Planning A Trip? Here Are 30 Countries You Should Visit

There is no doubt that every country has something to offer. But if you’re having a hard time planning your next holiday destination, we’ve narrowed down your choices for you! Here’s a list of the 30 most beautiful countries in the world that everyone should visit at least once. Either because of their rich cultural heritage, their local cuisine or their diverse wildlife, these countries certainly stand out from the rest, and here’s why!

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#30. Mexico

Home to 67 National Parks, more than 5,000 miles of coastline and a wide variety of landscapes, Mexico definitely deserved to be on our list. From paradise beaches to deserts, and from tropical jungles to snow-capped volcanoes, this country really has got it all. Isn’t it amazing?

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If you ask me, I would head to the southern state of Chiapas and visit the Sumidero Canyon, which will amaze you with its 3,000-foot cliff walls, caves, and waterfalls. Mexico is pretty much involved in protecting its wildlife and there are two tourist landmarks destined to do it: the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve northwest of Mexico City and the Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino.

#29. Costa Rica

If you’re a nature lover, the best decision you can make is to visit Costa Rica, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by misty waterfalls, deserted beaches, and protected jungles. You should know that more than a quarter of this country enjoys some form of environmental protection, mainly jungles and tropical rainforests.

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If you love sea-life you should totally visit Cocos Island National Park. It’s the only island in the eastern Pacific with rainforests, and it is also a world-class diving destination replete with hammerhead sharks, giant manta rays, sea turtles, and dolphins. However, if you enjoy going for a hike, you should visit La Amistad National Park, famous for its cloud forests, glacial valleys, and rare tropical alpine grasslands.

#28. Peru

When we think of Peru, the first thing that comes to our minds is Machu Picchu. But even though these Inca ruins are among the most impressive architectural landmarks in the world, you should know that this country has much more to offer.

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Do you enjoy birdwatching? Would you like to see flamingos and giant hummingbirds? If the answer is yes, you should totally visit the Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world. This place is also famous for its terraced agriculture and the shimmering, deep blue waters of Lake Titicaca. Don’t miss it!

#27. China

Being the third-largest country in the world, China makes good use of its massive size. Famous for its rich natural heritage, it’s brimmed with breathtaking landscapes that every nature-lover should visit. You’ll find some of the most spectacular views in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, the Reed Flute Cave, and Luoping County.

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As to the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, this place is famous for its astonishing sandstone pillars that stretch taller than the Empire State. The Reed Flute Cave is a water-eroded Karst cave, famous for the variety in shape and color of its rock formations. Last but not least, Luoping County is widely known for its striking yellow-colored rapeseed fields that lie among the mountains.

#26. Australia

Australia is a fascinating country located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and even though it’s the world’s smallest continent, it stands out for its unique beauty and biodiversity. This country offers a wide variety of landscapes that go from the ochre-red outback around Uluru to the frosty summit of Cradle Mountain.

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Australia’s natural beauty it’s unrivaled, and let me tell you that Uluru is a great destination for backpackers! Spend the night amid the desert and see for yourself the technicolor sunset from the base of this giant-sized rock. Tasmania is another must-see, as its mountain wilderness and pristine coastline are truly incomparable.

#25. Thailand

Thailand has become one of the tourists’ favorite destinations: during the past ten years, the amount of tourists that visit Thailand has doubled, and Bangkok has been named the world’s most visited city for five years in a row. It’s easy to see why, since Thailand really has it all: thick jungles, crystal-clear waters, Buddhist ruins, and spicy food that can curl your nose hairs. And as if this weren’t enough, it’s also super cheap!

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The country is home to hundreds of islands which have different types of landscapes and activities. For instance, if you want to enjoy the lush jungles you should visit Ko Kut but if crystal-clear waters are what you’re looking for, then Ko Tao is the place for you. You shouldn’t forget Khao Sok National Park, famous for its wild elephants and tigers, amazing waterfalls, and one of the world’s oldest rainforest.

#24. Ecuador

Located in South America, Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. For instance, did you know it is home to over 100 different types of hummingbirds and a wide variety of orchids? If you want to appreciate the country’s rich flora and fauna, then visit Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve, Mindo, or San Luis de Pambil. If you want to visit Ecuador’s portion of the Amazon Rainforest, then head towards Cubeyano!

