After She Hired Someone To Catch Him Cheating, A Plot Twist Turned Everything Around

Many things are in your mind when you meet someone on a blind date, but the last thing you’d think is that your story would become a viral sensation one day. That is what happened to Alysha and Kourbine, whose story made headlines online. Today, we’ll look at what happened between them and what plot twist changed their love story forever and turned them internet famous. It all started when Alysha suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her…

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#23. Instant Connection

One regular afternoon, a girl named Alysha Bush decided to go to the mall with her friends. The last thing on her mind was meeting someone right then and there, but that’s the day she met Kourbine, a guy that changed her life forever. They locked eyes when they passed by each other, and immediately started talking.

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Kurbine asked Alysha out on the spot, and the two agreed to meet up for a date without knowing anything about each other – other than their names, of course. And so, they had their first date, where they immediately hit it off. And after that came another date, and another, and another…

#22. Chemistry

The two hit it off because they had a lot in common. Alysha was part of her college swim team and regarded as a star athlete. And although she was competitive, she was also very dedicated, hard-working, and most importantly, loyal. She saw herself on Kurbine, who shared those traits with her, and they fell in love fast.

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Kurbine was also into sports, and even had his own fitness business. So it was no surprise that the two had such good chemistry and kept meeting up for more and more dates. After some time, they were both ready to make it official, and the two committed to having a serious relationship. Things, however, didn’t go as planned.

#21. Long Distance

Although things were doing well, the two had a long-distance relationship, which as we all know, ain’t easy. They had met at a mall in Arizona, but Kurbine actually lived in California. But their chemistry was so palpable that they felt like they had to at least give their relationship a chance, with its ups and downs.

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Despite the distance, both Alysha and Kurbine felt that what they had was special and they had to at least try to make it work. Neither had ever had a long-distance relationship before, so they were in uncharted territory, which made them nervous. But in the beginning, the problems of such a relationship were the last thing on their minds.

#20. Communication

The most important thing in a long-distance relationship is communication. Since you can’t see each other face to face, all you can do is talk and write to each other, so maintaining good communication is key. But both of them led extremely busy lives, which didn’t leave much time off to fly across states and see each other very often.

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Still, both of them used their time off to stay in touch, and thanks to technology, it wasn’t so hard. They texted constantly and called each other whenever they could, and this went on for a while. However, slowly but surely, their conversations became shorter and shorter, and their calls less frequent, which worried Alysha.

#19. Doubts

Alysha started to feel that Kurbine wasn’t the same on the phone as he used to be and that their calls became less and less frequent. But the seed of doubt wasn’t planted in her head until one thing happened. They decided to meet in Las Vegas for a family event, but only for a short time, so they had to make the most of it.

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As we all know, Las Vegas is a place to party, so the young couple went out to a club one night. However, their night wasn’t what they expected. During their time at the club, Alysha noticed how several girls hit on her boyfriend, which made her wonder whether there was a chance he was cheating on her.

#18. Following Your Instincts

As soon as she got back from Las Vegas, Alysha started thinking about the possibility of her boyfriend cheating on her while they spent time apart. So as to rid her mind of any doubts, she decided to investigate what her boyfriend was up to and hired one of her friends to help her get to the bottom of it.

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One of her friends, Paula Contento, lived in California and happened to go to the same gym as Kourbine, so Alysha thought it could be a good idea to have her friend ask out her boyfriend to test his loyalty. Alysha gave her friend $50 for her troubles, and then the plan was in motion. Of course, things didn’t go smoothly.

#17. Bad News

After her friend Paula agreed to ask Kourbine out, Alysha was extremely nervous. She was terrified to find out that her suspicions were true, and she also felt a little guilty for having to stage such a situation and set her own boyfriend up. But it was already too late to call it off, and Paula finally gave her a call to tell her what happened.

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Alysha took a deep breath and picked up the phone, trying to get ready for whatever the outcome was going to be. And, as it turns out, her worst fears became a reality, because not only had Kourbine agreed to go out with Paula, but according to her, they also ended up sleeping together – though that wasn’t part of the plan, was it?

