Can You Believe These Ridiculous Laws Are Actually Real?

As you probably know, throughout the world there are laws about literally everything, from traffic lights to names. But in the in-between, there are tons of crazy laws you can’t even think of. Laws are normally written after people have committed a wrongful act, so as to make sure the same thing won’t happen again. Therefore, the random laws we’re about to see make us wonder: what in the world inspired jurists to come up with such ridiculous norms? Make sure you don’t miss #12,#9, and #5! 

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#26. Owning Art In Wyoming

There are places known for their art but that’s not the case of Wyoming, a state in the mountain region of Western United States. Neighboring Montana and Nebraska, Wyoming is the least populous state in the country. You may be thinking what brings such a remote state to this countdown, right?

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There is a crazy law in Wyoming that declares that every building worth over $100,000 must have at least one piece of art in the inside. The funniest part is that the vast majority of family houses are worth even more than $100,000. Furthermore, by law, 1% of the family income has to be spent on art. There are a few more conditions but basically, the sate is forcing people to come to appreciate art. I’m not even sure what to think about this!

#25. Drinking Alcohol In Thailand

Did you know that there is a kind of restrictive law about alcohol in the beautiful country of Thailand? It appears to be that the government wanted to control the level of alcohol consumption in order to reduce and prevent alcohol-related crimes. Luckily, the crime rate has gone down, so the bill wasn’t passed in vain!

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Because of this law, Thai people are allowed to drink and purchase alcohol only between 11 AM to 2 PM during lunchtime and after 17 for dinner. This rule does not only apply to households, but it also rules also for bars and restaurants. As you can imagine, business people are not happy about it!

#24. Flushing The Toilet At Night In Switzerland

Did you know that if you’re in Switzerland you can’t use the bathroom after 10:00 p.m.? Yes, you’ve read correctly! Nobody knows the reason behind this law but from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. people can’t flush the toilet. Taking a bath can also be problematic since you can’t make noise at all…

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During those hours, no loud noises are to be made, and the sound caused by flushing the toilet is considered noise pollution. Although there is no way of enforcing this norm in houses, the rule is meant to be followed in apartment blocks. Now, I wonder: how can a child or a pregnant woman avoid using the toilet all night? We can’t expect them to use diapers!

#23. Another Crazy Bathroom Law

The crazy Swiss law we’ve just mentioned is not the only one concerning washrooms. Apparently, there was once an old toilet-related rule in Scotland which posed a great threat to the citizens and their security. Let me ask you a question first: if a stranger showed up at your door and asked to use your toilet, what would you answer?

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Obviously, anyone in their right mind would tell the stranger to leave. However, according to this odd law that is somehow still under effect, people in Scotland supposedly can’t say no when someone knocks at your door and asks to use the bathroom. I’m pretty sure that burglars were quite happy the time this law was passed! Also, this was voted as the UK’s most ridiculous law in 2008. 

#22. Dying In Sarpourenx, France

In Sarpourenx, France, you can’t die anywhere. The mayor of Le Lavandou described this bylaw as “an absurd law to counter an absurd situation”. This law came after the government’s failure to approve the expansion of municipal cemeteries as there wasn’t any room left for people to be buried.

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The city mayor stated that you cannot die within the city limits unless you have bought a burial plot — the spot where a body is laid to rest in the ground after death —.  This may seem a little bit unfair for people who die unexpectedly, don’t you think? The Mayor, however, has taken things too far, as he has claimed that people who die without a burial plot will be punished… Is that even possible to carry out?

#21. Forgetting Your Wife’s Birthday In Samoa

Forgetting your wedding anniversary or your wife’s birthday may be a crime anywhere in the world but in Samoa, it is actually illegal to do so. No-one knows exactly how seriously people take this crime, but it’s written in the books that men can’t forget their spouse’s birthday.

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The thing is, even though it’s illegal, technically no one will know about your offense unless your wife gets upset and reports it to the police. So if you ever move to Samoa… just make sure you don’t forget any important date, or else who knows what your fate will be!

