Top 30 Worst Mistakes In Blockbuster Films You Never Noticed

You would think that a huge Hollywood blockbuster would pay enough money for people to watch out for mistakes – and you’d be totally wrong! Even the biggest films have mistakes in them that somehow nobody noticed before it was too late, and luckily, we are here to point them out to you. Stick around for the 30 biggest mistakes in famous movies that you probably never noticed!

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#30. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is definitely one of the biggest movie franchises in history. Its three installments and The Hobbit prequels have grossed more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes, yet nobody in the huge production crew realized this huge mistake spotted in The Fellowship of the Ring.

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In a scene featuring two of the movie’s main characters, Sam and Frodo, a certain machine that was definitely not around in the Middle Earth could be spotted driving down a road on the right-hand side of the screen. Upon noticing this, the car was edited out in the DVD version of the film.

#29. Terminator

The Terminator franchise is definitely one of the biggest action franchises in the world. With every new movie, the budget got bigger and bigger, yet they couldn’t pay someone to check the planes they were using in a few scenes, could they? After all, they paid Arnold Schwarzenegger a modest $100 million to reprise his role.

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All throughout the movie, the plane numbers change not once or twice… but actually three times. First, the plane read “N3035C”, then “N3973F”, and then magically, it becomes the first number again. Why didn’t anyone make sure they were renting the same plane every time? We’ll never know for sure.

#28. Star Wars

We can all agree that the Star Wars movies were ahead of their time, right? The first movie, A New Hope, was incredibly difficult and expensive to make, and George Lucas made sure it was perfect in every single detail… well, almost. Seems like a 32.5 million budget wasn’t enough to prevent any mistakes from reaching the big screen.

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There are actually a few mistakes that die-hard fans have spotted over the years, but this one is definitely the funniest. In a scene where the stormtroopers break into the control room, the one on the right is apparently too tall for the door and hits his head on the door frame. In the DVD release, they actually added a sound effect to it to make it even funnier.

#27.Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies not only brought a Disney World attraction to life but also revived the pirate genre, which had been basically dead for decades. The huge production got big names like Johnny Depp to grace the screen, and it was actually a huge risk investment for Disney at the time.

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However, despite having such a huge production company behind it, The Curse of the Black Pearl features a crew member that definitely does not belong there at all. A person wearing a cowboy hat can be seen on the left in one of the scenes, and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure there were no cowboys in the Caribbean.

#26. Twilight

Love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that Twilight changed the teen movie genre forever, and it had groundbreaking success for several years, spawning a total of five movies and four books. It was also famous for giving a new spin to the classic vampires we all knew and loved.

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For example, vampires in Twilight have hazel eyes, and instead of being roasted when exposed to sunlight, they actually sparkle, as if their skin were made of diamonds. However, it seems like the director of the third movie, Eclipse, forgot about this detail, because Edward, our main vampire, doesn’t sparkle… hmmm.

#25. The Goonies

The Goonies is a 1985 comedy-adventure film that is now considered a cult movie by many. It tells the story of a group of adorable children who find a treasure map that takes them on a wild adventure to discover the fortune of a 17th-century pirate, and the boys get into a lot of trouble on the way.

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During their journey, Mikey, one of the boys, finds a Topps baseball card of Lou Gehrig on Chester Copperpot‘s wallet. Copperpot’s body had apparently been there since the 1930s but… that was around 40 years before such a card could exist. It is a lack of attention to detail that probably led to this mistake.

#24. Gladiator

We all know that Gladiator takes place in ancient times, so let’s brush up on our history here. The movie is about a Hispano-Roman general in Roman times, who is betrayed and sold into slavery, and then comes back with a thirst for revenge. One thing is for sure, though: there were no engines back in the day.

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In one of the scenes, a chariot is turned over, and for a brief second, a gas cylinder is revealed underneath. If the Romans had had such advanced technology back in the day, their empire would’ve probably never fallen. This major error ruined the immersion of many moviegoers, sadly.

#23. Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven had a star-studded cast, a clever plot, and all other ingredients needed to be a huge success at the box office – and it was. However, many mistakes just went over the crew’s heads for some reason. Most of the mistakes that you can actually see are editing errors, like the one on the picture.

