The 25 Most Incredible Celebrities Friendships Ever!

Friendship is one of the greatest things in the world, the possibility to share with another person everything that happens in your life, from your great successes to your biggest letdowns. Every person in the world counts with more than one friend for whom they would give everything. Well, celebrities are no exception to this, so here you will find a list of the most amazing and even strange friendships in the celebrity world! Our favorites are #21#10 and #4!

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#25. Emma Roberts / Lea Michele

Actresses and singers Emma Roberts and Lea Michele met for the first time in the set of Scream Queens and they became really good friends. Apart from acting together, these two spend a lot of quality time together, not only exercising but also going to the hairdresser, buying clothes and going out for a drink.

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As a matter of fact, Emma Roberts was in dire need of advice in order to get the lead role in the TV series Scream Queens, and Lea Michele was there for her with the right advice. Roberts said to Glamour magazine that Michele told her:

“You just do. You’re going to do it, and you’re going to be great“.

#24. Paris Hilton / Kim Kardashian

This friendship has come a long way and has gone through a lot of breakups and comebacks, but in the end, friendship always shines. They met for the first time when they were “little girls” in pre-school, and have been together since. When they were approximately 20 years old, Hilton starred together with Nicole Richie in the show The Simple Life and Kim was her assistant.

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After the Kardashian started to gain attention, Hilton had her first fight with her. By 2011, they stopped talking altogether, but resumed their relationship approximately in 2014, when they appeared together in several pictures and continued having a good time. In 2016 they even celebrated Christmas together!

#23. Millie Bobby Brown / Maddie Ziegler

We all know Millie Bobby Brown from her role as Eleven in Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, and we are all her fans. On the other hand, Millie is a total fan of Maddie Ziegler from So You Think You Can Dance, and she fangirled when she met her in a taping of the show.

Photo: Courtesy of Yahoo

Ziegler told People magazine that she knew that they would become inseparable best friends. It seems that it became true, as they are constantly going out together and sharing a lot of their friendship with us in their social media! Fortunately for them both, they are spending a great time together!

#22. Reese Witherspoon / Mindy Kaling

Both actresses met for the first time in the set of the film A Wrinkle In Time and since that moment they became instant BFFs. They became such close friends that they even invented new nicknames for each other, “Reeses Pieces” and “Min Diesel”.

Photo: Courtesy of Seventeen

The Instagram account of both actresses is full of videos, pictures and boomerangs celebrating their beautiful friendship. Their friendship is really active in their social media as it is in their real-life while they share family time and nights out!

#21. Rihanna / Cara Delevingne

Model and actress Cara Delevingne and singer Rihanna have one of the most lovely friendships that celebrities may ask for. For Rihanna’s 30th birthday, Cara shared on Instagram a beautiful collage of photos of them both with the following text.

Happy belated birthday Robyn you dirty 30 year old!!!! Time has flown by since we first met and wow has it been a wonderful rollercoaster.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

They met for the first time five years ago at a fashion show. According to Rihanna, even though they have pretty tight schedules, they take the time to meet each other and go out together whenever they can. Luckily for them, they even starred together in the same film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets!

#20. Tom Cruise / Dakota Fanning

The stars from the hit movie War of the Worlds, Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning played the roles of a father and daughter in the science fiction movie. It seems that the relation between the two of them went further than that of the movie.

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In an interview with Andy Cohen, the young actress confessed that every year Tom Cruise sends her a birthday gift and that most of his gifts are shoes! It seems like the actor took very seriously his role as a father!

#19. Will Ferrell / Mariah Carey

One of the most famous and incredible soul singers in the world, who also has a career as an actress, Mariah Carey has several strange friendships among the world of fame, and on of those friendships is with comedian Will Ferrell.

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It seems that the comedian is a very big fan of Mariah’s music and goes to every concert he can! It seems that in one opportunity, at the Mariah #1 to Infinity show in Las Vegas, he had the chance to meet her and take several pictures with her! We are all fans!

#18. Kanye West / Mary-Kate Olsen

Famous rapper Kanye West, mostly known for also being a music producer and for his marriage with Kim Kardashian, is one of the most public persons out there. On the other hand, Mary-Kate Olsen, one of the most famous twin actresses in the world, is also a very public person.