#20. Winnie Pooh In Poland

Winnie The Pooh and all his paraphernalia aren’t allowed in the schools of the city of Tuszyn in Poland. But why? Because apparently he’s deemed as an inappropriate hermaphrodite. He wears no underwear or pants, has no genitals and the authority of the city can’t stand that. Homophobia, much?

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“This is very disturbing but can you imagine! The author was over 60 and cut [Pooh’s] testicles off with a razor blade because he had a problem with his identity,” said Hanna Jachimska, one of the councilors who spoke up against the friendly bear. Since then, kids are asked to leave their Winnie The Pooh related backpacks, lunch boxes, hats, and pencils at home. If you ask me, not only is this ridiculous, but also discriminatory towards sexual diversity! But if this surprised you, wait till you see what comes next!

#19. Dressing Your Animals In Oklahoma

People of Oklahoma are banned from dressing up their animals in costumes… although it’s hard to imagine what’s the harm in doing that! We have certainly seen people putting ridiculous clothes on their animals, but let’s face it, they usually look kind of cute in them!

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However, not all costumes are prohibited. To be more specific, people aren’t allowed to place boots on a farm animal’s hind legs. But who would ever want to do that? This isn’t the only weird Oklahoma law, however, as you can be fined, arrested or jailed just for making ugly faces at a dog!

#18. Eating Durian In Southeast Asia

If you’ve never been to Southeast Asia you probably don’t know what a Durian is. In fact, the first thing that Westerns learn about this fruit is that it is banned from public spaces because of its disgusting odor. It’s a shame that this law exists, considering it’s the national fruit of Malaysia and Indonesia and one of the favorite foods of many people.

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This fruit cannot be eaten in enclosed public places like buses, trains, and schools because of its smell, which has been described as “Turpentine and onion, garnished with an old gym sock”. There are signs in almost every public space to remind people that they can be fined if they eat this healthy fruit. However, it’s good to know that this isn’t the only stinky fruit out there, as in some other places there are bans against jackfruit or mangosteen either.

#17. Mistreating Your Wives In Virginia

In Virginia, there’s a law as old as the state which allows men to abuse and to be mean to their wives. There are some conditions, however; it must be done on Sundays and must be done in public – in other words, there have to be witnesses.

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Thankfully times have changed and you won’t see a man mistreating his wife in front of a crowd, and if it were to happen, we are sure that people wouldn’t just stand there watching an abuse taking place. Even though this law is not put into practice any longer, one can’t help but wonder how anyone ever came up with such a brutal idea.

#16. Baby Names In Germany

There are many countries with fascinating baby naming rules and Germany is one of them. As crazy as it sounds, there are several rules regarding how to (or how not to) name your children, and whether your chosen name is accepted or not is up to the Office of Vital Statistics. If the office rejects your proposed baby name, you’ll have to think of a different one.

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The law states that the names have to follow the rules included in The Book of First Names. One of those rules is that the baby’s name has to show their gender; for example, you can’t name your baby Matti because supposedly it’s difficult to know if it’s a boy or a girl name, and that ambiguity is thought to have a negative effect on the child’s well-being. Enough with the binarism, people, it’s the 21st century!

#15. Skydiving In Florida

For some reason, the United States has quite a few strange laws that affect only women. In Florida, there’s a restriction for single ladies: shockingly, unmarried women can not skydive on Sundays. If you’re a single woman and a big skydiving enthusiast… well, to be honest, I seriously doubt anyone will care, nobody even knows this law exists!

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We don’t know why it is a law, but women who are caught committing this weird crime can theoretically face time in jail and a very expensive fine. Most women who do this on Sundays are not even aware that they’re breaking the law. This is one of the most ridiculous laws in this list, by far!