#16. The Split

Disappointed, hurt, betrayed: those were some of the feelings that Alysha experienced after her conversation with Paula. The man that she loved and that she thought she knew was unfaithful to her, and with one of her own friends! And who knows with how many other girls he had been with. So, breaking up was the only way to go.

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Alysha plucked up all the courage she had in her and decided the best thing was to let Kourbine go, which wasn’t going to be easy, since the couple had dated for a whole year at that point. But after finding out what happened, she knew she would never be able to trust him again, so she decided to end things once and for all.

#15. It’s Over

Because of the distance, Alysha didn’t get to speak with Kourbine face to face, so she confronted him over the phone. She told him she thought —actually, that she knew— he was cheating on her and that it was over between them. But during the whole conversation, Kourbine maintained his innocence and said he never did.

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His denial, however, just made Alysha angrier and angrier, and she didn’t want to hear another word coming out of his mouth. The breakup was abrupt, and it took a toll on both of them. Still, Alysha felt that their conversation had been too short and none of them got any validation, so she came up with another great idea.

#14. Second Chance

Second Chance is a web show designed for Snapchat users that people can watch on their phones. The show focuses on couples who want to give their relationships a second chance, hence the name. What the show does it bring both people together and let them open up about what broke them up and more.

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Each person then gets a chance to explain their side of their story, and the two try to come to a mutual understanding or, at the very least, end things on good terms and get some closure. To Alysha, she and Kourbine were the perfect fit for the show, and she felt it would help them reach common ground.

#13. An Opportunity

Kourbine agreed to take part in the show, as it was an opportunity for him to tell his side of the story and clear his name. Not only that, but despite what had happened, he still wanted a second chance with Alysha, and up to that point, she always refused. To her, this was an opportunity to get more details on his cheating.

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Certainly, she didn’t go to Second Chance to give Kourbine a second chance, but to get more answers about what happened and finally get him to admit what he had done. She thought that once he admitted to what he did, she could get some closure, and move on from the situation once and for all.

#12. The Confrontation

After a few weeks, the time to finally come face to face came, and both Alysha and Kourbine sat in front of the cameras and saw each other face to face after not seeing each other for months. They were both extremely nervous, but not so much about the cameras or the exposure that the show would give them.

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The most nerve-wracking part of the situation was the confrontation that was about to take place, and none of them was sure whether they would get what they came looking for. But there was no more time to think, and the cameras started rolling. Alysha was the one to start talking, and she was immediately on the offensive.

#11. Validation

Alysha was angry, and as she kept talking, she got more and more worked up. She couldn’t contain her emotions because she just wanted some validation, and wanted to hear the truth come out of Kourbine’s lips, just for once. So she asked him repeatedly to admit to what he had done, but he kept denying it.

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Then, when she realized that Kourbine wasn’t breaking, she pulled out the big guns and decided to tell him what really happened on her side. She confessed that she paid her friend Paula to seduce him and ask him out. Not only that, but she told all the details that Paula had told her, for example, that Kourbine made the first move.

#10. Getting to the Truth

To say that Kourbine was shocked when hearing about what Alysha had done was an understatement. He told her that he couldn’t believe she would hire someone to seduce him, especially since he had never given her a reason not to trust him. When she heard that last statement, Alysha got even more furious.

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In her eyes, Kourbine gave her every reason to think he was cheating on her. He had many female friends, he liked other girls’ Instagram pictures, and he trained with other girls at the gym. Not only that, but girls flirted with him every single day. After that, Kourbine said that those aren’t reasons not to trust someone, and it seemed as though these two couldn’t find common ground.

#9. Getting a Confession

Alysha decided to give Kourbine all the details of her scheme. She told him that Paula was her friend and that after she paid her 50 dollars to seduce him, Paula reached out to Alysha and told her everything that had happened between her and Kourbine. Then, it was finally time for Kourbine to give his side of the story.

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Kourbine said that he helps people work out at the gym as part of his job as a fitness instructor. According to him, Paula approached him and asked him for tips, so they trained together. Then, they went out for lunch to discuss Paula’s fitness plans, and that their lunch “date” was purely for business. Of course, Alysha didn’t buy it.

