Human Barbie And Human Ken — Life In Plastic Is Fantastic?

By now, you must have at least heard of Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukranian model who became known as the Human Barbie. However, there is another person who underwent similar surgeries to look like…you guessed it: Barbie’s longtime partner, Ken. His name is Justin Jedlica and he spent thousands of dollars to achieve this look. It was about time these two met but apparently…things didn’t go as expected. Let’s dive into their story!

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#34. A Cute Little Doll

Growing up, Valeria Lukyanova took pride in her extensive collection of Barbie dolls. Like any other child, she enjoyed dressing them up, combing their hair and playing house. This does not seem out of the ordinary. However, little did her parents know about the change this would provoke later…

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She took great interest in her Barbies; she was captivated by their perfect look. Allegedly, it derived in an obsession. Keep reading to find out more about her transformation.

#33. Growing Up

Lukyanova lived a normal life as she became older. After turning 16, she moved to Odessa, Ukraine and she got a degree in Architecture.

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After the war in Donbass broke out, in 2014, she had to move to Moscow, Russia. However, destiny had other plans for her and soon she’ll realize that there was a more exotic destination awaiting for her.

#32. Pageants

Her career started around 2007, when she won the worldwide beauty pageant “Miss Diamond Crown of the World“. Neither body modification nor plastic surgery were forbidden to compete in this pageant. However, her beauty seemed out of the ordinary —not to say….unnatural.

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Photoshoots, interviews with the Russian media, this was her starting point and soon her life will change dramatically because apparently, this wasn’t enough for her.

#31. Early Fame

Most of the fame came after she started posting pictures and videos of herself showing a remarkable resemblance to a Barbie doll.

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Audiences were instantly captivated by her large eyes, pointy nose, long blond hair and her tiny, slim waist. However, little did they know of the sacrifice she had to endure to achieve this look.

#30. First Steps

She was aware of her outstanding beauty but was far from satisfied. She wanted to look like a human doll…a Barbie doll, to be more specific. This meant she’d have to take drastic measures to achieve her dreams.

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At first, there were very subtle changes in Lukyanova’s appearance. Nevertheless, her looks quickly began to change dramatically to adopt a more Barbie-like facade. Soon, critics with expertise in plastic surgery began to make some interesting remarks.

#29. Secrets

For starters, she got a breast augmentation. This was her first step towards her dream, but this was just the beginning. At first, she denied having done any surgery, but she later came to admit having breast implants. But the question remains…how far did she actually go? I mean…she only admitted to the most obvious changes, but what else is she hiding?

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There is much speculation around the extreme surgeries she must have had to endure to achieve this look so flawlessly. And to anyone asking if she’s willing to undergo surgery in the future, she says that she’d do it if needed in the future.

“I am not against surgery, but for now there is nothing I need to do,” she admitted

#28. Like Mother, Like Daughter

It’s crystal clear that she inherited her mother’s good looks, but was it enough? Apparently, not because she had to undergo all these extreme procedures to be transformed into a real-life doll.

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One would think that her mother, Irina Lukyanova, would somehow oppose her daughter’s behavior, but shockingly, her response was totally different. According to Valeria, it was her mother who supported her during this journey and the person who encouraged her to lead a more “spiritual” life.

#27. Spirituality

She revealed that, just as she does, her mother follows a very strict diet to preserve her looks. But, as previously stated, both mother and daughter are fervent believers of leading a life of spirituality.

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“Many people think you need only good looks to be successful but that’s not true – only spiritual work can bring tangible results,” Valeria revealed.

#26. A Sculpted Body

Once she achieved the look she was striving for, critics just gave for granted the fact that she had gone under the knife several times. A nose job, liposuction on all her limbs, cheek and neck reduction and a sculpted abdomen —those were some of all the surgeries they attributed to her.

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As more people noticed her perfect hourglass shape and her perfectly sculpted body, suspicions about her having removed ribs started to grow…and quickly. In case you were wondering, yes, that is possible and it’s a usual proceeding among models. And if that wasn’t enough, people accused her of altering her photos to make them even more exaggerated.

