Top 20 Celebrity Couples With Extreme Height Differences

When it comes to love, they say that opposites usually attract each other and that the traits we love the most are exactly the ones we feel we lack. Well, it turns out this couldn’t be truer, and these 20 celebrity couples will help prove our point! What will strike you the most about the following A-list couples is their obvious difference in height, but although they might look vertically mismatched, it’s said that couples like these are considered to be the luckiest ones. Read on and discover the most famous celebrity couples with major height differences, and make sure you don’t miss #13, #6 and #2!

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#20. Hayden Panettiere And Wladimir Klitschko

The Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere and the heavyweight boxing star Wladimir Klitschko met in 2009 at a party. They began dating after that night until they sadly split two years later. However, love always wins, and they soon got back together and got engaged. In 2014, they gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Kaya.

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Evidently, her 5’00” and his 6’6” height was never an obstacle in their relationship, as they spent 9 years side by side. Unfortunately, they split in August 2018 but Hayden and Wladimir ended in great terms and they still are a big part of each other’s lives.

#19. Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard

Together since 2007, Kristen and Dax have one of the longest relationships in Hollywood history. The two met at a Detroit Red Wings hockey game and they fell for each other instantly. Nex to Bell’s 5’1”, Shepard’s 6’2” looks humongous! But throughout their 12 years together, this huge height difference was never seen as a problem.

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard engaged in 2010 and got married three years later. The couple has two beautiful children, Lincoln and Delta, and they look like the perfect family! Despite their height difference, Kristen and Dax are certainly one of the best matches in Hollywood.

#18. Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries

Before Kanye West, Kim Kardashian was married to 6’9” New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and the wedding aired live on E!’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. With Kim’s 5’3”, she didn’t even come close to his ex-husband’s shoulders.

Photo: Courtesy of WJBR

But all the media attention the couple got before the wedding didn’t seem to make their love grow bigger since their marriage ended only 72 days later! Do you think their major height difference could’ve been the reason why they split? That’s a secret only they will keep…

#17. Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett first met on the set of The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air when she auditioned for the role of Lisa Wilkes. And you’ll never believe this, but she didn’t get the part because she was considered too short for Will’s on-screen girlfriend. Ironically, Jada’s 5′ and Will’s 6’2” didn’t work out on-screen but it certainly did in real life.

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With 20 years of marriage, the couple has proved that height was never a problem for them. They have become one of the most iconic and beloved couples of Hollywood. Their love and support are so inspiring that they are the couple everyone wants to become. Not to mention their two gorgeous kids, Jaden and Willow!

#16. Eliza Dushku And Rick Fox

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress Eliza Dushku started dating former L.A. Lakers basketball player Rick Fox in 2009 and after only a year they moved in together. Unfortunately, four years later the couple split. At the time, nobody knew the reason behind their breakup: given Dushku’s 5’5” and Fox’s 6’7”, could their height difference have been the issue?

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Well, a couple of years later, the actress revealed in an interview that wanting to live on opposite coasts was the reason for their break up. “Rick’s an L.A. guy and I’m a Boston girl”, the 33-year-old said. But according to Rick, they were always honest with each other about what they wanted in life and since Eliza wished to go back to college, the couple decided to split and chase their dreams independently.

#15. Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth

Actress and singer Miley Cyrus met actor Liam Hemsworth on set while filming The Last Song back in 2009, and have been dating since then. At Miley’s 5’5” and Liam’s 6’3”, they don’t let the 10 inches between them interfere with their romance and despite such height difference, the couple looks amazing together.

Photo: Courtesy of Prensa Libre

After three years of a very intense relationship, the couple got engaged, but it didn’t last long as they finally split in 2013. Only two years later, the two were seen together again and in December 2018, they got married, giving us serious relationship goals. Sadly, a few weeks ago, the couple announced they have split again and we can’t stop -and we won’t stop- crying.

