30 Easiest And Coolest Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up and you don’t have any clue what to dress up as? Sometimes the problem is your budget, other times it’s your lack of creativity, and most often than not, you just don’t feel like working too hard on a costume you’ll only wear once. Well, don’t worry, cause we’ve got 30 couple costume ideas for you to make the whole thing a little easier. Most of them can be made at home so that you can share a special moment with your significant other or a friend without spending too much time or money!

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#30. Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch

This couple costume is perfect for Harry Potter fans, obviously. And although it looks super cool, it is actually pretty easy to achieve. If you’re a big HP fan, then you probably already own the Gryffindor scarf already – or the scarf of another house, in which case, you can dress up as a character that went there.

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Getting a cheap cloak is no biggie, and you can use a stick as a wand. Now, as for the snitch, all you need is a golden dress, and that’s about it. You can add some details, like little wings, glitter, and anything you want to make it stand out even more. You can also both go as Hogwarts students, and that’s even easier since a big black cloak is basically all you need!

#29. Bank Robbers

Dressing up as bank robbers is pretty common and you’ve probably seen people do it before. And that’s because it’s super easy to do, and also super cheap. If you, like most of us, are broke and lazy, then this is the costume for you – and you probably already have what you need at home.

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What you need is a striped black and white shirt, black gloves, and a mask, which you can buy anywhere for mere cents. Then, you can grab a white reusable shopping bag and stick a dollar sign made of paper on it, and voilá! You’re done. You can even go as a robber and a cop too, so you don’t look the same.

#28. Skulls

This is one of the ultimate lazy-but-cool costumes out there. If you don’t feel like dressing up in uncomfortable clothes or going out of your way to purchase a costume, just get some white face paint, eyeliner, and you’re done. Oh, and you’ll need some basic makeup skills as well.

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Once you paint your face white, you can get creative with eyeliner and draw a skull over half your face, or all of it, depending on what you like. Then all you need are all-black clothes, and you’re pretty much done. You can also dress up as a vampire, and add some fake teeth and fake blood in the mix.

#27. Peter Pan And Tinkerbell

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are some of the most beloved Disney characters of all time, so dressing up as them for Halloween is a great idea. Not only is it super cute and fun, but it’s also pretty cheap. For Tinkerbell, you just need a cheap yellow/green dress, and then just cut the ends into a triangular shape. Oh, and of course, some cheap wings will complete the look.

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For Peter Pan, the whole thing is even easier. You’ll just need brown shoes and grey or dark green pants (which you probably already have in your closet). Then, just get the cheapest green shirt you can find, and also cut the ends into a triangular shape. You can complete the look with a belt and a sword.

#26. Tina And Louise

Attention, Bob’s Burgers fans! This is the perfect Halloween costume idea for you. Tina and Louise are two members of the Belcher family, and in our opinion, the best characters of the show. Not only will this be a super cool costume, but also it’ll be super easy to achieve.

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For Louise, all you need is a green dress – or just an oversized t-shirt. You can make the hat yourself, or just purchase a very cheap version from the internet, and you’re done. As for Tina, you can just style your hair like hers, or use a black wig, and then just get a blue shirt and a blue skirt. Oh, and don’t forget the glasses!

#25. Rick And Michonne

What better idea for Halloween than to dress up as one of the most badass TV couples of all time? Get ready to slay the Halloween game by going as Rick and Michonne. All you need is probably stuff that’s already in your closet! Dark colors are your friends, so just grab a pair of dark jeans and a dark shirt, and it’s done.

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Accessorize with combat boots, a belt, and a backpack. For Michonne, you’re gonna need a sword, which you can get for cheap basically anywhere. For Rick, you’re gonna need a fake gun, or a knife (or both, if you want to be loyal to his character). The last thing is to practice your zombie-killing moves in front of the mirror, and you’re done!

#24. Party Animals

What’s easy, funny, and clever? This costume idea! And it isn’t just for couples – in fact, you can get as many people to join as you want to. All you need is some nice party clothes and an animal mask. Each person can go as a different animal, and you can go for a more formal or informal look, depending on your taste.