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There’s one scene where Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are walking around and talking, and Brad Pitt has a glass of cocktail shrimp on one hand. Then, as soon as the camera cuts back, the shrimp is gone, and he has a plate of food instead. If you didn’t notice, you were probably too busy looking at their gorgeous faces!

#22. Braveheart

Released in 1995, Braveheart solidified Mel Gibson‘s career as a Hollywood giant and paved the way for other epic war films of the decade. The tale of William Wallace, a Scottish warrior in the 13th century, was an instant success, and all the money invested in this movie really paid off. However, they did miss a few mistakes.

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The worst mistake is definitely this one, however. On more than one occasion, white cars can somehow be seen in the background. Allegedly, the movie was filmed right next to an actual road, and the street wasn’t closed off for the filming of the movie. They probably regret not doing so!

#21. Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino is a director known for his attention to detail. Every single piece of his movies has a meaning and a reason to be there…well, almost everything. In fact, he’s been known for having quite a few slip-ups on his films, the most famous one being spotted in a scene of Pulp Fiction.

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The two main characters, hitmen Vincent and Jules, are seen interrogating a guy named Brett, who they proceed to kill. After Brett dies, one of his friends comes out of the bathroom and, upon seeing his dead friend, starts shooting at the hitmen. However, the bullet holes are seen before Brett is even dead… hmm.

#20. Ace Ventura

It is a well-known fact that Ace Ventura is not Jim Carrey‘s finest work. While the movie was a hit when it was first released in 1995, people quickly started noticing several continuity issues and errors in the film, like the one in this picture. At the climax of the movie, Ace walks up to a man called Vincent Cadby.

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Ace proceeds to move the chess pieces on the table in front of him, and then the camera cuts to a different angle. Then, when the camera cuts back, all of a sudden the chess game is totally gone. It is believed that Ventura actually threw the pieces on the ground, but that part of the scene was cut from the movie.

#19. North By Northwest

North by Northwest is a classic action thriller starring Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant that came out in 1959. Back then, they didn’t have the technology we have today, so, understandably, some things might have gone over the filmmakers’ heads a few times. This one mistake happens in a scene that takes place at the Mount Rushmore Visitors Center.

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Eva’s character all of a sudden pulls out a gun but doesn’t shoot yet. However, a little boy can be seen in the background, covering his ears before the shots were even fired. We know that kids aren’t the best actors in the world and it’s just an extra in the background, but c’mon, YOU HAD ONE JOB, KID.

#18. Frozen

Frozen is definitely one of the best Disney films of this century. Its story, music, characters, and special effects have captivated audiences all around the world. And everyone’s favorite part is, of course, the climax of the movie, when princess Elsa decides she finally had had enough and wants to break free, as she sings the iconic song Let It Go.

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The song is so amazing that it actually won an Academy Award. However, you probably didn’t notice there was a mistake in it. That is because, as she is singing her heart out, she lets her hair down, and her ponytail goes right through her shoulder as if it was invisible. The animators were probably distracted by the amazing music!

#17. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is hands down one of the best science fiction movies in history. I mean, who doesn’t love dinosaurs terrorizing people in the streets? The magic of this movie was accomplished by long hours of hard, hard work, and many incredible dinosaur puppets and props that replaced computer special effects.

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The downside of using real-life props, however, is that you have to be very, very careful that they look real. But in a scene where a raptor gets into a kitchen, the hand of a crew member can be seen holding the dinosaur’s tail to keep it steady. Even Steven Spielberg didn’t notice this one!

#16. Halloween

Halloween is a classic slasher film from 1978, created by John Carpenter. The movie was so incredibly successful, that it spawned not one, nor two, but ten sequels, plus comic books, novels, and a video game. The franchise takes place in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois.

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Although the town isn’t real, Illinois is very, very real – and we are 99.9% sure there aren’t any palm trees there, as it is at the heart of the Midwest. Yet, palm trees can be seen in the background of this particular scene, a major oversight on the part of Carpenter.