#25. Smoke And Mirrors

She downright denies having anything plastic on her and she explains that, to achieve this look, she spends an hour and a half on her makeup and hair routine. Whether to believe her or not is up to you, but mind you: she might be telling the truth.

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It seems that she achieves this look by means of advanced makeup skills, contact lenses and hard workout routines. The problem with this claim is that it seems that her idea of diet and exercise routines are worlds apart from the norm.

#24. “This Isn’t Me”

Apparently, she is not willing to disclose how many times she’s been through surgery or if she’s even been through surgery at all. She explains that it is necessary to look beyond what’s superficial because we might not be looking at the real her.

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“I think that this kind of people should understand that it is necessary to evaluate a person not on the external qualities but by their soul,” she reveals when asked about her physical appearance.

#23. What Changed

But, she remains patient with her curious fans and she tries to answer questions, which, generally, are related to plastic surgery, as they believe she has definitely gone under the knife for more just breast implants.

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She replied: “As you can see, I’ve only done my boobs and have always been skinny. The only difference is that now I am more fit. That’s the only difference.”

#22. Nutrition

Valeria maintains this incredible look and a low body fat percentage by following a very strict, clean diet. Multiple times she said that to be healthy and fit you need to eat vegetables such as carrots, lentils, cabbage, kale, beans and fruits. “Keep it clean and tasty!” she says.

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She prefers a vegetarian diet but you should feel free to add anything that is clean and good for you. A friendly reminder from your writer: always consult with your doctor and don’t try any crazy diets by yourself. What works for some, may not work for others.

#21. Hard Workout

Not only is she thin, but she’s also fit. There is little to no information on the details of her daily workout but these are a few things she does to boost her metabolism and burn fat: cardio work, weightlifting and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These are considered the most efficient ways to work out and improve your strength.

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A good workout routine, accompanied by a healthy and conscious diet are key to achieving a healthy and fit body. However, as Valeria says, you should embrace the limits of your body and always stay true to yourself.

#20. Her Astral Self

Valeria strongly believes that good looks cannot secure success alone; one needs to do spiritual work in order to achieve results.” She insists that good looks is not the only thing she has to offer to the world and she wants to help people get in touch with their astral selves.

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Now, just between us… Do you think she pulls off this look by wearing makeup only? Slide to see!

#19. A Clean Face

I personally think that it’s pretty clear. She uses a TON of makeup to achieve that look, but I don’t think that she’s had her face modified at all.

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Anyways, wearing a full-cover makeup is preferable to having your body altered permanently. Don’t you think?

#18. A Clean Body

And what about that insane doll-like figure? Well, take a look at her selfies at the gym. I think that it pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

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At least, at first sight, it doesn’t seem like she’s done anything but the breast surgery she already acknowledges. I believe this is the result of strict diet and exercise routine.

#17. At The Gym

As we said before, she firmly believes in working out on a daily basis, for five to six hours! Ouch…that hurt right in my laziness.

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I love her gym look, it suits her really well. Also, don’t you think she looks a little less intimidating? I mean, she’s just another regular girl at the gym! Okay…she does look awesome, but nothing out of the ordinary.

#16. A Classy Girl

As contradictory as it may seem, the model does not enjoy at all being called the Human Barbie or being reminded about her resemblance to the doll. She claims she just doesn’t see it.

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“I do not think that I look like a Barbie (…) I think I just look like a classy girl,” she confessed

#15. This Is Me

As you can see, Amatue —her new name— is tired and kind of annoyed that people only remember that side of her and forget that she is also a writer, musician and a DJ.

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

“That I did a bunch of surgeries to look like a doll and know nothing more about me (…) It is actually completely different and my look is only a side effect of my inner world,” she revealed.

#14. Just A Lifestyle

She does look unrecognizable, but hey! Have you seen other people doing cosplay? I think it’s the same. She does this for a living, it is not her real self, as she mentioned.

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In fact, without all that makeup, I think she’s quite a natural beauty. Don’t you?

#13. But What About Ken?