#14. Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson

A few years after Jessica Simpson ended her marriage with Nick Lachey, she met Eric Johnson and the two instantly fell in love. The pop-star and the former football player tied the knot in 2014, and they have been together ever since.

Photo: Courtesy of In Touch Weekly

At her 5’3” and his 6’3” -a whole foot of height difference- we can confirm that opposites do attract each other. Height is not an issue for this beautiful couple who already has three adorable children and has spent so many years of happiness side by side.

#13. Elsa Pataky And Chris Hemsworth

It looks like the Aussie Hemsworth brothers like not-so-tall girls! Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth were introduced by their English teacher and, after persuading them for a long time, they started a secret relationship in 2010. In December of that year, the couple got married at a private ceremony in Indonesia.

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Measuring at 6’3”, it’s no surprise that Thor star is as giant as we’d expected the God of Thunder to be. Despite standing an entire foot over his wife, the major height difference was never an obstacle for this heavenly duo, and together they have created the most beautiful family with three lovely kids.

#12. Amy Poehler And Will Arnett

Did you know that two of our favorite comedians were married for eight years? Amy Poehler and Will Arnett met in 2003 and started dating shortly after. They got married later on that year and had two sons, born in 2008 and 2010. But their love didn’t last for much longer, as the couple divorced in 2012.

Photo: Courtesy of Access

During their marriage, Poehler and Arnett appeared in several television shows and movies together, including Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, Spring Breakdown, On Broadway, Blades of Glory, and Monsters vs. Aliens. Despite their incredible height difference -Amy’s 5’2” and Will’s 6’2”- they made a great couple on and off-screen!

#11. Fergie And Josh Duhamel

The famous Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie met actor Josh Duhamel on the set of his show Las Vegas back in 2004. They have been dating ever since and after many years of togetherness, the couple got married in 2009. Despite their major height difference, the two made a beautiful couple and even have a son together named Axl Jack Duhamel.

Photo: Courtesy of Us Weekly

Given her 5’2” and his 6’3”, these two lovebirds have certainly proved that love isn’t measured in inches and feet, and have become one of the most iconic celebrity couples in recent times. However, the famous duo separated in early 2017.

#10. Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom met in August 2009 after “instantly hitting off” at a party in Hollywood and got married after only a month of dating. The couple said “I do” in a fancy wedding in L.A. with their closest friends and family members. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star acquired two step-kids from his previous relationship and the four were the perfect family.

Photo: Courtesy of Hollywood Life

At 5’10”, Khloe is above the average height for women, but still, Lamar is way taller than average at 6’10”. There’s no way of hiding such a difference in height, just take a look at the picture! As time went on, their relationship faced some ups and downs, and the breakup rumors persisted. Finally, in December 2013, Khloe officially filed for divorce.

#9. Sacha Baron Cohen And Isla Fisher

The two comedically gifted actors met in 2002 at a party. Shortly after, they began dating and just two years later, the couple got engaged. But it took them six extra years before they finally tied the knot. Fisher studied Judaism and converted to her partner’s religion back in 2005, and the two finally got married in 2010 at a quiet ceremony in Paris with family and friends.

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Seventeen years have passed since they first started dating, so it seems pretty obvious that their huge height difference has never been a problem. At 6’3”, Sacha Baron Cohen absolutely towers over Isla Fisher, who stands an entire foot below her husband. However, the two comedians make the perfect couple and we can’t get enough of them!

#8. Christina Ricci And Owen Benjamin

There’s no doubt that actress Christina Ricci and Owen Benjamin made one of the cutest couples ever! Ricci began dating the comedian, pianist and actor Benjamin in 2008 after they met on the set of the film All’s Faire in Love. The couple got engaged in early 2009 but it didn’t last long, as they chose to end their relationship only two months later.

Photo: Courtesy of PopSugar

At 6’6” Owen Benjamin towered above his petite fiancée at 5’1”, which means they had a 17-inch height difference! Christina didn’t quite reach his shoulder and certainly, this made them one of the most vertically mismatched couples ever.