#15. Titanic

Ah, Titanic, who hasn’t seen that movie at least 50 times? This 1997 classic follows the story of Rose, a wealthy British girl who falls in love with Jack Dawson, a struggling artist from America. The two meet on the ship and have an intense love affair that is abruptly ended by the ship’s crashing into an iceberg in the middle of the ocean.

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What we get to know about Jack, while he’s still alive, is that he grew up in Wisconsin, and he tells Rose about his childhood memories fishing on Late Wissota. There’s a small problem with that, however: Lake Wissota was created in 1917, and the movie takes place in 1912. Simple internet research would’ve prevented this!

#14. The Matrix

Although The Matrix is iconic, it is filled with mistakes that could’ve been prevented. For a film that is so focused on small details, it is surprising that they missed so many things. For example, several continuity issues, like Neo‘s hair being dusty in one scene and being clean in the next, and other stuff like that.

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This one, however, is a very serious one. In this shot showing a shiny doorknob, you can very clearly see the camera shooting the scene reflected in it! This is so painfully obvious that we cannot understand how anyone let this happen. Don’t they hire people to check stuff like that before they release it?

#13. Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The legendary Raiders of the Lost Ark shows us Indiana Jones, everyone’s favorite archeologist, in his journey to find the Ark of the Covenant and fight the Nazis. Although the film was made in 1981, the story takes place in the 1940s. However, it seems like someone didn’t get the memo.

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In the scene where Jones is drinking as he mourns the supposed death of Marion in the company of an adorable monkey wearing a vest, a man dressed in modern clothes can be seen in the background, just hanging out. Luckily, the super cute monkey probably prevented most people from noticing it.

#12. Back To The Future

Back to the Future is certainly an amazing film and is still a great movie to watch today even though it was made in the 1980s. That is because its special effects are incredible and its story is timeless. However, it did have several mistakes that hardcore fans were quick to notice, for example, things switching places or props vanishing into thin air.

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But one of the movie’s most notorious fails can be found in the DeLorean, the time machine that allows Marty to travel in time. During a chase scene, the camera cuts to the speedometer of the car several times, and every single time it cuts back, it shows different numbers and even a different needle!

#11. Inglorious Basterds

As we’ve mentioned before, Quentin Tarantino is a director famous for his attention to detail, yet most of his films have easily-preventable mistakes caused by a lack of attention, ironically. In his film Inglorious Basterds, which offers a different take on World War II, a few continuity mistakes can be spotted if you keep an eye open.

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In one scene where a Nazi soldier is being interrogated by the Americans, you can see how his uniform changes over and over between shots. To be more specific, the insignia over his left pocket vanishes and then reappears. This means they used many clips from several takes. Why didn’t they just keep it simple?

#10. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise is known for being so immersive that moviegoers feel as though they are really entering the Wizarding World from the very beginning of each movie. This was achieved by an immense amount of work, lots of special effects, and of course, attention to detail… well, kind of.

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In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, however, if you look closely at the duel scene between Malfoy and Harry, one of the cameramen can be spotted on the left side of the screen. And he’s not even trying to hide! He should’ve borrowed Harry’s invisibility cloak.

#9. Gone With The Wind

Gone with the Wind is a movie classic any cinema fan should watch at least once. The 1939 historical film takes place during the Civil War and the subsequent Reconstruction period and is four hours long, which for a movie at that time was waaay too long. So it’s no surprise that there are a few mistakes in those four long hours.

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There’s a scene where Scarlet O’Hara’s sister-in-law Melanie comes into the room with a gas lamp on her hand. Yet, you can clearly see the electrical cord of the lamp hanging from it, and you don’t have to be a history expert to know that they didn’t have those during the Civil War. Oops!

#8. Teen Wolf

The 1980s were Michael J. Fox‘s golden years, and he appeared in several blockbusters aside from Back to the Future. One of them was Teen Wolf, and just like Fox’s other movies, this one was also packed with mistakes. And this one is particularly…interesting, to say the least.

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Fox’s character, Scott, is a popular basketball player for the Dragons, the school’s team. As a result, there are many scenes with cheering crowds, and one of them shows a young woman cheering in the bleachers with her fly open. Was it on purpose or did the poor lady forget to zip her pants after a bathroom break? We will never know.