#14. Building Castles On Italy’s Beaches

Italy has a law that prohibits anyone, including children, to build sandcastles. As you read, sandcastles are banned in Italy even though it’s one of the most popular activities among little children, especially those who are still too small to go for a swim on their own. The citizens have to make sure that there aren’t sandcastles on their beaches.

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Apparently, they obstruct the passage and some even claim that it is considered “public decorum”. The fine for doing this is €250 at Eraclea, a place near Venice. Some newspapers have called this holiday season “the summer of bans” since sandcastles aren’t the only thing that people must stay away from. In other cities, they have banned bikinis and kissing in public. It all sounds very Footloose, doesn’t it?

#13. Passing Away In The British Parliament

Remember the law that banned people from dying in a French town? Well, apparently, there’s a similar case in England, where there’s a very strict ban for people who work at the Parliament. This has been named the most absurd legislation in Britain but it’s still a rule that has to be followed.

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Apparently, people who work at the Parliament are not allowed to die inside the building. Yeah, believe it or not, it’s literally illegal for a congressman to sit in his seat and die. I wonder if their job is so boring to the point in which they die of boredom, or else why would anyone ever come up with such a bizarre law? It is said that in old times if they saw you looking a bit sick, they would carry you out of the building so that you died somewhere else.

#12. Name Laws In Denmark

Just like Germany, Denmark has strict rules when it comes to naming children. While in Germany the restriction counts for “inappropriate” gender names, Denmark has taken things to the next level. They decided to make a list of 7,000 names that are deemed acceptable. If the name you have chosen is not on the list you’ll have to pick another one. Most people would consider this a violation of their freedom of choice, and I agree!

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Supposedly, this law is meant to protect the child from being given certain names that may be considered offensive or even embarrassing and plenty of nations around the world have followed Denmark’s path. If parents insist on choosing a name that’s not included in the list, then they can file a petition which demands both the government’s and the church’s approval, but you should know that they receive nearly 1,000 petitions per day… so, just stick to the list.

#11. Water Weaponry In Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the hottest places in the world and water sports are extremely popular for that reason. However, for some inexplicable reason, the government thought it was a good idea to ban certain kinds of water sports and games. But how or why did they even come up with such a norm?

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To be more specific, the authorities have banned the use of water weaponry during the Khmer New Year festivities since, in recent years, some people have loaded their water pistols with acid. These acid attacks are usually directed against young women, so as ridiculous as the law sounds, it’s actually meant to fight against gender violence.

#10. Drinking Wine In La Paz

In La Paz, Bolivia, women can not drink more than one glass of wine a night unless they’re single. If you’re married, then you’ve got to stick to the rules, since authorities believe that drinking more than one glass will make women more prone to cheating on their husband.

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As you can see, this law runs only for women, while men can drink whatever amount they wish. This sexist rule is based on the statement that women are morally and sexually lax and more inclined to incur in extra-marital affairs. If that’s not gender inequality, then I don’t know what is! It’s time to start treating men and women as equals, people!

#9. Wedding Rules In Australia

The definition of marriage may change according to each culture and religion, but it’s basically a legally recognized union between people who wish to share their love with the rest of the world. And as you know, one of the procedures in a wedding – at least in Western weddings – is when the officiant says the words “speak now or forever hold your peace“.

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Well, in Australia, when the officiant asks this question, apparently it’s just out of courtesy because if anyone dares open their mouth, they can go to jail. So answering the mentioned question is technically illegal and you can be sent to jail for up to 2 years or pay a $10,000 fine. So if you’re at your friend’s wedding and you feel there’s something you really wanna say… well, don’t.

#8. Luxurious Mattresses In Argentina

If you’re traveling to Argentina forget about sleeping on a luxurious mattress filled with comfortable feathers. According to what the government said, “such an indulgence induces and encourages lascivious feelings”. Say what???

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To begin with, why would anyone assume that people will have less sex if they ban luxury mattresses? Besides, why the need for preventing lascivious feelings? Apparently, government officials clarified that this norm only ran for jails and mental health institutions… but still, why?

