The 21 Most Famous Songs Every GenZennial Will Know

We’ve heard some much about the generation of Millenials and Generation Z, but what about the people that are in the middle of both generations? We are talking about the micro-generation between around 1996 and 2001, the generation of Genzennials. If you ever felt you had more things in common with someone that was born in 1992 or maybe with someone who was born in 2000, maybe you are part of that group. Here we have a list of 21 songs that all Genzennials will know the lyrics to by heart. See if you are part of them! 

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#21. Rush

Raise your hand if you hear this song and automatically think about the movie Twitches. Aly and Aj couldn’t have done a better hymn about how we should be about ourselves. The lyrics tells us to love ourselves and embrace what we are.

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It’s been 12 years since its first release but we still sing: “Don’t let nobody tell you your life is over / Be every color that you are” How not to love them? Definitely, the two singers are in a special place of our hearts.

#20. Beautiful Soul

Jesse McCartney was the teenage dream of every young girl. Beautiful Soul was the debut studio album in 2004 and was a complete success. We cannot imagine our adolescence without his songs like She’s No You or Get Your Shine On. 

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With the most romantic lyrics, Jesse made us fall in love with him. We all remember: “I don’t want another pretty face / I don’t want just anyone to hold / I don’t want my love to go to waste / I want you and your beautiful soul /”. Never old-fashioned!

#19. Push It To The Limit

This song was so catchy that we literally wanted to push everything to the limit. It gave us the strength to move forward to any difficulty in our lives. We still sing out loud: “Push it / Push it to the limit / Cause we’re in it to win it”. 

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The song helped the promotion of the Disney Channel movie Jump In! in which Corbin Blue was the main actor. Of course, we still remember (and love!) the classical Disney Channel movie High School Musical ’cause we’re all in this together.

#18. Wake Up

The emotion and excitement come out when we hear Wake Up by Hilary Duff.  Nothing more exciting than visiting New York, Hollywood, London, Paris or Tokyo on a Saturday night. Everything was possible for Hilary and for us too when we were 9-year-olds, of course.

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Maybe the Lizzie McGuire actress was tired of what people and the press thought about her so she started with her singing career with a completely opposite face of the character. Remember she claimed she needed to go and getaway that night, maybe now we can join her!

#17. Amigas Cheetahs

Another super hit from the best Disney Channel era was Amigas Cheetahs from The Cheetah Girls. The hymn was for friendships that were gonna last forever as the lyrics said: “Amigas cheetahs friends for life / The rhythm and each other that’s what keeps us tight”. 

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Probably with your group of friends you pretend you were The Cheetah Girls and maybe you knew every song of them. We don’t blame you, these girls were one of the first group of strong women who showed us the girl power of that generation!

#16. Sneakernight

This song meant the invitation to a fun night full of dance and joy! Of course, we were probably only 9-year-olds but definitely wanted to dance all night long with Vanessa Hudgens. “So are you ready? Did you eat? Do you have the energy?”

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The single from Vanessa Hudgens’ second album, Identified, didn’t have such a good reception by the audience, especially for parents that believed that was unproperly invitation to dance but now, we can say it’s an excellent song to hear in a night were “basically what we’re gonna do is dance”.

#15. He Could Be The One

Hannah Montana was definitely part of our childhood and adolescence, we loved Miley Cirus in that role and we probably sang every song of her. We still sing out loud He Could Be The One from the series and we still worried about the love triangle between Jesse and Jake.

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No matter what team you were, the series made us cry, laugh and be part of it in every single episode. We still sing: “He’s got somethin’ special / He’s got somethin’ special / I can hardly breathe something’s tellin’ me / Tellin’ me maybe he could be the one”.

#14. He Said She Said

The success of High School Musical made many actors started working on their musical careers, like Ashley Tisdale. Her debut studio album Headstrong put her on international lists. Her debut single He Said She Said definitely rocked when it came out.

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The “clean” version of the song was performed during the High School Musical: The Concert Tour but the “explicit” version was for her album. So, how it was not supposed to be a success? The whole song invited people to kiss (and more!) to someone you liked.

#13. Best Friend’s Brother

Who has not ever had a crush on your best friend’s brother? Imagine when we all were in 8th and we went to our best friend’s house and we saw his older brother (and the person we were secretly in love). Best Friend’s Brother describes all the feelings we had at that time!

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Maybe it was not a punk rock drummer with 6 foot 3 like the song, but probably once in our lives, we felt the same way as Victoria Justice. The song was part of the soundtrack of the Nickelodeon series Victorious. Nostalgic? Keep on reading the best songs that were part of our youth!

#12. Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not made us wanted to go out and invite the guy we liked to go out. Maybe it was not possible for our age but definitely, Bridgit Mendler‘s song encouraged us to feel like empowered girls and not being the ones that were waiting for things happen.

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Considered a hymn to young girls, we still sing the song out loud: “I’m the kinda girl who doesn’t say a word / Who sits at the curb and waits for the world / But I’m about to break out”. Definitely an encouraging song!