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We could ask ourselves how could these two very different persons know each other? Well, it seems that both Kanye and Mary-Kate met each other in a fashion design show, as they have their own line of clothes. Maybe they will do a collaboration and launch a new brand together!

#17. Pamela Anderson / Julian Assange

This one probably won’t make any sense at all, and we are also very confused about this. Actress and model Pamela Anderson has a tight relationship with the founder of the Wikileaks webpage, Julian Assange, who is avoiding the extradition since 2012.


Photo: Courtesy of People

Pamela has been seen going to the Ecuadorean Embassy in the United Kingdom several times over the last few years, bringing him food and other stuff. Pamela also stated that Julian is kind of a hero to her and that the deeds he did through Wikileaks were very important!

#16. Ed Sheeran / Courteney Knox

One of the most famous and popular pop singers nowadays, who also appeared in one episode of Game of Thrones, Ed Sheeran, is a very good friend of Friends’ actress Courteney Cox. How they met is still a mystery, but it seems that it is a very strong friendship.

Photo: Courtesy of Yahoo

Sheeran was the one who introduced Courteney to her fiancee, Johnny McDaid, six years ago. The couple split a few times, but came back several times and are now engaged. Fortunately, Ed stayed friends with Courteney during the whole relationship and breakups.

#15. Russell Brand / Helen Mirren

Actor Russell Brand, known for acting in the film Bedtime Stories and voicing Dr. Nefario in the film series Despicable Me, formed a very deep bond with actress Helen Mirren, who needs no introduction at all.

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Both met at the set of the film The Tempest, released in 2010, and they became very good friends. In an interviewer with The Telegraph, the actor said about Helen:

It’s complicated. It’s an unconsummated love affair. An erotic, intellectual tangle of emotions between a Dame and a vagabond. I really love her and I respect her tremendously. 

Helen has also made very nice remarks about him!

#14. Justin Bieber / Kourtney Kardashian

Famous Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has had relationships with many famous persons like Selena Gomez. On the other hand, the sister of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney, was in a relationship until 2015 with Scott Disick.

Photo: Courtesy of BestLife

You might be wondering why we are mentioning them in the same slide. Well, paparazzi had seen both of them together several times. According to the singer and Kourtney’s sister, Khloe, they are actually really good friends. Could they be anything else?

#13. Snoop Dogg / Martha Stewart

One of the most strange relationships between famous people is that of worldwide known rapper Snoop Dogg and TV hostess Martha Stewart. Snoop was a regular guest at every Martha Stewart show, and then he became his co-host in a food competition show!

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The trailer of the show presented both of them dancing around while eating and making a lot of food! It seems that they got to know each other very well during all of Dogg’s appearances in her show.

#12. Cressida Bonas / Princess Beatrice

This could be considered a friendship out of royalty. Actress and model Cressida Bonas, who was once engaged to Prince Harry of England, is a very close friend of Princess Beatrice of York. It seems that the princess is quite in a tight spot when she has to do her wedding list!

Photo: Courtesy of BestLife

Not only will she have to invite her bestie Cressida, but she will also have to invite Prince Harry and his wife Meghan! Do not forget also that Meghan was an actress and had a very important role in TV hit series Suits!

#11. Gwyneth Paltrow / Jay Z

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, famous for her role as Pepper in the Iron Man films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was seen several times with a very famous and liked couple in the internet, that of Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Photo: Courtesy of BestLife

Although at first Paltrow was considered to be the lover of Jay-Z, these rumors were dispersed by both the rapper and Beyoncé, and they stated that they are very good friends. They even told the media that Paltrow’s kid calls the rapper “Uncle Jay”.

#10. Barbra Streisand / Lady Gaga

Another famous relationship between two actresses and singers is that of Lady Gaga and Barbra Streisand. We all know that Streisand has portrayed the first role in the film A Star is Born, and Lady Gaga has landed the lead role in the remake of the same film, together with Bradley Cooper.

Photo: Courtesy of BestLife

If you are active on the social media Instagram and you follow any of the two actresses, you will see how many pictures they have together! And we are sure that Barbra gave her a lot of advice on the film!

