89-Year-Old Grandma Is Traveling The World Alongside Her Grandson

Most grandparents worked hard all their lives and they didn’t have enough time to visit the world and explore amazing places. Even though they are now retired, traveling the world is not as easy as when they were young. This is why when a vet student by the name Brad Ryan learned that his grandma had never seen a mountain range or the ocean, he decided to do something about it. Brad set everything in his personal aside and he took his grandma on a journey that they are both never going to forget. Get ready to see their heartwarming story that is going to inspire you to travel the world, live new experiences and most importantly, spend more time with your elders.

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19. How It All Started

This is Brad Ryan and his lovely grandma Joy. They have been traveling all across the country during this past couple of years and it all started when Joy told Brad that she never visited a national park or a mountain. Brad couldn’t believe what he was hearing and he decided to do something about it.

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Our story starts when Brad finished hiking along the Appalachian Trail and he told his grandma about it. The old lady was amazed because she had never left her small town when she was younger. When Brad realized that his beloved grandma has never seen a national park, a rather interesting idea came to his mind.

18. Small Town Girl

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Joy has lived in a small town in the US where there are only two traffic lights. She spent all of her time working to provide for her family and she didn’t have too many vacation trips. Well, this was all about to change because Brad wanted to make Joy his new travel partner.

17. Visiting The Country

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After Joy told Brad that she didn’t see a single national park, the grandson told her to pack her bags because they are leaving on a special trip. Joy didn’t know what to think about this about first, but Brad told the grandma that he is not going to take a “no” for an answer.

16. The Smokies

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

The two started their journey and their first stop was at The Smokies. Joy couldn’t believe how beautiful the view looked and she was in tears. What shocked her the most is the fact that she missed so many amazing things by working all the time.

15. Amazing Reaction

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After Brad saw the amazing reaction that his grandma had when arrived at The Smokies, he knew that the journey can’t end here. He asked Joy what other places she would like to visit and without any hesitation, Joy said that she heard from her friends that the Acadia national park is “nice”.

14. Acadia National Park

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

Brad took a couple of free days from college and he took Joy to the Acadia national park. As we can see in the picture featured above, seeing so many amazing locations was doing wonders for Joy. She was feeling happier than she has been in many years.

13. The Canyons

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Brad and Joy took a break from their travels but before they did that, the grandson asked Joy to think about what is the next location that she wants to visit when he manages to get a couple of days off. Joy already knew the answer to that before he asked. She always wanted to see the famous canyons.

12. Dreams Come True

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It didn’t take long for Brad to be able to get a vacation from his work and the first thing that he did was to take Joy to the canyons. The 89-years-old grandma was in awe. Her dream of visiting this famous landmark came true!

11. Better Than Retirement

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

Brad says that whenever he asks his grandma if she likes the places that they are visiting, she always responds with the same old joke: “It’s better than a retirement home”.

10. Regrets

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“She told me at that time that she really, really regretted that she didn’t get to do more of that type of thing and have more experiences in life,” said Brad. Fortunately, the adventures alongside Brad are helping ease the regrets.

9. Shenandoah National Park

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

When asked what was her favorite place that she visited, Joy answered that it was the Shenandoah national park. According to Brad, there was something special about that made Joy want to never leave again.

8. Big Smile

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Even though Brad is using all his free time to spend with his grandma, he wouldn’t have it any other way. The young man says that whenever he sees his grandma’s big smile, he feels happy and proud that he is able to give her this type of amazing experiences.

7. Long Adventure

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Until now, the two have visited 9 of the 61 parks, including Badlands, Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Mammoth Cave. In addition, Brad and Joy have put 25,000 miles on the road during their trip and crossed through 38 states.

6. The Greatest Adventure

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

Even though Joy has lived a long life, this is her greatest adventure yet. She doesn’t just get to see amazing places, she gets to spend precious time with her grandson as well.

5. Making The News

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

Brad and Joy’s story went viral on the internet and the two travelers have made the news across the country. Brad hopes that his adventures with Joy are going to inspire young people to spend more time with their grandparents.

4. Happy Life

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

Despite being 89-years-old, Joy is living her best life. Spending time with your family while also visiting amazing locations is the best way to enjoy retirement!

3. Amazing Grandson

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

If there is something that we all can agree on, then it has to be the fact that Brad is an amazing grandson. He is spending all his time and money on traveling the country with his grandma by his side. We should all take an example from him.

2. Powerful Motivation

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

Brad hopes that his adventures are going to motivate other people to spend more time with their elders. After all, no one is going to love you more than your grandparents.

1. The Next Trip

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/grandmajoysroadtrip

We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Brad and Joy are already planning their next trip which is going to happen later this month. Nonetheless, we wish them good luck in their adventures!

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