and you want to open up about your feelings, don’t you?

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“She kept telling me about her problems and I had to listen all the time and be compassionate. When I tried to tell her how I felt about being bullied at school, she told me I was overreacting, and that bullying was “no big deal.” I should have broken up with her sooner,” said Silencesilence

#4. Lack Of Empathy

Who would want to be with someone who doesn’t care at all about their feelings?

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“When one of my dogs died out of the blue, it sent me into a huge depression that I’m still recovering from almost 2 years later. The first time I left the house I threw up and had to come right back home. Then I went to see my boyfriend and he kept kissing me seductively. Honestly, it disgusted me. It took so much for me to even talk to him. At that moment I thought, either this guy is completely unaware of my feelings and who I am or he’s just a selfish dick who has no empathy,” Doggolove told us.

#3. Different Paths

People who have been in a relationship for a while end up feeling like they have grown up together. Sadly, just because they grew up together, it doesn’t mean that they go in the same direction.

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“We just ended up growing in different directions, I realized I didn’t want the same things anymore. My values and interests changed, my maturity grew…but he stayed the same,” said Kimdear.

#2. When It Doesn’t Work Anymore

Most people wish that first butterflies-in-your-stomach phase would last forever, but it doesn’t. Some couples learn to sail the new phases together and some don’t.

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“I noticed I was falling out of love when everything she did started to annoy me. It felt like I couldn’t stand her. I missed the honeymoon phase. I moved away that year and we didn’t talk for months. Eventually, we just didn’t care anymore and broke up,” said fruityduchess

#1. Cheating

Sometimes you know your relationship is over because of your partner’s lies. The wisest choice is to say goodbye.

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“I kept finding things that were clear evidence of cheating and lying, then convinced myself there was a way we’d work past it together. He blamed me for what he’d been doing, and any resolutions to it would be mine to work on alone. I asked him to leave before he even finished what he had to say, and haven’t looked back,” said Brassbracelets.

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