#11. Replay

The debut single Replay of Zendaya put her into the music world. The song was certified platinum and was a complete success in Zendaya’s career. The single made you wanted to put this song on replay and listen to it all day!

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Zendaya decided to present her debut album on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she showed all her power and talent. After that presentation, she started the Swag It Out Tour.

#10. Outside Looking In

Maybe when we were young, we felt alone and that nobody understood us. Well, Jordan Pruitt definitely must had felt the same way! Outside Looking In came out in 2006 for the Disney Channel movie Read It And Weep. Who hasn’t feel bad for Kay Panabaker when her classmates were looking strangely to her?

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Who hasn’t ever feel outside the crowd and left out? The song described every sad feeling we could have in 2007 but also to this day! A true legend in the angsty songs who makes you want to cry and sing it out loud! Always remember: “You don’t know how it feels / To be your own best friend on the outside looking in”. 

#9. Crazy Car

If you were a Nickelodeon fan, you must have seen The Naked Brothers Band. Who hasn’t been a complete fan of the Draper’s siblings? Despite the fact the band’s name sounded really rogue to us, the band played songs that we still have in our memory.

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Crazy Car is still in our minds, we still remember the famous phrases: “Crazy Car / To lead me nowhere/ Lead me nowhere/ Actually, it’s made for that / Made for that”. In addition, the song was one of the most romantic songs from 2000!

#8. About You Now

Nothing was sadder than leaving your highschool boyfriend and, after that, realizing how much you still loved him. Miranda Cosgrove described every feeling we had at that time: “Can we bring yesterday back around? / ‘Cause I know how I feel about you now / I was dumb, I was wrong, I let you down / But I know how I feel about you now”

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Maybe you don’t know that the original single was released by the British girl group called Sugababes in 2007. Nickelodeon asked for their permission to make a version more suitable for Miranda and the audience of the channel.

#7. I Don’t Think About It

Fashion and trends were maybe everything (or most of it) when we were young. Probably, we copied the looks and the hairstyles of our idols and we wanted to look like them. But sometimes it was not that simple, sometimes we could have felt that we didn’t fit in the normal parameters…

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Luckily, Emily Osment‘s song helped us to feel empowered and strong against negative people! I Don’t Think About It was the hymn of people who had felt outside the society and encourage them to feel the way they wanted and not to care what people say.

#6. Boyfriend

Before Justin Bieber’s song, the boy band Big Time Rush released the song Boyfriend and we literally loved them at that time! Like the Backstreet Boys during the 90s, these boys were the obsession of many girls during 2010.

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Probably, we used to sing this song with our girls hoping that one of them come to our house and tell us: “Can’t you see all I really want to be / Is your boyfriend”. In addition, the company of Snoop Dog added the perfect ingredient for a perfect song.

#5. Introducing Me

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam put The Jonas Brothers into world fame. We still sing songs of that movie out loud and we loved the characters of it. Probably, we remembered the time Nate (Nick Jonas) sang the song Introducing Me to Dana (actress Chloe Bridges) to make her fall in love with him.

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When we were young, maybe this was the biggest and most romantic declaration of love we had ever seen. We don’t blame Nick Jonas but probably after that, every girl wanted something similar from their boyfriend. Keep on reading the last four songs that we are sure are still in your memory!

#4. Naturally

Definitely, Selena Gomez knows how to create the most sensitive and beautiful songs from our youth. Naturally was performed by her and The Scene, from their debut album studio Kiss & Tell in 2009. The single had many positive reviews and a complete hit.

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Maybe when we heard this song, automatically though in our secret crush who was impossible for us but we were satisfied singing: “You are the thunder and I am the lightning and I / Love the way you know / Who you are and to me / Its exciting when you / Know its meant to be.”

#3. Starstruck

We can imagine that being under the flashes, followed by fans and reporters and being on the public eye must have been really difficult and exciting at the same time for teen movie stars, like the case of Sterling Knight. The emotions that teen idols felt (and still feel for sure) was reflected in Starstruck.

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“Starstruck! Camera flashes / Cover of magazines (Oh, Oh) / Starstruck! Designer sunglasses / Live the dream as a teen.” Maybe we can’t imagine anything fancier than limousines and Hollywood Boulevard and we all wanted to be part of that world.

#2. Me, Myself And Time

Demi Lovato was the voice of many teenagers who were growing in this modern world and felt insecure at the same time. No one like her could describe the feelings and give us the reassurance we needed. Me, Myself And Time is maybe one of the strongest songs Demi have ever sung.

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Growing up and being a teenager was not simple, and it still is difficult, but Demi’s single helped us in that adventure. We all remember: “I’m trying my best / Not to blow it, to blow it / And I know everything will be fine”

#1. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Imagine all your Disney movie stars in one song and telling you to dream and believe in your dreams? Of course the single A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes was going to be a complete success and we still sing it out loud and cry at the same time.

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This song is a tribute to the most classic Disney movies, like Pinocchio, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty but with a fun new remix and singing by the best Disney starts. We are completely sure this song would take you to your youth!

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