Up to this moment, we could not understand why it took them so long to get together…but if you read further, you’ll realize why. The couple met during a TV appearance but apparently, they hated the sight of each other. Could it be that they are just too similar?

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A lot of people were surprised to see such shady behavior between the two…but let’s keep in mind that unlike the actual Ken and Barbie, they are not in a relationship nor they have to get along. Now, let’s jump real quick into Ken’s backstory before telling you what went down the day they met.

#12. Barbie’s Partner

Meet Justin Jedlica, a 39-year-old American entrepreneur who made his endeavor to look like the Human Ken. While Lukyanova admitted to having only breast implants and that she wears makeup and contacts to achieve her look, Jedlica confirmed that he has gone under the knife at least 120 times! It is estimated that he spent around $150,000 for these procedures.

“I don’t even know if I look like a Ken Doll, but if other people want to say I do, it’s flattering,” he said.

Photo: Courtesy of US Weekly

Obviously, their appearance has captivated the public all around the world. The media was in fact, so interested in them that the first time they met each other was featured on national television.

#11. How It Began

Inspired by watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as a teen, he started admiring body contouring and cosmetic surgery. It wasn’t long before he realized that his ultimate goal would be to pursue a wealthy and glamorous lifestyle. In one interview he confessed:

“Dolls are typically thought of as the ideal of what a man or woman should be, look like, live like.”

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue Sugar

His parents did not approve of cosmetic surgery, so his transformation didn’t begin until he was legally able to make his own decisions. A few days after his 18th birthday, he underwent his first surgery: a rhinoplasty to reconstruct his nose.

“Three days after my 18th birthday I went in and did my first nose job, which is something I wanted from a really young age. For me, that was something I needed to fix…”

#10. His Parents’ Reaction

In an interview with The Daily Beast, he revealed his family’s struggles:

“I was brought up really poor. Not to say that we were on the corner begging for food, but there was no extra. There was no travel—no flying for sure. We used to go camping as our family vacation in the woods. When we got a used pop-up camper with the ceiling stapled back up that was posh for us.”

Photo: Courtesy of Worldation

This was the moment he realized he needed to have luxury in his life. He wanted fame. And he thought that as most people say, if he looked the part, maybe one day he could be like those people in a status group. And in we can say that, one way or another, he wasn’t wrong.

“What happened was, [plastic surgery]was the one thing I did that I felt like I could tangibly grasp onto. I knew it was something I wanted to do because to me, it was something that rich people did. It was a status symbol that said ‘I’ve arrived and I’ve earned this.”

#9. His Own Path

On several occasions, Justin explained that his childhood had a large impact on his decision to become a Human Ken.

“I was anything but what [my father]had expected. Instead of sports and cars, I was drawn to the arts and had an affinity for the “finer things in life…My community, my family, and my friends didn’t seem to understand me or my interests.”

Photo: Courtesy of Barcroft

Jedlica often refers to his transformation as “cathartic“. He explained that:

“The restructuring of the contours of my face and body in an effort to customize myself perseveres as I grow as an individual.”

#8. Inspiration

But that was not it. Actually, it turns out that the Ken doll wasn’t the main inspiration for his surgeries. He was really devoted to the glamorous style of the stars. On his website, he reveals:

“The lives of famous figures like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Andy Warhol, and Donald Trump fascinated me. These interests were instrumental to the formation of my personal view of beauty, the lifestyle I wanted and the notoriety I sought. Thus, the Justin Jedlica rendition of the ‘Ken Doll’ was born.”

Photo: Courtesy of US Magazine

He also stated that he gets a lot of inspiration from Japanese anime.

“As a kid, you play with Ken dolls and kind of assume that is what a handsome guy is supposed to look like.”

#7. The Surgeries

Up to this date, Jedlica has undergone more than 120 surgeries and cosmetic procedures, some of which are female-specific procedures. So what did these procedures consist in? Well, in addition to his nose job, he’s gone under the knife to get muscle and breast implants added, his legs lengthened, his belly button fixed, his toes straightened and his feet narrowed.