#7. Crushing Beers In Australia

One day, this Australian woman found out she had a strange talent: she was able to crush beer cans with her chest. She found her talent while working as a waitress so she wanted to show off what she could do in front of her clients. She was probably trying to get some extra tips until her dream reached a dead end.

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Somehow the word spread and reached the government officials, who quickly let the woman know that there was actually a law against such an act. If you ask me, the authorities were just bluffing. Are you telling me there was already a law that forbade crashing objects with your chest? Really?

#6. Chewing Gum Ban In Singapore

When Singapore became independent in 1965 it was a tiny country with scarce resources, so Lee, the country’s first Prime Minister, hatched a survival plan. Ever since then, Singapore has become internationally famous for many of its ridiculously strict rules, including the famous chewing gum sales ban. Chewing gum has become illegal since 1992, though in 2004 they’ve exempted therapeutic, dental, or nicotine chewing gums as long as they’re bought from a doctor or registered pharmacist.

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What happens if you get caught chewing gum? Tourists that visit Singapore are allowed to bring chewing gum with them, but only a maximum of two packs per person. Any more than that can get you charged with “gum smuggling” which carries the penalty of one year in jail plus a $5,500 fine. Besides, in many public places chewing gum is strictly forbidden.

#5. Sleeping Nude With Your Spouse In Salem

If you’re thinking where to spend your honeymoon with your spouse… well, let me tell you that Salem is off the table. The city from Massachusetts once famous for its witchcraft trials has an edict against married couples sleeping nude in a “rented bedroom.” This one is one of those ridiculous laws which is practically never put into practice, but it still hasn’t been repealed.

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But this is not the only marriage-related rules in the US. For example, in South Carolina, it’s against the law to promise marriage on the pretense of getting someone into bed. In Kansas, being bean to your mother-in-law ins considered a motive for filing for divorce.

#4. Feeding Pigeons In San Francisco

In San Francisco, there’s a law that prohibits feeding pigeons. But why? Allegedly, doing so is bad for the citizens and for other birds too. The thing is that feeding them produces overbreeding and the huge pigeon population is already a health hazard and triggers other problems.

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Furthermore, when you feed a pigeon, you’re not even doing them a favor. They lose their natural ability to scavenge and survive on their own. So if they catch you doing this in the streets or sidewalks of San Francisco you may be cited and fined.

#3. Obesity In Japan

In Japan, being thin isn’t just the price you pay for fashion or social acceptance. If you’re fat in Japan, you’re breaking the law. While the world still argues the health issues that may stem from obesity, Japan decided to just ban it. Now it’s illegal to be obese.

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They set a maximum waistline limit of 85 cm (33.5 in) for men and 90 cm (35 in) for women. Ordinary residents from this country have been buying fitness equipment, joining gyms and popping herbal pills in an effort to lose weight, even though Japan has some of the world’s lowest rates of obesity, and some doctors warn that they are already too thin, to begin with.

#2. Reincarnation In China

Are you planning on coming back for another go-round at life? You’re out of luck if you’re in China. The Chinese government recently legislated that Buddhist monks are banned from reincarnating without their permission. According to a statement issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs, the law is “an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation.” 

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The true motive behind this law is to cut off the influence of the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s exiled spiritual and political leader, and to quell the region’s Buddhist religion. But still, how could the government attempt to stop people from reincarnating even if they wanted to?

#1. Naked Alpinism In Switzerland

Europe is known for its liberal views on sexuality and its openness to sexual diversity. In fact, in many European countries, it’s allowed to go topless in beaches and other forms of partial nudity are also allowed. But in the Swiss Alps, it’s a different story.

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After a family was flashed by a naked hiker in 2009, Switzerland banned doing alpinism naked. The thing is that Switzerland doesn’t have a law against public nudity but it does have one against public indecency. The man in question was fined for $109 after he walked naked past a family with small children at a picnic area in Appenzell.

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