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But apart from that, Ecuador is also famous for its striking landscapes, as it’s famous for its towering mountains, tropical rainforests, and volcanic islands. If you’re in for some sight-seeing and trekking, then head towards the Sangay National Park, where you’ll see volcanoes, grasslands, wetlands, and cloud forests, all in one single place!

#23. Italy

Italy is one of the most ancient countries in the world, and this explains the fact that it has the highest amount of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. Most of Italy’s cities are brimmed with historical buildings, monuments, and interesting museums that are worth a visit. Cities like Venice, Florence, Rome, and Bologna are definitely worth it!

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But while Italy is most famous for its cultural heritage, let’s not forget about its immense natural beauty! From craggy peaks to verdant hills, and from rocky cliffs to paradise beaches, this country has got it all. One of my personal favorites is Tuscany, famous for its cyprus-lined roads, green hills, and golden sunflower fields. However, if you’re more of a mountain fan, then don’t miss the Dolomites or the San Pellegrino Pass!

#22. France

France is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and the most visited nation in the world. This is probably due to its great geographical diversity: from chic Paris to the sunny French Riviera, and from the beautiful Atlantic beaches to the winter sports resorts of the French Alps, France is a country that can suit anyone’s taste.

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If you ask me, I would give The Camargue a chance: this beautiful site consists of a marshy delta by the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its red salt flats and white horses. You can also visit the medieval and mountainous town of Grasse, considered the perfume capital of the world, or the coastal town of Cassis, known for its multi-colored houses and turquoise waters.

#21. Indonesia

Fancy a trip to Asia? Then Indonesia should definitely be on your list! This enormous multi-cultural country consists of 17,000 islands, and every single one offers a unique blend of landscapes. Here’s a list of the most striking landmarks!

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Many rainforests, beaches and inland volcanoes gift this archipelago. If I were you, I would visit the Raja Ampat islands, famous for those dreamy white sand beaches and hidden lagoons. You should also consider Komodo, a mountainous island home to the Komodo dragons. If not, head towards Java and visit the Buddhist and Hinduist ruins of Yogyakarta and go hiking at Mount Bromo.

#20. The United Kingdom

The UK is one of the most ancient countries in the world and it’s mostly famous for its medieval towns and it’s countless ancient (and even haunted) castles. However, many people underestimate the wide range of natural landscapes that can be found in the UK’s four autonomous countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 

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England is mostly famous for its beautiful Lake District, the perfect spot for hikers and backpackers. Scotland is famous for its towering mountains and its 800 islands, which include the beautiful isles of Skye, Orkney, and Shetland. If you’re more of a beach lover, then head towards Wales and visit Rhossili, one of Europe’s greatest surfing hot spots. Last but not least, if you visit Northern Ireland, pay a visit to the Dark Hedges and the Giant’s Causeway, two unique natural wonders!

#19. Panama

This country might be known for its eponymous Canal but the truth is that its tropical rainforests and white sandy beaches are truly one of a kind. This Central American country has coastlines on both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean as well as the Caribbean Sea, so it’s the best holiday spot for beach lovers!

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If you want to experience Panama’s biodiversity, then there are two National Parks that I would like to suggest: the Coiba NP and the Darien NP. The Coiba NP, most commonly referred to as the Galapagos of Central America, is famous for its rare species of marine mammals, including unique species of sharks, sea turtles, and whales. The Darien NP, in turn, is formed by a wide variety of habitats such as swamps, tropical forests, rocky coasts, and waterfalls.

#18. Venezuela

This vast South American country has a shoreline along the Caribbean sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, so you can imagine the greatness of its beaches! Two places worth visiting are The Archipielago de Los Roques and Margarita Island. Both are famous for their white deserted sand beaches and underwater life.

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The truth is that no other country can match up to Venezuela’s sheer natural beauty. Do you need any travel tips? Well, head towards Canaima National Park and visit the world’s highest waterfall, the 3212-foot-tall  Angel Falls.

#17. Canada

Canada is the second biggest country in the world and it has many spectacular sceneries, but which are the greatest of them all? There are 44 National Parks that are worth visiting but Torngat Mountains National Park should definitely be your top pick.

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Tourngat Park is located between Northern Quebec and the Labrador Sea. It is home to various endangered species such as black bears, polar bears, golden eagles, foxes, and peregrine falcons, among others. However, what will certainly blow your mind is the park’s wild stretch of mountains, glaciers, and fjords.