#7. Reese Witherspoon And Jake Gyllenhaal

Reese Witherspoon dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal for two years after they first met on the set of the film Rendition. Unfortunately, the couple split back in 2009. Although they didn’t stay together for too long, this couple will always be remembered by fans.

Photo: Courtesy of Just Jared

Reese is 5’1” while Jake is 5’11”, so it looks like she has a thing for tall guys. But despite the 10-inch difference between them, they looked pretty great together and a lot of people were disappointed when they announced their breakup.

#6. Shaquille O’Neal And Nicole Alexander

OK folks, let’s be honest here: everyone is short next to 7’1” NBA player Shaquille O’Neal! However, his ex-girlfriend Nicole Alexander looks extremely petite at her 5’2”. But the couple never allowed such massive height difference get in the way of their love.

Photo: Courtesy of Pop Sugar

The former L.A Lakers basketball player and the reality TV star started dating in 2010 and moved together quite soon. The two may not be visually matched, but the couple shared a common passion for basketball and that made them really close. Unfortunately, Shaq and Nicole split in 2012.

#5. Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart met Robert Pattinson when both were filming Twilight back in 2008. At first, they kept their love a secret, yet the romance rumors kept going for years and the chemistry between them was undeniable. In 2012, both Kristen and Rob started to open up about their relationship and formalized it to the world.

Photo: Courtesy of América TV

In spite of Rob’s 6’1” and Kristen’s 5’5”, the on-screen vampire-mortal couple made the perfect pair off-screen too! But when Kristen was filming Snow White And The Huntsman, she fell for movie director Rupert Sanders and the couple officially broke up in 2013, breaking millions of fans’ hearts as well!

#4. Salma Hayek And Edward Norton

Mexican actress Salma Hayek and American actor Edward Norton met back in 1999 and dated for four years. In spite of the 10-inch height difference between them, 6’0” Ed and 5’2” Salma looked stunning together.

Photo: Courtesy of Pop Sugar

For years they were one of the most good-looking couples in Hollywood, and we all remember the time in which they worked together in the Oscar-nominated film Frida. But sadly, things didn’t work out and they ended their relationship.

#3. Mary-Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy

Mary-Kate Olsen’s life has always been public ever since the day she was born since she and her twin sister Ashely starred in the comedy show Full House when they were just a few months old. Two decades later, she became the talk of the town when the press found out she was dating Olivier Sarkozy somewhere around 2012. After three years of relationship, the French banker and the actress got married in 2015 at a private ceremony in New York City.

Photo: Courtesy of Fashionista

Having a 17-year difference hasn’t seemed to bother the couple, and neither would their significant height difference. Sarkozy stands tall at 6’3″ while Olsen is just 5’2″. however, the couple proved that love wins over anything and have been happily married ever since.

#2. Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa have been dating since 2005 and married in 2007. Apart from all the time they’ve been together, what makes this couple almost unique is their huge height difference, not to mention that Lisa is 12 years older than her husband! Nevertheless, little does all this matter for these two lovebirds.

Photo: Courtesy of Us Weekly

Despite Jason is 14 inches taller than his 5’2” wife, you can’t deny they make a great couple. They have two children together and Momoa even took on the role of stepfather to Bonet’s daughter with Lenny Kravitz, Zoe. What a weird -but beautiful- family!

#1. Kelsey Henson And Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Björnsson is an Icelandic strongman and actor who stands at a massive 6’9″. The fact that he is known as ‘The Mountain’ should tell you all you need to know about how massive this guy truly is. He has been dating Canadian blogger Kelsey Henson since 2017 and the couple has received a lot of attention due to their huge height difference.

Photo: Courtesy of YoSoiTu

The World’s Strongest Man and the lifestyle and fitness blogger have a 19-inch height difference, but despite this visual mismatch, the couple decided to get married in October 2018. They also love to post photos together, leaving fans in awe.

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