Photo: Courtesy of Planet Romeo

After his first surgery at the age of 18 and up tp this date, he’s undergone a total of 149 procedures. In an interview, he explained:

“I’ve had 149 cosmetic procedures — which is different than surgeries. I’ve probably had 19 actual full-on surgeries; even in those 19 surgeries I’ve had some combos where there have been several areas worked on.”

#6. A Perfectionist

Apparently, Jedlica is always finding ways in which he can improve his body. Jedlica told The Daily Mail:

“As a very detail-oriented person I always find something new to critique and fix (…) Most recently I had three veins in my forehead stripped and ablated as every time I would smile or laugh they would pop out…I called them my ‘Julia Roberts’ veins.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Beast

However, he’s really interested in you to know that he’s not anatomically matched to Ken. It may be obvious that even though one of Ken’s trademarks is his lacking of genitals, a person would not normally choose to undergo a surgical procedure to get their genitalia removed. But, apparently, due to seriously hateful backlash on his page arising from a photo showing him in a close-fitting swimsuit, revealing a bulge, Jedlica had to come forward and explain the haters the obvious.

#5. Ken Has A Partner

Who said Ken would find love with Barbie and her alone? After being together for five years, his boyfriend and him decided to take a step forward and were joined in a civil union in July 2017. Jedlica revealed in an interview that his husband is very supportive.

Photo: Courtesy of Zimbio

“He tells me that my plastic surgery turns him on… he doesn’t have any qualms with it. It was something we talked about even before we got married, because I was like, ‘We’re not going to get married if you’re going to give me shit about my surgeries!’ He was like, ‘Oh, I know that’s part of you, it’s totally fine.’ He’s not opposed to having work done either. It really was a moot point; it wasn’t an issue at all. I think he thinks it’s kind of cool.”

#4. The Reunion

As we revealed earlier, they are not a good match nor do they care about each other. In his latest interview, Jedlica spoke about his hostile relationship with Lukyanova and he made it very clear: they do not have one thing in common. Moreover, he did not hesitate to express his disbelief about Lukyanova’s origins and how she became famous. This is what he told The Daily Beast in an interview:

Photo: Courtesy of Inside Edition

“How she became famous is all a complete lie and no one seems to realize it.(…) She was a composer or a DJ, who wanted to get more bookings; so she and her friends decided she would dress up like a doll and pass around this little white lie that she spent £600,000 on surgery to look like Barbie. (…) But it got bigger than what she wanted, and when inquired, she neither confirmed nor denied it. So everyone made the assumption that she had the surgery. She just didn’t say anything.”

#3. Opinions

Mr. Jedlica revealed in an interview with the Huffington Post:

“It appears to me that much of her look is added makeup, fake hair and ‘slimming’ corsets. (…) Drag queens have put on the same illusions with makeup and costumes for years,” And he added: “But as soon as you wipe away all that makeup she’s just a plain Jane and there’s absolutely nothing special about her.”

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

To this, Lukyanova answered:

“He would do better not to comment on who is plastic and who is not. I think he is handsome man – but he overdid his lips.”

#2. May The Best Doll Win

The feud between the two became stronger when Jedlica decided to mock his doll rival and dressed as a drag queen, wearing the same makeup she did when they met.. The 39-year-old Newyorker said that while he’s spent over $150,000 to permanently transform himself into a human Ken doll, Valeria “just plays dress up.”

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

Jedlica, who has had over 120 plastic surgeries, confessed:

“Valeria has been my arch nemesis ever since we met each other earlier this year, and by dressing up like her twin I wanted to prove that anyone can look like Barbie, even Ken!”

#1. An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words

I don’t know about you but the cringe in this picture is really real. Just look at them, she’s not even looking at him and while his smile may seem friendly, their body language does not lie.

“She’s interesting. I hate that people compare us, because she’s putting on the illusion of a mannequin. It is a little bit weird that she’s trying to be stoic, emotionless. She puts her hand in the position of mitts and walks around in these tiny baby steps and blinks her eyes.”

Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

After all these years of Barbie and Ken’s dream life, it seems that this Ken and this Barbie are not a good match.

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