#7. Jaws

1975’s Jaws is responsible for traumatizing thousands of people who became terrified of the ocean after watching the super-successful film. I mean, who would want to be eaten alive by a huge, scary shark? The sharks might have looked scary back then, but re-watching the movie now lets you see that they are just funny-looking puppets.

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But we have to give the movie credit, after all, it was made in the 70s. However, this one particular scene shows that character Quint has a nice, fluffy pillow under his back as he’s being eaten alive by the monster shark, and we just can’t let this slide. We understand that filming this scene was anything but comfortable but… are you serious?

#6. Reservoir Dogs

Well, well, well… if it isn’t Quentin Tarantino! What is up with this man and movie mistakes? In 1992’s Reservoir Dogs, a few mistakes can be spotted, unfortunately. The worst mistake in this movie is definitely this one, and we can’t believe they didn’t notice it during post-production!

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In a scene where character Marvin Nash is being tortured, he can be seen lying on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back. Yet, when the camera cuts back to him, his hands are suddenly cuffed with his hands in front of him. Either this was a huge oversight mistake, or this guy is extremely flexible.

#5. Labyrinth

Labyrinth is a movie released in 1986 and directed by Jim Henson, which over the years became a cult movie. 80s kids grew up with it and watched it hundreds and hundreds of times because of his wacky story and colorful visuals. Oh, and let’s not forget, it had David Bowie in it, and it also jump-started Jennifer Connelly‘s career.

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But this movie, of course, has several mistakes within. One worth pointing out can be seen in a scene where Sarah and Hoggle navigate through the Bog of Eternal Stench. Near Sarah’s knee, a boom microphone can be spotted. Why is that thing so close to the actors anyway? Was that even necessary?

#4. Forrest Gump

Who hasn’t cried watching the critically-acclaimed Forrest Gump? The iconic film became a part of pop culture and cemented Tom Hanks‘s career as an amazing actor, but not without a few errors here and there. Although you have to pay attention to catch this one, it’s still a major blooper.

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Before Jenny‘s death (spoiler alert!), she shows her beloved Forrest a newspaper clipping from September 1982. Yet when they show her tombstone, you can see that her date of death is March 22, 1982. Was she secretly a time traveler? No, it’s just that the movie makers made a really stupid mistake.

#3. Cobra

Cobra is a 1986 film starred by Sylvester Stallone, one of Hollywood’s toughest guys, who also happened to write it. The film was destroyed by critics but loved by the public, and it tells the story of a reckless cop that protects the only surviving witness of a murderous cult that plans to dominate the world.

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In one particular scene, we can see Stallone being Stallone, trying to intimidate a gang member on the street. For some reason, he rips the man’s shirt and ends up exposing the microphone and wiring being worn by the actor. Improvising is awesome, but it should be done carefully!

#2. Star Wars… Again

Hello Star Wars, our old friend. Welcome back to our list! And let’s also give a warm welcome to Harrison Ford, who is here for the second time as well. Among the many, many mistakes found in The Empire Strikes Back, there’s a very funny one involving everyone’s favorite space smuggler, Han Solo.

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In one scene, you can see that Solo isn’t wearing his famous leather jacket, but when the camera cuts back to him, all of a sudden he’s wearing it! Like most mistakes, this was fixed in the DVD version, but hardcore fans will never forget it because of how painfully obvious it was. Now, are you ready for our #1 movie mistake?

#1. Django Unchained

Oh, yes. Our favorite repeat offender Quentin Tarantino is back here again, and this time on our #1 spot. Django Unchained is certainly one of his best films to date for many, many reasons. The soundtrack, the incredible cast, the cinematography, and of course, the script. Yet, one of the film’s most famous features is actually a mistake.

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The character of Django wears these really cool sunglasses throughout the movie that make him look even more badass than he already is, right? The problem is that the movie is set in the late 1850s, and these glasses were created in the 1930s. It might have been a mistake, or maybe Tarantino didn’t care and just wanted Django to look cool, but we will never know the truth.

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