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We all have a nice dress we wore to a wedding and then it ended up gathering dust in our closet. Why don’t you grab it and take this opportunity to glam up once again? And if you’re a tuxedo wearer, you can do that too. Regular party clothes will also do the trick, as long as you’re not wearing just jeans and a t-shirt.

#23. Ron Swanson And Breakfast

If you’re a Parks and Recreation fan, you know two things: first, Ron Swanson is amazing, and second, the thing he loves the most in this world is breakfast. So why don’t you and your significant other dress up as this match made in heaven? It’s original, fun, and surprisingly easy to put together.

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For Ron, all you need is his signature mustache, and if you can, his hair (although those who saw the show would recognize you just by the mustache, to be honest). Oh, and don’t forget to tuck your shirt inside your pants! Then, a bacon and eggs costume is really easy to get at any place that sells costumes, and it’s usually one of the cheapest costumes you can get. An alternative would also be Leslie Knope and waffles.

#22. Netflix And Chill

What do millennials love the most in this world? Netflix and Chill – at least, according to the internet. This cool couple costume idea is super easy to do, and you will certainly steal the spotlight this Halloween. All you need to do is get some comfy clothes – red for Netflix and black for Chill, and you’re done.

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The most elaborate part of this costume is the printed shirt, but if you don’t have the money or the time to get them done, just grab a plain shirt and write over it with white paint, or stick some paper over it. You probably already got everything you need at home.

#21. Taco Belle

Do you like silly puns as much as we do? Then dress up as Taco Belle this Halloween! Belle is one of the easiest costumes you can find out there, since it has been an extremely popular option for both kids and grownups for over two decades. As far as the Taco costume goes, that one is pretty easy to get as well.

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If you don’t want to spend money on a taco costume, just copy the one shown in this picture, which was made with cardboard and paper stuck on a brown shirt. Easy peasy, right?

#20. Charlie Brown And Lucy

For those nostalgic souls that love Peanuts, here’s a super cool idea for a couple costume: Charlie Brown and Lucy. It’s instantly recognizable while still being simple, comfortable, and easy to make. For Charlie, you just need a yellow polo shirt, and you can paint or stick the black stripe in the middle.

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Lucy’s case is also really easy. All you need is a blue dress and black-and-white sneakers. You can complete the look by drawing or sticking a black flower on the dress, and holding a football. If you have a Snoopy plushy, then it’s even better! Also, the other Peanuts are good, easy options as well.

#19. Timmy Turner and Trixie

Do you want to dress up as the most toxic couple of the cartoon universe for Halloween? Then go as Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang. It’s super original, and the color aesthetics are beautiful. For Timmy, don’t forget his signature pink cap, which you can get anywhere, and a pink shirt and jeans.

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For Trixie, grab a lilac sweater, a white skirt, and white boots. Accessorize with a matching headband and lilac makeup to complete the look. Oh, and if you put your hair up in a ponytail, you’re basically Ariana Grande.

#18. The Powerpuff Girls

If you grew up in the ’90s, there’s plenty of iconic cartoon characters you can dress up, and some of them are definitely The Powerpuff Girls. Not only is it awesome, but it is perfect for three people rather than two. All you need is three cheap dresses in blue, red, and green, and the proper accessories.

Photo: Courtesy of Countryliving

Wrap black lace around the dress, and get some white socks and black shoes – which don’t necessarily have to be high heels, as shown in the picture. To make the look even better, try to copy the characters’ hairstyles, like Bubbles‘s two ponytails and Blossom‘s big, red bow. Buttercup only needs short, black hair.

#17. Jim and Pam

Are you a fan of The Office? Do you hate dressing up for Halloween as much as Jim Halpert does? Then this is the perfect costume for you! Dress up as the most iconic office couple while making zero effort in the process. All you need are office clothes… and that’s pretty much it.

Photo: Courtesy of Buscar Foto

For Pam, you’re going to need to curl your hair and hold it back with a hair clip. Just grab a white shirt from your closet and throw in a plain sweater, and you’re done. As far as Jim goes, mess up your hair and ditch the suit jacket. You can also bring a stapler frozen in jello to the party, and all fans of the show will instantly love you.