#9. Jane Fonda / Lena Dunham

We could consider this to be the most strange relationship in this ranking, as actresses Jane Fonda and Lena Dunham are very good friends despite their fifty-year age gap. Nonetheless, Fonda interviewed the young actress, and both of them started complimenting each other.

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As many of us may or may not know, both actresses stand up to the cause of feminism, and during that interview, they talked a lot about sex, vibrators, and lastly, about Hollywood.

As Dunham told Fonda, “I think you’ve completely redefined the essence of what it means to age”.

#8. Jennifer Lopez / Lea Remini

The ranking has mostly shown friendships that arose over the last few years, maybe in interviews or while shooting a film. But the friendship between these two actresses has been going on for a good deal of years, nobody knows exactly how many.

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If you are active in social media pages, specifically Instagram, and if you follow any of these two, you will see how they have a lot of photos together, and that they have grown up together too!

#7. Selena Gomez / Michelle Williams

This is the story of a friendship brought about by sadness and the need for another human being. A few years back, singer and actress Selena Gomez suffered a very strong blow to her life… Her lifelong friend, Jake Bailey, killed himself because he suffered from strong depression.

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Gomez was totally destroyed but she knew she had to go on and live her life because that was what her friend would have liked. As such, she found great support on actress Michelle Williams, who accompanied her during several nights. She was even invited to go to the Red Carpet with Selena!

#6. Zendaya / Kerry Washington

Spider-Man actress Zendaya and Scandal actress Kerry Washington met for the first time in a GLSEN Respect Awards gala, where both actresses were given an award and both delivered very strong speeches in support of the LGBT community.

Photo: Courtesy of BestLife

While Zendaya was awarded the Game Changer award, Washington received the Inspiration award. After that gala and those speeches, the actresses have been seen together a lot of times, and have also given more speeches together. According to Zendaya, Washington is her new hero.

#5. Amy Schumer / Ronda Rousey

This is another strange friendship in this list and many of us would not believe it if we were told. Former UFC bantamweight fighter, Ronda Rousey, Is a very close friend of comedy actress Amy Schumer, and both met for the first time during the shooting of a TV commercial.

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Afterward, when Rousey declined to fight in the UFC 2006 tournament, she started to spend more time with her friends and even appeared one night at Saturday Night Live. Rumor has it that actress Schumer mentored Rousey in her comedy traits to make everybody laugh in the show!

#4. Jon Hamm / Paul Rudd

Actor Jon Hamm, known for his role in the critically acclaimed TV show Mad Men, and actor Paul Rudd, known for playing the part of Ant-Man in the MCU films, met for the first time when they were studying in College.

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The story goes that Rudd’s roommate was one of the biggest childhood friends of Jon Hamm, and when they went out, Rudd would come along. At that time, Rudd was dating with Hamm’s former girlfriend, and so their relationship was not very good. But then Rudd broke up with his girlfriend and the relationship with Hamm flourished!

#3. Jennifer Garner / Chelsea Handler

This actress and comedian friendship started a long time ago, and both of them have seen their families grow up together, that even their kids have become great friends! Apart from being loving mothers, the actresses have also enjoyed several nights out.

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It also seems that Handler was a very good friend for Garner, and stood by her side when the former broke up with his husband, actor Ben Affleck, in the famous “Year of the Wine”, in 2015, ten years after they had married. Garner and Affleck have three children in common!

#2. Alexander Skarsgård / Jack McBrayer

We all know the surname Skarsgård, as father Stellan Skarsgård and all of his sons are very famous actors. The relationship between Skarsgård and McBrayer was seen for the first time by the whole world during the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards, in which Alexander won an award for his role in the TV miniseries Big Little Lies.

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Both actors have shared this friendship since approximately 2013, the first time they were seen together. They also starred in several documental-comedy series for the “Save the Arctic” campaign for Greenpeace in 2015.

#1. Jennifer Lawrence / Kris Jenner

It seems that our most loved actress of the last years, Jennifer Lawrence, is a complete fan of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show. Not only is she a fan of the show, but also she is a fan of the Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner.

Photo: Courtesy of BestLife

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night show, JLaw confessed that one night and after several drinks, she appeared naked in Jenner’s closet, and she swears that this is true. The actress also said that that night was everything that she dreamed of!

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