#8. Only Business

According to Kourbine, all he and Paula did at lunch was working out a way to give her free training in exchange for the promotion of his fitness services on her Instagram account, since she had a sizeable following. At this point, Alysha started doubting her instincts. What if Kourbine was telling the truth?

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Then Alysha told him that Paula swore the two got into Kourbine’s car, kissed, and then slept together at his place. Kourbine, maintaining his innocence, said they didn’t do any of that. It was his word against Paula’s, but why would Paula make that up? She had no reason to lie… did she?

#7. Trust

Alysha started to think about her reasons, and at this point, she wasn’t so sure about what happened anymore. After all, she never saw Kourbine with another girl, so it technically was just speculation, and all she had to show for it was Paula’s testimony. Why didn’t she trust Kourbine at all? Was it really his fault?

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Trust is extremely important for a relationship to work, and even more so if it’s long-distance. After all, you can’t be sure about what your significant other is doing every second of the day, but you gotta trust that they are doing the right thing. Kourbine never questioned Alysha’s fidelity, so why did she do it to him?

#6. Confronting Paula

At this point, Alysha didn’t know what to believe anymore. The production crew then decided to bring Paula in to give her side of the story, and see if Kourbine and Alysha could finally get some closure. Paula couldn’t be there physically, so they contacted her via webcam, and then, she started spilling the tea.

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Alysha urged Paula to explain to Kourbine what she had told her. Then, Paula repeated the same story Alysha told before. She took Alysha’s money and went to Kourbine’s gym to seduce him. After she told her side of the story, Kourbine snapped, and urged her to stop lying and tell Alysha the truth once and for all.

#5. The Truth

Right then and there, Paula told the truth. She admitted that it was all a lie and that she purposely lied to Alysha to break the couple up. Alysha gasped because she couldn’t believe it. Why would her friend do that? Well, the answer is more simple than you think: she had a thing for Kourbine.

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She said that Alysha didn’t deserve Kourbine, and that she would be a better match for him. Then, Paula turned to Kourbine, and urged him to give up on Alysha, because she would treat him better, and would never hire someone to follow him. What would Kourbine do? Choose Alysha or Paula?

#4. Insecurities

It was time for Alysha to acknowledge the elephant in the room: her insecurities. Kourbine never gave her a real reason not to trust him, but her own personal insecurities made her doubt their relationship, and her mind started going places it shouldn’t have. She got caught up in her suspicions, and she paid the price.

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Although she felt bad after paying Paula to seduce Kourbine, when Paula told her that Kourbine cheated, she felt validated. She thought she had been right after all, and that her mistrust was justified. But now that Paula admitted what had done, Alysha was crushed. Would Kourbine take her back after that?

#3. Second Chance?

Everyone makes mistakes, and although what Alysha did was wrong, Kourbine could see why she did it. He knew that there was nothing wrong with him and that Alysha just needed reassurance and support to get rid of her insecurities. But there was no excuse for paying someone to follow and seduce him!

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How can a relationship recover after such a breach of trust? What if they got back together and Alysha did it all over again? After all, they would still continue having a long-distance relationship, so Kourbine wasn’t sure whether Alysha could take it. Paula, on the other hand, lived in the same city as him…

#2. Communication

It is normal to have insecurities but to make a relationship work, communication is key. If Alysha had sat down with Kourbine and talked things through, they could’ve saved a lot of pain and problems for themselves. There is never a good reason to pay someone to follow your boyfriend and catch him cheating.

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Alysha broke down in tears because she thought Kourbine would never take her back after what she did. Not only that, but she was also afraid he would end up with Paula, who she thought was her friend. Her world was crumbling, and all because she couldn’t talk about her feelings with the most important person in her life.

#1. Making Up

To her surprise, Kourbine told Paula he didn’t want to see her ever again. Then, he turned to Alysha and asked her to give him a second chance. Alysha couldn’t believe it, because she thought it was her who had to ask for a second chance. But Kourbine didn’t care about what happened and just wanted to move on.

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The couple then made up, and Alysha promised to trust him and let go of her paranoia. After the show ended, the couple got back together, and nowadays they are stronger than ever. Alysha learned her lesson and is only grateful to have such an amazing boyfriend by her side, and this time, she won’t let him go.

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