#16. Money Heist

One of the hottest trends of last year was Netflix‘s Money Heist, a show about an epic bank robbery where the main characters wore red jumpsuits and masks of painter Salvador Dali‘s face. You can get as many friends as you want to join in this super awesome costume idea – the more, the merrier!

Photo: Courtesy of Ali Express

The masks can be found anywhere on the internet for mere cents, but the jumpsuit is a bit more complicated. Although it isn’t expensive online, you can just go for a red hoodie and red pants, and it will still look good. Oh, and don’t forget to wear black shoes and gloves to complete the look.

#15. Men In Black

Thanks to the Men in Black reboot released this year, this epic franchise was brought back to life, and this time, with a woman as one of the main characters. Take this opportunity to dress up as the Men in Black this Halloween, and spend little to no time and money on this badass costume.

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What is it that you need? A suit and tie, and sunglasses: period. A third friend can join in as an alien, to make it even more interesting. And if you got a nice silver pen, bring it with you, just in case you need to erase people’s memory after the party.

#14. Chick Magnet

You can literally be a chick magnet this year, and it’ll take little to no effort! All you need is a little creativity, some craft supplies, and another person willing to do it with you. For the chick, you should be dressed all in yellow, and you can add yellow feathers to your clothes and hair.

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You can complete the look with orange socks or leggings. Now the real easy costume is the magnet. Just dress all in black, and make a magnet out of cardboard and paper. You can stick some feathers scattered all over your clothes, and that’s pretty much it.

#13. Stick People

Easy, funny, and extremely creepy. This costume is perfect for those who want to be the center of attention yet make a minimal effort to achieve it. It is also good for the whole family, and there’s no limit for the number of people that can join in on the costume idea.

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All you need is to dress in plain white clothes from head to toe. Then, with the help of black tape, make a stick figure across your body, and complete the look with a paper stick-figure mask. Just try not to scare too many kids while they’re trick or treating!

#12. Fred And Daphne

Why not dress as one of the most iconic cartoon couples of all time? Fred and Daphne from Scooby-Doo are timeless characters that everyone loves, so you just can’t go wrong with them. It is a little more elaborate than the other costumes on our list, but honestly, it is totally worth the work!

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Fred only needs a white sweater, blue jeans, and his iconic orange scarf. As for Daphne, you’re going to need a purple dress, a green scarf, and of course, a purple headband to match. If you want to go the extra mile, get a blonde wig for Fred and a ginger one for Daphne, and you’re all set.

#11. Velma And Shaggy

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love Fred and Daphne, and those who prefer Velma and Shaggy. Although they were never an official couple on the show, we all know that these two secretly loved each other. If you love these characters, then dress up as them this Halloween.

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Shaggy‘s look is extremely easy to copy: brown pants and a green shirt, that’s it! As for Velma, you’re going to need an orange sweater, a red skirt, and orange socks to match. Don’t forget her glasses and, if you can, a short bob wig to complete the look. Which Scooby-Doo couple is your favorite?

#10. Steve And Robin

The hottest show out right now is Stranger Things, isn’t it? So dressing up as some of its characters is one of the best Halloween ideas ever. While most people would dress up as Eleven or Mike, why not go for the – in our opinion – much cooler Steve and Robin instead?

Photo: Courtesy of PopBuzz

All you’re gonna need is a typical sailor costume, which is one of the easiest and cheapest ones to find. To actually resemble Steve and Robin, however, you’re going to need red name tags and ice cream badges, which you can make out of paper, and of course, their messy hair as well.

#9. Barbie And Ken

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the most iconic toy couple in history: Barbie and Ken. And the best part is that they have served so many looks over the years, that you have many versions of these two to base your look off. This one, in particular, is the Toy Story 3 version of Barbie and Ken.

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For Ken, it is essential that you soak your hair in hair gel, to achieve that plastic look. Then, just get the most colorful, 1980s clothes you can find, and a pair of loafers. For Barbie, make sure you’re wearing at least one pink item and high heels. With the rest of the costume, just get creative.

#8. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is one of the best card games of this century, and it is also an awesome Halloween costume idea to do with a friend. The best part is that you can come up with any joke you want to write on the cards, so let your imagination go wild on this one!