#16. Croatia

This land of white pebble beaches, limestone caves, and undulating fields is located between the Balkans and central Europe. Due to its vast coastline and perfect weather, it’s the perfect spot for adventure sports. If rock-climbing is what you enjoy the most, then visiting Marjan is a must, as it includes 70 rock-climbing routes.

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The Plitvice Lakes National Park probably offers some of the country’s most awesome views. It is a system of caves, waterfalls and sixteen terraced lakes. But if you’re more into architecture than nature, then head towards some of the nation’s medieval cities or islands, such as Dubrovnik, Split, or Hvar.

#15. New Zealand

The land of the Lord of the Rings is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes and towering mountains. This country offers its visitors stunning natural beauty, turquoise lakes, more than 9,000 miles of windswept shores and active volcanic zones. What else can you ask for?

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If I were you, I would visit the vast fields of pink and purple lupins of Lake Tekapo, or perhaps the fluorescent lights in the Waitomo glowworm caves. If you’re interested in this country’s culture you should visit Rotorua, famous for its ancestral Maori culture, though the site’s geysers and hot pools are also worth it.

#14. Colombia

Colombia is a very biodiverse country that is home to the Amazon forest to the north and the Andes mountain range to the west. It’s also home to one of the most picturesque places in South America, the Tayrona National Park. Planning a trip to South America? Now you know where you should go!

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Other natural destinations include the Amacayacu National Park, located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. It is so far from human civilization that it can only be reached via boat, and during the ride, you’ll see encounter unique animals such as pink dolphins and boas. Another place which is absolutely worth visiting is Cabo de la Vela, where the ochre desert meets the aquamarine sea.

#13. South Africa

Are you a fan of safaris? If you do, can you guess which is the best safari destination in Africa? Without a doubt, it’s South Africa! This country offers easy access to the five Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros) and the best spot to see them is the Kruger National Park.

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If safaris are not your cup of tea, you can head towards the country’s southern coast and enjoy its beautiful beaches. For instance, you can head towards Boulders Beach, which is just a one-hour drive south from Cape Town, and visit the giant penguin colony! If you’re into trekking, then tour around the breathtaking Drakensberg Mountains or the Blyde River Canyon.

#12. India

India is a fascinating country home to contrasting yet equally fascinating ecosystems and landscapes, from the Himalayan mountain range to the paradise beaches of the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea. One of the most beautiful Indian states, however, is Kerala, where you can see elephants, tigers, lagoons, and vast tea plantations.

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Are you a flower lover? Well, if so, The Valley of Flowers National Park is your place to go, where hundreds of species of alpine flowers surround the western Himalayas. However, if you are interested in Indian culture you should visit Bodh Gaya, the site of Buddha Shakyamuni‘s enlightenment.

#11. Argentina

Argentina is an extremely diverse country where you can enjoy a wide variety of landscapes. From the subtropical northeast to the subantartic regions of beautiful Patagonia in the South, this destination is perfect for nature lovers.

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If you travel to the northeast, then visit Iguazu Falls near the border with Brazil. Made up of 150 to 300 falls, this natural wonder is characterized by its scenic views and amazing wildlife. However, if you choose Patagonia instead, then spend a few nights in the small town of El Calafate and visit Los Glaciares National Park, where you’ll see the stunning Perito Moreno glacier. If your the adventurous type, then go for an ice-trekking tour!

#10. Japan

Without a doubt, Japan is one of the most interesting places to visit in the world. This country encompasses true natural beauty going from subtropical islands to silent mounts offering breathtaking views.

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Immaculate beaches, snorkeling, whale watching and forests full of birds is what the Ogasawara Islands can offer you during your visit. However, if you’re worried about taking the perfect selfie, then visit Japan’s most iconic landmark, Mount Fuji, whose snow-capped peak rises above ancient villages and reflects on the lake’s surface.

#9. Nepal

Are you an adventure seeker? Do you like hiking? If the answer is yes, Nepal is the place for you! Amazing experiences and breathtaking views go hand in hand in this county that is home to the earth’s highest point, Mount Everest.

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There are three awe-inspiring places that you simply cannot miss. Firstly, the Chitwan National Park where you can find a rare species of rhinoceros and Bengal tigers. Secondly, the Sagarmatha National Park where you can see snow leopards and red pandas. But if rare animals are not what you’re looking for, then head toward the Gokyo Lakes, a beautiful glacier-fed body of water surrounded by snowy peaks.

