22 Innocent Things That Made Us Blush When Growing Up

Maybe when you were 12 or 13 everything related to sex was a taboo for us and we couldn’t talk about it in front of adults. But what about with our friends? Our friends were our best confidants, we talked about everything with them! Boys we liked, girls we liked, the love story that made us crazy, that video clip that made our hearts beat faster… Here it’s a list of the 22 things that were considered taboo when we were really young! See #20, #13 and #5

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#22. Life With Derek

We all remember the Disney Channel series Life With Derek because we were completely fans. The story goes around George Venturi, a divorced man who lives with his three children, Derek, Edwin, and Marti. Eventually, he marries another divorced woman called Nora McDonald, who lives with her two daughters, Casey and Lizzie. Up to here, everything is normal…

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The problem starts when Casey meets her stepbrother, Derek, and since then, we couldn’t stop thinking about one fact: we all wanted them to have a love story! Of course, it was not possible because of the plot but more than once we thought they looked great together…

#21. Logan And James

Another series that was part of our adolescence was Zoey 101. In case you don’t remember, the story was quite interesting: the Pacific Coast Academy —a boarding school just for boys— decided to accept girls for the first time since its foundation. Zoey Brooks’ brother, Dustin, was already a regular student when his sister decided to enter.

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In season 4, James Garret came to the school and he became roommates with Logan Reese. The whole school was crazy about him (including Zoey!) and probably us too. We can imagine all the time we talked to our girls how cute were these two boys.

#20. Joe Jonas

Luckily for us, there is not only a Jonas Brothers in this world but three! Kevin, Nick and Joe formed one of our favorite boy bands when were young (and it still is!). We sang every song with our friends and we wanted one of them to show up on our door someday…

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The Jonas Brothers won international fame after the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock with co-star Demi Lovato. We all remembered one of the best songs ever This Is Me. But we also remembered Joe in the role of Shane Gray and the love story between him and Mitchie Torres. We have to say that Joe and his bangs made us crazy!

#19. The Jake-Jesse-Miley Love Triangle

Maybe when we were 12, we all wanted the life of Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus). Who did not want to be a pop superstar, have fame and fans around the world? We don’t blame Miley for making us believe that this could be real for us too.

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We were so involved in Hannah Montana, that the love triangle between her eternal love Jake and Jesse made us both nervous and anxious at the same time. At least, Miley was making one of our dreams true: dating a very famous teen actor.

#18. Wizards Of Waverly Place

For some people Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was the world in the 90s but for some people, Wizards Of Waverly Place was their first entrance to a magic world. The story goes around three wizards siblings with magical abilities who competed with each other to have the custody of the family power.

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In the role of Justin Russo was the actor David Henrie and we still remember him for that role responsible for witching so many hearts at that time… Justin was one of the principal characters as he was the eldest of the Russo siblings and he was one of the best wizards of his generation.

#17. Aquamarine

Why is Aquamarine one of the best movies ever? First, actress Emma Roberts and JoJo were best friends with Aquamarine (Sara Paxton), a mermaid escaping an arranged marriage. Second, because it taught the real meaning of friendship and love. Last but not least, we were crazy about Jake McDorman as Raymond!

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Although it sounded really strange in real life, we all wanted Raymond and Aquamarine to stay together and live their love story. In addition, we all loved the scenes of Raymond without a shirt… We just couldn’t help it, the whole movie was on the beach!

#16. Corbin Blue For OP

While some people were in love with Zac Effron during the High School Musical era, others had a crush with Corbin Blue and we totally agree with that! As Chad Danforth or Izzy Daniels, in Jump In!, Corbin was our secret (or not so secret) love.

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Maybe you didn’t discuss this with your parents, but surely you all remember when he modeled for Ocean Pacific, the clothing line, in 2008. Okay, we know that maybe that time was among our first times goggling at a young man without a shirt, but still…Corbin was and (is still) looking great.

#15. The Bella-Jacob-Edward Love Triangle

When we were 12, Twilight came out into our lives and everything changed forever… Whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob, the love triangle between Bella, the cool vampire and the sexy wolf made us crazy every time they appeared on the screen…or well…in the books too.

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We know that all we wanted when we were in high school was that some new strange pale but handsome classmate appear and tell us he loved us and that he was a vampire. But also, we wanted a supportive and sexy friend like Jacob in our lives! Okay, we still can’t decide!

#14. Glee’s Episode ‘Like A Virgin

Watching movies or series about people freaking out about losing their virginity and then thinking and talking about that day with our friends maybe was one of the most popular topics and deepest secrets that we ever had in our lives. How was it not possible to go crazy when there was a Glee episode where they sang about it during the whole episode?

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“Like A Virgin”, the classic song of Madonna surely made many people blush in the 80s and Glee’s version did the same in the 2000 era. We all wanted to know what was going to happen between Rachel and Jesse; Emma and Will and Finn and Santana. So many emotions!

#13. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

One of the best books and movies we have ever read and seen when we were young is To All The Boy I’ve Loved Before. We love it so much because it represents everything we had felt once in our lives…What if all our past crushes found out everything we felt about them, every little secret? All at the same time?

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The emotions in the movie were so intense and it represents to the fullest what it was when we were young… All the tension and excitement we felt during the hot tub scene between Peter and Lara…OMG! Everything was so new and forbidden!

#12. Noah Centineo

How can we not to adore this young American actor? Noah Centineo was born in 1996 and is a young promise of Hollywood. He started his career in Disney Channel with small roles in Austin & Ally and Shake It Up. He also appeared in the romantic comedy How To Build A Better Boy. 