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Once you decide what you want your cards to say, it’s time to get crafty. You can make the cards yourself with cardboard or have them made at a print shop, which shouldn’t be too expensive. One person should be the black card, and the other one, the white one, and your clothes underneath should match your card’s color.

#7. Top Gun

Dressing up as the characters of the legendary movie Top Gun is super cool, but most importantly, super cheap. I mean, who doesn’t have a pair of sunglasses and a leather jacket laying around somewhere at home? It will literally take you five minutes to put it together, and everyone will love it.

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To complete the look (although this is not 100% necessary), you can print some patches to stick on your jacket, like the American flag, and whatever else you want to decorate your jacket with. Oh, and don’t forget to wear a white t-shit underneath and a pair of blue jeans.

#6. Sheldon And Amy

Another awesome TV couple you can dress up as are Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory. For Sheldon, you’re going to need any superhero shirt – although The Flash is Sheldon’s favorite, so you should go with that if you want to be true to your character – khaki pants, and brown shoes.

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For Amy, make sure you grab your nerdiest sweater out of your closet and combine that with a skirt, black stockings, and black shoes. Let your hair be as greasy as possible and of course, wear a pair of glasses. The other couples of the show, like Bernadette and Howard, are also great ideas!

#5. Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy

Now this one requires more work than the costumes we’ve seen before on this list, but it is 200% worth it. What could be cooler than dressing up as the legendary Mermaid Man and his buddy, Barnacle Boy from Spongebob Squarepants? Literally NOTHING. For Mermaid Man, you’ll need a tight orange shirt, black shorts, and green leggings.

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For Barnacle Boy, you’re gonna need a red shirt, black shorts, and white leggings. Both costumes will need some accessories, like the bra, which you can make with paper, and of course, their shoes – the pink slippers and the blue rain boots. You’ll definitely be the center of attention with this one.

#4. Salt And Pepper

And the laziest Halloween costume award goes to… these two guys in the picture! However, we must say their costume is as lazy as it is genius! Who says you gotta spend a bunch of cash on just a costume? Just be salt and pepper this Halloween, and don’t worry about taking your wallet out of your pocket for a single second.

Photo: Courtesy of Fepimgas

You’ll only need a white shirt for Salt, and a black shirt for Pepper. Then, just cut out an S and a P out of paper, and stick it on your shirt. To complete the look, you’re gonna need a grey beanie and matching pants. Could it ever get easier than this? We honestly don’t think so.

#3. Sandy And Danny

The best couple of the 1980s pop culture is definitely Sand and Danny from Grease. This Halloween, you can recreate one of this couple’s iconic looks from the song You’re the One that I want, but to be honest, any look from this movie would be a great idea for a costume, right?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

For Sandy, you’re gonna need a tight, off-the-shoulder black top, tight black pants, red shoes, and hoop earrings. And don’t forget to curl your hair in true ’80s fashion! For Danny, a leather jacket and white t-shirt will do just fine – and if you can get that John Travolta hair, it’s even better.

#2. Vincent And Mia

This is definitely the ultimate costume for Quentin Tarantino fans – cause going as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill is too complicated and expensive. Going as Vincent and Mia from the famous cult movie Pulp Fiction is an excellent idea for Halloween, and you probably already have everything you need, except perhaps the wig.

Photo: Courtesy of Popsugar

For Mia, you’re gonna need a white shirt and black pants, along with the wig we just mentioned. For Vincent, a baggy suit and a necklace are enough, and if you can copy John Travolta‘s hairstyle, then even better! Oh, and even if you aren’t smokers, you’re gonna need a few cigarettes to stay true to the characters.

#1. Morticia And Gomez Addams

Get you a man that loves and worships you like Gomez Addams loves Morticia. If you want to be the hottest couple this Halloween, follow this costume idea that the iconic Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas did last year. And, to be honest, what’s more in the spirit of Halloween than The Addams Family?

Photo: Courtesy of Hawtcelebs

For Morticia, you’re going to need long, black hair, dark eye makeup, and of course, red lips. A sexy black dress and black shoes will complete the look. For Gomez, you’ll just need to slick your hair back with hair gel, and of course, his iconic mustache. Then, you’ll both be ready to steal the show.

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