#8. Malaysia

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is an amazing mixing pot of cultures. It is home to both modern cities, colonial architecture, white sandy beaches, towering mountains, and lush green jungles. What else can you ask for?

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One of the country’s greatest landmarks is the Cameron Highlands, where you can go hiking through the beautiful tea plantations. If you’re up for a challenge, then head to Mount Kinabalu and choose one of the many hiking trails that take you to one of the world’s most fascinating volcanic lakes. However, if you’re a diving fan, then Sipidan is the place you wanna go to!

#7. Austria

Well-known for its scenic views, Austria is the place where fairytales are made. Located in the Alps, it is the best place for skiers, hikers, and nature-lovers in general. If you haven’t got many days to travel around, then go directly to Zell am See, famous for its marvelous ski slopes, or to Grossglockner Alpine Road, famous for its alpine scenery.

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You should also know that Austria is well-known for its vibrant art and cultural scene, especially in cities like Vienna and Salzburg. If you’re a history lover, then head towards Vienna and visit the former houses of some of history’s greatest musical composers. You might also want to visit Kunsthistorisches, a museum that holds a huge collection of paintings by old masters.

#6. Norway

Well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty, Norway is one of the best destinations in the world. You can visit this country all year long, as while the summer months offer the best temperatures for hiking and mountain biking, winters are great for skiing or for watching aurora borealis.

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Home to Norway’s most striking waterfall, Vøringfossen is one of the places you can’t miss. It’s located near Mabodelen and its cascade goes is 180 meters tall. Another place worth visiting is the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, which is the largest in all of Europe! If you’re brave enough, go glacier skiing!

#5. Chile

Frequently called the longest country in the world, Chile is located between the Andes and the Pacific. Some of the country’s greatest destinations include the Atacama, the world’s driest desert, as well as the glaciers and fjords located in the South.

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If you’re a trekking fan, then spend the night at Torres del Paine National Park, famous for its tall mountains, icebergs, and lakes. It gets its name from the three granite peaks that were shaped by the glacial forces that are located in the center of the park.

#4. Switzerland

Located in the Alps, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries you’ll ever visit! Its natural beauty is unrivaled and a winter visit to the snow-capped mountain chains is a must. Not much of a winter person? Not a problem cause there are many pisturesque lakes to visit during summer too.

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You can find one of the most iconic landmarks in Zermatt, a site that you may recognize from the logo of Toblerone and Paramount pictures! If you are an experienced climber, then go to Matterhorn, the tallest mountain in the Alps. If your cup of tea is skiing, then I’ve got some great news: Switzerland harbors some of the world’s greatest ski resorts!


Thinking of visiting Africa? You should definitely include Morocco on your bucket list, and cities like Fez or Marrakech are definitely a must-visit. These ancient cities feature groundbreaking architecture, delicious cuisine, and a rich cultural and religious heritage. However, nothing can rival the country’s rich natural scenery!

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The most remarkable place to visit in Morocco is the Sahara desert, a magical place where shiny gold dunes become almost pink and purple as it meets the sun in the horizon. If you’re more of the trekking type, then take a tour through the High Atlas Range, a mountain range that separates the desert from the coastline. Last but not least, you can also visit some of the beautiful Mediterranean beaches located on the Northern coastline.

#2. Iceland

Located just outside the Arctic Circle, Iceland is home to many awe-inspiring landmarks. It’s full of baffling natural wonders, which range from towering volcanoes to ice caves and gushing waterfalls. Wanna hear something cool? During the summer, you can enjoy nearly 24 hours of sunlight! Nothing compares to Iceland’s midnight sun and you can also go on a sun tour!

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Iceland is the best place in the world to see aurora borealis, also known as northern lights, but bear in mind that you are more likely to see them from September to mid-April. Nevertheless, this country is also famous for the many glaciers and volcanoes that are scattered around the island. After all, it’s called Land of Ice and Fire” for a reason!


There are many reasons why Greece is worth a visit and it is not only because of Athens’ stunning architecture or Santorini’s breathtaking beaches. Believe it or not, Greece is home to nearly 6,000 islands, many o which are famous for their cliff-lined beaches, awe-inspiring sunrises, mountains, and forests!

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If you ask me, I would go to some of the country’s least-visited islands, such as Skiathos and Zantes. Furthermore, Greece is famous for its local cuisine and its nightlife. If you visit during summer, you’ll find all sorts of music festivals and nightclubs which are open till the sun goes up!

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