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His role as Peter Kavinsky in the film adaption of Jenny Han’s novel put him in the top list of the hottest young actors in Hollywood.  Of course, we know he is not good JUST BECAUSE he looks so good…he is a really good actor too… But we can’t help our heart eyes and we absolutely can’t wait to see what he’s up to next!

#11. Jake T. Austin On The Fosters

Not only was Noah Centineo part of the American drama series The Fosters, produced by JLo, but also another young actor that we were completely in love with: Jake T. Austin, in the role of Jesús Foster.

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Maybe you remember the young actor from other movies when he was a little boy, but in the role of Jesus Foster, he got his chance to show the world he was a grown man. Besides his good looks and great body, that role earned him international fame.

#10. “Good Kisser” Music Video

One of the sexiest and cool songs that made us dance and get steamy was “Good Kiser” of the rap singer Usher. In the music videos era, this video rocked it in every single aspect: Usher singing without a shirt, a beautiful woman dancing and a great choreography.

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For some people, this was the best love declaration. Its lyrics said: “Don’t nobody kiss it like you, don’t nobody kiss it like you”. Keep on reading to see what other things made us blush and see if that still happens! Don’t miss #7 and #3!

#9. A Dangerous Woman

A studio album in the company of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Future surely wouldn’t have been smooth and pacific… Ariana Grande’s third studio album, Dangerous Woman, made us want to be like her: an empowered, determined, sexy young woman.

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We still remember songs like “Be Alright”, “Let Me Love You” and “Dangerous Woman”. All of them, completely successful. The Dangerous Woman Tour, during 2017, was the perfect opportunity for her to show her new style and to make fans go crazy all around the world.

#8. Justin Bieber Himself

Probably, our teenage crush was Justin Bieber when he came into the music world in 2010 with his first studio album My World 2.0. We couldn’t stop dancing and singing “Baby” or “Never Say Never”Everything about Justin made us crazy… Especially when he took off his shirts during his concerts!

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Nowadays, Justin is married to Hailey Baldwin (now, Hailey Bieber) and we have to confess he broke our hearts a little, but deep down, we are happy for him and we love the couple! Also, we still love his music style and songs like “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean?” are proof that he is timeless, but of course, a little quieter these days…

#7. Teen Wolf

To continue with the wolfmania, the TV series Teen Wolf knew exactly how to keep us binge-watching episode after episode. If you don’t remember the story goes around a teenager who lives with his mom, Scott McCall (Tyler Posser) and one night in the company of his friend Noah Stillinski (Linden Ashby), he is attacked and bitten by a werewolf.

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That’s how Season 1 starts but if we were in love with Jacob from Twilight, imagine a series where there is nothing but teen wolfs? The series had the perfect combination for young people: shirtlessness young men and wolfs. No wonder it was a complete success!

#6. Spring Breakers

We were all anticipating Spring Breakers’ releas in 2013 with Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson. For many reasons, this movie was kind of a guilty pleasure to us: girls, parties and crime.

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The movie also showed a more mature version of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, who had us used to see them in Disney productions…up to that movie. With a score of 63/100 in Metascore, the movie is far from being considered a masterpiece, but for us, it was something unimaginable!

#5. Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl

Knowing our sexuality was both (and sometimes it still is) exciting and terrifying at the same time. Everything was new and scary but we all wanted to live everything that led to that experience. When Katy Perry released her second studio album in 2008, One Of The Boys, the song “I Kissed A Girl” changed all the rules.

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Despite the fact that Katy Perry comes from a catholic family, the song invited us to feel free and explore everything we wanted! As the song says: “Lost my discretion / It’s not what I’m used to / Just wanna try on you / I’m curious for you”. Great for Katy!

#4. California Girls

Another not-so-innocent hit by Katy is the colorful and cool song, “California Girls”. Everything in this music video was almost forbidden for us: a naked Katy Perry, girls with candy bikinis and also the company of Snoop Dog. But we can’t help it, we love that song!

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Katy knows how to be on top of the hits and still is a famous and talented singer. In every music video, we discovered something new! Keep on reading the last 3 things that we all loved but couldn’t tell to anyone when we were young.

#3. The Story Between Emily And Maya

Everything was perfect in the series Pretty Little Liars, from the plot to its cast. We watched every episode full of tension and expectation of what was going to happen next. One of our favorite characters in the series was Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell).

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And we also remember the love story between her and her ex-girlfriend Maya St. Germain, but also that she was secretly in love with her best friend Alison before she disappeared. Everything around her was disturbing and exciting for us!

#2. Britney Spears At The VMAs

Every year we wait for the Video Music Awards, not only because we want to know who the winners are, but also for the celebs’ presentations. Our #1 is definitely when Britney sang “I’m Slave 4 U” with a big yellow snake on her shoulders with a sexy green bikini…in 2001!

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We really didn’t know how to feel about it: scared or strangely attracted to her. Whatever we felt at that moment, we strongly believe this presentation won our hearts and we still remember her, the snake and all the sweating!

#1. Christina Aguilera In Burlesque

Our last but not least guilty pleasure is the American film Burlesque with singers Christina Aguilera and Cher. The voice of these two singers and the performances made us want to be part of it! The story goes around Ali Rose (Christina Aguilera), who decides to quit her job and move to L.A. to make her first steps in the acting world.

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Of course, at first, she flunks every single audition until she gets a job at a burlesque club. Imagine Christina, all in glitter, singing in a sexy voice and dancing at a night club. In addition, the role of Cher as Tess is AH-mazing!. Everything in this movie was the perfect guilty pleasure!

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