Check Out The Best Towns To Celebrate Halloween In America


As October goes by, we get more and more excited about Halloween. The tradition comes from the pagan Celtic festivity of Samhain, celebrating the Celtic new year. The Celtic believed that spirits and ghosts came around to haunt the living at this date, so they gave them treats to appease the haunters, and that became to the modern trick-or-treat. European immigrants brought Halloween to America and the cities began celebrating it in the 1920s, nowadays it’s the second most popular holiday in the country. Keeping this great tradition, we have already planned our costume, the parties to go and what movies to watch that will make us shiver. However, what’s really awesome is to see our city getting down Halloween-style, but some cities take Halloween to the next level. Here is a list of 30 cities that have it all: a deep and rich haunted history and even ghost sightings and festivals. Read on and find out the most spooky Halloween towns, are you brave enough to visit them?

Photo: Courtesy of Rave Reviews